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Dear Diary Pt. VII
by Kelli Bleu

* July 7 *

Wow! what a nice holiday weekend... really a good time. There's a lot to tell, so i'll try to keep it short.

I've been hanging out with Marie a lot. We've shopped, gone on double dates, that sort of thing. We've also kissed a few times, nothing sexual or anything. It's really weird, we're closer than i've ever been with anyone, but it's just a friendship. I don't think i'm lesbian or whatever, i really like guys. I just like hanging with Marie, too. So i'm just going with it.

She and i spent the holiday weekend with her family at their cabin on the lake. There were burgers, fries, hot dogs, swimming, sunning... and i gave my first blowjob.

I thought that would surprise you. It just all seemed right at the time, and i don't regret it too much. It would have been better if it had been someone i was dating... or at least interested in... maybe i should explain.

We had been swimming all day. James, Marie, Stephen, and I. James is Marie's brother. Stephen is a friend that James brought along. I spent much of the weekend hitting on Stephen, but he seemed more interested in Marie. He was really good looking. James is also good looking; he looks like Marie, only male. He's a football runner of some sort, so he's in great shape. He eats constantly, and is a joker, too. The exact sort of guy you'd expect to be pulling your ponytail or snapping your bra strap or whatever.

Anyway, we were all exhausted from swimming all day, and were lounging around the cabin that night after Marie's parents had gone to sleep. It was really hot in there, so we just never changed out of our swimsuits; i had on shorts over my bikini bottoms, and was wearing just the bikini top. Marie hadn't bothered with the shorts, and her bikini must have been at least one size too small - but that's just the way marie is. Stephen, naturally, couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was in a chair, Stephen on the floor, and James and I were on the couch together, him on one end and me on the other. We were watching TV, some science fiction movie.

James was the first to give up on the evening. With a quick farewell greeting he wandered up to bed. Half an hour later Marie yawned and said she was going to bed too, then swayed her way up to the second floor bedroom, Stephen's eyes firmly glued to her ass, leaving Stephen and I alone. After a few minutes, he moved over to the couch to see the television better, so we were now within reach of each other. I could tell from the bulge in his trunks that Marie had gotten him excited. I wondered why he hadn't gone upstairs with her. We watched for a while, and i started to get tired. I was just about to go up to bed when i heard a noise.

I took a careful, hidden look and saw Marie in a hidden corner of the upstairs, watching us. I wasn't sure how long she'd been there. She was wearing a nightshirt, standing in a darkened part of the cabin's balcony that looked down on the living room. I knew that she and I shared the same sickness: we liked to watch other people. So, i thought to myself, maybe i should give her a little show. After all, she hadn't invited Stephen up to her room, so he was fair game, right?

I yawned once, and asked Stephen if it would be okay if i laid down on the couch. He said sure, and started to get up. I stopped him, and said "just sit on the end", so he did. I laid on my back, resting my head in his lap, and returned to watching television, making sure he had a good view of my cleavage.

I could feel Marie's eyes on us, watching. The thought of being watched was almost as erotic as watching was, and i felt myself growing warm. I felt Stephen growing warm, too, or, if not warm, at least hard. I laughed inside at how easy it was to turn on a guy. Just put your head in his lap and he's yours forever. Or something like that. I didn't know if Marie would be angry that i was coming on to Stephen, but i figured that if she was, she'd come down and stop me.

She didn't, and i knew it was time for my next move when Stephen's hand came to rest on my stomach. He did it very well, it seemed almost natural the way he dropped it there, but i knew what was in his mind by the signals his body was sending. I stretched, and rolled over onto my side, which had the effect of dropping Stephen's hand onto my hip, and depositing my hand on his thigh in front of my nose. I made some contented noises and went back to watching TV.

I could tell that the proximity of my mouth to his tool was driving him nuts. His breathing was a little heavier, too. Unfortunately, i couldn't see Marie anymore, i wasn't sure if she was still watching. But i knew i needed a little more tension before moving on. Eventually, i got the sign that Stephen was ready: his hand slipped down and cupped my ass. I moaned happily, and he started running his hand all over my butt. I snuggled my face closer into his thigh, getting a sharp inhalation in return. I thought to myself, i guess Kelli's ass in the hand is better than the promise of Marie's bush. Or something. I wasn't thinking very clearly i guess!

I was nervous. I'd never done this before - i'd never really even given a handjob. But my watching over the last months gave me a good idea of what i had to do. I slid my head down a little to give me access, and softly started to run my fingertips over the bulge in Stephen's trunks. He moaned, and grabbed my ass harder. i smiled. I kept my eyes closed to make sure we wouldn't meet each others' gaze - i didn't think i could handle that. I continued to stroke him very very lightly, as his caresses got harder and more urgent.

He was touching me everywhere i had bare skin, and my butt. I could tell he wanted to touch my boobs, but was afraid to. I figured it was time for the next stage. Slowly i rolled over and crawled on top of him, kissing him deeply and straddling him, lowering my bikini clad bottom onto his hard on, guiding his hands to my breasts. Pleasure shot through me as i ground on him through our clothes, and his hands were quick to find my nipples, grabbing, squeezing. I pulled his head to my chest, and he started to suck on one of my nipples. I threw my head back in pleasure, and scanned the balcony for Marie. She was still in her corner, sitting now. I caught her eye, and she looked startled that i knew she was there. I smiled at her, licked my lips, and blew her a kiss while Stephen licked my breasts. I watched her as i ground into him harder, and made him moan. I decided it was time to give Stephen his reward.

I climbed off of him and stripped off my dangling bikini top. I motioned him to lie down, and pulled his trunks off of him in one swift motion, leaving his erection bouncing in the air. I knelt on the floor by his waist and started to slowly jerk him off, my fist squeezing him as it moved up and down. After a few feeble attempts to reach me from his lying position, he fell back and closed his eyes, his arm falling limply to the floor.

I watched Marie as i stroked him. She was visibly aroused, her nipples poking into her shirt. She was sitting on the balcony's floor. One hand dropped to her waist, then slipped under her nightshirt. I saw her lips part as she touched herself, her eyes glued to Stephen's naked tool. I used both hands now, alternating between his balls and his cock, getting more and more moans from him, his hips now thrusting into my hands.

And then, surprising all of us, i think, he was in my mouth. I don't remember deciding, i don't remember leaning forward, i just remember the feel of the smooth skin of his dick sliding between my lips. My tongue welcomed him, spiraling around the head as it slid past and i took him deeper. I relaxed my throat, and let him slide as far in as i could. As i slid him back out i sucked, my tongue against him the whole way, keeping my lips tight. I slid him out, and looked directly at Marie. Her head was leaning against the wall, her hands moving fast under her nightshirt, her eyes riveted to mine as i slowly dropped my lips to his cock and sucked him in again. I kept her eyes locked as my head dropped down and down, until i had him all in this time. As i slid him out again, he came, spraying my mouth and face with salty cum. It was everywhere, on both my cheeks, my eyelashes, and my hair. His moaning almost covered the sound of Marie's moaning. I couldn't do anything but laugh at the thought of how i must look, covered in Stephen's juices. So i did what any good girl would do: i grabbed his head, gave him a deep french kiss so he'd have to deal with the taste of the stuff too, then ran up the stairs to my bedroom and locked the door.

During the night i was awakened twice by people trying to come in. I didn't bother to unlock the door. I figured i'd been a big enough slut for one day. I'm not sure what came over me, dear diary, and i don't know what i'm going to do about it. But once i figure it out, i'll be sure to tell you!

xoxo Kel :)

* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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