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Death Pt. III
by Carl East

Death was waiting; he had arrived at his next mission somewhat early, which was unusual. There were no dead bodies, and so no souls to release. Suddenly something hit the side of his leg; he turned to find a small child had run into him, sprawled on the floor. Taking his cloak off, and becoming visible, he put his hand out to pick the boy back up. Then he heard a large explosion; he turned to see the building across the road, which at this moment was falling in large chunks. This must have been his next mission, but he couldn't sense anybody's need for his or her soul to be released. Then he had a thought, looking at the boy he had momentarily forgotten, he wondered if this lad was the intended victim. The boy in question, was still brushing himself down after colliding with god knows what.

"Are you alright son?" Said Richard, stooping to get closer.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I just didn't see you." He replied, looking over at the building, he'd been heading towards.

Holding his arm, Richard sensed that he was indeed he next client, but that he had inadvertently saved his life. This had never happened before, so he was unsure how to proceed. Then he remembered the voice that had given him this job, all those years before; it had informed him that if he ever needed advise he only had to ask. Seeing that the child was all right he left him there, and started to walk home.

Once he arrived at his own apartment, he sat down looked up and asked his question.

"Why was the child sparred?" He said.

"In twenty years from now, a fellow Soul Reaper will die, his death will upon necessity need to be redressed," said a deep voice, "the boy is to be his replacement."

"I see, but if you can see that far ahead, then why let my colleague die?" Said Richard, thinking he had him there.

"The person in question will take his own life, which is beyond our control." Said the voice.

"Oh! I see."

Richard wasn't prepared for that answer, he sat back to contemplate these revelations. Then he started to realise that this was probably not a job everybody could do, and indeed he himself had, on occasion, been sickened by what he saw.

"Could you tell me why he takes his own life?" He said, looking back up.

"He desires to save lives, for he cannot come to terms with the loss of so many." Came the reply.

Richard had learned this lesson early on in this profession, if all the Soul Reapers suddenly started to save lives, the proper order of things would soon be in chaos. He had accepted this, even though, he too had desires to save lives. Then he realised that he had managed to save one life, however unintentionally. He was suddenly aware that someone was knocking on the door. Upon answering, he found Alice with a friend, who happened to be soaked from head to foot.

"What's happened?" He asked.

"Jacquelyn here has sprung a leak in her apartment, she lives just above me, so of course the waters been coming through the ceiling." Explained Alice.

Richard invited them in, and supplied Jacquelyn with some jeans and a tee shirt, along with a towel, showing her where the bathroom was.

"Have you got the leaking under control, and informed the landlord?" Asked Richard.

"Yes, it's all under control, he's up there now assessing the damage." She replied.

After a while they were all chatting and drinking, laughing off the chaos that had occurred. Richard couldn't help noticing how cute Jacquelyn was, as her once dishevelled hair dried. An hour or so later Richard had to leave, but he had made up a makeshift bed for Jacquelyn, telling her she was welcome to stay the night. Then grabbing his cloak, he left, wondering who his next client would be.

He arrived on the scene, as the ambulance turned up, spotting his next client. She was on the hood of a car, apparently thrown through the windscreen as her vehicle had hit the tree. He couldn't help thinking, 'if only she'd worn a seat belt," but placed his hand onto her forehead. The soul rose into the air then vanished, his job done he left the scene.

He had forgotten he had guests, so when he entered the apartment he was still wearing his cloak. He heard them talking as he entered, and as the front door was situated in a small hallway they had not heard him come in. He was about to take his cloak off and bang the door shut, to make it appear that he had only just arrived, when he heard his name mentioned. He became curious so decided to listen in on the conversation, he crept into the room, for although they couldn't see him, they could still hear him if he made too much noise.

"Yes, you were right, he is cute isn't he?" Said Jacquelyn.

"Keep your eyes off, he's mine, "said Alice, "but I have no objections to sharing." She added.

They both laughed pouring another drink; Jacquelyn had spilt some down her tee shirt, making her nipple appear through the fabric. Richard thought his luck was in here, so creeping back into the hallway he removed his cloak and opened the door, only to slam it shut. Upon entering the lounge he was given a drink, and deliberately knocked it onto his lap.

"Oh, you clumsy..." He said, talking to himself, but missing out the word in front of guests.

Getting up, he removed his trousers, knowing that the bulge in his pants would be evident.

"You've got a nice body." Commented Jacquelyn.

"It's better than nice." Said Alice, suddenly grabbing his cock through his underwear.

Richard pulled back; not ready for the sudden grab, but his cock started to get hard, pushing it's way up his pants. Alice pulled them away and down, revealing his hardened cock to one and all. He allowed her to take it into her mouth, feeling incredibly horny. Jacquelyn started to unzip the jeans she had borrowed earlier, then placed a hand down her panties to play with her self. Richard watched Alice slurping on his joint, making a real meal of it, then started to remove his shirt. Jacquelyn had the jeans around her ankles at this point, followed by her panties. Her pussy was clearly wet, as she once again inserted a finger deep into the depths. Watching this and experiencing a wonderful blowjob, Richard placed his hands onto the back of Alice's head, gently pulling her onto his cock. Jacquelyn's voice could be heard as she moaned with her first orgasm approaching, making Richard more excited.

His cock starting to shudder as the sperm surged up the centre, the first stream hitting her tongue, making her jerk his cock faster, in an effort to make it more pleasurable. Having taken the first load, she removed it from her mouth and aimed it at Jacquelyn, the second load landing on Jacquelyn's knee. Jacquelyn started to cum herself, placing a finger into the cream on her leg, then tasting the salty substance. She then stood up removing the rest of her clothing, and stepped over to join them. Getting to her knees she took his cock into her mouth, wanting to suck dry, the sperm that was dribbling out the end.

Richard suggested that they retire to the bedroom, but Alice felt it was more fun out here. Removing her clothing she joined Jacquelyn, in making sure he kept hard. Then she stood up to embrace him, leaving Jacquelyn to keep him hard. She kissed him, running her tongue over his bottom lip, he responded by placing his hand on the side of her face, tenderly brushing her cheek with his fingers. Then, Jacquelyn stood up, asking him to fuck her; he cupped her full breast, squeezing it gently. She pulled away, getting down onto the rug next to his feet, then opening her legs, she repeated, 'fuck me.' Breaking off the embrace with Alice, he got down between her legs, his cock hard, and ready. Then placing it over her vaginal passage he pushed, feeling it fold the outer layers of her pussy before yielding to the pressure. His cock penetrating deeply, as she let out a sigh of approval, her legs opening a bit more as his cock travelled all the way in.

Alice was now the one playing with herself, her body sprawled over the settee, and her legs open, her finger softly rubbing the hood that her other hand was revealing. She watched as Richard started to move up and down thrusting his penis into Jacquelyn's cunt, his piston like action eliciting a loud moan from her mouth. Alice started to cum, her back arcing as the full climax sent a shudder through her entire being.

Richard was also near to coming, his cock plunging, in an ever-quickening pace. Jacquelyn shouting loudly, how she was about to cum once more, her timing being perfect as Richard started to unload inside her womb. Then it was over; Richard all but collapsed onto her used body, pushing his cock as far into her pussy as possible, wanting to feel the depth with every inch. Then he drew it out, making her sigh as it left touching her erect clitoris.

Alice turned him around, then whispered into his ear.

"Lick my pussy." She said, pushing him backward.

Richard lay on his back, as Alice straddled his face, then opening the lips up with both hands she presented her pussy to his mouth. He started to lick the walls, then inserted his tongue as far as it would go, drawing it around the inside. Then placing the tip of his finger over her clit he gently massaged her tiny hood. She moved her hips slightly, rocking back and forth over his tongue. Then he could feel his semi hard cock being handled once more, as Jacquelyn placed it into her mouth and started to suck. Alice yelled out that she was coming, information, that was not news to Richard, as he could taste the bittersweet juices running onto his tongue. He licked faster wanting to take her over the edge; she reached down with one hand holding the back of his head, and pulled it up slightly. His tongue now darting in and around her vagina, culminating in the best orgasm she had had that day.

She got off him, moving her body down to his now erect cock, letting Jacquelyn guide it into place and riding his shaft. She let it go all the way in slowly, before rising and almost dropping back onto it. He grunted as her weight hit his body, then placing his hands onto her arse he put his knees up. She lifted slightly, while he started to fuck her, moving his hips up with some speed. She cried out that the penetration was so deep, he ignored her, fucking her cunt as he watched Jacquelyn start to kiss and lick Alice's breasts. The climax coming quicker than before, her cries of more were being rewarded with a final burst of energy from Richard.

They all lay on the floor after that, feeling exhilarated, then Alice broke the silence.

"It's been a nice day, hasn't it?" She said.

They all laughed, standing to get redressed, then after a drink they settled in for the evening. Richard remembered the night's events, before the sex, wondering how the powers that be, knew so much about future events.

To be continued...


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