The Best Erotic Stories.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. I
by Slater

Natalia was always the dominant type, though she never really did anything about it. She was a nympho though; we fucked about six times a night, every night; and when I wasn’t working, we spent the day making love.

I remember, when we fucked, she’d put her finger up my ass; at first I felt a bit embarrassed about it. "You like that don’t you?" She said in her Russian accent. I was slow giving a response. She continued, "Don’t be shy, I understand. I like it as well you know." So from that time, it was a finger up the ass during sex.

Natalia was an amazing girl. She had long red, tightly curled hair; a perfect body, large breasts, shaved pussy, tanned, perfectly flat toned stomach, about 5’11"; perfect. Her eyes were so typically Russian, even though we lived in England. I met her when visiting the Czech Republic. She told me she was half Czech, half Russian, but will study in Nottingham. This was the shock of my life. "I have a flat in Nottingham, you can live with me if you like."

"Cool," was her reply.

So there it was, she was living with me, and was now my girlfriend for nearly four years. She’d finished her BSc and was now working on the MSc and the doctorate in Physics.

It was this time that the strange things started. I worked as the head of IT for a large software house. At that time, I was bringing home over 70,000 pounds a year, had a car, and no mortgage. We ate in expensive restaurants, and lived well. Natalia always felt bad that I was paying for everything, and promised she would make it up to me when she finally got a job (which she did during the summers).

It was the annual office party. We’d all had a bit too much to drink, as usual at this type of thing. At around 3am, I started to wonder where Natalia was. I looked all around the office, but couldn’t find her. I decided to try the floor below, and there she was. I was shocked, but not angry; I felt happy at the sight. There was Natalia, in the head of Marketing’s office, having sex. I should probably tell you that the head of Marketing’s' name, was Sara Mills! Now, I knew Sara was at least bi-sexual, everyone did; but I didn’t think Natalia was.

Natalia had her back to me. Her red front zip mini-dress was open and her head was licking greedily at Sara’s pussy. Sara was sitting on the desk and was grinding at Natalia’s mouth. I caught a glimpse of Natalia’s right hand, which was rubbing furiously at her clit.

Just then, Sara’s eyes opened and saw me standing at the door. I didn’t know whether to run or to die! Sara tapped Natalia on the shoulder and pointed at me. Natalia just stood, walked to the door and shut it in my face. I took that as a sign that my presence isn’t needed.

As the lift doors opened, I heard Sara reach her climax. "Yeah, baby, you’re the best. Shame Paul interrupted us."

"Don’t worry Sara, I’ll sort him out later. He’ll have to respect our privacy when you come to live with us."

I stepped into the lift and pressed the up button. I couldn’t believe it, my own girlfriend was replacing me with a woman. My friend James saw my grief. "What’s up, mate?" "Aw, nothing. Look, I’m off home." I walked to the lift. James followed. He put an arm around my shoulder.

"Look, Paul; no one knew how to tell you it, but we all knew." I turned and looked at him, bewildered. He carried on. "My Claire talked to her about it, she’s been seeing her some six months."

Six months!!!??? I just looked at my shoes.

"Soz, mate. But don’t worry. Like I said, Claire spoke to her right, and she said that Natalie loves you more than anything or anyone in the world, and would never leave you, but has always felt something was missing from her life. So she met up with Sara. Last I heard was that she’s going to move in with you two, just that you didn’t know. I assume you just found out?"

My hopes had lifted a little, hearing that Natalia still loved me. "Yeah, mate." I said. "Just did." I got into the lift and went down to the car park to drive home. I know, I was drunk, but I could handle it.

To Be Continued...

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