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Dave Meets Vicki
The Whole Story: Pt VI
by Rick

After her afternoon delight, Vicki rested. She napped and read a romance novel. From time to time she dreamily rubbed her throbbing clitoris or burning nipples. When it was finally time for her to get ready, Vicki showered and douched. She put on a white nylon mini-skirt. She stood in front of her full-length mirror, admiring her dynamite body. As she turned, she noticed her ass crack and crotch were outlined sexily through the shear material. Her breasts thrust out proudly. Vicki had also decided on wearing no under garments. Her long, tanned legs contrasted vividly with the white cloth of her skirt. The skirt had a habit of slowly creeping up her thighs. The bottom of the skirt was only a few inches below her crotch. If she was seated, her pussy was clearly visible.

She put on a white, cut-off, sleeveless top, with a deep vee neckline and bare back. The only difference between this garment and a bra was this was not supportive or confining. She thought about wearing a tiny bikini top, but thought she might feel a little uncomfortable in a public place. This top barely covered the bottoms of her large breasts. Its low cut exposed the upper breasts, almost to the nipple. The dark aureoles were partially uncovered. Except for the thin strip that held the front together, her cleavage was clearly visible. The sexy top allowed almost complete visual access, depending upon the direction of the viewer, and easy manual access. The material was light cotton. She new that if she perspired or got wet, it would be nearly transparent.

She was bare wasted. Her sandles were also white. She brushed out her long blond hair. Vicki applied enough make-up to accent her stunning facial beauty, but not enough to cause her discomfort if she hot. She was already getting "hot" just thinking about what she and her lover might do together. For contrast and accent, she wore a deep red lip gloss. Her hot clothing would let Dave know exactly what she expected of him. She was sure he would respond correctly.

When she walked out into the kitchen, a few minutes before Dave was due to arrive, her step-mother noticed her sexy attire. "God, girl!" She exclaimed with a wicked leer. "That poor boy will throw you down and fuck you as soon as he sees you, in that outfit. You don't want to give him a chance, do you, honey?"

"Oh, mother!" Vicki responded with a smile. "You're just jealous cause you want to fuck him too!"

"You got that shit straight, sister. You don't have to go out, you know. You could stay here and relax."

"Now mom, I'd like to have a little time with my man before you try take him away from me."

"Vicki, darling, your father and I are very happily married. We have a special relationship, which I have no interest in changing. I like your new friend, and thoroughly enjoyed fucking him, but I like you both. I want you to be happy, and I think this man is special. I know you do too. Don't worry about your old step-mother stealing your man. All you have to do is say the word, and I'll stay away from him, but I won't like it."

The women hugged lovingly. Denise was nude, as usual. Her face was even with the blond's cleavage. She laid her head in the deep vee. Her daughter's perfume was quite alluring. Vicki held her step-mother close. Her hand ran over the smooth satiny skin of the her back. Their mouths joined in a long, slow french kiss. Their tongues flitting in the other's moist mouth. Both women were flushed and excited when they finally broke their embrace.

"I liked sharing our love with you mom." Vicki said demurely. "I have always fantasied about making love with another woman and a man. It was better than I imagined. I have to admit, I've had some hot thoughts about you too."

"Well that goes double for me. I could never get enough nerve to approach you sexually. But when I saw you sleeping, and knew you were having a wet dream, I lost my head!"

"I'm glad you did. Now we can have a truthful relationship."

The women embraced briefly. They truly loved each other. They parted just as Dave pulled in the driveway. Vicki went to the door to let him in. Denise followed.

When Dave walked up to the door, he was met with a stunning sexual sight. The younger woman's attire was designed to completely arouse and stimulate her lover. She was dressed in such a way to barely cover her privates, but hinted of her sexual need. His manhood responded immediately, by filling the space in the front of his slacks. Vicki's pussy clamped in response to her seeing the sexy young man. His physique was elegantly clad, but well displayed. She noticed his thickening cock. Dave saw that Denise was nude. Her little body was perfect. Somehow it seemed only natural that she should be naked. Anything else would somehow detract from her natural beauty and womanhood. She leaned against the door admiring the ensemble the young man had selected for the date. Her nipples thrust out in arousal at his sexy aura.

The strong young man kissed the blond deeply. His hands rubbed her ass through the thin material. He grasped both buttocks, lifting the short skirt. His fingertips grazed her warm ass hole and pussy lips. He pressed his crotch against hers. She responded by parting her thighs, slightly, and hunching back. Her breasts were mashed into his muscular chest. Her nipples felt like little pebbles between them. Her sexual juices began to flow. Although their tongues met, he was careful not to destroy her makeup - that would cum later.

Denise walked up beside the handsome couple. Her eyes were aflame with lust and pride. They were perfectly matched - like two models. She couldn't help including herself in their embrace. Her little hand sought out the big man's groin. She pressed her firm breasts into their sides. She slid a hand between the embracing couple to fondle her step-daughter's bulging milkers. They paused only briefly to adjust to her addition to their embrace.

Denise soon had Dave's fully hardened organ exposed. It protruded pornographically from his trouser fly. Her little hand jacked his manhood merrily. Dave slid a hand from one of Vicki's tight ass cheeks and cupped the dark-haired woman's nude ass. His thick fingers slid into her musty crack. He pressed his middle finger into her anus, while his first finger slid into her dripping snatch. The horny woman did a lewd dance at the end of his thick arm. She had exposed one of Vicki's breasts, and proceeded to nurse on the younger woman's mammary - like a hungry infant.

The young couple continued their lust-heated embrace. Denise intentionally brushed the young man's bloated cock head over her step-daughter's wet vagina. Vicki had tilted her pelvis to make better contact with Dave's cock. Dave was thrusting his hips toward the horny young woman with a fucking motion. Denise held the thick monster tightly. The head disappeared and reappeared as the foreskin covered and uncovered it. A clear drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip. Denise revelled in her total control of the situation. She loved the feel of the power her sexuality had over other people.

Denise knew the young couple would soon be ready to fuck, and didn't want to destroy their plans for a date. She felt they needed to get to know each other in ways besides sexually. She broke her suction on the young woman's angry red nipple. She held the young man's pulsating penis firmly still. She ceased her own gyrations on his fingers, reluctantly pulling her body from their triangular embrace. "Hey! You guys better get going, or I'm going to fuck you both right here on the door step." She said with a grin, as they broke their french kiss. "You'd never get to go out, at this rate." The couple separated enough to repair the damage to their clothes. Dave took Vicki's hand, and led her to the car. They waved as they got in.

"I won't wait up for you, Vicki." She stated, as she rubbed her pussy lips. "Have a good time, and don't get arrested!" She laughed and walked back to her bedroom. The young lovers' embrace had ignited her sexual fires. Not that they ever fully went out. She was thinking about her assortment of dildos.

She sat at the bar, on a tall stool, proudly displaying her body. She never bought a drink. Her several admirers kept her well-stocked. She gladly danced with a man, occasionally. She allowed a quick feel or fleeting tongue-swap in the dimness of the smoke-filled bar. After midnight, the crowd had thinned and five young men came in for a drink. They were an amateur basketball team who had just won an important tournament game. They were excited and loud. They came to the bar, casually surrounding the sexy woman as they placed their orders. Denise could smell their recent showers and manly odors. Their cocks hardened when they began to notice the dark haired sex goddess seated among them. The ball team introduced themselves, closing in around her. They casually touched her shoulders, arms and neck as they drank and chatted. She returned their touches by teasingly grabbing a bun or exposed crotch. She ran her little fingers over a bare bicep or chest, complimenting their builds. The men were handsome. They were all different. They were all horny.

Denise sat in the middle of the group. As they realized the black-haired vixen was not afraid of them or repulsing their sexual advances, they became more bold in their attempts to seduce her. Little did they realize, Denise was in full control of a situation they would not soon forget. Denise spread her legs slightly. Her zipper had receded to her waist, exposing her bare pussy to their lust-filled gazes. One man grabbed a firm breast. Another followed suit. Another unbuttoned the blouse so they could all see. The other men slid their hands over her legs. Each one alternately fingered her seeping snatch. The little corner of the dim bar became thick with sexual intensity. No one could see the little woman, outside the circle of athletes. Denise moaned as a tall-blond man bent down and kissed her fiercely. His tongue duelled with hers. She was grabbing and fondling more man-meat than she had ever seen in one place before. She broke the kiss and said, "I think we could get a lot more comfortable, if we had a hotel room."

Her suggestion stopped the men. They had been hoping for a quick feel, or something. But none of them had ever dreamed they might have a chance to be with such a beauty. They quickly paid their tabs and left for the seedy hotel across the street.

Denise entered the room. A king-sized bed filled it. She flicked on the TV and a skin flick blared. A young woman was getting fucked in the mouth and ass at the same time. Denise stood in front of the TV absently rubbing her exposed pussy. "Umm." She murmured. "Have any of you boys ever done that?" She looked at the men while her little fingers slid into her hairless pussy.

They quickly undressed. She told them to be careful, she would take care of all of them. She slowly stripped to the sounds of the moans and groans of the trio, fucking in the skin-flick. She squeezed her tits, and rubbed her aching nipples. She left her stockings and heels on. The men were naked and sat on the chair, bed and floor. She danced luridly before them. They would grab her dripping pussy or a stiff tit as she whirled by. She stopped to press her fragrant cunt to one handsome man's face. His tongue bathed her super-heated clit. Another big man held her shoulders, his cock dangling before her face. Two men fondled her firm breasts. She lifted her legs over her oral friend's shoulders. The last man cradled her ass and back as they lifted the little pixie carefully to the big bed.

Denise grabbed the thick cock of the giant that held her shoulders. She sucked his penis into her throat, greedily. She felt two mouths suctioning on her swelling tits. Hands covered every inch of her needy body with loving caresses. Her large clit pulsed in the young man's lips. As the giant in her mouth erupted his seed into her throat, her body went into sexual overdrive. Her pussy needed a cock. The big man shivered as he pulled his prick from her lips. The man who was sucking her snatch knelt and slipped his cock into her burning pussy. One tit sucker stopped and rubbed his cock head over the saliva slick milker. His buddy watched as the big dick pressed against the stiff nipple. Those that weren't fucking the woman, slowly jacked their rods, awaiting their turns.

The second man dumped his load into her mouth. She swallowed greedily. The third man blew his nuts into her pussy. She followed with her second orgasm. The two remaining men ceased their tit sucking and fucking. One was the center for the team. He picked the little woman up easily. He slammed her cum filled hole down over his huge cock. He lay on the bed on his back. The woman bounced on his long pole. Her tits flapped in his face. He sucked one into his mouth. He could taste his partner's precum on her slick nipple. "Here," He grunted as he licked a thick finger and slipped it into her ass hole, "Fuck this horny bitch's ass, man!" He ordered spreading her cheeks. Her butt hole winked at the small basketball guard as he knelt behind her flaring ass.

The smaller man spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock for lubricant. His partner's big cock thrust into the little woman. She was taking it all! He bent forward and sniffed her clenching anus. She smelled rich. He licked her rosebud ass hole. His mouth and tongue were nearly touching his big buddies bruising cock as it hammered into the sex-wild woman's cunt. He licked at the foam that gathered around her hairless snatch. Then he shifted forward until his cock nudged her butt. She adjusted her hips to take on the new intruder of her little body. He watched with wonder as his penis slowly slid into the cock filled woman. She sat almost upright. Both men fondled her tits.

The smaller man straddled the large man's legs. She pressed down and was filled with cock fore and aft. The other men were recovering at the lewd sight before them. The first man to fuck her throat stood before her and presented his hardened member to her lips for a rerun. She sucked his cock. He held the long sex snake steady for her. The little minx sucked his cock like an all day sucker. She used her hands and legs to control her thrusting hips, as she continued to fuck herself on the two cocks beneath her. Her crotch burned with the sexual heat the was building between her legs.

The other two men crowded in at the nymph's sides. They held their stiff dicks in their hands. Their cock heads brushed her bulging cheeks as Denise sucked on the massive member that was lodged in her throat. Her lips were pressed against the big man's hairy balls. She could smell her lipstick and his cum on his crotch. The men underneath the bouncing woman supported her as she grabbed the throbbing cocks that thrust at her from the side. They felt her tits and belly. Her smooth skin tingled from their massaging. She jacked two men, fucked two men and suck the last. They all began to groan and heave with sexual abandon. Within a few minutes of this demented menage, they began to cum in and on the orgasmic female. The smell of their sperm and her sexual lubricant began to fill the room, replacing the smell of stale smoke and drying cum. Cum splattered her lips and face. Cum splashed over her upturned tits. Cum jammed into her vagina. The pussy mixture ran down the man's shaft and dripped on his partner's balls. The last man dumped his seed into her burning shitter.

The sexual odyssey continued until she had drained the basketball team of their cum. They left her sprawled out on the cum covered bed spread. Her jaws ached from the continuous oral sex she had been administering. Two of the smaller men had tried to fuck her face simultaneously. Her ass had been fucked repeatedly. Her pussy dripped with several loads of cum. She lay in a daze, dipping her cum-sticky fingers in her satiated slot, and sucking the slimy mixture into her bruised lips. Her tits were swollen from sucking, squeezing, biting and fucking. Her mind reeled from the sensory overload of all the positions, sensations smells and tastes.

Denise's thoughts slowly returned to her current status with her faithful pooch, as he flicked her still-hard clitoris. After Duke finished lapping her crotch clean, Denise showered and dressed to go out to her favorite club, an exclusive establishment which featured total freedom of sexual expression. Denise attended the club frequently. She looked forward to the uninhibited excitement she experienced at the club. She dressed in the same attire that had attracted the basketball team. Her pussy throbbed, once again, in anticipation. She had never been disappointed.

To Be Continued...


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