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Dickin' Down the
Designing Women Ch. I

by Stardog Champion

Anthony sat alone in the spacious living room of Sugarbaker and Associates, his head pounding and his palms sweaty from the realization that the years of being the pride and joy of the four women that gave him a second chance at a normal life after his unfortunate incarceration were about to have their views of him come crashing down in flames. His only other option was to completely disappear off the face of the Earth but even that probably wouldn't keep the outcome from being much different, he simply wouldn't have to be there to have to face it.

While at the moment disappearing sounded like an appealing option, Anthony knew he couldn't keep running forever. Even though he dreaded facing it, there was also a significant part of him that had longed to see what was about to happen actually transpire with his own eyes.

The bonds that you make in prison often carry over even after you've been released. The alliances you build while on the inside are done with the sole intention of keeping yourself alive and when it comes down to having to pay people back for saving your skin, the price a person would pay in return often ends up being quite steep.

When you are a frail, 5 foot 10 inch black man with a squeaky voice and only weigh 160 pounds soaking wet, you have to make a lot of friends to survive 4 years in jail.

What was preparing to unfold in the living room of Sugarbakers was a culmination of all those unpaid debts.

Anthony stared at the front door as if it was the light of a train coming right at him down a tunnel as he waited for it to open and for the four main proprietors of Sugarbakers to return from surveying a potential job.

The urge to leave before they returned steadily became overwhelming inside Anthony's gut, but he chewed his fingernails remembering how he had told Julia, Suzanne, Charleene and Mary Jo that he was expecting four guys with whom he had been in prison with and they would be stopping by the Sugarbaker office to meet him and pick up a key to Anthony's apartment so they could stay with him until they were able to get back on their feet.

The four women had initially been hesitant about allowing the four recently released ex-cons inside the Antebellum home that housed their business, but the girls just couldn't bring themselves to tell Anthony 'no' after how loyal and dedicated he had been since turning his life around.

Pacing the floor nervously, Anthony felt a strange force trying to pull him towards the front door so that he could make a speedy retreat before the girls returned to the office.

As he was about to convince himself to actually leave, the front door sprang open and Anthony jumped six inches into the air from his surprise.

The four women streamed in one by one, laughing, joking and making a spectacle of themselves as each put up their coats and made themselves at home at their desks.

Anthony looked at each one of the women and got a tingling sensation in his belly, knowing what was about to happen to each one of them.

He gazed longingly at Julia and became aroused from watching her indelible Southern womanly grace as she prominaded across the carpeted floor in a black knee length skirt and business suit.

Anthony then looked over at Suzanne sitting on the sofa, blathering away in her irritating tone of voice. Part of Anthony detested Suzanne but he also found himself having a guilty infatuation with seeing her get thoroughly plowed.

He then looked up to Charleene sitting at the receptionist's desk talking on the phone. Of all the women there, Anthony guessed she would be the best fuck. Her breasts were so big and her legs were so long, Anthony could fantasize over hundreds of things he could do to her in bed.

Finally, Anthony looked beside him to Mary Jo who was sitting at the bar. The little brunette spitfire was making grand hand gestures as she made fun of the customers that the four women had just got back from seeing. With all the energy she had, Anthony could only imagine what she would be like with a huge dick hitting her most sensitive spots.

He panned back briefly with his gaze, looking at all four women, imagining just how the living room might look in a few short hours after his friends from prison arrived.

As much as he longed to see the four women get theirs, Anthony's nerves were severely on edge. With every tick and every tock from the large grandfather clock in the corner of the office, the butterflies in Anthony's belly flew higher.

"Anthony...Anthony...Anthony," a distant female voice tried breaking his lurid daydream.

"HUH," Anthony finally muttered, realizing one of the ladies in the room was calling his name. "Yeah..yeah..what?"

"Are you OK Anthony?" Julia said in a concerned voice. "You look a little flushed."

"I' Julia.....must've been something I ate for lunch," Anthony replied, trying his best not to look any of the women in the eyes.

"Ahh... bet he's just nervous you'll," Charleene shouted in her thick southern drawl. "After all...he's meeting some friends he hasn't seen in years."

"Yeah...that's probably it Charleene," Anthony halfheartedly agreed. "I'm gonna go get some all want any while I'm in the kitchen?"

Anthony turned and disappeared into the kitchen so quickly, none of the women could actually make out what he had said. As he poured a glass of spring water from the pitcher, he suddenly heard a knock on the front door out in the lobby, almost causing him to drop the slick glass. As he tentatively made his way towards the swinging door to the kitchen, Anthony could hear Charleene get up and say she was answering the door.

Anthony stayed half hidden behind the swinging kitchen door for a few minutes, watching intently as Charleene stood in the opened doorway, dressed in a baby blue cotton dress and her long dirty blonde hair up in a bun.

The four freshly released inmates stood in the doorway, waiting to be invited inside. All four men had smiles on their faces that masked their wolf like hunger. Anthony could hear all four ladies in the room shout out their 'hellos' in their best attempts at warmth and acceptance. As Anthony's eyes scanned across the room however and looked directly at all four women, he could clearly see in each of the women's body language they were all a bit more uncomfortable with the presence of Anthony's friends then they were letting on.

Suzanne was by far the most obvious. She had subtly turned her body away from the door so that she could avoid having to make direct eye contact with any of the visitors.

Charleene stood in the doorway inviting the four gentlemen inside. Anthony laughed to himself when he saw the nervous way Charleene rung her hands together as she motioned Anthony's prison buddies through the door.

Julia sat at her desk, her glasses down over the bridge of her nose giving her the appearance of a sultry middle aged school marm as she smiled politely up to the four black strangers.

Mary Jo simply sat at the bar, her expression emotionless as she twirled a pen in her hand , blankly watching the men filter inside.

Anthony watched as each guy made their way inside the living room of Sugarbakers and he could also clearly see the look of lustful intent and desire etched across their faces.

A ton of stored up memories came flooding back into Anthony's mind as he saw the men begin to mingle with the four ladies. He knew that at some point he would have to make his way back into the living room to join the crowd before he totally lost his nerve but for a few more fleeting moments, he was content to just stand there and soak up the scene before it all went to Hell.

* * * * *

"So you'll must be happy you just got out of jail," Charleene beamed, trying to make conversation.

There was an immediate, awkward silence in the room as the insensitivity of Charleene's statement hung in the air. Everyone else turned around to look at the statuesque blonde who was now blushing mightily from what she had said and how she said it.

Sensing the tension in the room, Mary Jo and Julia stood up from their seats and made their way over to the sofa in the center of the room. They each sat on the sofa beside Suzanne, all three keeping their knees tightly clenched and looking like they would rather be anywhere else but there.

"I think what Charleene meant was.... " Julia began, trying to apologize for her co-worker.

"As a matter of fact...YES...we are all glad to be out of prison ma'am...that would be an understatement," Dewayne, the leader of the group smiled as he stared directly at Charleene with his warm dark eyes after interrupting Julia.

Charleene, as well as her three partners, all felt as if they could crawl under a rock after the gentlemen seemed so forgiving after Charleene's insensitive slip.

"So where's our boy...where's Anthony," Dewayne glowed, trying to change the subject while he purposefully left the four women still feeling guilty.

"There he is," Mary Jo exclaimed, pointing right at Anthony as he slowly walked out of the kitchen with a couple of glasses of water.

"Girls gottcha workin' huh?" Dewayne quipped, seeing Anthony acting like a waiter with the glasses of water.

"We could never get him to do anything around the cell," Dewayne laughed, looking at all four women in the room. "You'll must do good work," he continued, to the nervous and unsteady laughter of all 9 people in the room.

After only a few moments inside, the four newly freed men were walking around the Sugarbaker's living room as if they owned the place. Anthony could see each woman get more and more on edge with each passing moment.

Dewayne, the ring leader, scanned the room for the easiest and most efficient prey. He had spent plenty of time studying human psychology in the prison library and combined with his extensive knowledge of the female species before his incarceration, Dewayne had a clear insight into the submissive nature of most women, especially white women. Looking around the living room at Sugarbaker's furtively, he had the air of a student of human behavior that had learned his lessons well.

As he keenly perused the four women in the room, Dewayne tried to determine the easiest mark.

Julia was the oldest and appeared to be the alpha female of the group. Dewayne could quickly see the poise and intelligence that Julia possessed and knew she would be the toughest sell. She would of course eventually give in, he surmised, but she would be the most work.

Charleene looked to be the best fuck in the room. The way her legs seemed to go up forever and the way the heavy swells of her breasts strained the fabric of her light blue sweater made Dewayne casually reach down and squeeze his crotch as he leered at the statuesque, dirty blonde country girl sitting at the receptionist's desk.

As Dewayne turned his attention to Suzanne, he immediately pegged her as the prototypical fight or flight type. He stared longingly in the overweight beauty queen's direction until it looked as if a fire had been set underneath her chubby behind , forcing Suzanne to get up and walk towards the door, blabbering about some phony errand she had suddenly remembered she had to run.

Dewayne watched as Suzanne hurried across the room towards the front door only to be stopped by Charles, the biggest guy of the group who calmly blocked Suzanne's path of retreat.

Convinced now that the room was escape proof, Dewayne turned his attention to the final woman in the room, Mary Jo. He grinned immediately, seeing that she was his ideal subject to break the ice. Mary Jo simply sat there, doe eyed, seemingly numb to what was about to unfold.

Dewayne slowly started to make his way over to the petite brunette and could tell by the distant look in her comatose eyes that she was thinking about was exactly what he was planning to give her. As if the whole thing was happening in slow motion, Dewayne lowered his meaty black fingers to the crotch of his faded blue jeans and haughtily unzipped the fly with a vengeful sneer on his face as he closed in.

He watched with cocksure amazement as Mary Jo's eyes widened as he neared but her stone face stayed as calm and cool as a sleepy December day. Dewayne could sense in Mary Jo's expression that in the parallel universe that Mary Jo lived in when she was alone in bed at night, with no one else there to see her longings and weaknesses, the kind of scenario that was actually unfolding and the subsequent release that went with it had helped her put out her fires many nights so she could sleep.

Mary Jo fit perfectly into the profile he was looking for...submissive closet white slut who would freeze in the presence of a very aggressive and insistent black stud. One who would never have the nerve to go out and get one herself, rather waiting until it came directly to her and literally plopped down onto her pale face as if it was a 10 inch long slithering and throbbing black serpent.

* * * * *

Suzanne's expression turned to one of anger seeing the big guy named Charles ease in front of her, blocking her exit. With her back to the rest of the room, Suzanne had no idea what was rapidly unfolding in the surreal hush behind her.

In a huff, Suzanne angrily turned towards her older sister Julia, whom she also seemed to bother when she couldn't get her way.

As Suzanne's eyes flickered open and shut, taking in the carnal scene beside the sofa, Suzanne finally understood why the room had gone ghostly quiet. She felt every nerve in her chubby body shake to the core as she dumbly stared at the huge appendage that dangled from Dewayne's crotch as it smacked against Mary Jo's white facial features.

Mary Jo was seated at the far end of the plush sofa in the center of the room and the black man standing above her looked down at her with a mix of playful lust and outright dominance.

Every woman in the room shuddered as they helplessly looked on seeing the lurid contrast of Dewayne's thick veiny, coal black monster as it slithered itself across Mary Jo's entire face and neck.

Suzanne's mouth opened into a small oval as she continued to openly stare at the sight of her coworker and friend part her mouth as well, opening it up so that the former inmate could ram his cock down her waiting gullet. Suzanne could see Mary Jo's eyes seemingly roll back in her head as the head of the black stud's uncircumcised cock disappeared between her parted lips.

All three women's' legs got even weaker when Dewayne reached down with his chiseled arms and took Mary Jo's hands into his. The exotic contrast of his massive black hands guiding Mary Jo's dainty white ones up to his crotch made each woman gasp for a deeper breath as Anthony's friend closed the petite brunette's hands firmly around his heavy shaft.

A moment later, Dewayne was helping Mary Jo push the thick trunk of his cock in and out of her painfully gaping mouth. It was almost as if the stud had somehow hypnotized the submissive white woman and here she was kneeling in front of her long awaited black master totally unaware that her three best friends were helplessly transfixed on them as she willingly sucked his cock right in front of them.

Content now that Mary Jo could stroke his cock on her own, Dewayne lifted both hands up to the woman's pistoning head and lowered his long dark fingers right into Mary Jo's thick reddish brown hair and dug his grip right into her scalp. Forcefully tilting her head upwards, Dewayne smiled greedily as he looked down and locked eyes with the helpless white slut as she performed fellatio on his swollen monster.

"SUCK IT BITCH.....THAT'S RIGHT," Dewayne groaned down as he continued looking into the trembling brown eyes of his prey. "You've wanted this ever since you were a little girl haven't you got it Slut...What are you gonna do wih it..Huh...SUCK THAT DICK BITCH.....MAKE IT CUM IN YOUR MOUTH BITCH...AIN'T NOTHIN' YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW!" He continued unmercifully, enjoying his first blow job in over 5 years because of the jail time.

Trying his best not to lose himself in the moment, savoring the feel of an actual woman's mouth around his huge cock, Dewayne looked up and confidently glared at the other three women in the room. What he saw pleased him.

The other three women that worked at Sugarbakers either sat or stood motionless, all three transfixed by the surreal gravity of what they were seeing. As Dewayne's eyes intently focused in closer, he could see Julia's, Charleene's and Suzanne's nipples poking out hard against the fabric of their tight, feminine business suits as they watched Mary Jo gorge herself on his jutting black pride.

Dewayne glanced out to the other three guys in the room with whom he came with and quietly motioned for them to take their places. Charles stood his ground behind Suzanne on the landing in front of the door, Derrick had slipped away and was subtly making his way behind Charleene seated at her desk and Antwan had taken the opportunity to slid up behind the alpha female of the group, Julia, who was sitting in the center of the sofa only a few feet away from Mary Jo and Dewayne's brazen display, watching on in stunned silence.

It really didn't matter to the guys who took who first. In their minds, if all went according to their plan, all four guys would get a crack at each one of the women at some point.

Dewayne finally looked over into the shadowy corner of the room and saw Anthony standing there, watching as if he was a spectator at a sporting event. Dewayne winked at Anthony, silently thanking his old prison buddy for fixing his boys up so well with some good tight and desperately needy white pussy. Dewayne smiled when he saw Anthony furtively grinding his hand back and forth against the straining crotch of his Dockers pants ,watching Mary Jo give his towering black friend an unbelievably deep and nasty blow job. Just then, Dewayne realized just how tough it must have been on Anthony all those years to work with these four secretly cock hungry white whores, storing up all those libidinal urges and now everything was bleeding out into what was soon to be a monumental sexual mess.

Returning his gaze back down to Mary Jo seated below his crotch, Dewayne realized it wasn't gonna take much longer for his long awaited orgasm to spew like hot custard down into the submissive petite brunette's sucking mouth.

Snaking his long monster cruelly in and out of Mary Jo's gullet, Dewayne took devious pleasure in the way the woman's lips stretched to ungodly widths. Feeling his slick, uncircumcised cockhead drill further and further down Mary Jo's throat with each powerful forward thrust of his hips, Dewayne bit his lip and spit, deciding it was time to move in for the kill.

Thrusting his hips in cruel jerking rhythmic circles, Dewayne could hear Mary Jo breath heavily through her flared nostrils, trying to suck in every bit of fresh air she could because her entire throat was consumed with the black stud's fierce slab of cockmeat.

Moving his fingers down the length of Mary Jo's pretty, fresh smelling hair, Dewayne closed his hands into fists around Mary Jo's ears and brutally began face fucking her with every ounce of energy he had stored up during his five years in jail. He looked down into her angelic white face and his already rock hard cock seemed to inflate even more as he watched it drive savagely in and out of Mary Jo's gaping, lipstick smeared mouth.

Watching as his heavy black, hairy balls slapped loudly against Mary Jo's chin, it was as if someone had taken a wrecking ball to a dam and Dewayne's initial orgasm ignited, leaving the cowering white woman beneath him at the mercy of his long stored up explosion.

It felt like liquid fire sizzling down Mary Jo's throat as Dewayne's copious seed bubbled around her mouth and down her gullet. After only a couple of seconds, Mary Jo could even feel it seep right into her rolling belly, for a moment making her feel as if she was going to pass out.

As he came intensely, Dewayne reached down and grabbed the front of Mary Jo's blouse in his rough hands, ripping the top three buttons cruelly apart, forcing the round clasps to shoot in different directions across the room. Looking down now at Mary Jo's exposed pale chest, dotted with a few random freckles, Dewayne thrust his hips even harder as he writhed sadistically above her.

With Mary Jo's blouse now ripped open, Dewayne returned his grip back roughly onto both her ears and proceeded to continue brutally face fucking her lily white face until every drop of his rich frothy seed had emptied out of his balls and taken root inside the cowering woman's oral orifice.

Feeling his balls go dry, Dewayne began to slide his still hard ebony spear from Mary Jo's mouth with slow, deliberate precision. The 8 other people in the room hypnotically stood, straining their heads so they could get the best sight lines to see Dewayne's spit and cum soaked pipe slip out of Mary Jo's now jism filled mouth.

When Dewayne's uncut cockhead plopped out from Mary Jo's stretched lips, it was if a plug had been taken out of a bathtub. As his tingling dick fell back down in front of her face, several strands of milky white ejaculate swayed from Mary Jo's quivering lips to the peehole of Dewayne's spent monster in a series of sickening swinging motions.

Mary Jo's eyes were closed tightly from her submissive embarrassment and as she opened her mouth to finally breath normally again, the mouthful of cum that was left unswallowed flooded briskly out of her mouth and nastily dribbled down her chin.

As Mary Jo exhaled and rubbed her throat from the pain of the assault, several beads of scalding cum dripped down off of her chin and landed right on the cleavage of her small breasts left exposed from Dewayne ripping her blouse open moments earlier. Several more drops of jism also proceeded to land on Mary Jo's lacy pink bra and the greenish fabric of her expensive blouse.

Dewayne cruelly smeared his still rigid rod all over Mary Jo's now weathered face as if he was buffing it to use again shortly.

Looking back up to his stunned audience, Dewayne nodded his head to his three friends with an aire of, "Who wants to be next?"...

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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