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Dear Johnny

For Johnny

Dear Johnny,

I'm writing to you to let you know how much I enjoyed my visit and to thank you for such a lovely time. You were just as I expected . . .

He greeted me with a warm "hello" and a sensual smile as if we had known each other for years. He was dressed casually in khaki shorts and a white T-shirt stretched by his broad square shoulders barely covering the rounded muscles of his chest. I was ushered in and shown to the living room where wine chilled next to a pair of Waterford crystal glasses. Talking to him came easy, as easy as it had been on-line.

. . . Lunch was delicious. I can imagine your panic when the maid called in sick and you were left to prepare the meal alone. Even the chocolate truffle was done to perfection. . .

A timer buzzed in another room. He stood and beckoned me to follow him into the kitchen. The large bay window in the breakfast room caught my attention. The view was incredible. Little spot gardens and stone walkways covered the entire yard and all the flowers had begun to bloom. I couldn't wait to get a closer look.

"Voila!" Johnny cheered, announcing lunch was ready. I turned and lunch was spread out on the table beautifully arranged like a garden itself. Johnny pulled out my chair and bade me to be seated. The Caesar salad was crisp and covered with an Italian dressing. Sunflower seeds sprinkled like freckles and a single cherry tomato topped it off. I dug in savagely. Johnny chose to start with tomato. He dropped it whole into his mouth taking a bite and squirting it across the table. We laughed when I tried to do the same but couldn't. The tomato basil pizza was the best I'd ever eaten, seasoned just right and finished off with a light grating of fresh parmesan. By the time I made it through dessert I was stuffed.

. . . I was especially taken by the tour of the lawn. What a beautiful job you've done. I'm glad I finally took you up on your offer and decided to visit. The pictures you sent were lovely but nothing like walking in its midst. I was immediately taken by your contagious excitement and passion in your work . . .

With the sun yet high in the sky, we strolled the lawn, hand in hand. He explained every little statuette with details of where it came from and how he'd obtained it. The fountains were built from parts of old ones. I moved closer to him until my hip rubbed his thigh. He spoke of the water falls, the plants, and the fish but I heard very little. I watched his lips. I had to concentrate to keep from reaching up and touching them. I wondered how they would feel, how they would taste. The sprinkling of the fountains was hypnotic. The tinkling seemed to be chanting romantic verse, only the heart could perceive. The rose's intoxicating fragrance caused lightheadedness, and I became jealous at the thought that he may have seduced his wife here, in this mini Eden. He took my arm and led me to the lawn swing but before I could sit down he pulled me to him gazing deep into my eyes. His eyes were as deep dark chocolate, hypnotizing. I wondered if they could read my mind. I could stare back. His face moved closer to mine and he hesitated. I closed my eyes, anticipating. His lips brushed across mine then settled with a gentle firmness. His tongue softly parted my lips and I obliged.

. . . and could not seem to get my fill of it. Sorry if my inattention to the details offended you, I was distracted altogether by your elusive charm.

My heart skipped as we sat. Johnny continued to reflect on his work, gesturing lively, but I was oblivious. I recognized his cologne, CK's Obsession. I inhaled his scent deeply. So captivated by his presence, my thoughts had no part of rusting windmill blades and concrete monkeys. I placed my fingers on his lips and traced. His voice stilled. When I had completely circled his succulent lips, he took my finger into his mouth and bit it. I yelped, then giggled. Long strong arms embraced me and I cuddled closer. Intent hands caressed my back and wandered to the zipper of my white linen sundress. I was startled back to reality. His eyes caught mine. I gave a half nod, granting permission, and he continued. The garment slowly fell from my shoulders allowing the sun to warm my bare skin. With a single motion he deftly unhooked the latch between my breasts and freed them. He whisked the hindrance back and cupped one swell in his palm and covered the other with his scalding mouth. My breathy gasp drew a wide grin to his face. My body tingled. I shrugged and my bra and dress fell to my seat. He held me with his eyes and I felt a little embarrassed. I tried to cross my arms in front of me but he caught my hands and insisted I lie back.

The sun shone bright in my eyes forcing me to closed them. It tickled as Johnny fumbled to unbuckle my sandals and I giggled. I raised to my elbows as I twitched to help free them but he directed me to lie back once more and, again, I complied. My eyes closed again, I sensed him exploring his way past my knees. His hands were warm to my delicate skin and smooth as they maneuvered their way upwards. I felt his touch against soft cotton fabric. Up and down fingers rubbed, poking, then rubbing again. I shivered. They found their way inside and my body tensed, my knees jumped together and I gasped. I couldn't relax as Johnny urged. My whole body was taut and my pulse quickened. While I squirmed, Johnny managed to ease my panties away. He stood and hung them on the swing chain like a flag of surrender.

Johnny began to undress, never taking his eyes off of mine. I lay on the swing as he left me. One leg thrown over the back of the swing, one foot touching the soft grass below. My body was completely bare except for my dress, wadded around my waist.

Suddenly self conscious, I realized my position and closed my legs. He caught them and pulled me to him wrapping my legs around him. I gripped the seat of the swing and he entered me with a single thrust. I moaned and he grunted as he plunged in again and again, gripping my buns firmly and pulling me closer and closer, driving deeper and deeper to my very core. Pulsating began in my womb and worked its way to my breasts and down to my toes. I began to tremble. Just as I was reaching for release, he withdrew, raised my hips, and slowly inserted his steel member into my anus with smooth, deep and deliberate intention. I screamed. Orgasm instantly consumed me. I continued to yell as Johnny pounded and plunged and finally poured his hot juice deep inside. He held me there tight. I relaxed. He pulled himself from me and I collapsed against the swing trying to catch my breath. He too, fell to the swing and threw back his head with a growl.

. . . To be there with you was breathtaking.

With all my love, Carol


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