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Darii Pt. I
by Serpentize

( Note: This is something taken from a story that I am currently writing. I've changed it slightly and kind of quickly summarized the last few chapters into a paragraph so that it makes more sense on it's own. If you like this, I have more that I can send from the same story.. This is actually from a section in the beginning and is a little more brutal than some of the later sections when Darii meets V'Reitaire, the other main character. Anyway, with that, here it is... )

* * *

Darii awoke to find herself lying on her stomach, her left wrist shackled to the hard, straw covered floor. She felt the anger and shame well up inside of her. She thought the nightmare was over after the attack on her village as a child. Her entire village was destroyed by V'Reitaire's army. The children and the elderly were slaughtered, the strong and healthy were taken as slaves. She witnessed her mother's brutal rape and saw her father's head kicked in with a heavy boot heel. All but one of her siblings died that night. Ralis, her older brother, was taken away on a caged cart with the other soon-to-be slaves.

Narrowly escaping her own death, young Darii traveled by foot, trying to find her way to a neighboring village that her father used to trade with. She eventually collapsed, exhausted and starved, in the woods outside of the village. Fortunately for her, her father's friend Haroi came across her in the woods and took her in as his own. She warned him of what happened to her village and they relocated to a more discrete location, hoping to escape unnoticed by V'Reitaire's empire. She lived with Haroi and his family until her nineteenth year, when the horror happened to her again. This time she did not escape.

Shaken and afraid, it took her a few minutes to remember the events of the night before. She had almost escaped from the soldier, but unknowingly she had backed herself into a corner. She reached with her unchained hand to touch the tender spot on her cheek bone where he'd first hit her. He beat her ruthlessly that night, until she blacked out. Now her sore and bruised body lay here, on the wood bottom of the cart, traveling to one of V'Reitaire's many work camps.

The very idea of working to help the empire that destroyed her village, her family and her nice stable life, disgusted her. She feared for her future but her spirit was not broken. Twice her life had been uprooted and thrown into panic by this evil man's army and she did not plan on aiding him in his conquests.

Darii rolled to her side and lifted her heavy head. She winced as her body cried out in pain. She glanced around to see three other prisoners chained inside of the cart. She recognized the dirty blond hair of Fadore, Haroi's oldest son. He appeared to be unconscious. She was about to try to wake him when the cart began to slow. She heard the gruff voices of the soldiers as they approached. Auro, one V'Reitaire's lead men, opened the gate to their prison. He smirked at her and tossed in a loaf of stale bread. Darii's heart raced, this might be her chance!

"I have to piss," she informed him.

"That's nice," he laughed and slammed the gate. Darii scowled. Perhaps this won't be so easy.

"Asshole!" she yelled to him, as he moved to leave.

Auro swung around in anger. "What was that, bitch?" He swung the gate open again and grabbed a handful of her hair.

"Temper, temper!" Darii sneered. He snarled at her and yanked her head to him. Auro was used to being feared and his hot temper did not tolerate defiance well.

"You want me to let you out to piss? Fine." Auro removed her shackle and pulled her out of the cart by her hair, throwing her to the ground. Darii's aching body hit the rough dirt and she struggled to stand. Auro pulled her away from the cart, his hand still clenched in her hair, and threw her on all fours.

"Go. Now. You have 30 seconds before I beat the shit out of you." Some of the other guards had gathered to watch. Darii groaned.

"What? Having problems?" he sneered. He yanked her head back and she felt the sting of a slap on her face. "I can't with everyone watching!" Darii whimpered. Auro pulled her dress up with his other hand, exposing her.

Auro leaned close to her face. "10 seconds, bitch," he chuckled into her ear. Wincing, Darii gathered up her remaining strength and rose to her knees, punching his jaw with everything she had. Startled, Auro released her hair and stumbled back.

Without even thinking, Darii jumped to her feet and bolted towards the woods..... and straight into the chest of one of the guards.

"Well hello there... And where do you think you're going?" The guard grabbed her arms and thrust her back to Auro, who was fuming with anger now.

"You little bitch!" He snarled, his hand wrapping around her throat. "You will learn to fear me!" He pushed her to the ground and straddled her waist. The guards gathered around the scene, snickering at Darii's situation. Auro motioned for one of the guards to hold Darii's hands down and he struck her in the face.

"How do you like it, you little cunt? Huh?" He struck her again.

Darii restrained from crying out as he hit her already bruised face. Her brow furrowed in anger and contempt and she spit into his enraged face.

Astounded for a moment, Auro wiped the saliva from his cheek. He stared down at her and then began to laugh.

"Oh you little bitch...You want it this way, huh? Fine." In one swift movement he pulled her dress up and thrust four of his fingers roughly inside of her. Darii cried out in pain and surprise. She hadn't expected this! She began to struggle violently but the guards held her down.

"How do you like that you stupid little bitch?" Auro was grinning like a madman now, pumping his fingers into her unwilling cunt as hard as he could.

"Wow.. this is a tight fit!" he smirked, "Are you a virgin? Hmm.. no matter, you won't be for long!"

Darii's body was racked with pain and her cunt was on fire. She struggled harder at Auro's threat, but to no avail. She could feel his hardness pressing against her. She began to panic now.

"Beg me, bitch. Beg me to stop. Show me your fear. Submit to me."

Against all reason, Darii could not give in to him. In all of her agony, she could not bring herself to cater to him, to stroke his ego. She was humiliated enough in this powerless situation. Her spirit would not be broken by this pain.

His eyes were aflame with arrogance and certainty. "Beg me to stop. Give in to me and this suffering can go away."

She stared into those eyes. She stared into them and whispered, "Fuck you."

Auro's grin melted from his face and was replaced with a look of contempt. "Fine. Have it your way, you stupid, insolent little wench!"

He thrust his cock into her sore cunt and fucked her raw, still laying blows to her face and body, while the guards jeered and fondled her.

This was how Darii lost her virginity.

To be continued...

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