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Denise Does Gillian Anderson
by Dirty Denise

Note: I make no claims as to the validity or truthfulness of the story contained herein. Consider it a work of fiction, for entertainment purposes only. The author, Denise D. accepts no responsibility for interpretation of the events described herein as fact.

I was shopping on 5th avenue in NYC last fall. It was a gorgeous day - perfect New York weather. I hadn't found shit in hours of shopping, and was getting ready to give up and go back to the youth hostel where I was staying, when I decided to duck into one more ritzy overpriced boutique. The place was packed with little yuppie bitches and their 50-something divorcee moms, spending way too much money on glorified rags. I must have looked quite the freak in my vinyl pants and white dress shirt, topped off with my leather jacket. I got some great disapproving looks. It was fun to watch these poor souls, actually, and I browsed around, giggling quietly to myself at their "This makes me look fat" type whining.

One little prima donna in particular was creating quite a scene because her mother wouldn't cough up the $1,300 for a little Versace number she had her eye on. She was stomping her feet and sobbing. Quite a show.

"What a little bitch!" I heard a sultry voice say. I turned and saw a svelte redhead to my right. She was shaking her head and laughing quietly. It took a few seconds for me to register who I was looking at. I smiled at her and looked away. Sure enough, upon looking at her again, I could confirm it. Gillian Anderson. Queen of the sci-fi screen, or something like that. I had never been a big fan of the X-Files or anything, but God DAMN did she look good! She was decked out in some TIGHT black slacks and a form-fitting black blouse. She had a dressy coat on as well, and it hung just low enough to cover her ass, which was pissing me off to no end. I just wanted to lift that coat up and have a look at that booty. I managed to control myself, however, and with a subtle lick of my lips, I introduced myself.

"Well Ms. Anderson!" I began, "It's a PLEASURE to meet you. My name's Denise." I extended my hand in a very ladylike fashion.

"Nice to meet you, Denise," Gillian replied sweetly, shaking my hand in a soft, uncertain way. I caught a whiff of her perfume and became intoxicated. I had to have her. Maybe it was who she was. Maybe it was just because she was a hot woman and I was horny. Who knows?

"Quite a scene in here today, eh?" I joked as the stomping girl wailed once more at her frightfully embarrassed mother.

"It certainly is!" Gillian laughed. She put her sunglasses on, and began to turn to the door.

"Let me buy you some coffee... I'm a huge fan." I lied. Gillian turned back toward me with a suspicious smile, looked me over a bit, and agreed. Why she did I'll never know, but it was to work out for the best.

We grabbed a cab, and I told the driver to head up to a quiet little coffee shop on 96th St., just around the corner from where I was staying. Gillian told me she was in NYC doing some publicity stuff for the X-Files, and so on. I wasn't listening so much as watching her lips and tongue move, and imagining how they'd feel pressed against my crotch. I snapped myself out of it as we pulled up to the coffee shop. I paid the driver, and we sauntered inside. I led Gillian over to the corner of the room, where there was a dimly lit booth, and had her sit down. Much to her surprise, I sat down next to her, as opposed to across from her. I smiled sweetly to disarm her defenses, and she seemed to relax a little when I did. I didn't want her to think I was a psychotic fan... I wanted her to get the feeling I was a girlfriend of hers, perhaps. She seemed to be warming up.

Gillian ordered a mocha latte, and I got myself a tall cappuccino, as I always do. Gillian was kind and personable. She told me of her recent filming escapades for the X-Files, and filled me in on the details of her possible movie deals and things of that sort. I feigned interest, smiling , "Oooh" -ing and "Ahh" -ing where appropriate. I was beginning to have more and more difficulty holding myself back, however, and I soon decided it was time to bag her.

Gillian turned to sip on her latte, and I hissed softly as I slid my hand onto her thigh... she gasped and choked on her beverage as she began to turn to me in disgust...

"Denise!" She began, "What the fuck are you..."

"Gillian, dear!" I oozed as my hand slid to her tightly packaged crotch, "I don't give a fuck about your show, or your movies, or your fame." I found her perfectly soft center and pressed sweetly on it. She involuntarily bucked her hips and her eyes half closed in helpless pleasure. "I can do some wonderful things to you." I continued, "I can give you pleasure you've never imagined... sexual pleasure."

"I don't... I mean I'm not..." Gillian struggled for words between her tightly drawn breaths. My fingers were doing a dance on her hot mound, and she was torn between stopping me, and having a massive orgasm right then and there. Her eyes shone with a gorgeous struggle between the two. She was well aware of what I could do for her, and she wasn't ready to give that up so easily. "I'm not gay, Denise... I can't"

"You don't have to do anything, Gillian," I lied again. I had to ensnare her somehow. "Just let me do for you... you'll be glad you did." I increased the intensity of my massaging, and coupled it with hot breath in her ear... I began to feel her body tighten in expectation of orgasm, but I wasn't about to let her off that easy. I stopped.

"What are you doing to me?" Gillian demanded innocently. Her breast heaved as she fought to keep her own hands from finishing what I had brought her so close to. She was aroused to perfection; squirming in her seat and looking at me with eyes that said she did not know what to do next. She was mine.

"Come to the bathroom with me..." I half demanded. This moment wouldn't last all the way back to my room... I had to do it now. Gillian was in a state of erotic shock, and her animal desire was getting the better of her. I flicked my pierced tongue at her, and it seemed to lay to rest any doubts. Gillian scooted her ass out of the booth and walked demurely behind me, looking around nervously to make sure nobody of import would see her.

Moments later, I was locking the door to a bathroom stall, with Gillian Anderson standing before me - breast heaving with excitement. She was shivering, so I pulled her to me. My hands immediately strayed to her tight ass, squeezing and molesting it in an obscene manner. Gillian moaned as my eager fingers spread her firm, full ass and explored the sweet crevice between her legs through her exquisitely tight slacks.

"These need to come off, you know," I whispered hotly in her ear as I tugged on the waistband of her slacks. Gillian bit her lip and nodded. My hand slipped around and unbuttoned the six buttons that stood between me and her steaming sex. I never turned my eyes from hers as my slender hands expertly slid her slacks over her beautiful ass and off of her body as she whimpered in pure desire. I could tell she no longer had any doubts as to what she wanted me to do. I ran my hands up the back of her creamy, silky thighs, and back up to her sumptuous ass. It was my eyes that now sprung open in surprise as I noticed she did not have panties on. My clit jumped in my vinyl pants as I slid my tongue out and over her soft ruby red lips. She parted them slightly and I wasted no time in sliding my tongue into her mouth. She tasted of mocha latte and lipstick, and my knees buckled as she moaned the sweetest, sexiest moan I'd ever heard a woman make.

My hands went to their positions; my left snaked around Gillian's waist and dipped down between her supple ass cheeks, and my right slid down her heaving belly, through the thatch of matted curls, and made contact with her SCALDING hot crease. Gillian cried out and lost her footing as the pleasure of my touch hit her. She hung from my neck like a drunken college girl and began to wiggle her hips in the cutest, sexiest way.

"Oh no no dear, you can't sit," I teased as my right hand slid through her slippery folds in search of her clit, "That would make things too easy!" I leaned back against the wall of the stall to help support Gillian's weight, just as my right index finger found her hard nub. Her clit was small, but insanely hard, and I stroked it firmly, determined to blow her mind. Gillian cried out; almost too loudly! I was sure someone had heard her, but I'd be damned if that would stop me now. My left hand slid deeper, and I pressed my middle finger against her tight nether entrance.

"Ooooh yessss!" Gillian hissed as my finger pressed into her ass. She was the image of debauchery, squatting down, leaning against me with my fingers doing sweet magic to her body. She began to do the inevitable, and started to grind her body against me in an attempt to increase her pleasure. This was my cue.

"Bend over for me please, Gillian," I whispered in her ear. She wasted no time in complying, and before I knew it her hands were on the back wall of the stall, and I was staring at her fine naked ass in all its wanton glory. This was working out far better than I had hoped!

"Please, Denise... don't stop... do something to me..." Gillian whimpered.

"Do what, dear? What would you like me to do?" I teased.

"Ohhhhh... li... lick my..." Gillian couldn't bring herself to say it. I was ready for her though. Was she ready for this?

"Lick your ass?" I asked, innocently and with evil intent.

"What? No my..." Gillian's words were cut short as my hot pierced tongue slid across her tight asshole. She stopped breathing completely for at least 20 seconds as I loosely licked her nasty rear up and down like a desperate whore. My resolve was fading, and I myself was turning purely animal. Gillian's raunchy stink filled my nostrils as I continued to lather her most private place with pure lust. "My sweet fucking lord that feels so..." Gillian's nasty talk was cut short as I felt her tight rear hole begin to contract rhythmically beneath my hot tongue. Could she be cumming already? I nuzzled my face lower down and slid my tongue up to meet her clit as she started to make sweet barking sounds and buck her ass back at me. My tongue stud crushed against her clit again and again as I stabbed my tongue into her dripping center. My nose was pressed tight against her asshole as she finished her obviously mind-blowing orgasm. Her scent and the feel of her tight body thrashing against my face made me realize how gushingly wet my own pussy was, packed tightly within my vinyl pants. I needed to cum too.

"Did you enjoy that, sweetheart?" I asked Gillian as she slumped down to the floor, trembling. I stood up so that my crotch was level with her flushed and smiling face. I ran my fingers across my mound, pressing firmly on it as I pushed my pelvis toward her suggestively. My vinyl pants helped exaggerate the sensation and my eyes rolled back in my head at the little pleasure burst.

"Turn around, Denise." Gillian whimpered. What did she say? What could she possibly want me to do that for? Nevertheless, without stopping my ministrations upon my own pussy, I turned around and leaned gently against the other wall of the stall. My shiny, vinyl-clad ass was pushed into Gillian's face. As odd as it sounds, I felt slightly exposed. I kept pushing on my pussy, when suddenly I felt Gillian's hand smack my firm ass. What a thrill! My body tensed and erotic shockwaves coursed through me. I was about to moan when I felt Gillian press her FACE into my ass! I could feel her nose... her mouth... grinding against my ass flesh through the tight vinyl. What a fucking erotic scene! I looked back to see with my own eyes what she was doing, and almost blew my girl-wad right there. "You have such a sexy fucking ass, Denise!" Gillian whimpered as she literally kissed my butt. Was she doing this purely for my benefit? I looked down and saw that she was frantically jiggling her pussy. So the girl had an extreme vinyl fetish? Perhaps... I wasn't about to question her actions. "Make yourself cum with me, Denise..." Gillian sighed.

She didn't have to ask twice. I unbuckled my belt and slid my hand into my super-tight pants. I dug down to my creamy crotch and started to flick my swollen clit. I tugged on my clit ring a little to enhance the feeling. Gillian began to moan in an erotic way I can't begin to describe. I couldn't take my eyes off of her face, buried in the tight black crease of my pants. She nuzzled me and continued to jam on her own clit for what seemed like hours. I felt my own orgasm begin to build. Gillian announced that she was cumming, and I let go. My hips shuddered and thrashed, my ass bouncing back against Gillian's face as my orgasm rocked my body violently. My knees buckled and I felt my pants get warm as I oozed my hot cum into them.

Seconds later, it was over. Gillian was standing up and pulling her slacks back on over her sexy ass. She seemed a little uncomfortable. I was sitting on the toilet, my pants undone with my hand still in my steaming crotch. I cleaned myself up and stood with her.

"Thank you for doing this for me, Denise." Gillian said in an annoyingly impersonal Hollywood-like tone. "It was really great." And with that, she patted me on the back and walked out. I washed up a bit in the bathroom and went back out to my table. The check had been paid, and there was no sign of Gillian. It was like a crazy sexy dream, but the lipstick marks on my ass spoke otherwise. I smiled at the cashier and headed back to my room, satisfied in a way I never knew I could be.


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