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Dave Meets Vicki
The Whole Story: Pt IX
by Rick

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

They turned, remaining very close to the edge of the stage. He pressed her into a crouch, still impaled on his cock. The audience fondled and caressed them everywhere. Leroy felt soft hands fluttering over his ass and balls. There was even fingers beside his cock inside his partner's pulsating pussy. She felt hands on her body. Her breasts were pinched and her pussy was full. She could feel her juices soaking fingers and cock alike.

The black lovers stood and moved to center stage. The music was ending. They turned toward the crowd and he lifted her by her thighs, Leroy's shiney black rod still pistoned into her gleaming cunt lips. With her legs held wide, his cock was plainly visible as it fucked in and out of her pink pussy. She placed a long brown finger on her protruding clit, and they climaxed in front of the lust crazed crowd. His cum boiled up his shiny member and filled her pussy. His bloated balls drew up tight to his slimy black shaft. Long strings of white cum seeped from her quivering gash, ran down over his hairless nut sack, and dripped onto the floor as they tongue kissed through the finale. She lowered her long brown legs to the floor. His scum coated cock rubbed on her firm ass crack. The crowd applauded as they disengaged, his monstrous hose flopping from her scum filled snatch. They bowed, kissed and left the stage.

The sensuality level of the room rose with performance. Especially affected were those at the front of the stage. There men and women exposed themselves and groped for one another. Their need too great for their ruined inhibitions. Someone came in to clean up the scum from the stage. There was a trickle of laughter from the crowd.

The MC announced the next couple and Joanie and Marcus danced out on the stage. They too had elected to keep their costumes as they were for their final performance. Marcus' cock and balls thrust through the opening in his shorts. When they reached center-stage. Joanie turned to face her partner. He stood absolutely still, his cock stiffly perpendicular to his taut body. She danced around him. Her dance was designed to inflame and drive him to take her. She rubbed her full tits down the length of his sweat glazed torso. Her nipples left trails along the drops of sweat. She faced the stage front and used her breasts to rub the full length of his stiff penis. She faced him and probed the end of his circumcised dick with a stiff nipple. Her hands gripped his shorts and lowered them. She massaged the muscles of his hips. His cock rested between her milk-filled tits. She pressed forward, and the penis arched up before her lips. His balls were trapped between her sweet mams. Joanie captured her slender lover's manhood in her mouth and suckled like a newborn calf. The crowd chanted to each of her strokes.

Before he was forced to cum, Marcus grabbed her by the hair and stood her before him. Her lips were shiny with the sweat of his balls, her spit and his pre-cum. He kissed her deeply. His kisses trailed down her frame. Stopping to suckle on each nipple, he tasted her milk, his cock brushed her gaping vagina. She hunched her pelvis, trying capture his love weapon, but he continued his downward oral search of her anatomy. He found her quivering vulva with his tongue. She arched her back as he hit her special spot.

Faces flushed with arousal, the dancers stood and moved toward the edge of the stage. Joanie stood on the very edge with her feet spread slightly. Several men massaged her tits and pussy as Marcus slid his cock between her legs from behind. The spotlight gleamed on their straining bodies. Many of the people in the front were now totally nude. Some were even performing various sex acts, driven beyond reason by the lurid dancers. A naked woman in front of Joanie grabbed Marcus' penis and stroked it a couple times. Then she slipped it into Joanie's pussy. Even when Marcus was fully imbedded in Joanie's snatch, the woman continued to fondle his balls and exposed shaft. She would take the mixture of the dancer's sex juices and lick it from her fingers.

Marcus squirted tiny streams of Joanie's tit-milk on some of the audience. People went wild. His hands were replaced by total strangers' that continued to milk her fresh udders. Soon her belly was covered with tit-milk. The chanting crowd counted each of his mighty cock's strokes into her burning vagina. At fifty, his balls suddenly tightened along his penis, he hunched deep and his cum began to blast into Joanie's drooling pussy. The nude woman, who was fondling his manhood, pulled his cock free as it started spitting it's love potion. Most of his seed splattered her face and tits. Some shot into her mouth. Other women surrounded her like sharks. They lapped his hot cum from her face and body. The men surrounding them took the opportunity to probe an available hole with a stiff cock. Soon cum was flowing from several new sources. The dancers stood unsteadily, bowed and waved as they retrieved their costumes and left the stage. They smiled sweetly at Dave and Vicky as they passed the last time in the hall.

The handsome couple moved gracefully to center stage. They stood armslength apart, facing each other. The lights on the stage were off. The music silent. The crowd noise diminshed to a hush. The rowdy couples in the front paused their lewd exploits.

Dave knew the performances of the other couples were very good. Although he felt Vicky's and his past performances were the best, and they should be able to win even at this stage, he wanted to take no chances. He had made specific music and lighting arrangements with the MC. The announcer was pleased at the requests he had made, and assured him all would be ready.

As the crowd's attention was drawn to the almost invisible pair on the stage, a dim red glow appeared on the curtain behind them. The glow slowly grew, silouetting the perfection of their bodies. A steady drum beat started, reminiscent of an ancient tribal ceremony.

The dancers began to sway with the music. Although there were slight variations, the dance was simple. The male would lean toward his partner, without using his hands, he might complimentt his mate about some endearing quality of her body. He might also use his face and mouth in the brief intervals he was in range. She would bend backward as bent forward. This had the effect of totally exposing the body to the close scrutiny of the partner. In turn, the woman and man would reverse positions. They would continue this sequence until they lost control, sexually.

Dave had read about an ancient mating dance, in one of his studies. He had been intrigued, and fantasized about someday performing this ritual with his wife. When he explained it to Vicky, she eagerly agreed. They worked out a few variations, but Dave said they needed to adlib as much as possible to make it look natural. The excitement of the dance was in not knowing what your partner might do next.

The unusual drum beat throbbed throught the disco's expensive sound system. The MC had found a recording of what sounded like true tribal ritual music. The dancers swayed closer to each other. Vicky bent back, her firm tits jutting proudly upward. Dave leaned toward her slowly, in time to the rhythm. His face neared her shimmering breasts. Softly her spoke, "Your neck is graceful." Amazingly, his comment was clearly amplified over the sound system. Dave had asked if the disco had a directional microphone. The MC was pointing the instrument at the swaying dancers. The croud remained silent, not sure they had really heard his words over the throbbing drum beat.

He leaned back and Vicky bent toward him looking at his handsome face. "Your mouth is sexy." She replied. Dave smiled. The crowd began to move to the beat slightly.

Dave reversed himself. He leaned closer and said, "Your lips are sweet." There was ripple of comments through the crowd. The spotlights gleamed in the shimmering skin of the handsome, nude couple.

Vicky leaned forward, in turn, and said huskily, "I like your eyes." Her face was less than an inch from his chest. She blew softly upon his hardening nipples.

Dave leaned forward. His cheeks grazed the insides of her firm titties. "Your breasts are firm." He countered.

The place where his face had been, became suddenly warm to Vicky. They had begun the dance in a state of arrousal from their previous performances. She wasn't sure how long she could continue to control her need for fulfillment. She leaned forward filling her nostrils with his man-smell. "You smell good, like a man." Women crowded along the edge of stage nodded their heads in time to the music. A few were rubbing already damp pussies.

Dave leaned forward. Rubbing his cheek over her stiff nipples, he responded, "Your nipples need sucked." The men in the crowd yelled their agreement. He leaned back. His hands were locked behind his back. His chest, belly and thigh muscles were flexed. His cock arched toward his belly. His balls hung from his crotch.

Vicky licked one of his nipples. "You taste good and salty."

"I like your tits." Dave uttered as her nipple popped free from his suctioning lips. The full titty flopped and pulsed. The crowd cheered. Several couples began to emulate their dance. Soon many more joined, and two lines formed.

Vicky's tongue snake down the front of his torso, stopping almost at his belly button. "Your thighs are strong."

Dave felt her hot breath on the exposed head of his cock. He licked the other breast thoroughly and said, "Your belly is smooth."

Vicky dipped lower. Her lips blew on his hard cock. His penis jumped at the stimulus. She murmured, "Your cock his long." Women screamed and applauded in response.

Dave bent over Vicky again. His tongue drew a wet trail down her belly to her naval. "Your waste is narrow."

Vicky lowered her face to his cock and kissed the tip firmly. "You penis tastes sweet." Another cheer followed. The other dancers were soon in various states of disrobe. Their lewdness equaled the performers'.

"Your pussy smells good." Dave replied huskily as he sniffed the fur above her love slot. He blew a stream of air over her golden pubes.

Vicky slid his cock into her mouth, like a sword swallower. His balls brushed her chin. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair. "I want your cock." She whispered as her lips parted from his pulsating penis. A long strand of saliva clung from her lip to his stiff dick.

Dave's tongue lapped over her exposed cunt lips as she leaned as far back as she could without losing her balance. Her body strained for the touch of his mouth. "Your pussy is ready."

Slowly the couple worked their way back up their partner's body. Continuing to make compliments. They were inching closer as they danced. Finally they were almost touching - face to face. This time when Vicky bent backward, Dave slid his mighty cock into her burning slot. The music changed, as if to signal a new plateau had been reached. During the dance they had shuffled toward the edge of the stage. Many of the dancers there had been copying the new dance. Now they noticed them again.

Vicky bent even farther back, and placed her hands on the stage. Her legs were spread. She posed, like a beautiful, sexy human arch. Her pubic hair exposed like a cloud at the top of a mountain. Her breasts thrust outward, wobbling with heavy breathing. "Fuck me!" Vicky graoned.

Dave stood between her tapered, tanned thighs. His hands held her by the waste. His cock touched her burning love hole. Without usin his hands he hunched his throbbing penis into her dripping pussy. He slowly pistoned his cock in and out of her pussy. He used a hand to occassionally fondle a firm tit. Vicky shook her head in lust. Her long blond hair flew in all directions.

Gingerly, the nearby onlookers touched the handsome dancers. Dave felt soft hands on his firm buttocks. Vicky's tits were caressed by many hands. The performers looked like an ancient sculpture from the Temple of Eros. Two lovers, incredibly entwined. The women chanted "Fuck her! Fuck her!" with each of his powerful strokes. Stange hands stroked Vicky from her ass to her face. All the touches were gentle and loving, as if everyone wanted to share in their intense sexuality. Vicky raised herself slowly to an upright position. The audience applauded her performance. She held onto her lover's strong shoulders. Then she cocked one leg over his shoulder. Her pussy was totally exposed to the gaze of the lust-crazed crowd. They screamed with each piston of his mighty rod. The lovers were no longer interested in anything but the intense desire they felt for each other.

The lovers only looked at each other now. Their eyes were locked. Each could feel the other's orgasm build. Vicky hunched her pelvis harder against his probing penis. She pulled his hips into her harder and deeper. Dave flexed his hips farther. The light caresses of the audience seemed to heighten their lust. Dave filled his hands with her tits as he began to fill her sopping snatch with his cum. He bellowed as his orgasm overtook him. His cock gleamed with their juices in the spotlight. Vicky moaned her response. Her nipples were twice their normal size. Her smooth skin had a sheen of perspiration. She dropped her leg and hugged her lover close. They kissed. The music ended. The crowd cheered. Slowly, they realized where they were. They parted. His cock flopped from her pussy. Cum splattered the stage and hung from its tip. Women gathered in the stray love drops eagerly. They bowed. He kissed her. They bowed again, and still the crowd cheered.

In a moment, the MC appeared magically beside them. He handed them a check for the prize money. "Congratulations! Be sure and cum back anytime!" The big burly man kissed Vicky lustily. She didn't hold back. The crowd loved it. Then they left the stage to get dressed.

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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