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Daddy, Me, and The Pastor
by Sharlann

It was a cold and bitter winter. The season kept us inside because the roads were covered with ice and snow. We hadn't been to church since Christmas, and we went out only to work, to school, and for food. All in all, it was frightfully boring until the day our Pastor came to visit.

I was eighteen, settled into my relationship with Dad, and making straight A's and B's in school. No one could figure out why Dad never dated, and they had begun teasing him about the fact that his little girl was going to find a boyfriend soon. To this day, I don't know if Dad had confessed to Pastor Larkin about our relationship, or if it all happened by accident.

Dad had asked me to make a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and his favorite pecan pie. I didn't mind a bit, even though it was unusual for Dad to "request" a meal. Then the doorbell rang ... and it was Pastor Larkin. Stamping off the snow and cold, he came in to warm by the fire and share a glass of whiskey with Dad. Oddly, they included me in their conversation and treated me with a great deal of sweetness. We shared our dinner after an appropriate prayer of thanks and I rose to clear the table and make coffee.

Pastor Larkin was about 35 or so, never married, and quite a ladies man. Many women in the community hoped that he would set his sights on their daughters. But he never seemed to pay attention to anyone in particular. So it surprised me when he began telling Dad how grateful he was to have friends like Dad and I and how it pleased him to share in our "home" life for the evening. For some reason, my antennae went up and I puzzled about just what the Pastor meant, why Dad had requested this meal on this particular day, and if Pastor Larkin's visit was actually planned.

As I served pecan pie and coffee, the Pastor and Dad proceeded to praise my school work and my grades. They discussed how I had grown to be quite a beauty in the last few years. And then, with a little urging from Pastor Larkin, Dad began telling him how I was truly a giving and loving daughter. One who knew just how to "take care" of her daddy. Pastor Larkin leaned back in his chair and I could see that his cock was filling out his pants. The next thing I knew, Pastor Larkin leaned forward, placing one hand on Dad's and one hand on mine, and quietly urged us to both "share" ourselves with him. He told us how he had often wondered about our relationship. And he suggested that, not only was there nothing wrong about it, but that it would make him very pleased and happy to join in our intimate life.

I wasn't absolutely sure I was hearing right! The pastor? Wanting to join Dad and me? Whew! My reverence for the white collar died at that very moment.

Dad asked me to come sit on his lap, which I did. He turned so that I was facing the pastor and lifted my skirt, exposing my luscious pussie to him. Pastor Larkin reached for his cock and began stroking it even though it was still in his trousers. Dad eased a finger inside my cunt, slid it out, and passed it under the pastor's nose, saying "ah, my man ... smell the fragrance of my little girl." The pastor turned red and began to breathe heavily. "Take the good pastor upstairs, Sharlann. I'll be there in a moment."

Excited about the opportunity to play with someone other than Dad, I placed Pastor Larkin's free hand on my pussie and said enticingly, "follow me..." Reaching the top of the stairs, I guided the pastor into the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. As he lay there, excited and quivering, I completely undressed him, enjoying the touch of his fine, lean and handsome body. I slid out of my dress and laid down upon the pastor, kissing him full on the lips.

Like a starving animal, he clutched me, rolled me on my back, and began to devour my lips, my neck, my breasts. He licked and nibbled and moaned. His lips and mouth did feel wonderful on me and my clit begin to throb as my pussie became hot and wet. He began thrusting against me in hard, determined waves of passion. I could feel his steel-like cock against me as he bit my nipples, causing me to forget who he was and give in to the climax that I felt coming.

Next, Pastor Larkin slid down till he faced my pussie, where he began exploring and sucking and licking furiously with his tongue. He massaged my stomach with one hand and inserted his fingers inside me with the other. Then I came . . . in a rush, oozing cum all over the pastor. He licked me clean, seeming to savor every drop.

By now, mentally, I was past the surprise of having sex with the church pastor. My climax made me want to please him, since Dad hadn't shown up and I wasn't sure where this was heading.

I rolled Pastor Larkin onto his stomach and began licking down his ass, between his lovely, globes, and finally thrust my long, hot tongue deeply inside his ass. Surprised and obviously aflame with desire, the pastor raised his hips to me asking for more. He was moaning and clutching the sheets as I continued to violate his anus with my tongue and then my fingers. He began undulating until I had to steady him with my knee. He anus nearly swallowed my tongue, craving more and more.

At the same time, I reached beneath him and began stroking his cock. He uttered the most guttural, moaning sounds of pleasure that I'd ever heard and began pounding the bed with his fist. Just about that time I looked up and saw Dad, stark naked and smiling, at the foot of the bed. I winked at Dad and began sucking hard on the pastor's anus. He screamed into the pillow, crying out loud for more. I inserted three fingers deeply inside him as I slid beneath him, taking his cock deeply into my throat and furiously! The pastor was moving closer and closer to climax as I sucked harder and deeper on his cock, while continuing to rapidly finger fuck his ass.

All of a sudden I could feel Dad's hands removing my fingers from the pastor's ass and I knew he was about to fuck the pastor with his enormous cock. So, I used my now free hand to grasp and squeeze the pastors balls as I continued to suck very, very, very hard. Just as Dad shoved his rigid cock deeply inside Pastor Larkin, the pastor came like a volcano, showering me with molten, hot cum. I sucked and swallowed as he thrust and thrust and thrust till every drop was released from his balls. Dad came within the next few seconds, groaning loudly as he injected the pastor with his hot wad of cum. We all collapsed onto the bed, shaking and moaning and hugging each other with pleasure.

In a while, I skipped off to the bathroom and turned the shower on to warm up. When it was just right, I hollered "yoo-hoo ...!" and Dad and the pastor joined me for a nice, warm shower. We washed each other from head to toe, dried with large, fluffy towels, and headed back to bed.

"See there Pastor Larkin, just like I told you, my little girl knows just how to make a man happy. Now, the question is, does the good pastor know how to make my little girl's dad happy?"

With that, the pastor opened one eye quizzically, looked at Dad, then at me, smiled, and sat up. "I may not know how, but I'm sure as hell ready to learn!"

With that, Dad began to fondle the pastor's limp cock until it showed signs of life. I began sucking on Dad, always enjoying his immense hardness in my mouth. Then Dad leaned over and took Pastor Larkin's cock into his mouth. I could see his cheeks depress as he sucked and pulled on the pastor's cock. I watched the pastor grow more and more turned on with each suck and, forsaking Dad's cock for the moment, I began sucking on the pastor's nipples, biting and sucking until they stood at rigid attention. Dad had slipped his hand into the vaseline jar and was now masturbating the pastor with a thoroughly greased, very slippery hand. Pastor Larkin was in a state of heat and I wasn't sure who was going to fuck whom, but I felt a new burst of energy as the sexual tension surrounded us.

Then, Dad surprised us by rolling onto his back, lifting his legs high in the air, and begging the pastor to fuck him! "Give it to me Pastor! Fuck me deep! Fuck me now! Ohhhhh, fuck me, FUCK ME!" Seizing the opportunity, Pastor Larkin was on his knees between Dad's legs in a second ... and the next second he was ramming his slippery cock into Dad's anus again and again. Dad was so hot and so hard that I decided not to let the opportunity escape, so I climbed onto Dad and slipped his hard member into my oh so juicy cunt.

What a picture we must have been! Pastor Larkin ramming Dad, me riding Dad ... Dad begging for us not to stop. Pastor Larkin was sweating buckets as he fucked Dad ... and Dad was clearly enjoying every thrust.

Dad reached up with both hands, tweaking my nipples as I rode him. I leaned forward slightly as I felt an enormous climax building inside me. Dad was close. I was close. I couldn't see the pastor's face, so I didn't know if he was close to cumming, too. We were all three HOT, sweaty, gasping and savagely fucking each other when, all of a sudden, Dad pulled me to him and held me close as he motioned to the pastor. Before I knew it, Pastor Larkin had withdrawn from Dad and was fucking me in the ass! "OOOOOOOOOHHhhhh GOD!!!!!!" I screamed over and over again. "OOOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh God!!!!!"

I was on fire! Surprised and totally engulfed in the throes of a colossal climax, I came forever! Thrusting again and again and again as the pastor stayed with me through each thrust. I felt Dad come next, releasing his load of cum into me. And then Pastor Larkin let out a war whoop as he came, unloading what seemed like a gallon of hot sperm inside me!

It all felt so damnably good that we stayed where we were, Dad in me, Pastor Larkin in me ... all hooked together in more than a moment of passion that would change our lives.

Eventually, we separated and drifted off to sleep, cuddled against each other and wondering about each other's feelings.

On that day, Pastor Larkin became a member of our "family." Thereafter, he would visit once or twice a month and we would venture into new worlds of sexuality, including dominance and spanking. We grew together in our search for excitement and the "ultimate climax."

The End.
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