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Dave Meets Vicki
by Rick

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Dave Stearns drove up the long gravel driveway to the suburban ranch in the service truck noting the absence of any life. "Great!" He thought, "A twenty mile drive for nothing." He decided to check the house, just to make sure no one was home. The dispatcher promised there would be someone to let him in to repair the plumbing in the elegant looking house. He noted the time on the log sheet. "It was going to be another hot one, if its already 85 degrees at nine-thirty in the morning." He thought. Dave got out of the truck and picked up the red tool box he used for plumbing. After knocking at the front door, and receiving no response, he went around the back to see if anyone was there.

A large privacy fence surrounded the yard, but Dave could hear rock music blaring beyond the gate. He opened the gate and walked around the house. There was a large, cool-looking pool with a woman laying in the sun on the far side. The boom box throbbed next to her. As he walked up to the lady, he noticed her excellent tan and skimpy swim wear. She laid long in the sun. Her long blond hair was pulled to one side, revealing a cute face with full, pouty lips. Her eyes were closed in reverie as she listened to the throbbing beat of the music. The bikini bottom was a french cut - a mere string which disappeared in the incredible depths of her full ass cheeks. There were simple bows on each side of her flared hips, which almost held the "garment" in place. Dave noticed she wore no top, and none was near either. Her long, tapered legs were slightly parted, revealing a small patch of cloth that pressed into the dark slot of her crotch. A slight sheen of perspiration covered her body.

The effect of close observation of this beauty put a major amount of stress upon his short cut-off's ability to restrain the monster that was growing in them. At twenty-one, his body was in good shape. Dave's stomach was taut, and muscles bulged in all the right spots (especially the one in his pants). He walked up to the woman, and quietly asked if she had called for service.

The young woman jumped at the sound of his voice. She partially raised from the thick beach towel, exposing a full breast and turgid nipple. She raised up on her forearms, but kept the tips of her breasts pressed against the towel. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in." She apologized. Her brown eyes smiled as she noticed the firmness at the front of Dave's raggedy cut- offs. "Are you here to fix the plumbing?"

"Yeah, I'm Dave with Speedy Home Repairs." He said as his eyes locked on her body. "You look nice and comfortable." He mentioned as he set his tool box down by the pool.

She flicked her long hair over her shoulder, re-exposing the nipple of one tit. She turned on her side, trying to keep her tits covered by pressing them to the towel. The front of her bikini bottom was a thin black "vee" that showed a slight tuft of blond pussy hair peeking out over her mons. She had no tan lines. "My name's Vicki. I don't think there's really much of a problem. My step-mother's the one that called, and she didn't tell me what it was. You don't mind waiting until she gets back to find out, do you?" She asked lazily scratching an itch on her inner thigh.

"Do you know how long she'll be, Vicki?" Dave said as he licked his dry lips. The head of his cock peeked out from under the leg of his shorts. It was being pinched as it grew with sexual arousal.

Vicki's eyes were glued to Dave's bulging crotch. Her breasts flushed with excitement. "I think she went shopping down at the mall, she should be back in an hour or so, Dave." She smiled sweetly. Her dark eyes looking deep into his green one's. "Why don't you take off your shirt and join me for some rays?" She invited, flexing one tapered leg so he could see the tiny string as it disappeared in between her pouting sex lips.

"I suppose I could wait a bit." Dave replied, stripping off the shirt. He tried to adjust the monster in his pants discreetly. A smile crossed Vicki's lips, followed by the tip of her tongue. "Dave, see that bottle of lotion over by the lounge?" She asked pointing a long, slim finger and a full, bouncy tit at the patio behind the house. "Would you mind putting some on my back?" I'm afraid I'll burn."

He stood, walked over to the patio, retrieved the bottle of baby lotion, and returned to her side. He stood over her for a moment, taking in the gorgeous view of her nearly naked sexuality.

Her eyes were even with Dave's crotch. See looked it over slowly, admiring the fullness in the garment, before stretching out on her front. The movements had caused the strings of the bikini to bury themselves into her pussy and ass. She slid a hand under her pelvis and relieved the pressure by slipping her fingers between the garment and her pussy. Standing slightly behind her, he watched as two fingers slid through the moist slot, lingering a little longer than needed. Her fingers were damp when she pulled them out and laid her head down. She closed her eyes.

As Dave sat down beside the nubile woman, he could smell the heady aroma of her sex. He popped loose the top snap of the cut- off's to give his dick some breathing room. "This babe is hot!" He thought. And he meant more than temperature. It had been several weeks since Dave had felt any type of real relief, sexually, except for his hand. He'd just finished another grueling spell of study and finals at the local University. Most of his friends had gone home for the summer, and he hadn't developed any new partners yet. He knelt by her hips, and unscrewed the top of the clear bottle. He squirted the warm liquid on his palms, rubbed them together, and gently began to spread the slippery oil over her soft shoulders.

She pulled her hair out of the way. Exposing her slender neck. "Umm." Vicki murmured. "That feels good, Dave." She encouraged softly.

Taking her hint, he switched from rubbing on the lotion to massaging in the lotion. His large hands firmly kneaded her pliant shoulder skin and muscles. "You feel tight." He commented. "Let me work on some of your kinks while I wait for your step-mom."

Vicki nodded her assent. She re-arranged her body to allow Dave easier access. He straddled her thighs. The front of his pants pressed into her ass. The young man rocked forward and continued his ministrations to her taut muscles. His thumbs firmly rolled the muscles between them and the flats of his fingers. He ran his hands up the back of her slender neck and then out over her shoulders. He spread his fingers wide as he massaged the muscles over her shoulder blades and down her spine. He squirted more lotion on her back. She squirmed as the warm liquid splashed and ran down the smoothly tanned surface. Goose bumps appeared momentarily along the fine blond hair of Vicki's upper arms. He massaged those surfaces, developing a circular pattern of: neck, shoulders, upper arms, shoulder blades, and spine.

"God, that really feels great, Dave!" Vicki cooed. "I've been so tense lately. School has really been a drag this month."

"I know what you mean. I've just finished finals myself."

"They are the pits." She agreed.

"If you'd like, I could do a complete massage for you, while I'm waiting." Dave suggested hopefully. He had adjusted his throbbing cock until it was protruding obscenely from the top of his shorts. The zipper continued to work its way down as he rubbed the front of his pants on her up-thrust ass cheeks. As he worked lower on her narrow waist and spine, she arched her back presenting her lovely ass to more of his touching.

"Umm, yes! Please do, Dave." She hissed with satisfaction. Her nubile body was responding to his gentle but firm ministrations. "Fuck," she thought, "I haven't felt this sexually aroused this whole year. All those jocks I've been with only wanted one thing. They'd use my pussy to masturbate, and leave me high and dry. But this guy is doing more to me than all of them put together, and he's not even got his dick out!" She decided right then, that Dave deserved a special "bonus," and she'd make sure she gave it to him personally. Where her actions had been responses to his expert massaging, now she was going to try to get Dave to fuck her by using her tempting body. "The game was afoot!"

Vicki began to flex and arch her back rhythmically. She felt his bulge pressing against her soft ass. There was a strange softness to some of it, that contrasted to the harsh material of the jean cut-offs. "I wonder what that is." She thought.

Dave's hands moved smoothly over the prone woman's back. He was an experienced masseuse. He had worked at the local spa, part- time, to help pay for college. He started softly and gradually increased the pressure and depth of his rubbing, until the area was pink and pliable. He was careful to keep the skin moist with lotion to avoid rubbing her tender skin raw. He wanted to see how long he could continue this massage before this woman would beg him to fuck her.

The tanned amazon moved her arms over her head to allow Dave greater access to her body. The massage was washing days of tension out of her system. From time to time she arched and flexed her body under his hands. Her pussy was beginning to get that familiar "feeling." Her clit was once again being rubbed by the French bikini. "That damn thing!" She thought. "I wish I'd worn nothing as I first intended. Fuck! I think the thing is going to make me cum before "big boy" gets his cock in me." She began to think how she could slow down her orgasm, get the fucking G-string out of her throbbing twat, or make Dave jump her bones. The problem was - between Dave's massage and the suit's touch on her sensitive clitoris - she was having trouble thinking at all.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Rick.

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