The Best Erotic Stories.

by Romeo Blue

Once upon a time, I've always wanted to start one of my stories like that. Once upon a time I was young, very horny and thus a rather stupid young man. I had a girlfriend, Dari, who as it would turn out would end up being my wife. No wife starts out as a wife though. If you're lucky, she'll start as a friend first, then become your lover/girlfriend, then over time, maybe your wife.

Well Dari was my girlfriend at this point and I had always considered girlfriends kind of temporary. I had gone from girl to girl until Dari, then I had decided to slow down. I had stopped actually. I was happy with her for a very long time, but you know how it goes, you meet someone and things happen. I cheated and I got caught. One of those friend of a friend deals where both girls know each other through a mutual friend.

Dari confronted me and not one to lie I admitted it. She asked me to leave and I did. I gave her time to think about it and a week later she called. I went to see her and she told me she thought we should slow down and see others for a while. I told her I didn't think it was a good idea, but she insisted.

I got into my car and drove off, a little saddened, more so than I would have thought I would be. She had made the decision, based on my actions, but it was her that had decided that this was the best thing. I was going over the whole thing in my head and really stressing on it.

Then, from my right, I hear a car honk. I'm thinking I'm drifting into the other lane so I get my bearings and after making sure I'm okay in my lane I look over at the car that had honked. There is this...rather large woman driving the car and she's smiling this huge toothy grin. I roll down my window and smile, wondering what she might want, silently dreading that it might be me.

I speak first, "Hi".

"Hey, my friend thinks you're cute."

Friend? I hadn't even noticed there was another person in the car. She leans forward and smiles and she has a really pretty smile. I can't see her very well, but that smile is enough for me to at least pull her over and talk to her.

We get over to a side street and we pull over. I get out of my car and start walking over to the passenger side of the car she's in. I figure it will be like every other traffic pull over I've been involved in. A little chat at her window, maybe a phone number and a small kiss goodbye.

Then her door opened and she stepped out. By all the God's of man and beast, she was, I don't know, stunning. Super stunning. She was wearing the gaudiest florescent green dress I had ever seen, along with pumps to match, but the body that dress was wrapped around was fully the most womanly body I had seen to that point. Full hips, lips, and breasts, legs that just grabbed you attention and I knew that no matter what kind of man you were, you would find it on this...woman.

My amazement must have been pretty apparent because she turned to face me, smiled, threw her head back and laughed. Okay so it's a game she plays, that's okay. If I can play mine as well as she's playing hers, we might both leave content tonight.

"I'm Deedee".

"I'm Romeo".

"Oh, really?" she says a bit sarcastically.

"Hey, it's what they call me. I fought it for a while, but when everyone calls you by a name, you just get to the point where you have to accept it."

With no small bit of sarcasm in her voice she says, "And why do they call you Romeo?"

"Because I write poetry."

"Oh. Well that's cool." Her voice sounded a lot less chilly than it had been.

So now it's on, both of us settle into our respective little plays. Deedee is one of those women that needs constant reminding of her obvious assets, she plays up every one she has until you can't stand it anymore. She giggles and her tits shake. Her beautiful half uncovered milky white tits would just jiggle and move as she laughed and I would be transfixed. She knew what she was doing. At one point she dropped something, a lipstick of something she was holding and I offered to get it for her, she shooed me away and bent over to pick up whatever it was. As she did, she turned her back to me and I got a full view of the ass. Round and strong looking. I couldn't stand it anymore.

I suggested that she tell her friend I'd get her home and that we leave. I had to get this womanly girl somewhere alone and try to Romeo her as best I could. It turned out it was her car, she was just letting her friend drive it. I asked if her friend could take the car for the rest of the night and bring it to her the following day. Deedee had no plans and asked her friend if she minded. Again, I get that big toothy grin and a quick up and down glance from her friend and she says it will not be a problem.

So we leave, I'm not even sure where I'm going. I ask her if she knows anyplace we can go and get...acquainted. She says she doesn't, but suggests that I might. I know where I'm going now. There are plenty of foothills around my town and I know a couple of really sweet spots where nary a car will come by for hours.

She scoots over next to me and starts nuzzling my ear. I get all hot and bothered and I am starting to have a little trouble driving. She drags her nails across my leg and up to my crotch. She's not shy, this one. She knows how to do just the right things to get your blood boiling. I stop the car by the side of the road, not quite to our destination, but I have to taste her tongue. I want to feel its texture and explore her mouth with my own tongue. We kiss, and her kiss is awesome, warm and wet and just so damn tasty. I have to finish this drive and get her out into the open air.

We arrive at the spot and we get out of the car and stretch our legs. I have to flex a little to get the blood flowing into other parts of my body. My dick is trapped in my jeans and it's very uncomfortable. I walk over to her and put my arms around her. I'm starting to take liberties with her body and she is allowing it. I put my hands on her ass and squeeze with some force and she just sort of sinks into my arms and into another fantastic kiss.

I'm a 19 year old private in the Army and for the first time I hate the fact that I make almost no damn money. If I had money I could take Deedee to a hotel and really enjoy her to the fullest. She doesn't seem to mind where we are, but I'm dreaming of a long night in a bed.

But to hell with it, all dreams aside, I'm here with Deedee and I'm going to do to her whatever she is willing to let me do. I take her by the hand and pull her to the other non-street side of the car. I kiss her and run my hands up her legs to the hem of her little dress. I move my hands slowly up, always unsure of what is allowed and not wanting to mess anything up. The next thing I know, I'm hitting resistance, but good, wet, hot and steamy resistance. I'm rubbing her pussy with my hands and she's spreading her legs to give me better access. A little chill crosses my back and as a result my hands shake, and she cums. This amazes me and I start shaking my hands on purpose. Her own personal vibrator, no batteries needed.

The look on her face drives me crazy. She has that open mouthed, damn but this feels so fucking fantastic I can't stop cumming look. I have to have her. I lift the dress up so I can get to her better and she helps by pulling her dress up by the hem. I lose my mind completely. I forget where we are and I drop to my knees and kiss her pussy through her panties. She is tripping a little now. I look up and see her looking around as if she is worried about somebody might be driving by. I couldn't care less.

I pull her panties out of the way and slide my tongue up against her pussy lips. I can feel her legs go weak and I stick it out like a cock and slide it up inside of her. I can taste the juice from her and it gets me all fucking sweaty. She again lends me a hand and pulls the panties to the side, allowing me greater range of motion. I reach up and slide my thumb against her pretty little cunt lips and insert it very softly into her. I start to fuck her with my thumb at the same time I lick and suck on her clit. Her knees go weak again and I fear she's going to fall.

I open the door to the back seat of my car and lay her down across it, her legs still outside the car and spread. I stand over her and she has a look of wonder on her face and she smiles. I smile back at her, but mine is a little more devious than hers is. I drop my head back down into the heaven of her pussy and start kissing and licking and tongue pistoning for all I'm worth. I concentrate on her clit and I use my hands as deftly as I can to make sure she is well pleased. I'm tongue deep into her when I feel her shudder and suddenly my tongue is covered in warm liquid. I keep licking and sucking and swallowing, not wanting to waste a drop. Her body stops shaking and she sits up, looking at me with as devilish a grin on her face as I had on mine a few minutes ago.

She grabs my face and pulls me to hers and kisses me, deep. She's sucking my tongue and I can feel her trying to get as much of herself into her as she can take from me. I do believe she loved the taste of her as much as I did. While she's kissing me, I can feel her hands at my crotch, pulling the buttons open and trying like hell to free my cock from its denim prison.

Then I can feel the cool air on my now naked dick, but only for a second because as soon as it's made available, she engulfs it with her deliciously warm mouth. I stand just outside the door of the car and feel her trying to suck the very soul from my body. I look down and she's looking up at me and I am again transfixed, but this time by the sight of my dick disappearing and re-appearing into her beautiful face. She's sucking my dick like I've never seen it sucked before and I can't take my gaze away from it. She handles my balls and it seems like she is trying to swallow them as well as my dick. I want to cum in her mouth so bad, but I want more than that to feel my dick sliding into her hot, wet pussy.

I pull away from her suctioning mouth like a baby pulling away from the womb, in short, an almost impossible task. I lay her back and lean down in front of her. I kiss her legs all the way up to her somewhat swollen lips and I take hold of her panties. I pull them slowly and she raises her hips to allow them to slide off of her more easily. I am watching them slide down her legs so intently that I fail to notice that she has freed those beautiful tits from the top of her dress until I'm holding her panties in my hand. I stand before the door and drop my pants to my knees, dick standing fully erect and throbbing and ready for duty. Deedee spreads her legs and I am given this wonderfully inviting target. I lay down on top of her and slide my dick in slowly up to its hilt. She squeezes with her pussy and I feel like I'm stuck inside. She has some strong pussy muscles and I plan to work them out to the point of exhaustion.

Again I put my thumb to work on her pussy. I have my dick sliding in and out of her and I have my thumb rubbing gently across her clit. The feel of her pussy, like a warm fur lined glove, holding my cock nice and deep inside of her, milking my dick. Damn, but it feels so right. She pulls her legs up and holds them by her knees and it feels like it's sliding into her damn stomach. I pull her legs up and put them over my shoulders, driving my cock in and out of her, feeling her body tense with each thrust and hearing her moans as I try my damnedest to not just fuck her, but to fuck through her. Her face is turning all different shades of red and she sounds like she's having trouble breathing. Then she starts this low long moan, I'm pumping away and expecting her moan to increase in volume with each pump, but her moan stays steady. It sounds so weird, but so sexy, then she starts pushing her body against mine, she slides her legs down and wraps them around me, squeezing me and my dick at the same time. She pulls my face down to hers and looks me in my eye and through clenched teeth, tells me that she's cumming. I piston, I thrust, I go a hundred miles an hour and she starts mumbling and I swear to God it sounds like she's speaking in tongues. I keep pumping. She tenses her whole body and then she just goes completely limp.

My dick is so full it feels as if it's about to burst, my balls feel much the same way. She's not reacting at all like she was a few minutes ago and I'm about to cum. I try to get her back into it, but she lays there, limp and just let's me pump. I tell her I can feel the cum starting to rush from my body. I tell her she has me so fucking hot, I'm about to explode. I get a reaction and I know what I have to do now. I tell her that I want to cum all over her face, that I want to see her lick it up and feel her tongue on my dick when it starts to shoot long sticky gobs all over the place. Her body is moving beneath me again, her face is all alight and I can see she wants it.

I pump her hard and fast and as I begin to cum I pull it from her, she sits up quickly and puts the head of it into her mouth. I can see the thick white sperm shooting down her throat. She pulls it away and it continues to shoot, all over her face and her hair and her tits. She strokes it and rubs the tip all over her face and the cum that has already squirted, making my cock a sticky mess, only to lick the cum off my dick and then continue wiping herself with it. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and she made me feel I was a God. She licked me clean then used her fingers to finish what my cock couldn't, licking her fingers like they were covered with honey.

Amazing, that's the only word I could use to describe my encounter with this young woman. We met once more, but that is a story for another time.

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