The Best Erotic Stories.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. III
by Slater

I didnít know what to expect when Natalia and Sara came through the door, half an hour later. They were both dressed in rubber. Natalia had a short rubber top and a rubber micro-skirt; both red, tight red rubber stockings. Sara had the same top, but rubber hot-pants with a zip down the crotch. Both wore latex gloves. Natalia wasnít wearing any panties. She was carrying a studded leather paddle.

"Now listen to me bitch," she started. "This is the way itís going to be. If you are worried about me leaving you, then donít. I love you, no matter what happens. But on the other hand, the situation around here is going to be a bit different from now on. You will be my whore, to do with what I please. You will be a whore for Sara, too. If you donít like it, youíll be punished. Whatever happens, youíll be that whore, there isnít anything you can do about it. If I am not happy with you, or you donít do as you are told, then Iíll send those photos to everyone you know. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." I replied. I received a sharp thwack on the cheek.


"Yes, mistress."

"Thatís better. Youíll address Sara in the same way. Either, mistress, almighty, or god. Now, I have thrown all your male underwear away." She saw the shock on my face. "From now on youíll wear womenís underwear. While in the flat, youíll also wear only the sexiest womenís clothes. At work, if you go to work in normal clothes, then you will wear the type of lingerie you are wearing now, under your normal clothes; and when you wear a suit, I understand you can see everything through a white shirt, so you may wear just the panties. Every night when you come home from work, you will be beaten or whipped, just to keep you in line. We will have sex once a week, maximum; maybe even less, weíll see." Sara passed her something; it was a butt-plug. "At all times, youíll wear this. Do you understand everything I have explained."

"Yes, almighty one." Although I was scared, this sounded like it could be fun. Natalia instructed me to get on all fours. I did. She then started to beat me with the paddle across the backside, while Sara slapped me across the face. A cried out loud as tears started to pour. Natalia didnít hold back, she just beat me, not lightly, with all her force.

"When we beat you, we will see blood. That is the only way we know you keep in line. Understand?"

"Yes." I wailed.

"Yes, fucking, what?"

"Yes, almighty and great goddess."

"Thatís better." They beat me for almost half an hour. When the finished, I was so sore, I had spots of blood on my ass. Not so much, just like a graze. Next she took the plug, and rubbed it around her pussy for a while, before forcing it up my ass. "And there itíll stay, understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

To Be Continued...


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