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Death Pt. IV
by Carl East

Death walked into the apartment expecting to find someone about to pass on, their life coming to an end. What he saw upon entering the bedroom made him feel sick to the stomach. He had been doing this job now for twenty-five years, after being contacted by a voice only he could hear. The voice had informed him of the need to collect trapped souls, in order that the person or persons could move on. Feeling that this was a noble cause, he had accepted the job. He was at this moment calling upon one such person, and found that the said person was being tortured.

A middle aged man had tied his victim up on the bed, and was cutting her with a razor blade. The victim, a female was almost dead and probably too weak to scream. Death had to do something; he couldn't just stand by and watch, even if he knew he was not supposed to get involved. Death grabbed hold of the assailant's collar picking him up with ease, and threw him through the window, knowing full well that they were twenty floors up. The victim opened her eyes seeing him for the first time, and pleading for help. He knew that she was about to die, so he told her she was going to be all right, then placed his hand onto her forehead. Her soul left her body, as she breathed her last lung full of air.

Death left the building to find an ambulance pulling up, and the police standing over the assailant's body. He walked on, not bothered that this man had a trapped soul, and returned home.

Once there he poured a drink and sat down, then he heard the voice speak to him.

"You should not have gotten involved, the premature death of that serial killer, now means, that ten people who were destined to die at his hands are now safe." It said.

"But surely it was an unnatural death, I mean, don't they have a right to die in a more natural way?" He replied; knowing that interference in the death of others was forbidden.

"Cause and effect, should have been your most important thought as you witnessed her death." Said the voice.

"What do you mean by, cause and effect?" He asked.

"Three of the victims, he would later have killed, would all one day kill themselves, involving car accidents, and all would have off spring, which leads to further complications." Said the voice.

"How could I allow what I saw to continue, you must know that I have feelings, just like any other mortal." He said, starting to raise his voice.

"You will be judged, if it is found that you are guilty of negligence, your powers will be stripped, and you will once again return to being just another man, with no knowledge of what has transpired." Said the voice.

Richard removed his cloak, and threw it against the wall. He felt justified in what he'd done, but knew that if he had thought it through, it might not have turned out this way.

The next day he went around to Alice's apartment, he tried the door and found it to be open. He entered and called out her name, but he got no answer, then he heard voices coming from the bedroom. Upon opening the door slightly, he discovered she was in bed with another man. He was upset and turned on in the same instant, and didn't know weather to go or stay and watch. As he stood wondering what to do, he watched as she commenced in giving this man a blowjob. His own cock starting to get hard, he couldn't make up his mind. Then he saw the man coming over Alice's face and her delight as she licked the end of his cock. Richard was rooted to the spot, his natural voyeur instincts telling him that this was all right. The stranger then began to fuck her from behind, her moans of pleasure echoing throughout the large room. Unconsciously Richard's hand was resting on his own cock, rubbing rhythmically, while watching the show being played out before him. Alice screamed she was coming, which made Richard's cock start to jerk filling his pants with the sperm now shooting out. He realised once again where he was, and silently left the apartment.

Changing his clothes he decided to have a bath, while there, he heard Alice call from the front door.

"In here?" Was all he said.

She entered the bathroom, and looked flushed, he decided to get this out of the way.

"Who was he, and does he mean anything to you?" He said, taking her by surprise.

At first she went quiet, then asked how he knew.

"I called round earlier, and found you both in bed." He answered.

"He is my ex-husband, and although I have no feelings for him anymore, I do still miss the sex." She confessed.

They talked for a long time after that, with Alice leaving when Richard had to go out on business, but they had made up, so all was right with the world once again. Before locating his next client, the voice could be heard once more.

"We have decided to over look this indiscretion, but will not tolerate further misconduct, you will be stripped of your powers should this happen again."

Death walked on, finding that he was pleased he still had this job, knowing that he was saving souls of many good people. He soon reached his next mission, finding that it was a drowning. People were around her giving first aid, but it was hopeless she had gone into a comma, and was close to brain death. Death placed his hand onto her forehead releasing her trapped soul then left the scene.

He got back to his apartment to find the lights were on, keeping his cloak on he entered, to find Alice had a surprise for him. He removed his cloak before slamming the door, then entered the lounge. Once in, Alice appeared wearing nothing but high heel shoes, stockings and suspender belt. Her long slender legs being the first thing he noticed, followed closely by the fact she had shaved her pussy. Her skin felt soft as he touched her arm swinging her around to land on his lap. Now sitting across his legs on the sofa, he kissed her passionately, then placed a finger between her legs. She moaned as his finger penetrated her pussy, while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. She whispered that she wanted to fuck, he removed his shirt then laying her gently on the sofa he continued to remove the rest of his clothing. Then he got on top of her sexy looking body and penetrated her cunt. The memory of the events in her apartment still fresh in his mind, as he plunged his cock as deep as it would go. Of course good sexual memories are not always the best thing, if you want the experience to last any length of time. For soon Richard was coming, making sure she followed him, then collapsing on top of her.

"Why so quick?" She said.

"I was thinking of you and your ex-husband, and it just made me feel really horny." He confessed.

He took her to bed where they made love again, before falling asleep in each other's arms. Quite a day he thought as he closed his eyes.

To Be Continued...


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