The Best Erotic Stories.

Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part X: Sue gets next to her family
by R.Neal

provided for those readers who may have missed the earlier Dotti stories.

Brandy and Lucy were born and raised on Tahiti. Conforming to local traditions, and with their Mother's support, they serviced their Father's sexual needs from age 18 until they left home, or were married. The Father moved the family business to Oakland CA. Where he later died. The two sisters were often mistaken for twins, even though Brandy was 2 years older. They were both very dark skinned with cold black hair, with fine cut oriental faces. Lucy wore her hair long, to her waist, while the more conservative Brandy wore hers short. They were just 5' tall, around 100lbs. And small but neat breasts (30 A cup). And .... They were both very beautiful.

Brandy married to Dan, a very normal, straight arrow, good-looking man, who owned his own computer consulting business, and lived in the northern LA area. They had one child (Dotti) who was almost a mirror image of her mother. She was 4' 10" tall, 90 lbs., and like her Mother, had very small breasts. She wore her hair waist length, like her Aunt Lucy. Dotti did have two outstanding features, 1"long nipples, and a 1" long clitoris, and she too was very beautiful!

Lucy married Roger, who ran the family business after the Father's death. Roger and their Mother lived in the family mansion in Oakland. After years of Rogers refusing to have children, Lucy made an arrangement for Dan (with Brandy's approval) to father her child (keeping it in the family).

Two other very key people are Doctor Cox, an old semi-retired family doctor who only sees special patients. Brandy and her family are special, since he delivered Dotti, and has a very special fatherly feeling towards Brandy. His nurse Lyn is also important, as she is woven throughout everyone's live. Doc's unique feature is a huge penis (short wrist like), and Lyn is a perfectly gorgeous (albeit horny) blond with Hugh breasts.

The Dotti Stories start with Brandy introducing Dotti to the family custom of servicing her Father, which you took to very willingly. Lucy was impregnation by Dan, and Dotti became sexually involved with her friends, Lisa, Bobby, and Ted. Lots of new characters will be added, bringing their own stories to Dotti and her family's lives.

Preface to Part 10: Sue has just been informed, her two children Lisa and Bobby, (both 18, Lisa a senior, And Bobby a junior, in high school), could have a Venereal disease, and she has to tell them, and have them implement a cure. This was especially difficult since she was out-of-touch with them, having worked long hours, since their father had left them.

Saturday Morning, Sue talks to Lisa and Bobby. Sue was preparing to talk to her kids, was quite depressed, and was thinking ..... (both my kids are fat, they don't eat good, I really don't know what's going on in their lives. I've not done a good job, as their mother!)

"Good morning Lisa, where's Bobby"? "He said something about going over to see Fred". "Oh, it's just a well, as I have something very important to talk to you about"! As Sue went through the story and the treatment, Lisa kept interrupting, but Sue was able to get through it. Sue closed with, "You obviously have been having sex, and I thought we had an understanding, you would save it for a husband. Lisa, this is serious. I'm told, left unchecked, this could make you sterile, so you could never could have children. We are fortunate they found this. We owe them a great debt. Do you understand"? "Yes Mom". "OK, go do your thing. We can talk more about this later, if you would like".

Still not taking the disease thing too seriously, Lisa said "Oh Mom, I almost forgot. Ted has invited Bobby and I to the movies, with him and Dotti. Is that OK"? "I guess so. What time will you be home"? "Dotti's Mom has invited us for cake and ice cream after. I guess we should be home by ten. OK"? "That's fine. Have a good time".

A little later, Bobby came in the back door. "Hello Bobby. Come with me, I have something very important for you". She lead Bobby up to her bedroom, where they both sat on the bed. "The doctor has just informed me that Lisa has a venereal disease and you too may have it". Bobby's eyes open wide. She certainly had his attention. "We caught it in the early stage, and Lisa can take care of it with douches, 3 times a day for 2 weeks. As for you, you can either use a salve for 2 weeks, or if you prefer, you can go to the doctor for tests. You treatment would be, after shaving, washing with soap and water, sterilizing with alcohol, and a coating with a special salve. What do you say"? "I don't want to go to the doctor, so I guess I can do the treatment". Bobby thought (He had only been with Dotti and Lisa, and he was sure it didn't come from Dotti. Darn you Lisa. You're going to get what coming to you, for giving me this.).

"OK, the first thing I have to do is inspect your penis." Sue reached for a bag she had placed on the night stand, and removed a box of shear rubber gloves. Bobby just stared at her. Pulling on a set of gloves, she said "Well, strip off those pants. I have to check for a rash. If there are small blisters, you will have to go to the doctor. If it nothing or a small rash, the salve should do it. Now strip em"! Bobby saw he didn't have a choice and pulled off his pants and shorts. When Sue saw his very wide fat penis, she took in a breath. "My, I had no idea how large you were".

As she put her hand around Bobby's penis she felt a tingle in her crotch. It startled her for a moment, as she didn't immediately connect it with holding the penis. Finally, she realized his penis was turning her on. Clearing her throat, she got back to business. As she rolled it around, looked it over, she was pleased to find no rash, or other bad looking signs. "You are much bigger than you father. I wonder where it came from. I never saw your grandfathers". Sue opened the sack, handing him a new razor, shaving cream, a bottle of alcohol, the salve, and a package of condoms. You were supposed to cover the salve with these, but I don't think they will fit, you're so large. "That's Ok Mom. I'll try them. If they don't fit, I can put a sock over it".

Bobby looked down and saw the top buttons on Sue's blouse were open, and he could see the tops of her round breasts. He could also see the top of her bra, whish barely covered her areolas. "Mom. Would you do something for me"? "What dear"? "I've never seen a women's breasts. Would you show me yours"? "Well ... I .... ". "Come on Mom. You've seen me". "OK, I guess it wouldn't hurt". Bobby quickly open the rest of her buttons, and unhooked her bra, let the round melons come into full view. They were almost perfectly round, with little sag, and nice pink nipples. "Can I touch them"? Not waiting for a reply, he cupped them both in his hands, and began to squeeze them. Sue again felt the tingle and a wetness in her lions, and suddenly realized she was still holding and squeezing his penis. She started to pull away, Bobby put her hand back on his penis saying "Please don't stop Mom. It feels so good".

Sue continued to slowly run and squeeze it when Bobby leaned over taking one of her nipples in his mouth. She gasped for breath and thought (what am I doing? I'm masturbating my son. God, that sucking does feel good. I guess it won't hurt. He is having a tough time), so she continued to jack him off. She also put her hand on his head, putting him against her breast. She sensed he was about to come and reached for tissues to catch it. He came hard, groaning with his eyes closed, but still hanging on to her nipple. "Thanks Mom. That was great"! Sue thought (poor boy, he's having a tough time, and I guess it's Ok for me to help him). And Bobby thought (hummmm, maybe I don't need Lisa anymore). She probably didn't realize it, but she had opened a door that would be very difficult, if not impossible to close.

Saturday Night, Kids go to the movie. Bobby was quick to jump in the front seat, making Lisa sit in the back. He was dedicated to making Lisa pay for what she did to him! At Dotti's, she sat in the back with Lisa, and they were off to the movies.

Inside, Dotti was on Ted's left, with Lisa next to her, and Bobby beside Ted. Obvisouly, Bobby wanted nothing to do with Lisa. Normally in a movie, they would be all over each other, feeling squeezing, etc. Lisa knew what was going on, and it made her sad. She couldn't help what happened. She decided to watch the movie and try to forget it. Ted and Dotti just held hands.

After the movie at Dotti's, Brandy served them cake and ice cream, which seemed to pick everyone's spirits up. They all thanked Brandy for the party. Bobby immediately ran to the car, to get the front seat, while Lisa followed and got into the back. Ted took Dotti's hands in his and said, "When can I see you again"? "I'll see you Monday at school". "I don't mean school. I mean when we can be alone". Dotti looked down at her feet, "I don't know Ted. We need to get though this problem, then maybe we can work something out".

Still holding Dotti's hand, Ted said "Can we chat later tonight on the PC?" "I'm not sure. Let's try it around ten, OK?" Ted said OK, and left. She gave him a peck on his cheek, and he left to take Lisa and Bobby home. Lisa went into the house without saying a work. Bobby stayed a bit to talk to Ted. Ted said he knew what was going on, and how he felt bad about it.

Dad, can I use the PC, Ted said he would call at ten so we could chat. Is that alright?" "Sure, go ahead."

"Dad, it sure would be nice if I had my own PC. I'm sure Ted's dad would give you a good price." Well, we'll see. Have you given any thought to working and earning some money? You used to baby sit for Alice next door, remember?" "Yes, I do. But her child is gone away to school now. Do you know of anyone else?" Dan replied, "No I don't, but maybe you could inquire about that at your school." "Yes Dad, I'll do that."

Dotti went into the den, turned on the PC, and waited for Ted to contact her.

Ted: Are you there? Dotti: Yes, go ahead. Ted: Did you enjoy the movie tonight? Dotti: Yes, very much. Ted: There's something I have to ask you. ............ Have you ever been with another boy? Dotti: ...... she paused a bit, then said No, you're the first. How about you? Ted: You know I've been with Lisa, but that's all, and I won't be with her again. I'm only interested in you, and if I can't be with you, I won't be with anyone. Dotti: Do you rub yourself and think of me? Ted: Yes. How about you? Dotti: Mom gave me a vibrator, and I also think of you when I rub myself. Ted: Are you using the vibrator? Dotti: No, not yet. It doesn't seem right. So far I'm doing Ok without it. Ted: I'm rubbing myself right now. Are you? Dotti Yes, thinking of you. Ted: Are we never going to be together again? We don't have to have sex, I just want to have you near me. Dotti: I want to be with you too, and I really want to have sex with you, but I must do as my parents say. Maybe there is some middle ground we can find. Ted: You mean oral? Dotti: I'm not sure. I don't have much experience with it. I guess that would not be against my parent's rules. Ted: Maybe after we get through our treatments, we could do a movie with Lisa & Bobby. OK? Dotti: Yes, I'd like that. I have to go now. Bedtime. Ted: Goodnight. Love You. Dotti: Goodnight, love you too.

Late Saturday Night, Bobby sleeps with Mom. "Mom, Mom, you awake"? Bobby was testing to see if Sue was awake. It appeared she wasn't, and he slid in behind her. "I cant sleep Mom". Still testing. She was on her left side, and getting no response, he slowly slid his hand up under her night shirt, cupping her right breast. Sue moved a little, but settled back down, and remained still. Bobby slowly pushed his penis between her legs until he was tight up against her and laid still, still testing.

Sue was feeling the need to pee and was slowly coming awake. She moved over to slide out of bed, and noticed Bobby lying in her bed. She apparently hadn't felt his hands or penis. "Bobby, Bobby, are you awake"? Bobby replied with "UHMP, OMPM", and assorted grunts, pretending to be asleep. When Sue came back, once again she tried to see if Bobby was awake, but got no response. She slid back into bed, starting out on her back.

It wasn't long until she was on her left side, and Bobby slowly moved in. This time, after positioning his penis between her legs, he started to slowly move it in and out. Sue wasn't sure if she was dreaming, but felt something between her legs. She reached down to find this thing slowly moving between her legs, rubbing on her slit. At the same time, she realized a hand on her breast. It was Bobby. "Bobby? Bobby?" Still no response.

She was beginning to get wet, and it was feeling good. She moved her hand over Bobby's, and instead of removing it from her breast, she squeezed it. Bobby responded by starting his own squeezing action. It felt good and Sue decided to let him continue, after all he was asleep, and probably would not remember any of this tomorrow. She then concentrated on her clit. Bobby's pumping was feeling good, but at this angle, he was not hitting her clitoris. She moved back against him, but was unable to improve the situation.

She slipped her hand down under her panties and started rubbing her clitoris, in sync with Bobby's strokes. As he would push in, she would rub up. As he went out, she rubbed down. This was feeling very good, and she was getting very wet. She still had her panties and the sock between her and Bobby, so she wasn't worried about him feeling her wetness.

Bobby in the mean time, was wide awake pretending to be asleep, enjoying every minute of this new relationship. He was very crafty and figured that if he worked it right, him Mom could replace Lisa as his sex partner. He continued his slow pumping, and occasional mumbled something to continue the sleep thing, and he knew that she was fingering herself. That pleased him, and he also felt his own climax coming, and let it happen. He came and jerked into the sock, moaning and squeezing her breast, as he came. Sue was beside herself. She was glad he came without waking up, but was not at all happy with his timing, given that she was herself close to her first orgasm with a man, in years.

She laid there feeling Bobby's heavy breathing, and was amazed at how little difference in size there was between his soft and erection states. It did shrink just a little, and pull out from between her legs a bit. Bobby appeared to still be asleep. She looked at the clock ... it was 4 AM. She best get Bobby out, so Lisa doesn't see him. "Bobby, Bobby, wake up. You need to go back to your own bed". "What? Mom? What? .. Oh .. OK". Rubbing his eyes, Bobby says goodnight mom, and went to his room with ..... a smile on his face.

After she was sure Bobby was safely in bed, she went back to her room, closed the door, and decided to finish what Bobby had started. She had masturbated for a time after her husband left, but eventually she got involved in her job and just never seemed to get around to it. She removed her panties, and it wasn't long before she was on her way. She discovered the best results were produced with two hands, one on her clit, and the other with two fingers in her vagina. She got to hiking her legs as the fingers went in, and the other one came down across her clitoris. She thought of Bobby's fat penis and wondered if it would fit inside her vagina. She imagined him all the way in her, with his balls slapping against her crack. When she added the vision of him sucking her breast, her juices really began to flow, and she could feel the first wave of her orgasm approaching. She quickened her pace, raised her legs higher, inserted all four fingers plus the thumb, and the first one hit her hard. Her stomach muscles tightened, her legs involuntarily straightened out, and her breath stopped for a bit. She relaxed just for a bit, then the second wave hit her, even stronger than the first, and it lasted a lot longer. All the while she kept rubbing her clit, which brought on the third and final wave, where she fainted.

Sunday Morning, A new day, a new life? When she awoke, it was close to six o'clock, and she was one her side with both hands between her legs. She noted she had no panties on, and ..... Oh yes. She did remember and smiled. She had forgotten how great it felt, and immediately decided to do it again soon. She looked at the clock again, and decided she had time to try it again, when there was a knock on her door, and Bobby came in. He was so quick, she barely had time to cover herself. She wasn't sure if Bobby saw her or not. "Good morning Mom. Are you alright? I heard noises last night and it sounded like you were dreaming". "I don't think so. I do remember you had trouble sleeping last night. How are you this morning"? Bobby said, "Just great. I'll see you down stairs". "O Bobby. I was just thinking, I know this isn't easy for you. After one week, I'll take you to the doctor for a test. Maybe you won't have to go the full two weeks. OK"? "OK Mom". "Oh, by the way. What are you doing today"? "Fred said something about playing on his computer this afternoon. He has a new game, that's supposed to be real tough to beat. Is that OK"? "Sure. Sounds like fun". Bobby thought (what's this? She never seemed to care before).

This was something new for Sue. Usually, she would have been up and on her way to work before the kids were up. Since they could walk to school, and their first class was at 9 AM. Driven by this newfound family warmth, she decided to check on Lisa. She found Lisa still asleep. She sat on the edge of the bed, and as she slowly rubbed Lisa's forehead, she said, "Good morning dear. Did you have a good night"?

This early morning visit was something new for Lisa, and she was not quite sure how to react. "Uh .. Hi ... Mom. What's happening"? "Nothing much, I just wanted to say good morning, and see how you were feeling". "I'm ok. I did my thing last night, and that alcohol sure stings on my shaved ........ pussy". "That's ok dear. I call mine a pussy also". They both hugged and giggled.

"What are you going to do today". Lisa replied, "I don't have any plans. What do you have in mind"? "Well, you know it's been a long time since we done anything together,. What do you say to a little shopping, say after lunch"? "Gee Mom, that sounds fine".

*************************** Story Split ***************************

Sunday Afternoon, Sue takes Lisa shopping At the mall, they were in ten different stores, having a ball. Sue bought Lisa, two new school outfits, and a pack of music CDs., and a set of sexy PJs.

They were relaxing in a little snack shop, having a soft drink, when Sue put her hand over Lisa's and said, "I know how tough this is for you, and I want you to know I'm with you all the way. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help." Lisa said "Thanks Mom."

"Lisa, there is one thing I have to ask." Lisa looked at Sue giving her an, OK what is it, look. "I'm sure you have been with Bobby, and probably Ted. I need to know, has there been anyone else?" Lisa replied, "No Mom, honest, they are the only ones." "OK, I believe you. I really need for you to keep that to your self until you get married, but I'll make you a deal. If you meet someone special, and feel you must have sex, tell me and I'll get you some pills, to keep you safe. OK?" "OK Mom, that's a deal. Thank You."

Friday Afternoon, Sue takes Bobby to the doctor. "Hello Mrs. Brown, and this must be Bobby". "Yes" Bobby said, looking at Lyn's very large breasts. Lyn handed Sue a clip board, asking her to fill out the information sheet on Bobby for their files. She then took Bobby into the examining room, and asked him to remove his pants and shorts. She was anxious to see just how large his penis was, since Lisa had told her about it.

Bobby stripped and sat on the table. Lyn turned him around and helped him lay back. What she saw was quite a surprise. It was much larger than she had imagined. It was only about 5 inches long, but very fat, and almost as big as Doc's. Lyn slipped a pair of very thin plastic gloves on and started to examine Bobby's penis. "How have you been doing Bobby"? "Oh, OK I guess". Have there been any irritation or itching"? "No. It seems to be just like always"!

"Lets take a look. OK"? "Sure". Lyn put her hand around the shaft, while examining the head with the other. Her hand barely went around it, and as she examined she could feel it get hard. She looked at Bobby and he smiled, and pushed up into her hand just a little. From what Lisa had told her, she imagined Bobby to be a typical horny young boy, but this seemed to be a bit past that.

Without realizing it, she squeezed it just as he pushed up. In no time at all, he was humping her hand, and ....... SHE WAS MASTUBATING HIM! She stopped! "Bobby, you should be ashamed of yourself". "I can't help it. You are so pretty"! She noticed he was looking directly at her breasts when he said it. "Well your penis looks OK, but we'll need a blood sample to make sure if you still have it or not. Just before she put the needle in his arm, she thought .... (I ought to stick it in his dick, the ornery little shit), but she didn't.

It was at that moment, she got an idea. "How's Lisa? You know, how's she taking her problem"? "I don't know. I don't have anything to do with her"! "You don't? What's the problem"? "I don't speak to her"! "Oh, I see. You are blaming her for the disease problem". He said nothing. "You know Bobby, I understand you are probably the one that gave to Dotti". Bobby's head spun around, and his face was covered with a look of pain, since he cared a great deal for Dotti. "Yes, I know about you and Lisa, and you and Dotti.". She didn't mention Ted, intentionally. "We in the medical profession have a rather open relationship with our patients. It's important that they be honest with us, if we are going to help them". "I know about your tearing the inside of Dotti's vagina with your big penis. Did you know you made her bleed?" Bobby shook his head no, and looked like he was about to break into tears. She knew she was being awful tough on him, but she felt he deserved it.

"Tell you what. I have a proposition for you. But you'll have to give me your solemn promise that you will do what I ask. OK"? "What is it. You got to tell me first". "OK, here's the deal. You go home and put your arms around Lisa, kiss her on the cheek, , tell her you love her, and say you're sorry for treating her so badly this past week. And if you do that, I'll show you my breasts." Bobby face broke into a huge grin, and he said "DEAL"! Lyn opened her blouse, unhooked her bra, and pulled her clothing back, fully exposing her large beautiful breasts. "OH MY! I've never seen anything like those in my life. Can I just touch one of them"? She thought (why not), and leaned forward. Bobby reached out and gently rubbed and squeezed her right one, and before she knew what was happening, he had his mouth on her left one, sucking it greedily like a child. "Bobby, stop that! That was not part of the deal"! "I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist", grinning and looking down at the floor. She felt like smiling herself, but she didn't. "OK now you promised. Right"? Bobby said, "OK. I will." Lyn leaned down and let him suck so more until she felt herself loosing control, and then she pushed Bobby away, and covered up.

Lyn went to a cabinet and put a few pieces of litmus paper in a small envelope. She then told Bobby to get dressed while she went out and talked to his mother. "Mrs. Brown. Take these home with you and put one in Lisa's vagina about 2 hours after she douches. If it turns blue, then she won't have to continue the treatments, but I would like to have her back in here for a blood test, just to make sure. (Note: The paper naturally turns blue when it gets wet). If it turns green, then she will have to continue the treatments for a least another week. She felt sorry for Lisa and felt it was time to let her off the hook. "Oh Yes. I understand Bobby has been treating Lisa badly, and he's given me his promise he will tell her he's sorry, and will start treating her right again. Would you let me know how this turns out"? "I certainly will. You have been so kind to us. How can I ever repay you"? "Just part of our job". Bobby came out, and they left.

Friday, after school. When Lisa came home from school, Sue immediately ushered her into the bathroom, closed the door, and told her about the paper test. Lisa quickly removed her panties, inserted the paper, and when it come out blue they both hugged and kissed.

Sue called Lyn at the doctor's office, telling her the good news. She asked if it would be alright if she gave some papers to Dotti to test. Lyn thought a bit, and thought why not. It had been a week. She guessed that should be enough punishment for Dotti to get the message. "OK, Mrs. Brown. You can tell Brandy about the test. We will still need the blood tests to make sure. If Dotti passes, she can come with Lisa. If you can get here tomorrow (sat.) at 11:00, I can maybe have the test results by late afternoon". "O, thank you Lyn. I'll let you know". "OH, also, I just got a call from the lab., and Bobbies test was negative. He's clean now". "My, what a relief. Thank you.".

Sue called Brandy and was quickly invited over to bring the test papers. Brandy called Lyn ..... "What's this test paper thing"? "I'm sorry. I was going to call you. I felt so sorry for the kids, I felt we should let them off the hook. I hope you don't mind". "OH, I guess not. Dotti has been feeling pretty bad. I guess we have done all we can with this decease thing".

Brandy explained the test to Dotti, who was thrilled at the prospect of ending the treatments, and being free of the decease. Immediately upon Sue's arrival, Brandy took the papers and Dotti into her room for the test. It of course came out blue, indicating Dotti was clean. Sue arranged for Brandy to drop Dotti off, the next morning and she would get her and Lisa to the doctor's office at 11:00. Later that evening, she brought Dan up to date and asked what they should do about Ted. Dan felt it wouldn't hurt for him to go through the second week with the treatments.

Friday Night, Bobby sleeps with Sue, again After arriving back home, Sue remembered she had not told Bobby about his blood test. As she and Lisa entered the house she called out for Bobby, and asked him to come down stairs. She told him the good news, and said, "OH yes. I believe you were going to say something to Lisa". Bobby stepped forward, put his arms around Lisa and said, "I'm sorry I treated you so bad'. With a little peck on her cheek, he said "I do love you". Lisa hugged him back saying "Thank you, I'm glad you are Ok, and I love you too".

Sue concluded this touching family scene with, "Now while we're all together, let's not forget what started all this. You two must promise that you will not fool around again. OK"? "Yes Mom," from both Lisa and Bobby.

For dinner, Bobby helped Sue do some steaks on the grill. For the occasion, Sue let both kids have a small glass of wine, while she had several. After dinner, Lisa helped her Mom clean up the kitchen, and went to her room to read. Bobby was in the den on the PC, and Sue went upstairs to prepare for bed.

As Sue dressed for bed, she realized how much wine she had consumed, and fell a little giddy. She decided she owed herself an orgasm and did not put on her PJ bottoms. After pulling on a robe, she went around saying goodnight to the kids, and retired to her bed for the evening. Her fingers felt good between her lips, and especially good on her clit. As she pleasured herself with one hand massaging the clit, she inserted first two, then three fingers in her vagina, with the other. As she came close to her orgasm, she remembered she had thought about getting a vibrator, and decided tomorrow would be a good day for that. Years ago, she and her husband had played around with one, but at the time her husband gave her all she needed, without one. The thought of the vibrator excited her, and she came to a crashing conclusion. Feeling very satisfied, she rolled over on her side, and with both hands still between her legs, she drooped off to sleep.

Later that night, she was dreaming about a man playing with her breasts, and rubbing his penis between her legs, from behind. She remembered her earlier orgasm, but this felt better than her fingers. The angle allowed the penis to rub against her lips, but not on her clit. Still dreaming, she reached down and pulled the penis up, and at the same time pushing back and up, for better contact with her clit. This better angle let the penis slip in between her outer lips, and was really feeling good. Still holding it, she tried to get the penis in between her inter lips, and into her vagina, but it just wouldn't go in for some reason.

She tried to focus more on getting the penis into her when her dream was interrupted by an urgent need to pee. She struggled with this and began to wake up. At first she was disoriented, but finally realized she was not dreaming ..... it was Bobby behind her, massaging her breasts, and rubbing his penis between her legs. She knew instantly why she couldn't get his penis in her, as it was too short for penetration, from behind, and at that angle. And ..... at the same time came full awake and .... "Bobby, Bobby what are your doing"? He appeared to be asleep and mumbled something she couldn't made out. "Bobby, wake up"! "Wha, What, .... OH Mom. I couldn't sleep and needed to be near you." "OK, but roll over and go back to sleep."

After her pee, Sue returned to her bed, laid down and went back to sleep, not thinking about putting her panties on. After a while, she was dreaming again. This time she was on her back, with the man massaging her pussy lips and clit. It felt good and she started to move up in rhythm with his hand, and as he slipped his fingers into her, she came. It was very satisfying, after which, she rolled over on her side and slipped into a deep sleep.

It wasn't long until she was dreaming again. This time it came from behind, and she tried harder to get the penis inside her. She pushed way back, and she could feel the head at the entrance. He continued to push, and it began to go in. She had a brief flashback, trying to remember the last time she had a penis in her, but couldn't focus on it. As the head entered, it filled her completely. It was huge, but even with it in just a little way, it felt great. She continued to push back, but couldn't get it any deeper.

The man pulled out, pulling her over on her back. He then crawled on top of her, spreading her legs, and started to enter. She raised her legs to help him, and as it slid in, she felt it fill her pussy like it had never been filled before. As he pumped into her, her pussy was flooding providing plenty of lubrication for him to enter her completely. Again, she tried to remember when she has had such a great screw, but couldn't. She continued to hunch, and suddenly he came. She was not ready for that and wanted more.

She opened her eyes to say something and realized ........ "Bobby! Is that you? Bobby, you can't be doing this"! "UH, what". Still trying to appear asleep. "Bobby, I know you are not asleep. You're screwing me"! Her legs were still over his back, and his penis was still in her. Bobby started pumping in and out of her again, saying "I can't help it Mom. I just love to be near you and touch you, and when I felt your pussy bare, I just had to rub it with my thing". Somehow he was hard again and it did feel good.

"Bobby we shouldn't be doing this", she said as she started hunching up against him, meeting his inward thrusts. God, it did feel good. He was filling her completely and as she lowered just a bit her clit was against his penis as he stroked in and out. She could feel her orgasm building, and they came together, his juices first filling her, and then squeezing out around his penis and down her crack.

She laid back and relaxed having never been so satisfied. For a moment, she didn't care who did it. It was great! She had closed her legs, Bobby had spread his over hers, with his penis still trapped between her thighs. His face was resting on her breast with his mouth close to a nipple. He began to slowly push his penis down between her legs, and at the same time was sucking her nipple through her PJ top. Sue moaned, thinking (OH my god, is there no end to this ecstasy). She reached down, and pulled her top up so he could suck her bare breast.

Her crotch was still very wet from his come and her juices, and with her pussy still stretched, his penis was rubbing at her opening, offering to enter. She wanted to feel it inside her again, so she raised her legs and reached down to guide it into her pussy. Bobby responded and in no time was again, fully inside her. She continued to enjoy him, and they both came again. As he plunged as far inside as he could, she raised his face and smothered him with kisses, tonguing him deeply. Bobby had never had a French kiss, and was at first, startled. He soon began to enjoy it, and finally slipped out of her, rolling over on his side, still in her arms.

"Bobby, Bobby, what are we going to do? You know I like it, but it's wrong. Let's not say a word about this, until I have time to think about it. OK"? "OK, mom". "And O by the way, you're to sleep in your own bed, unless I specifically invite you intro mine. Understand"? "Yes Mom. I do".

Lisa, on her way to the bathroom had heard sounds coming from her mother's room, and leaned against the closed door to see what she could hear. While she didn't see anything, it was very clear that Bobby was having sex with her mother, and with her consent! Lisa smiled as she walked back to her room. She was once again in control!

Saturday Morning, Lisa & Dotti to the Dr. Lyn greeted them with "Good morning ladies, how's everyone today?" "Fine," all around. She ushered the two girls into the inner office. After putting on a set of gloves, she took a blood sample from each. Then she asked Lisa to remove her pants and lie down on the examining table so she could take a smear. She really didn't need to, but she couldn't pass up as chance to see these young pussies. She remembered Lisa's big puffy lips, and wanted to see them again. As she took the smear, she did a little stroking , Lisa noticed, and responded. Lyn pretended not to notice and told Lisa to dress and wait for her in the outer office.

Not waiting for instructions, Dotti removed her pants and pad, and climbed onto the table, 'Assuming the leg in the stirrups' position. After putting on fresh gloves, Lyn took a smear, put in a test vile, and returned to Dotti.

"I felt we needed to talk." Dotti nodded her head, yes. "You know, I'm almost old enough to be your mother?" Dotti nodded yes. "You must know I have a very special feeling for you!" Again Dotti nodded yes. "You also must know, that feeling is not like a daughter." And once again, Dotti nodded yes. "Now, I need to know how you feel.. I need to made sure I'm not forcing or taking advantage of you."

Dotti reached up taking Lyn's hand in hers saying, "O no! I don't feel that way at all. I like your touch, and the way you make me feel" "How do you feel about what happen between us, on your last visit?" Dotti replied, "It was wonderful. I had never done anything like that before (she lied)." Lyn reached down and began to stroke Dotti's little man. Dotti closed her eyes and slowly moved up into Lyn's hand. "Would you like us to love again?" Dotti nodded without opening her eyes. As Lyn continued to jack her little man, Dotti reached out and began to run Lyn's breasts. "You like my breasts?" "Yes, when you have little ones like mine, it's so nice to feel yours. They are so soft, and I like your big nipples."

Lyn opened her top, unhooked her bra, and offered a nipple to Dotti, which she eagerly began to suck. As Dotti worked on her nipple, Lyn put two fingers inside Dotti's pussy and began to finger her. "We don't have much more time, as Sue and Lisa are waiting, but I have a little present for you so you'll remember me until next time." Lyn moved down taking Dotti's little man in her mouth. She spread her lips and sucked and pulled on it making Dotti raise and moan heavily. By adding a finger in her pussy, she had Dotti coming hard in no time.

After catching her breath, Dotti exclaimed, "Ooooo My, I've never felt anything like that. Wow!" Lyn said, "May I assume you want to see me again?" Dotti put her arms around Lyn and said, "O Yes. I too have a strong feeling for you, and you can help me with my Ted Problem. OK?" "You bet" Lyn replied. "But you'll have to help me get .......... You know?" "Don't worry. I can handle that." Lyn said smiling.

Dotti joined Sue and Lisa, and they left.

To Be Continued...


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