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Daylight Dreaming
by Magician

It had been a long, dreary week in October; the rainy season was never more depressing, and I 'd had more than enough of cramped confinement. See, it's my job with construction had slowed, I was bored to death. And hey, I'm trying to set this up so you'll know I'm not some freak or something -- cause what I want to tell you, see, it's not like I planned it! God no, it just sort of happened out of the blue...

I'm a normal guy. I mean, I never knew I could get so worked up, so hot and bothered, do something like this. Sure, when I was young, in my teens, know how that is, always ready, had a hard-on all the time. Course, now I'm 30, I've calmed down, not as turned-on. Not that I don't like looking at a sexy gal, I'm a normal, red-blooded guy and I love having sex with my wife, Mary. We do it a lot, and I'm not hard-up to get some...which makes what happened that day really weird.

See, I'd been hanging around the apartment, stuck indoors with the rain and all, going nuts with nothing to do. I had been sitting by the window, looking out at the steady rain, disgusted and bored, hoping the weather would improve so I could work the next week.

The apartment complex was a typical set-up, I could see across the courtyard into other apartment windows, most with blinds drawn. But I did notice one bare window, I could see a faint shadow moving across the space, back and forth, and just for the hell of it, I got my binoculars. Okay, yeah, that's wrong ...but, hey, I was bored!

Anyway, I trained the lens on the window, focused in quickly and I saw her then, this nude lady! She was stark-naked, I mean she didn't have a stitch of clothing on! I couldn't believe my eyes, but I sure didn't stop looking either.

I got comfortable on the sofa, leaned over where I could position the binoculars easily, resting my arms against the windowframe, staring toward that apartment window, where I saw the woman restlessly pacing, her pale, shapely body freely exposed.

She seemed to be anxious, fretting about something, and would occasionally run a hand through her long tousled bleach-blond hair, then lower her hands to cup her large, ponderous breasts...nearly playing with herself! I admit, I got hard instantly when I saw her run one hand down toward her crotch, which unfortunately was just out of sight below the windowframe!

My breathing got kinda heavy, and I felt my erection tight, throbbing in my jeans; but I couldn't take my eyes off the woman -- she was turning toward the bare window, staring out dreamily. Damn, I wished I was over there...and wondered if she was as horny as I was?

For a second, I considered hurrying over to her apartment, but then it struck me how stupid that would be. What would I say? "Hey, I'm a peeping tom?"

Now, Mary and me did some stuff, you know, playing around with all kinds of ways to get off with each other. And I never had to jack-off, not since we'd been together, but I knew I was in pretty bad shape, my dick hurting to be touched. I hadn't jerked-off since high school, for chrissakes! And I wasn't about to start now either.

I trained the binoculars back on the window across the way, saw the woman was getting dressed; she was putting on a dress, without any underwear, I noticed... and then, she brushed her hair, long, slow strokes that made me more excited, as if she were doing this sexy act just for me. When she closed the blinds, I was startled out of my daydream though, and sighed with frustration.

What now? I sat there, my cock hot and heavy, and I was tempted, yeah, to do it... reach in there, relieve myself by jacking-off. This is when it started getting kinda strange, cause whereas I coulda done it, had a quick pop and got relief, I didn't.

The way I was feeling then, the heat and pent-up need, my body aroused to fever-pitch, it felt wicked. It seemed almost dangerous to be this hot and wild for sex; I wanted to prolong the sensation, and got up, walking around feeling the power of my sex between my legs; it hurt, but it was a good hurt, you know?

Recklessly, I put on my jacket, went outside and stood by my car. I didn't know what in hell I was doing, but then I saw the woman coming out of that apartment, she was walking casually toward a little Toyota parked across the lot from where I stood. When she'd gotten in, and pulled out of the parking space, I quickly slipped in my car, but took my time in backing out, falling in behind her car as it headed out onto the highway.

We drove along like that, me following a couple of cars behind hers; the highway was busy, lots of traffic, I figured she'd not give me a second thought. But when she left town behind, heading out on a narrow two-lane that wound through the rural countryside, I was afraid she'd spy me tailing her.

I hung back, but even so, I could see her glancing in the rearview mirror from time to time; and this didn't stop me, it only made my cock get harder, if that's possible. I wondered if this was some kinda game she was playing with me? Did she do this with other men living in the apartment complex?

But no, when she pulled in at a mall not too far from town, I realized she wasn't paying any attention to me. I parked, got out and tugged on my jacket, hoping it would hide the tremendous bulge in my pants. Once inside the mall, I trailed along behind her; she had a fantastic ass, high and firm, and knew how to move it too -- there was a primal sexual instinct in her swaying walk, those rounded hips urging me on, making my mouth go dry with lust.

When she went toward the women's restroom, I didn't know what to do, but suddenly she turned around, looked me directly in the eyes, and crooked a finger at me, indicating I should come along! I felt the heat of her smoldering gaze, full of unspoken promises, and hurried after her, both of us slipping into the restroom, which was fortunately deserted.

She didn't speak a word, simply took my hand, pulling me along into a booth, latching the door behind us. I was dying by now, my cock was swollen, bruised bigness in my pants, the tip leaking hot pre-cum...and I groaned as she lightly touched my crotch, teasing with her fingers at the closed zipper.

I had my back pressed against the stall, and she didn't have enough room to move away, her body almost against mine, her perfume and musty arousal saturating the close air, nothing to say, just the intensity and desire, that animal heat between us.

And I knew I was too near climax to last long, but she seemed to be in the same state and we began dry-humping, no time to undress, the friction between our bodies generating a pulsating, pounding rhythm as we fucked, fully clothed. I felt my penis grinding into her center, our bodies rocking, swaying, rocking and fucking without inhibition; I heard the restroom door open, but didn't give a damn if the president came in and caught us!

She ground herself into me, wouldn't move back, holding rigidly against me and I felt her tremble, melting with a climax as she stifled a cry by jamming her knuckles into her mouth. As she lifted, twisted and rubbed against my crotch, I felt my cock filling, straining, and then I was...God, I was grinding into her, starting to cum in my pants! I felt my cock leap, throb, spurt hot jism, wet gushes on my flesh, draining down my legs, the shivery little bumps and grinds, the last drops being forced out as she kept trembling, stifling her cries of pleasure.

When I had spent my cock dry, I looked down into her face; she was smiling confidently, and she whispered in my ear, "Nothing like dry-humping in the restroom."

And before I could reply, she unlatched the door, and was gone, disappearing out of the room, the door closing behind her. I stood there, feeling strangely as if I still hadn't cum -- my cock was sticky, still confined, but I realized it was stirring, hardening again. The whole setup, the woman, the place, the sense of danger and risk if caught, it had stimulated me beyond anything I'd ever experienced.

I pulled the stall door closed, latched it, and unzipped my pants, almost groaning with pleasure as I took my hard cock out, knew I needed to piss but couldn't. I just stood there, in a sort of delayed agony with my hard-on sticking out, wondering what in hell I'd do to get myself calmed down enough to leave.

I heard female voices then, and as the restroom door opened, I knew I might be discovered cowering in a women's bathroom with a hard-on! Instead of losing the hard though, it grew even bigger, and it was nearly impossible to keep from jacking off then and there.

However, one of the women began talking, and I soon realized this must be the woman who'd just been with me. She said, "Margie, I could swear I saw a man come in here earlier."

I closed my eyes, wondering what she was up to? Then the other woman said, "So what? He'll just get to hear us doing a quickie."

Naturally, that set me on fire; my whole body flushed, that strange hot/cold flush that gives you the feeling you might be about to die. My dick, it was slick, sticky and I put my hand on it, unable to keep from easing the pressure just a little by stroking, holding it as I listened to them talking:

"Um, you know how to make me feel good, so good...don't stop, don't stop...yes, right there, put your hand under my dress, touch me!"

Their voices rose higher, higher with excitement and I began to masturbate harder, frantic now with their groans and moans of bliss as they seemed to be finger-fucking each other...I wanted to see, but I couldn't stop long enough to look, I was too close and I looked down, watching how I was doing it, my hands working firmly, expertly...not since my teens had I done this, and why I didn't know, because as I stroked and rubbed, my fingers groping at my swollen, tender balls, pulling the hair lightly, then one hand fisting my cock, doing it just the way I liked, hard, slow, firm, slow, the wetness at the tip slickening my grip, making it easier to go faster, harder, quicker as I lifted on tiptoe, clenching my legs and butt, heightening the heated second just before that point of no return hit me...the overwhelming gushing as my hands felt hot liquid cum spilling, the blast of jism splattering onto the walls, my whole body in the throes of ecstasy...and in my state of explosive bliss, I knew I'd been missing this free frenzy of self-pleasuring for too long, it wouldn't be that long again until I sought this rapturous daylight dreaming.

I vowed as I squeezed the last sweet droplet of cum from my cock that from now on daylight dreaming would be an indulgence any time I was alone, bored and needed it.

And oh, what a dream it had been, I thought, getting up from the sofa and looking out the apartment window, where I'd let my fantasy first begin my daydream into erotic adventure -- all alone here on a rainy October day.


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