The Best Erotic Stories.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. V
by Slater

"What have you done to him?" He shouted.

"Weíve feminised him. He is now our personal slave, to beat, to piss into, to useÖtoÖfuck." Said Natalia. She mouthed the word fuck while saying it.

Claire, who had her hands behind her back, walked up to James; and before James had time to think, his hands were behind his back, cuffed, and was face down on the floor.

"James dear, it is the same as we are going to do to you. You will be our slave as well. You see, Iíve just discovered how good it is to be a lesbian, well, bisexual. And I want a woman at home, but seeing as that is not possible, Iíll settle for you, dressed as one. Now, either you follow our every order, or Iíll divorce you. Understand?"

James didnít know what to do. He didnít want a divorce, and felt that he would do anything to stay with her.


"Yes what, fuck face?" Claire screamed.

"Yes, mistress."

"Excellent. Now come with us." They led him out of the room. I couldnít see what was going on. I heard water running. About twenty minutes later, I heard the sound on Natalia making love, then I heard Jamesí grunts. Natalia was having sex with James. The bitch!

They all came back into the room about half an hour later. James was shaved and dressed in a long flowery skirt, with a green tank top. He was wearing makeup. His head was hung low. I noticed he had red stockings.

Natalia came over to me, her face covered in Jamesí cum.

"Lick me clean." She said. I hesitated, so she slapped me. I began to lick Jamesí semen from my girlfriendís face. Meanwhile, Claire laid James on the sofa, and began to piss in his mouth. When she finished, Sara pissed in his mouth. And, she was done, Natalia pissed in his mouth. Then Sara untied me and told me to get my head under Jamesís skirt and put my mouth around his penis, but not to do anything. When I was ready, Claire instructed James to piss in my mouth. James pissed for what seemed like an hour. Then it was Jamesí turn to drink mine.

When we finished, Natalia instructed us to play with each other. So we both just shrugged and started to kiss, not feeling attracted at all, and not using our tongues. Then a strange thing happened, I started to enjoy it. I think James did as well because he started to use his tongue. Suddenly, both our tongues were intertwining and his hand was up my skirt, rubbing my penis through the material of my panties. I lifted his long skirt and put my hand up it and I started to rub his asshole. The girls were starting to get off on this great show. We kissed and kissed, as if we were lovers. Without realising, I was finger fucking him up the ass. He gently pushed my head under his skirt and I began to suck his dick. I was still finger fucking him when he came into my mouth. I sucked for all my might, trying to get every last drop out. It was my first taste of another manís cum, and I loved it, I wanted more! Then I went up and kissed him. I still had my finger up his ass. I took my finger out, and went down and tongue fucked him up the ass.

Then he went down on me, sucking my dick, finger fucking me. I came suddenly and hard, bucking my hips as I came into his mouth. He came back up and we kissed. We stopped a moment to look at each other. We both had smeared our lipstick. He smiled at me. I smiled back, then we kissed again. He turned over and showed me his ass; I knew what he wanted, because I wanted it too. I wanted to cum in his ass.

"I think theyíve fallen in love." Said Sara.

"Yeah, theyíre certain very willing little girls." Said Claire.

I pressed my penis against his virgin ass. It slid in quite easily. I was slow at first, but when I went deeper and felt him relax, I started to pump in and out of him. I reached down and started to wank him off. Pretty soon I felt his muscles tension and he came all over my hand. I quickly put it to my mouth and licked it clean. As I was eating his come, I came up his ass. We collapsed, my penis sliding out of him.

We relaxed for a few minutes. I licked my cum out of his ass, and enjoyed every last drop. I still couldnít believe how good it tasted. Then he turned me over and returned the favour. It hurt when the penis first slid inside me. But when he was fully inside, the pain became pleasurable. My ass was fucked for the first time, and I loved it. I was definitely bi-sexual! James wanked me off while he fucked me. I came just as I felt Jamesí warm cum up my ass. I grabbed Jamesí hand and licked it clean.

Afterwards, we kissed until Mistress Natalia told us we were late for our regular beatings. James was a bit scared but I was now looking forward to it. I had been transformed into a slut. We were both tied to the low ceiling and all three girls had a whip of some sort. We were naked now by the way, the Mistresses had taken off our clothes. Natalia attached nipple clamps with a weight to each over our nipples and to our testicle bags. Then all three girls whipped us. They didnít stop for nearly and hour; they beat us harder and faster than a jockey hit his racehorse. The pain was so immense and sexual that both of us came about five times.

We then licked other over to clean up any sores or blood. We sucked each otherís penises and I drank his cum once again. He also peed inside my mouth and I in his; it was remarkable. I loved the taste.

The girls then took their turns to use us as toilets, then we prepared for bed. We dressed in sexy black satin nighties with lacy tops and we were told to have the butt-plugs in whenever we werenít having sex.

That night was the best in my life. I spent it having anal sex with my new boyfriend, and drinking his cum and his lovely piss. When we were having sex, we sucked on each otherís butt-plugs. At other times the girls came in to take a piss. We drank it all down. It was amazing, we would drink each otherís piss but never use the toilet to piss.

We eventually fell asleep. The next morning, we would over sleep, only to be woken by the doorbell again.

To Be Continued...


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