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Dear Diary Pt. V
by Kelli Bleu

* June 22 *

So there we were in the closet, Shaun, Marie, and I.

Marie spoke first. "I drew the card, so i get to choose who takes off the others' clothes." Her voice was raspy, in a sexy kind of way. I could feel her front on my back, and Shaun's face was inches from me, i could feel his breath on my forehead. Marie spoke softly, her lips close to my ear. I felt Shaun's hands touch my knees and begin to slide upward, and jumped a little. Marie's voice continued near my ear. "Kelli gets to take off something from Shaun." I felt her hands touch the back of my legs, near my knees. I reached out and touched Shaun's leg with one hand, letting my other one dangle. "Shaun gets to take off something from me." Marie shifted, and my dangling hand bumped her knee. I felt her hands leave my body momentarily, then they pressed my dangling hand against her flesh. I started to rub her leg, and one of her hands returned to the back of my left leg, sliding upward. Shaun's hands were on my thighs, with no sign of stopping their upward motion. I was feeling a little lightheaded. A soft knock on the door was accompanied by Traci's voice "4 minutes left."

My head was still swimming when Shaun's fingers found the edge of my panties on my right leg. He whisperd at me "awwww" as he ran his finger along the skin on the edge, down between my thighs, then up the other side. At the same time my fingers encountered his boxers, and i responded with "awww" back at him, smiling in the dark. "and I get to take something off Kelli" Marie finished, both of her hands now cupping my ass, careful not to touch the fabric of my panties.

I was breathing heavily now, most of me wishing i was wearing less so they'd touch more, part of me wondering if we were going to be out of time before my heart exploded out of my chest. "Get closer, Shaun" Marie said, pressing against me from behind, pushing me toward Shaun. He leaned into me, and suddenly my head was against his chest, his body pressed against mine, Marie's hands off of me but her body now pressed against me from behind. I could feel as Shaun reached for Marie, running his hands over her bare back, her left hand on his leg, her right hand in my hair, my hands trapped one between me and Shaun, the other between me and Marie. "3 minutes" came Traci's voice.

Marie's hand in my hair pulled my head back, and her lips touched my ear. Shaun must have sensed it, because he leaned forward, and his lips touched my neck. Marie's hand was on my ass again, squeezing, as she whispered to me, so softly that Shaun couldn't possibly hear, and i could barely make out her words. i was also having a hard time concentrating. "I saw you earlier" she said. My mind didn't comprehend, could only feel Shaun's lips as he kissed down my throat. "at the pool" she continued, her teeth nipping at my ear when she paused. Shaun was kneeling in front of me now, licking my thighs, causing me to tremble. "in the locker room" Marie was saying. Shaun's hands were on my ass now, as he licked and kissed along the edge of my panties. I almost missed Marie's next words as her tounge flicked at the inside of my ear. "in your shower stall - the whole time - there's an eyehole into the one beside it - i saw the whole show." "2 minutes" said Traci.

I couldn't speak, couldn't think, couldn't do anything. I had one hand reaching back around Marie's neck, the other gripping Shaun's hair as he teased my privates. I was horrified that Marie had watched me, and just didn't know what to say. And, i'm afraid to say, part of me was even more turned on that she had watched me, just like Chad watching me had turned me on. Marie was still talking, and i tuned back in. "... you like boys or girls or both, but you should know I want you any way i can have you." With that parting shot she kissed my neck, hard, and let go of me, saying out loud "everybody stop, and stand up." Both Shaun and I did so, panting. "One minute" said Traci "take it off!" We could hear hooting and cheering in the other room.

Marie was breathing heavily as she said "i'll go first." She grabbed my shirt and yanked it up over my head, scratching my bare back with her fingernails after she'd finished, causing me to shiver. Shaun piped in "i'm next" and we all shifted around quickly, so i was behind Shaun and he was in front of Marie. "top or bottom, top or bottom" he teased Marie. "30 seconds" yelled Traci. "Whatever you take off of her, i'll take off of you, so choose wisely" I said to his back.

"That changes things, i guess" he said, and pulled off her bra, "accidentally" getting a good grope of her chest in the process. "bastard" she breathed, with a smile on her face, and leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. I slid my hands under his shirt and caressed his chest, raising it to his armpits. Looking into Marie's eyes, i dropped my hands and fell to my knees, pulling his boxers down to his ankles. Marie grabbed him once and squeezed, saying "not bad" with a raised eyebrow, then stepped back as i stood up and the door opened. We emerged into the light, blinking, Shaun's erection hidden - barely - by his long tshirt, me in my black sports bra and little white (damp) panties, and Marie with her perfect small breasts on display. The boys and girls in the room all cheered as we returned to our seats, Shaun very carefully, me quietly, and Marie without taking her eyes off of me. As one, we grabbed our drinks and downed them immediately, to the laughter of the other players.

The game continued. I hadn't realized the cards got more daring as you went along, but they did. The tide shifted against the girls as Andrea and Traci wound up having to dance a striptease together, taking off two articles of their clothes each, leaving Traci in her panties and Andrea nude. She's a natural redhead, by the way. Traci is cute, a little heavy, but with really nice boobs; the boys couldn't take their eyes off of her. Shaun was definitely interested, a fact he was unable to hide due to his lack of boxers.

Andrew drew next. Option 1 was "spank the bare bottom of person X X times". He took a second to weigh the odds that he would roll a male, and decided to chance it. He rolled a 7 - Stacia's number. He smiled wickedly at Stacia, who was still somehow wearing shirt and shorts, and stood up, dragging her to her feet and turning her to face away from everyone else. He took his time removing her shorts, which were ultra tight.

The lack of panty lines was explained as her bare ass was revealed to the hoots of the men in the room. He told her to spread her legs, and had one of the other men hold up her shirt so everyone could see clearly. He then smacked her, softly at first, then harder, seven times. At the end she was crying out with each slap. Her butt was bright red when he was finished. She moved over to stand modestly behind the couch instead of sitting down, and took a deep drink. The next card was Mike's, and he rolled a 12 - everyone drank. As i drank i realized that Stacia's cries had turned me on again. How perverted can one girl be?

For a quick review, here's how things stood. Four guys, six girls. The guys were: Shaun, who was wearing a long t-shirt, a smile, and a difficult to hide hard-on. Andrew, who had on a pair of boxers with an obvious bulge. Mike and Joey were both wearing shorts. The girls were: Marie, who was clad only in black boxer shorts. Kelli, me, in a black sports bra and white french-cut panties (bad choice, i know, we've been over that, okay?). Christine, my older sister, who still had on shorts and a lacy bra. Andrea the redhead was nude, Traci had on only some tiny blue panties, and Stacia had on a sweatshirt, her butt still red from the spanking. Joey had just chosen the card marked "Contest."

Contest was an interesting card. The rules were simple. The object was to turn on the other people in the room. Each person would get a turn, for one minute, to do whatever they could think of to turn the rest of the room on; then the others would write down a score from one to 10 for how turned on they were. The winner got to pick someone or someones to spend 5 minutes in the closet with. Mike went first. He walked over, grabbed Stacia, and pushed her up against a wall, kissing her fiercely for over a minute. She slumped against him, dazed, when he was finished. He got a 5.

Christine went next. She stood up on the coffee table and slowly stripped off her shorts, leaving her in bra and panties. The way she wiggled her ass got her a 5 and a half. I think if she'd taken it all of she would have gotten at least a 7.

Then it was Joey's turn. He went for the higher score, by getting up on the table and stripping down to an erection and a smile. His tool was nice, long, thin, and rock-hard. Most of the women in the room drooled as they gave him an 8.

It was my turn. I didn't feel like showing off any more of my body - in fact, i was tired of this game altogether. But i wanted to leave with a bang (so to speak), and i was just drunk enough not to care what i did. I walked over to marie, grabbed her breast with one hand, slid the other under her boxers to grab her ass, and deeply french kissed her for the full minute. She collapsed on the couch when i was done. I left the room, went to my bedroom, and locked myself in. I'm not sure what i got... bet i beat Joey, though.

That was the end of the party for me, dear diary. But not the end of the fun of the weekend.

More soon. XOXO


To Be Continued...


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