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Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. VI
by Slater

We both woke with a start when we heard it go. James quickly fixed my makeup and I his. Then we drank each otherís piss.

I couldnít recognise the voice until the last minute, when it was outside our door. It was my mum! I panicked, what was I going to do? If my mum saw me like this sheíd through a fit, no way would I live it down! James didnít realise who it was, he was only interested in why Iím so upset. He put an arm around me and pulled me back to the bed. We lay there, arm in arm, until I realised what Iím doing. If my mum came in and saw thatÖ..too late. The door opened.

"ErÖMum, I can explain." I stuttered out.

She smiled. "Donít worry. The girls explained everything too me on the phone yesterday. I went shopping and bought you these French knickers and matching top. I must say you look sexy in that nightie."

Now Iíd seen everything, I was flabbergasted. What was this?

"Er, mumÖ"

She slapped me hard across the face.

"Iím Mistress to you."


Natalia handed the studded paddle to my mum. Who then proceeded to beat me with it.

"Sorry Mistress." I shouted.

"Thatís better." She said. "I bought you some other sexy underwear, like these G-strings. Also I bought you this mini-dress but looking at you, you are too pigeon-chested." I heard the door slam. "Donít worry, thatíll be your father." What??? My dad would surely kill me. She must have seen my horrified look. "Donít worry, he knows everything. He wears my panties sometimes."

Now, my mum is not bad looking. Sheís got dyed blonde hair and a medium size behind and big breasts. She looks the 59 years old that she is. I didnít realise it but I was still holding on to James.

"Er, Mistress, this is James."

"No it isnít." James looked surprised by my Mumís reply. "That is now Jane. And you are now Pauline." Okay, I could accept that, pet names and that. Dad walked in. He was naked a part from a lacy chemise and a pair of lacy French knickers in matching light pink. I couldnít believe it, my own dad; and he was wearing makeup! He came over to me, without saying a word, climbed on top of me and started to rub himself against me.

"You as well dad?" I asked.

He nodded. "We wanted to start on you when you turned 18 but we didnít get the chance. Your mother was the one that gave Natalia and Sara the idea, it was just lucky that Claire and Jane joined in."

"You mean the whole thing was a set up? That Natalia left me in this room because she knew Iíd find the clothes and want to try them?"

"Yes. We saw you when you were younger and you tried on your mumís panties, so we knew. Itís nothing to be ashamed about. Thatís what brought your mum and I together; when I started seeing her, she always wanted me to wear her panties, so thatís how it started. And now you know that Iím bi-sexual, we can make love together."

He kissed me full on the lips. "I love you, Pauline."

I kissed back. "I love you too, dad."

He put his tongue in my ear and licked it. "Call me daddy."

"Yes, daddy."

"Do you want to fuck your daddy?"

He smiled, "Yes daddy."

"Well first you must drink, mistressí piss."

My mother came over to me and ground her old cunt into my mouth and pissed. I licked up every last drop. Then my daddy let me drink his piss and suck his dick. He fucked my mouth and sent his hot sperm down my throat. Then he sucked my dick. He got a vibrator and lubricated it and my ass, then in one almighty shove, sent it up my ass. I came all over dadís face. I licked it all off him, straight away.

We spent the rest of the day performing a threesome gangbang, having anal sex.

Then in the evening, something strange happened. I had finished eating my dinner, when I realised there was an odd taste to it. I said this to my mother.

"Yes, I know. In yours and Janeís I put a whole three month pack of my hormone replacement therapy, estragon." She replied, with a smile. "By tomorrow, you should start to grow breasts and be more feminine."

"But wonít I be impotent?" I asked, terrified.

"No-no. Donít worry. Now, to make the process go even faster, I have these estragon patches. This is a six month supply. You will both wear them all tonight."

We did. We fucked, we pissed. Daddy fucked me. The next morning I had breasts, small breasts mind." But with every meal we took the tablets, and all day we wore the patches. My parents, who were rich, must have spent nearly 2,000 pounds on the drugs. By the end of the week, we had C cup breasts. And best of all, my penis worked 150%. I was the luckiest man/woman on Earth. I grew my hair long and Natalia said I was the most beautiful slave in the world and that she loves me. Even Sara fell in love with me; I have sex with her everyday now. People on the street whistled saying I was cute, that I looked like Elle McPhereson.

I now have D breasts. I married Natalia, and both of us wore a wedding dress. I have had my penis and testicles pierced so that I can pull them back and hide them. When I piss, I piss like a woman.

My parents bought a house closer to Nottingham. We visit them regularly, where we have mass orgies, and I fuck my mummy mistress and my daddy. Daddy also now has breasts and wears womenís clothes full time like me.

Jane and Claire live with me Natalie and Sara. Weíve converted one room of the flat into a big bed, so we can all fuck together. We all go out together and pull unsuspecting 18 year old (or older) boys. They spend the first night, and if they donít leave after that, we spend the rest of the week converting them, after which, they leave a she-male like Jane and I; all of them are happy though.

Our girls are still our mistresses, and we are still beaten on a regular basis. If anything they are harder on us now. Mummy pierced my ears, nose and titties for me. And I still like drink other peopleís piss.

To Be Continued...


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