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Dream Invaders
Episode Five: Kimmy the Surfer Babe
by Wil E. Harden

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. It features a public person as a character, but strictly in a fictional setting that in no way implies the private interests or personal behavior of the public person in fact parallels the scenes depicted below. This article has not been approved by or presented to the public person for endorsement or comment. Any similarity between the actual acquaintances and actions of the public person portrayed here, and the content of this story, is strictly coincidental.

* * * * *


Kimmy doesn't remember her dreams. Sometimes she wakes up in the night, skin damp and clammy, her body flushed, and for a moment there's a ghost of recall but it doesn't last as long as it takes to press long slender fingers to her groin. The moist memory of something is still fresh, there, although the sleep images which made her so are gone.

Despite great beauty, Kimmy rarely sleeps with anyone. Her usual bedtime companion is a tattered, battered teddy bear who attended her every girlhood every tea party. So her night visitations can't be clutched at when she wakes from a tossing rest, told to another before the ghost in her brain vanishes. To know what dances among the neurons when Kimmy sleeps, we must steal into her ear, make our way finally along the nerves and set exploring to find that region where her mind lives as her conscious body rests.

And yes, there is a party tonight in Kimmy's brain.

Perhaps we should dress for the occasion first, with a little more knowledge of the woman whose very secret self we will invade. Kimmy is young, just a little older than the law requires to serve her a drink she would only sip from politeness. She was raised well, uses good table manners and doesn't care to see feelings hurt, is kind to animals, watches her small budget and yearns to do something important in her life. Most families would be very proud indeed to welcome as a son's bride this petite, slender blonde with the swan's neck, defined jaw line and straight nose.

Perhaps. There's another side to Kimmy that proves the old adage, "You gotta watch the quiet ones."

She is a bisexual woman with an unquenchable sex drive. Her closet is filled with slutty clothes and rows of very high-heeled shoes. At the private strip club where she is the only dancer, she sometimes fucks the customers ... on stage, on a table, or in the parking lot - and sometimes in groups of 20 to 40 at a time. Often she goes to work dripping cum, stoppered in her ass with a butt plug, gathered in a noonday cruise for cock among the businessmen's bars in town. And when she's not working, Kimmy's at home with a huge assortment of toys she uses while chatting about sex on the Internet - or for fucking with one of her several bisexual girlfriends. Sometimes she has them tie her up and dominate the tiny girl with the very full, silicon-enhanced bosom.

Kimmy's appetites are not the norm, perhaps, but she shares a habit with many people. She sees someone attractive, perhaps someone interesting in personal manners or even spiritual ways more than physically, and develops a crush on that stranger. And she's shy about it, even as many of us are. But where the average young woman with a harmless crush on a handsome stranger might contrive ways to peek from the sides of her eyes at her new attraction, Kimmy wonders how she could ask him to fuck her senseless. Or how to get that foxy woman, rather than a hot guy, in bed. Kimmy is an equal opportunity lay.

Also, like many others, Kimmy is a bit star-struck. She has an open heart as well as open legs, so for her a crush on a famous actor, beautiful model, or popular singer is a brief imaginary love affair of great intensity. In fact, her response is a flood of fluids down her thighs. She often daydreams about being a star-fucker. She doesn't remember them, but her night dreams are often filled with celebrity sex. And we, the dream invaders, are going to join her.

When we are wandering around Kimmy's dreams, it might be best if we wear stainproof raincoats with hoods.

* * * * *

While her favorite color is pink, Kimmy also likes blue a great deal - her car is blue, her bedroom is decorated in blues, some of her sexiest outfits are blue, and the ocean where she loves to hang out is blue. So is the custom frame on her Internet browser screen display, which Kimmy saw most of the day while she was web surfing for good porno.

Part of this tiny pink lady's appeal is her combination of sweet, demure shyness and an outrageously nasty mind. Some conversations make her blush until she's nearly lavender, yet the stuff she looks up on the Internet would have had her hanged a hundred years ago. We Dream Invaders can testify that what people see influences their thoughts, because here we are in Kimmy's twisted brain again tonight, watching her relive her day's discoveries. Dream-Kimmy is at her battered old desk next to the bed, looking for porn.

Onscreen is an amazing photo of some other blonde woman with the biggest tits ever created by some sick puppy using a morphing program. Kimmy's online boyfriend calls overinflated breasts "blimps" - he would probably name these dugs "zeppelins," since they pour from the petite creature's chests to spread massively across her thighs in glistening mounds the size of footstools. Despite the silence of this dream world, we know Kimmy is laughing at the sight, since her shoulders shake and those grand round breasts of hers bob and the tiny pink nipples trace a crazy path.

What speed Kimmy's dream computer has! Now she's looking at some women's wrestler website, probably a favorite of hers since Kimmy had that crush on Trish Stratus (EPISODE 1: TRISH DOMINATES KIMMY). She seems to have navigated backwards on the site to its index - curious, we sneak a bit closer to peek over her slender shoulders. Yes, she's called up a directory of photos for someone named "Sable." Oh, these are excellent photos, if they are real - this "Sable" looks something like Kimmy, and the wrestler loves to fuck - anal, in these shots, is a strong theme.

Kimmy finds the photos hot, too - she has a few arranged on her screen so she can see the best parts, and now she's supplied with a collection of her favorite toys on the end of her bed. More dream magic - just wish for something and there it is. Maybe tonight we are going to see Kimmy the star-fucker fuck herself.

She starts with a powder puff - makes herself all full of goosebumps and nice smells, teases her body from the tops of her feet to the backs of her legs, the inner lines of her thighs, the rim of her asshole, the sides of her mound, her belly, breasts, nipples and neck. We can see Kimmy shaking all over, her hands straying to her crotch, but for some reason she never quite does anything.

That errant hand now reaches to a bowl, pulls out an ice cube, and begins caressing her torso. Brrr, that must be cold! She's made her nipples poke far out by running the cube in decreasing circles from the sides of hr breasts to the points in their centers. Now she's stroking her abdomen, vertically, sliding the melting cube over a shining trail from her breastbone down to her groin, running the cube along the sides of her mound, down around her pink-brown pucker, back up the other side between thigh and slope of her Venus mount, and then to her chest again.

Only a small flat slab of ice is left, but she reaches down, raises one slender thigh, angels her bottom forward some, and stuffs the ice cube up her ass. She shivers briefly from the cold shock. Next Kimmy grabs a long slender dildo with a blunt head and slides it in after the ice cube. Her bowels must be shrinking from that chill surprise.

On the computer monitor, Kimmy has animated one of Sable's anal screwing photos. A heroically-proportioned muscle man is really reaming the big-chested wrestler's asshole, while her fingers seem to open and close her bright pink-red vagina with every stroke. Kimmy watches a little while, her breathing obviously speeding up, one hand absently twisting and jabbing the dildo up her own ass. She licks a finger, touches the screen over Sable's pulsating pussy, then grabs another ice cube and starts sliding it up down her own slit, paying attention to the clitoris.

After several of those strokes, Kimmy is definitely ready for more action. She sets the ice cube down and plucks a lighted candle from her desk. (WHERE do all these things come from, so immediately?) She tilts her chair back on its rear legs, raising her bottom to an almost-level position relative to the floor. Slowly, glancing back and forth from Sable's image being ass-fucked heavily to her own pudenda, Kimmy tilts the candle and pours wax around the place where the dildo sticks out of her butt. She reacts to the hot sting by almost falling over backwards.

Our view wanders momentarily to the monitor - darn, that is a computer we'd like to have! Faster than the speed of light a new picture of Sable is onscreen. She's humping some guy in a hammock, holding on to a bar overhead and rising up and down on a fat cock up her ass. In this view, Sable is also slamming a massive black fake cock into her vagina, the balls of it turned up to bang into her clit each time she shoves it entirely into her belly.

Kimmy has put a practice pecker into her pussy, too. It's very thick and motorized, when she lets go of it we can see the end twisting, so when she holds it in place the head inside must drive her wild. One of Kimmy's hands is busy with the slender slider up her ass, nearly blurring as she whips it in and out. Her other hand has another ice cube and she's again stimulating her nipples and clitoris with it.

Bing! The ice cube is gone and Kimmy is letting a pair of very big, mean-looking nipple clamps snap shut on her tenderized tits. A long chain connects the two clamps. She wraps the chain in loops around the rotating end of the prime pumper wobbling in her quim. Now the mechanized pleasure plug intermittently pulls on one nipple, then the next, and sometimes both. Kimmy throws her head back and yowls a silent scream of pleasure.

Both her hands grip the prong protruding from her upper belly and begin to make it fuck her hard. Kimmy pulls it almost entirely out each time, the pale, ribbed shaft shining with her body waters, then pushes it back in, hard, rapidly. Her back arches, we see her stomach muscles rib and clench - it looks like Kimmy may be getting off. She lifts her knees in the air and clamps her thighs around the fisted hands holding on to the plunger.

Shuddering, she stiffly sets her feet down, pulls the camshaft cock out of her, grabs another ice cube, and stuffs it quickly into her dribbling cunny. Then she rams the dildo back in and quivers from the jolt of the ice block in her hot honey pot. Her breasts were pulled out in painful peaks by the nipple clamp chain as she did this.

Now grasping that chain with the hand which had been diddling her rear, Kimmy takes another candle and pours hot wax on her stretched nipples. This time her body response is total - she draws up into a ball on the chair and roars into a mind-blanking orgasm. Cum rums down the seam of her seat and wets the chair. Her long, narrow feet kick thoughtlessly up and down. On the dream monitor's screen, Sable is being coated all over her face and bosom by a shower of semen.

This is enough to get us rather hot, too. Exploring our own crotches, enjoying the stimulation of sight and touch, we might want to get off as well. Fortunately no one can see us doing ourselves in the shadowed rim of Kimmy's dreams.

If we could smell anything in this dream universe, surely now the place would reek of Kimmy's cum. We've seen her got off many times, but tonight her fantasy fucking has created a monumental response. When she stands up from her chair, the aromatic reminders of her sexual release streak her legs, blobs of it drip from the big dildo she extracts from her joy chute, the end of the dildo she pulls out of her ass is so slippery she has to use both hands to get it out. Crumbles of green candle wax flake off her anus.

We expected to be kicked out of Kimmy's dream by her momentous pleasure passage, but despite intoxicating traces of her brain's pleasure chemicals, we are still on scene. Do you think she knows we are here and wants to show off for us? She is evidently not finished. Kimmy is pulling a very pretty pink silk wrap on, one we can see through, it makes her sexier than if she were naked, and stepping into some matching tall heeled shoes.

Now she has a big photo of Sable filling the monitor screen. Sable is kneeling next to a stunning woman, sucking the woman's breast while a guy on the floor fucks that woman from below. Kimmy, turns, blows a kiss in our direction - she does know! - and steps into the monitor. Instantly the stunning woman is Kimmy, riding a fat hard cock and pulling Sable's head further to envelop her nipple and bosom.

Kimmy is in a semi-kneeling position on top of the anonymous guy's penis. She rises up on her upper legs to raise he body and nearly slide the peter from her, the cum still flowing out of her from that first orgasm, then drops back down so hard it must hurt the fellow. Some candle wax still coats her clit and encrusts the nipple we can see. Sable is greedily tugging at Kimmy's breast like a starving baby. Kimmy's hands are fondling Sable's substantial knockers, too.

Now Sable has shifted, combining dream and computer magic. She is getting fucked up the ass while standing in front of Kimmy's face. Kimmy has her head tucked down to lick at Sable's pussy and the balls of the guy doing Sable, while underneath Kimmy the other guy is piledriving our dreamer's cunt. Kimmy is raised up some on her legs to give the guy a good angle and room to plough her fertile fold.

His cock swings up in an arc, piercing her lower belly, slapping his balls up to bounce against her mound and clit on every stroke. Sable is taking solid strokes in her rich creamy ass, the impact of the guy putting it to her pushing her mound against Kimmy's nose and sliding Sable's pudenda over her probing tongue. Sable has already come at least once, so her flavorful fluids are all over her parts and lower body, exciting Kimmy with the foreign flavors.

Soon we notice Kimmy's eyes glaze over with the unmistakable signs she is lost in a sexual haze. This is a definite indicator she has already started an orgasm and is fixated on the fucking partner beneath her as well as the one in her face. She flicks her tongue speedily over Sable, while the ass fucker suddenly stiffs the lady wrestler with a deep plunge that stays deep as he flexes his muscular ass to pump his prick hard up her rear. Seems like everyone is about to come.

Now the ass fucker carries forth that visual promise, his buns tucked tight, his leg muscles corded as he raises Sable completely off the ground. Se see his cum spurt from her tight ass passage. Sable, triggered by this, also visibly begins to shake and shimmy atop her impaler. We see her cum pour onto Kimmy's face while our little pink friend tries to get it all in her mouth.

Next Kimmy gets off, again. She grasps Sable's strong upper legs, gasps like a fish out of water, shivers from head to toe and clenches her knees around the legs of the guy fucking her. Kimmy's cunt drops down to bury him as far in her as she can have it, and she shakes her head back and forth. The anonymous pussy pounder must be enjoying himself as well, because now we see the milky creams of sperm juice flooding Kimmy and running down his balls.

Is this the vision to finally get us over the edge of solitary pleasures, too? Too bad we just got bounced from dreamland, not only don't we know if our Dream Invader self finally got some, but Kimmy is still a real live web surfer. It would have been fun to peek between her legs when she stepped back out of the monitor, dripping from every hole.

* * * * *

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