The Best Erotic Stories.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. IV
by Slater

It was around two in the afternoon, when I heard the doorbell. My new mistresses dressed me up in a black micro-skirt and a black see through top, which was sort of like a T-shirt, but without any arms. I was made for women. Natalia was a bit annoyed I couldn’t fill out the cups of my bodice, but didn’t want to use anything false because it looks stupid. They said I’d have to do without. In the morning they bathed me and shaved off all my bodily hair. Later, when I was dressed, they put makeup on me. Not so much I looked like a clown, but enough for me to look like a prostitute.

In the afternoon, Sara went to the local gay porn shop and bought a load of videos. They tied me to a chair, and handcuffed my hands behind me; then they made me watch one film after another, wanking me every so often but not letting me cum. The rented films about transvestites, and made homemade self-hypnosis tapes, which they played on a walkman to me.

"You’re a bi-sexual little whore, bitch. You like to suck penis, and anal sex. You like to be fucked by other me. You like to meet other transvestites and have sex with them, and have panty talk. You like being a transvestite. You hate men’s clothes. You like only women’s clothes. Every time you see a man, you’ll fantasise about being up his ass, and having him up your ass. You will obey your mistresses. They will use you as a human toilet, to piss into whenever they want to. You like to drink piss. You’d drink it from a glass if you could."

This just went on and on and on. And watching the videos made me actually start to feel like I really was a piss drinking, bi-sexual whore.

I began to get scared when the doorbell went. Then I realised who the voice was. It was Claire! James’ wife. I forgot she was coming round.

"Tada!" Said Natalia, as she brought Claire into the sitting room. Claire looked at me in utter shock. Then she looked me over and smiled.

"He’s sexy isn’t he?" She said. "I would have never thought to do this to James. And he’s under your complete control?"

"Yep." They replied.

She shook her head. "Amazing. I’m going to do it to James, will you help me?"

"Sure, we’ll give you whatever you need."

"Thanks. What is he listening to?"

"We made a hypnosis tape. We know I can’t possibly work fully, but it will lower him a bit further. The tape’s generally telling him he’s a bi-sexual tart, who likes to drink piss. Try it." Natalia said.

Claire looked shocked. "What? Pee, in his mouth?" Natalia nodded. So they lowered me onto the couch. Claire hitched up her skirt, took off her panties and sat on my mouth. She then put her finger to her pussy and directed her piss into my mouth. I was so scared I’d get beaten that I drank it all down, and when she’d finished, I licked her clean. But that wasn’t enough for her, she want to cum in my mouth as well. She ground her cunt on to my mouth and I licked her pussy out; sucking hard on her clit. Eventually, she let out a scream, a came hard into my mouth.

"That was great. God, I wish I could piss on James. Will you use him instead of the toilet?" Claire asked.

Sara nodded. "Yes, to piss in." They all laughed.

They put me back on the chair and put on another porn film. This one was about a mistress and her four transvestite slaves. It was called, "Forcibly Feminised". The girls also watched this. They sat, all three, on the sofa; Claire in the middle. Sara opened the zip on her hot-pants. Natalia started to stroke Claire’s leg. Claire became uncomfortable.

"Hey girls, I’m all in favour of trying something new, but I’m not like that, y’know." Claire’s voice trembled. Now Natalia was stroking Claire’s right leg and was kissing her cheek, while Sara was doing the same on her left.

"Relax," said Natalia. "It’s okay. What could happen? We have a good time and that’s it."

Claire tried to stand. "I’d better go." Sara forced her back down and held her arms. She was stronger than Claire. Natalia spread Claire’s legs and buried her face in her pussy.

Claire kept struggling until she was overpowered by the feeling in her pussy. Sara felt this and loosened her grip. Claire’s hands started to massage Natalia’s head and push it harder against her cunt, while Natalia licked and sucked. Sara reached over and began to French kiss Claire, who returned the favour.

The three made love for the rest of the evening. Natalia got her strap on dick and fucked Claire up the ass while Sara got hers and fucked Claire’s twat. Claire must have orgasmed about ten times that evening.

The doorbell went at ten. It was James, coming to pick up Claire. He was surprised by Natalia’s appearance, the latex and rubber, but even more surprised by his wife’s appearance; wearing open crotch latex panties, latex bra, latex stocking length boots, with stiletto heals. She was holding a cat of nine tails whip and looking really sexy, with her long black hair and tall slim body.

Then James saw me…and panicked.

To Be Continued...


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