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Dr. (FeelGood) Peters and the Art
by I.T.

As a hypnotherapist my practice was doing pretty good. People would come in for all kinds of problems like smoking addictions, food addictions, ritual abuse, compulsive behaviors, and just about everything else. I had seen them all, and I knew how to cure them all. My power as a healer was a godsend. People would pay me eighty to a hundred bucks an hour to put them under hypnosis and help them. I would give them some auto suggestions while in a trance and upon waking their minds would do the suggestions. It was all actually very easy, and the power it gave me inspired me to use my power in other ways which I will now tell you about.

One day a beautiful young woman walked in asking for a session. She had an eating disorder which made it difficult for her to swallow food. She looked somewhat thin, but not much more than average. She was truly beautiful. She had a young shapely body, and soft silky brown hair and brown eyes. Her body was incredible, with long legs and an ass to die for.

"How long have you had trouble swallowing?" I said as I gulped while eyeing her up and down. "It started about two years ago and it has been troubling me on and off ever since. I don't know what to do Doctor, I mean, I don't want to starve to death." She looked at me with such helplessness, as if I was the only one who could help her. My first thought was that she was anorexic or bulimic because she possibly viewed herself as being over weight. I then asked her, "Do you make yourself vomit".

"No, I'm not bulimic. I try to eat all the time but it's hard for me sometimes."

"So you just have trouble swallowing, but you don't have a problem with food?" I asked, my mind working to figure her out. That's when a light went off. I had heard of cases of people who couldn't eat, in particular swallow, and they had been associated with sexual abuse. Many times abuse victims who are forced to perform oral sex on their captors may repress the experience on the conscious level, but the body remembers at the subconcious level, leading to an aversion to swallowing food.

I then asked, "Have you ever had any bad sexual experiences that you would like to talk about?"

I quickly glanced at her breasts while she looked at the floor. She looked up at me and reluctantly nodded, "When I was very young my father abused me. I hate him for it." Tears came to her eyes as she looked at me.

"I can help, but you must be willing to do whatever I say, ok? I will regress you and help you overcome your fear of swallowing."

She smiled at me and said, "Whatever it takes Doctor, whatever it takes to help me get through this."

"Now come over to the couch and lie down, and let's get started," I said, pointing to a red couch against the far wall. I went over to the office door and locked it to prevent any disruptions. Although the secretary had left for the day and I was the only one working this late , the cleaning crew usually came around about this time.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Dr. Peters," I said to her.

"Susan," she said, "Susan Findhorn," as she laid back on the couch, propping her head against the pillow.

"Take your shoes off and get comfortable, this may take awhile." She slipped her heels off and put her feet up on the couch. "Ok, now I want you to close your eyes and breath deeply, very deeply...that's it." Susan did as she was told, her chest sinking and rising ever slower as she deepened her breathing. By now my dick was hard as a rock. Here was a hot sexy woman here in my office waiting to be hypnotized and who was willing to do whatever I told her. This was too good to be true. I had to have her, to use her body to pleasure myself. Who would ever know? I mean, she'd be hypnotized and I'd tell her what to do, and before waking her up I'd give her the suggestion to forget everything that happened during the session. It would be like nothing ever happened.

I then proceeded. "You are very relaxed, so relaxed that your body weighs a ton, and you cannot move. Now when I count to three you will be in complete and utter relaxation and peace. One, two, three. You are now completely relaxed." She was now under regression and would be under my total control.

"Susan, I want you to go back into your past and remember what experience caused you to have trouble swallowing."

She pursed her lips as if searching through pages of memories, finally saying, "My dad would make me suck his cock."

"How old were you when he first started doing this to you?"

"Umm, when I was a young teenager."

"Did you have to swallow his penis all the way down your throat?' She faltered in her reply, "Yes, it was horrible." She began sobbing while still regressed.

"I will help you overcome your fear of swallowing Susan, but you must do exactly what I say. Now, the way for you to overcome this problem is to confront it head on."

"Now, while you are under hypnosis you will love to suck my cock. My cock inside your mouth will give you immense pleasure. You will receive the most pleasure when my cock is all the down to the very bottom of your throat, when your lips are touching my balls. You will try to cover part of your teeth with your lips while you suck, because this will give you more pleasure. You will enjoy moving your mouth from the tip of my cock all the way down to my balls. Finally, you will only have an orgasm after I have ejaculated completely inside your mouth, after which you will have the most intense orgasm you have ever had."

I tried to think of anything else to mention. "Oh, and all the while you will do exactly what I say. Do you understand Susan?" Susan nodded her head, "Yes Doctor, I understand" "Now at the count of three you will open your eyes and remember the instructions I have just given you. One, two, three." She opened her eyes. "You may sit up now." Susan sat up on the couch and looked at me. Suddenly her expression changed from when she first came into the office, as if she yearned for something, which I can only guess was my cock!

I then asked, "How do you feel Susan." I got up from my chair and sat next to her on the couch, anxious for what would transpire next. She looked down at my pants at the bulge lying in waiting and said, "I feel very warm." She looked at me with that look of eager anticipation and smiled somewhat shyly. I smiled back at her, gazing at her form and making sure that she saw me gloating at her. She was very horny now, and her tits were almost popping out of her blouse. She looked up into my eyes again and her breath became heavier. I decided to make the first move, so I got closer to her on the couch and made sure that both our hips touched each other.

I put my hand on her leg and said, "I'm so glad you came in to my office this evening Susan." I started moving my hand along her leg, enjoying the softness of her skin and the suppleness of her thigh. I had no inhibitions at this point. If I wanted to I could have pushed her back on the couch started ripping her clothes off right then, but I wanted to savour our time together. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me and began kissing her neck while she gazed at my pants. She was eager for my cock.

"Do you want it?" I said as I looked down at my bulge. "Unzip my pants." I took her hand and placed it on my pants so she could feel my hardness. Suddenly she began unzipping my pants almost frantically, like a child opening a Christmas gift who can't wait to see what lies waiting inside for them. She yanked my underwear down and revealed my bulging large cock, which had been eagerly waiting for her mouth from the moment she walked into the room. Without any hesitation or another word she bent over my lap and started sucking my cock. She kept a nice rhythmic motion to her head movements, just as I had instructed her, starting from the head and moving all the way down the shaft, and trying her best to wrap her lips around her teeth so as not too bite me.

She had some trouble swallowing me which was most likely caused by the position she was in, with me sitting on the couch and her leaning over my lap with her butt on the couch. "Oh, I love this so much. I've never felt so good before Doc. I love your cock in my mouth." She said this just long enough to express how she felt before quickly ramming my cock into her mouth again, as if she had waited a few seconds too many to tell me how she felt. I was loving life. I grabbed a pillow and placed it behind my head so I could comfortably lay my head back. I just closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure this young woman was giving me...up...down...up...down, her pretty little head moved as she took in my cock, and her soft brown hair fell down around the sides of her head and onto my lap and my cock.

Every so often she would take her hand and brush her hair back around her ears so she wouldn't get her hair in her mouth, and then would quickly take me inside her again. "I need to suck your cock all the way down my throat. I need it all the way the down", she said looking up at me and wiping saliva from her mouth and chin.

I then said, "Let me lie down while you straddle me," I laid down on the couch and told her to put her legs over my face.

"Into the 69 position so you can swallow me better," I said. This position was the best for her to swallow me all the way because now she could tilt her head back and ease my cock down her throat more easily. She put her legs over me with her head right up against my cock in 69 position and started sucking again. She seemed much more comfortable and at home in this position, and my guess is that her father may have had her perform on him in this position. She continued with the same rhythmic strokes just as earlier, but now she was able to take my cock all the way down her throat, and I could fell the tips of her lips touching my balls on each of her downward movements.

She began humming, or rather moaning as someone would moan when their mouth is full, and I knew that now she was reaching that spot in her throat that was giving her great sexual pleasure. She continued moaning, especially after my shaft would go very deep into her throat, then she would bring her mouth to the head of my cock for a brief second as if to come up for air and to take a momentary pause from the intense pleasure that my cock was providing her. Then she would swallow me whole again and again moan and shudder in sheer ecstasy at the instant I was at the bottom of her throat again.

My mind was wandering as any would under these circumstances, and I could feel the pressure in my balls build up as all that sexual energy was preparing to be released. I began moaning louder as the pressure in my balls increasred. "Ohhh Susan, suck faster baby... suck faster." She did as I commanded and moved her head up and down my cock with a faster rhythm, yet still swallowed me whole. That is when I climaxed. My cum emptied into her mouth and throat with a gush. She eagerly swallowed every dropped, and after I had emptied completely into her she had a wild orgasm, so wild that she had to take my cock out of her mouth so she could scream.

I ordered her to get off me and to lie back down on the couch while I got my pants back on. "At the count of three you will wake up, not remebering anything that has happened here during this session. One, two, three." She slowly opened her eyes and sat up. We talked for a few moments about how the session went and I asked her how she felt.

"Oh, my throat hurts like I have a throat cold or something, but other than that I feel more relaxed than I've felt in a while. I don't really remember much of the session except for some vague memory about a giant hotdog or something. I don't know what it was but it was huge." My eyes perked up but I quickly regained my composure, except for the devilish little smile on my face as I thought to myself, "Just what the doctor ordered."
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