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Dear Diary Pt. IX
by Kelli Bleu

- Nov. 30 -

I know i haven't written in a while, dear diary, there's a lot to tell. Life is amazing, to say the least. The big news is that i lost my virginity over thanksgiving; the bigger news is that it was to a woman. Actually, more than one woman. I'm so confused! Let me start at the beginning.

There were a bunch of people who stayed in the dorms for Thanksgiving vacation. Sarah, me, Marie, and Tina, Marie's roommate, were among them. 7 days with no responsibilities, we were ready to have a good time! We ate out a lot, went shopping, spent Thanksgiving day watching football in my dorm room (some of those players are really hot!), and made plans to meet Saturday night at Marie's room, then go out to Tina's parents' house. They left town Saturday afternoon, and we made the 2 hour drive to their house, arriving around 6 on Saturday.

The house was fantastic! It had a hot tub. It had a big screen television. It had great couches and chairs and decks and bedrooms and bathtubs and showers. Tina was definitely from money, i thought as i walked in the door. Things were looking up even more when she pulled the key to the wine cabinet from its supposedly hidden location, and opened up what was to be the first of many wine bottles we would kill that weekend.

We settled down to watch some television, all of us sacked out on one piece of furniture or another, after dinner and another bottle of wine. We were all somewhat toasty, especially Tina. While flipping around on the television, we came upon one of thsoe bad softcore sex movies that are on cable. That's when the whole thing started to get out of control. We watched for a few minutes, then Marie complained about the movie being boring. Tina looked at her strangely and ran out of the room, returning in a few moments with a stack of dvd's. She looked at Marie pointedly, and threw one of the discs into the player, then sat back down on the couch.

Before i go on, let me give you a sense of the atmosphere. We were all tipsy, for sure. Sarah, who i've told you about, was in the lazy boy. She was wearing a half shirt and a sports bra, and jean shorts. She was laying so her back was on an arm, her butt was in the seat, and her legs were over the other arm, laughing way too much. Tina is about 5-6, 120 pounds maybe, with long strawberry blond hair. She's tough, reminds me of Marie. She's muscular, and wearing leather pants, barefoot, and a man's dress shirt over her sizeable rack. Her butt looks great in those pants, too. She's lying on one of the couches. I'm on the other couch, wearing my usual jeans and a white tshirt and sandals. Marie is on the floor, lying on her stomach. She's wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Okay, back to the story. The disc starts to play and the first thing we see is this huge breasted blond, naked, sucking on a humungous cock. It was just mammoth. We had moved out of the softcore and into the hardcore, for sure. As we watched the camera pulled out, and we saw that the woman sucking was also getting fucked from behind by another huge cock. There was silence in the room as we watched. There was the occasional bit of nervous laughter, but by and large the silence continued as we watched them do her, finally cumming on her face and back. The thing was plotless, as most of them are, and the next scene was an orgy. An all-out orgy, with about 15 guys and as many girls. There were pairs, threes, fours, and mores, and it got all of us hot. Finally the movie was over, and we all got up and walked around, almost embarassed to look at each other. Tina looked at Marie and asked "better?" Marie, being a smartass, answered "it was alright i guess... have anything more interesting?"

Tina looked her up and down, and answered "maybe." She grabbed another of the discs and popped it in, and grabbed a deck of cards. She looked Marie in the eye "I challenge you to a game of poker; the winner gets to be the boss of the loser for the rest of the weekend." Marie put her hands on her hips and answered "I've got a better idea. We all play, and the winner gets to boss the others around for the weekend." I tried to step in and say what a bad idea that was, since i really didn't know Tina at all, but Sarah stepped up and said "Fine." Which, when you think about it, figured. She did like to boss people around. I sighed and said "i'm in."

We all sat down at the dining room table, the tv playing another episode of "Jail Babes" or some such movie in the background. Tina dealt first, and authoritatively. I had a bad feeling about this, a feeling that turned out to be right. When the game was over, Marie hadn't won. Neither had I. Neither had Sarah. I was worried.

Tina stood up and said "well, slaves, are you going to back out?" We all looked at each other and shook our heads; rules were rules, and we'd play by them. "I'm so glad" Tina replied. "Kelli, clean up the dishes. Marie, go make us something for dessert. Sarah, come with me." She grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her out of the room. Marie and I looked at each other, wide-eyed, then shrugged and went to do as our new "Mistress" had commanded. A deal was a deal.

A few minutes later, Tina returned. "Marie, come with me." Marie complied without complaint, and they left the room. Again, a few minutes later, Tina returned. "Kelli, come with me." And i went.

She led me upstairs to a room i hadn't been in yet - her room. Once we got there, she threw me on the bed by my hair and slapped me on the ass, hard. I cried out in suprise, and she put her face right next to mine on the bed. "Are you going to wimp out, Kelli? Don't you have the nerve to see this through?" I frowned at her and stood up. "Bring it on, Tina." She did.

Rummaging through her drawers, she grabbed several items and threw them onto the bed. "Strip naked and put these on. Then come back down to the living room." She stormed out of the room and slammed the door. I obediently stripped off my clothes and slid into the ones she'd prepared for me. The shorts were leather, and were small for me, and small to begin with; basically they were a cross between panties and hot pants, and fit like they were glued to my body. The bra wasn't much better, a leather thing a cup size too small. It pushed my breasts up and out. I could hardly believe it when i saw the last item: a black dog collar with studs. I sighed and put it around my neck, feeling like somehow Tina must have planned this all ahead of time.

I walked into the living room as red as a strawberry, until i saw Marie and Sarah. Marie was in a corset-like thing of some sort, with laces in the back, fishnet stockings, and black heels. She looked great, like some sort of dark vinyl or leather goddess. She, too, had on a collar, but hers was red. Sarah was another story altogether. She was dressed in red lace, the barest pieces of it failing to completely cover her crotch and her breasts. Her nipples peeked out over the top of the wispy bra, and the panties were so miniscule they could hardly be seen. There was a very nervous look in her eyes.

Tina stripped off her shirt, leaving her in a black bra and those fantastic leather pants. She ordered us all to sit, and we did. She paced in front of us for a few seconds looking intimidating. Without a beat she grabbed Marie's collar, attached a chain to it, and pulled Marie to her feet, throwing her none too gently against the wall. She grabbed her hands and feet, and pushed her to the point where she was spread eagled, her face pushed against the wall. Tina leaned into Marie's ear and whispered "wimping out yet?" Marie shook her head in reply, and Tina walked over to me, lowering a hand to mine.

I took her hand, and she raised me to my feet. With her other hand, she grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her to her feet as well. "Sarah here is having a real problem with this, i think" Tina commented. "The problem is, and maybe you don't know this, that Sarah is a dominant. She likes to be in control, and being out of control is not a good time for her. Unfortunately, she risked submission in order to have the opportunity to dominate us all, and submission is what she's going to recieve."

She dragged Sarah over to the back of the couch, and roughly pushed her forward, doubling her over, leaving her ass high in the air. I was looking forward to what Tina was going to do to Sarah - i thought it was only fair after watching how she used Josh, that she be used as well. Call it justice, whatever, i just wanted to see her be someone else's plaything. Tina handed me one side of a long leather strap and ordered me to drop to my stomach and run it under the couch. I did so, and Tina proceeded to use it to wrap around the whole couch, attaching a small ring on the strap to a short chain that connected to the handcuffs that now bound Sarah's wrists. Sarah was whimpering quietly now in the back of her throat; i really wanted to know what she was thinking. Several sharp practiced yanks on the strap resulted in Sarah's face being pressed into the seat of the couch, her feet no longer on the floor, with her ass sticking up even higher in the air.

Tina stepped back, admiring her handiwork, and then her hand shot out and slapped Sarah's exposed bottom, hard. A jolt ran through Sarah, but she didn't cry out. The red print of Tina's hand was visible on Sarah's butt. "Did you like that, Kelli?" Tina asked, suprising me. I nodded in reply. She pushed me over against the wall next to Marie, and gently guided my hands into a spread eagle position mimicing Marie's. "Tonight may seem to be about me, Kelli, but really, it's about you" she said, and slid her hands around my stomach, caressing my bare skin. "You are perhaps the most innocent seeming person i have ever met" she continued, sliding her hands upward, avoiding my breasts and tracing the bare skin of my arms "but i think there's something else in there waiting to be called out, and i'm going to do the calling." With that she landed her hands on my breasts and squeezed them, giving me a shocking mix of pleasure and discomfort. "You, for sure, will not leave this place unchanged; that is my goal." Her hands cupped my bottom next, squeezing again through the small bit of leather i was wearing down there.

She let me go, and stepped back, then ran her hands up and down Marie's body for about a minute. I could tell it was turning Marie on, the pinching and grabbing and general helplessness of the situation. Then, having finished with Marie, she walked out of my line of sight, and i heard the sound of flesh on flesh as she, presumably, smacked Sarah again. I could see Marie's chest heaving with excitement. I wondered if this was how Tina and Marie spent their time together as roomates!

Soon Tina was behind me again. I was shocked as she spun me around, pushed me back against the wall and kissed me, deeply, driving her tongue into my mouth. I had no choice but to return the kiss, which was suprisingly warm and wet and made my knees almost buckle. Even when i'd kissed Marie that one time before i hadn't enjoyed it all that much, and figured i just didn't like girls that way. Tina corrected that thought for me, and i got more and more turned on as the kiss continued and her hands roamed my body again, squeezing, caressing, touching.

After a short eternity the kiss ended, and i sagged against the wall. Tina walked over, spun Marie, and did the same to her while i watched. Finally, she walked back to Sarah, whispered something in her ear, and brought her hand down hard on Sarah's ass again, this time causing Sarah to cry out in shock. Her cries turned me on, i can't lie.

What happened next is amazing... and i'll tell you about it tomorrow, Dear Diary. :)


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