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Dave Meets Vicki
The Whole Story: Pt VII
by Rick

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

As she climbed up on the bar, her pussy was on display lewdly before the crowd. Her huge vagina lips dangled distended in lust. Satyr grabbed her by her blond bun, dragging her face toward his. He crushed his mouth to hers. His bushy, black beard and mustache ground into her soft skin. His long, thick tongue forced her thin lips open. He fucked her mouth with his taster. His hand released her bun. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders. The effect was amazing. She began to look much better, and her lustful nature took control.

She grabbed the hairy dwarf in a rush. Her embrace nearly pushed his cock from Denise's suckling mouth. She frenched the dark man shamelessly. Her breasts swelled. The aureoles filled in, losing their wrinkles and turning a ruddy red color. Her nipples swelled. The Satyr thrust a thick finger between the folds of her cunt lips. She covered his questing digit with juice. He placed her tiny hand upon Denise's free breast. She felt the firm mammary tentatively, at first. Soon she was massaging and mauling the pink tit with abandon.

The Satyr jerked his finger from her sucking snatch with a "pop." Her hips were thrusting wildly. He broke their deep kiss. "Look at this, bitch!" He commanded the bookish woman. "His slimy finger was right under her nose. He touched her lips with the tip, retracting it before she could lick it. "Doesn't that smell and taste good?" He asked as her tongue licked her own cuntal lubricant from her pursed lips. She nodded coyly. He rubbed the finger on Denise's nipple, which protruded from Jennifer's squeezing palm. He pressed her head toward the wet tit. Jennifer fell upon the firm milker, sucking and licking her own sex mixture. Denise's tit was soon completely covered with the thin woman's saliva. The Satyr had returned his thick finger to Jennifer's gaping pussy while she fed upon the nymph's tit. He lifted her by her pussy. "Now, cunt!" He directed, strangling the cum that was building in his lust filled balls. "I want you to fuck this girl's tit with your snatch." Jennifer looked at the demonic man in lust glazed confusion. She could not comprehend his lewd suggestion.

Vanessa had enjoyed tit fucking many times. Her pussy clamped on John's fucking fingers as she envisioned the lewd act. She took her fingers from Denise's vagina and grabbed the little woman's free tit, forming it into a huge phallus. The nymphet's cunt juices coated the tit for lubrication. Satyr turned Jennifer around. He directed her to squat beside the prone woman. Her pussy was suspended over the phallic breast. He thrust another finger into her pussy to get it wet. Then he jammed it into her ass hole. Vanessa had noticed the skinny blond's anus was "winking" open and closed in her sexual turmoil. His rough act seemed to stimulate Jennifer. She was supported by his brutal finger in her ass. She sat upon the small woman's tit. Her juices flowed freely. Soon they covered the whole tit. She rocked back and forth. The finger in her ass and the tit in her pussy brought her to the brink of orgasm.

The torrid scene had driven many of the observing patrons into their own little sexual vignettes. The orgy on the bar had proceeded to the extent that all the participants were ready to cum. The Satyr had masterfully led the group to orgasmic readiness. The first to cum was Joan. She was always sexually ready. The smell of the sexy man's meat and ass, were all she really required for completion. Her fingers flashed over her clit and pussy. She sucked maniacally at the big cock in her lips.

Jennifer quickly blasted into cum space. She thrashed on the end of the man's arm. His thick finger was planted firmly in her ass. She pressed as much of the little beauty's tit into her huge cunt as she creamed a steady flow of sex juice over the pseudo- phallus. When Vanessa felt the heavy flow of the surprisingly sexual woman, she clamped her pussy down on the blond man's drumming and wiggling fingers. She sucked even harder on the wet tit in her mouth, as she went through the throws of her orgasm. The Satyr blasted his load into Denise's sucking mouth. She swallowed his cum blasts with delight. Her own orgasm was touched off by the evidence of her partners' pleasures. John's addiction to her huge clit finally paid off with dividends. Even though she had cum several times that day. Denise's honey flowed onto his lapping taster. His cum boiled from his dangling nuts, up his shaft and into Joan's waiting mouth. His cum was sweet, and worth waiting for.

The group came almost simultaneously. Jennifer rose from Denise's breast. She wiped the excess love juices from her drenched pussy lips and licked the torrid mixture avidly. Satyr licked the remaining lewd mixture from her tit. He slid his wilted cock from her lips. The crowd applauded the sensual performance, and began to wander off for new entertainment. Denise lay prone across the bar. Her breasts heaving in post-orgasmic excitement. Both tits were slick with the juices of her partners. Her body glowed with the dormant sexuality. The group began to get up and leave. John assisted Denise down from the bar. They french kissed one final time before going their separate ways. He could taste the Satyr's tart cream upon her tongue. She tasted her own sex honey on his.

Vanessa took her by the arm and led her to the steaming jacuzzi. The amazon and the nymph made quite a picture as they passed other patrons to the bubbling pool. Both women were perfectly proportioned for their size. If anything, their breasts and hips were slightly over sized, emphasizing the narrowness of their wastes. Denise draped her arm around the stunning negress' waste. Vanessa's arm circled the smaller woman's tanned shoulders, cupping her firm tit. They carried their drinks to the jacuzzi.

When they arrived at the boiling pool, they found two handsome young men sitting at the edge in a close embrace. Both men's features were fine. Their bodies were thin. They were very attractive, but effeminate in build. The red headed boy's cock was large - perhaps eight or nine inches long. His brunette lover's cock was a little less than average. Their embrace was very erotic.

The women slipped into the warm water across the pool from the french kissing men. They allowed the bubbling waters to help them relax. Both women watched the tender caresses and kisses of the young lovers. They allowed their hands to drift over one another's bodies for light stimulation. The young men continued their love- making, unaware of their audience. Their hands found each other's hardness. The women found the homosexual display interesting. These weren't men who were crudely sucking and fucking. These were lovers who had began the tender art of love-making to each other's bodies with elegance and finesse. The women drifted slowly across the bubbling froth, drawn to the erotic scene magnetically.

As they neared the sapphic lovers, the little water sprite floated over to the amazonian princess. Denise slipped onto the large woman's smooth back. Her tiny hands clutched her friend's huge chocolate tits. She wrapped her creamy thighs around the taller woman's tiny waste. Her bulging breasts mashed against Vanessa's broad back, as she embraced her. A shiver of delight went through both women as they continued to stare at the sweet young men.

The men's kisses trailed down their firm bodies until they were both prone at the edge of the babbling pool. Their heads facing the other's feet. Their mouths even with their lover's sex. The oral coupling that followed seemed perfectly natural to the observers. Vanessa slid a pink-palmed hand between their slick bodies and fingered the nymphet's bare vagina. Denise continued to caress the black girl's huge milkers. They looked like a pair of exotic water animals mating.

The male lovers began to explore the privates of their partner with hands and mouth. Both men easily swallowed the other's stiff cock. The women found the oral sodomy intriguing and stimulating. They watched the boyish faces of the sucking men as each fellated the other. Neither woman had seen many instances of homo-sexuality that had been so loving and graceful. The talented couple allowed their intensity to build naturally. They used their hands and bodies to caress and stimulate. Each fondled the other's sensitive anus with a gentle fingertip. The puckered opening clenched and pulsed at the nether invasion. Their soft moans and grunts enhanced the ladies' lust level. Their hips arched forward rhythmically - to thrust into a suckling mouth, and back - to impale their butt holes on the questing digit of their lover.

The women climbed out of the hot water. The coolness of the tile floor around the tub, gave them a quick chill. Nipples stood proudly with coolness and lust. Each one paired with a young man. They brought their mouths close to the fellating man, and fondled the hips, thighs and backs of the men. Their full tits mashed against firm man-flesh. The women kissed the cheeks and lips of the men. But neither lover allowed the throbbing cock they suckled to escape from the vacuum of their knowing lips. The women teased the exposed portions of the saliva slick cocks that slid in-and-out of the young mouths. They fondled the heavy, cum-filled balls. Each woman thrust a stiff finger into a young man's ass hole beside his lover's finger.

The men began to respond to the insistent manipulations of the more experienced women. Rapid jerks replaced calm, smooth fucking motions, as the lust-filled organs fucked deep down swallowing throats. Soon a slippery cock slipped out of the swollen, red lips of one lover. A greedy Denise sucked the flared glans into her mouth. She pulled her ass fucking finger from a male ass, and grabbed his partner's now free face. Her firm breast was pressed into his mouth. The nipple insinuated itself between his puffy lips. Neither young man had any experience with women. The newness of the situation was exciting. The firmness of the older women's directions made their transition to bi-sexuality easy.

The amazon took even more control of her young lover. She grasped the cock from his lips and sucked it into her own. As she stared into the pouting eyes of the disappointed lover, she held the long phallus between them and they began to share the man-meat. Their lips and tongues slid over the long tube of flesh. Their tongues found each other's mouths. They frenched each other with the pulsating prick between them.

Denise pushed her tit-sucking lover away. Her nipple popped from his mouth. Her firm breast wobbled lewdly. Spit shined around the turgid nipple. She guided the young man's head down between her legs. She continued to expertly jack the other man's penis. Her bare pussy was again dripping with anticipation. Her sex smell was intoxicating to the heterosexual virgin. Just as women's sexual odors have attracted horny men since time began, Denise's sweet sex juice drew her lover's mouth to her sex like a magnet. His tongue searched her groin timidly, at first. Soon he was chewing on her exposed and pouting vagina lips. His tongue was fucking into her sex hole. He found the sensation similar to his oral sodomy of his boy-friend. Except she was wetter and her pussy allowed his stiff tongue in easily, but clamped down when he tried to withdraw. After the young man had become well acquainted with her sweet pussy, Denise resumed her expert fellatio of his ex- partner. She opened her throat, allowing the long hard prick to slide into her suckling esophagus.

Vanessa peeked at her little friend, and felt the fire in her own loins explode. "That fucking bitch is the horniest cunt I've seen!" She thought as she pushed her young man down under her cunt. He had looked at his friend and his new cock sucker. The vision of their lewdness almost caused him to shoot his load. Vanessa saw him tense, and grabbed his pulsating penis hard with one hand. With the other, she roughly clutched his nuts until his orgasm subsided. The young man submitted to her manipulation of his head between her own musky thighs. She shoved her burning pussy into his face. Her throbbing clit mashed against his nose. His tongue shot into her juicing snatch. He sucked her flow greedily. She sucked his penis, completing the chain.

All four were orally gratifying the next partner. Their hands fondled each other. The sounds of sucking and soft moans surrounded the sensual quartet. Vanessa's smooth ebony skin contrasted vividly with the others. The long pink phallus plunging between her full lips and throbbing in her long throat as she fucked her face into his surging groin. Her nose buried deep in his pubes and his balls bumped her chin. Her pink tongue flicked out over his wrinkled scrotum on the down strokes.

Denise rolled her lover on his back, breaking the daisy chain. She smothered her sopping cunt on his lapping mouth. She lightly pushed her friend, Vanessa, on top of the other young man. Soon she and Vanessa were locked in an embrace as they sat upon the young men's faces, side by side. The french kissing women smoothly jacked the angry red cocks of their cunnilinguistic partners.

The women switched partners. But sat, instead, upon the young men's throbbing penises. They continued to fuck the men and kiss each other. The young ex-homosexuals were overcome by the outrageous eroticism of the wanton women. They fondled the firm breasts and tugged on stiff nipples. They also caressed and kissed whatever was available from any of the foursome.

Denise whispered some directions in Vanessa's ear. The black amazon smiled widely and nodded. Denise sat up plunging her young lover's phallus deep into her raging womb. Vanessa stood up. The prick in her pussy popped free spreading her copious lubrication over her partner's firm belly. She offered him her hand and assisted the sex dazed youth in standing. The amazon guided the boy toward Denise. His cock bounced lewdly. His balls were full of seed. Denise continued to grind her pussy on her own mount. She rotated her hips on each down stroke to mash her bulging clit against his pubic bone. The lad felt as if his cock was being sucked by a vacuum cleaner, as her strong vagina muscles milked his flaming rod. Denise grabbed the other youth's taut hips and guided his cock into her wet lips. She eagerly sucked and licked his cock, tasting the black woman's juices and smelling her sex spore. She slammed his penis into her throat. Her body was building toward a super climax.

Vanessa kept her hands on her lover's ass, manipulating the firm flesh. A long black finger - freshly lubricated with her own vaginal fluids - slid easily into his anus. The young man rocked forward and back as the women assaulted his cock and ass. Vanessa lowered her dripping snatch to the prone man's face. He had been touching her pussy and his buddy's balls. Now he lay back as her wide ass rested on his face. His tongue flicked over her clit. Then it plowed deeply through her vagina lips. He swallowed her copious flow, and probed her pink anus. Vanessa rocked her hips to allow him to continue the total oral manipulation of her seething crotch. She pulled her finger out of the other man's ass, and spread his pale moon cheeks. Her tongue vandalized his nether opening. Her black hands ran lightly over Denise's tits, tweaking her stiff nipples.

Denise felt her release build to incredible levels. The cocks in her pussy and throat were almost her ultimate dream. She filled her hands with chocolate tits. She squeezed and rubbed the nipples in time to her plunging. In seconds, her orgasm exploded. She sucked and fucked madly. The young men had never experienced such wild abandonment in a partner, nor had they felt such erotic stimulation. The man sucking Vanessa's pussy and fucking Denise's fiery cunt strained his cock deep into the little woman as he blasted load after load of his sweet sperm into her sucking snatch. His tongue was buried deep in Vanessa's black ass. He had a finger in her pussy. Vanessa felt the ass hole of the standing youth clinch, and knew hew was dumping his load into her friend's mouth. She only wished she could taste his sweet load. She fondled his tight sack - further stimulating his release. In seconds, she was cumming in the face of the man on the floor. He drank deeply from her sexual flow. His cheeks and nose were covered with her slime.

The partners held for a moment. Then Vanessa released her lovers by standing. She bent down and kissed Denise's sperm covered lips. The load had dribble down the corners of her pouting mouth. Denise rose slightly, allowing the softening rod of man- flesh to slip from her satiated slot. Denise frenched the black woman, and surprised her by passing his seed - which she had not swallowed - to her friend. They swapped spit and sperm in a long embrace. The man's sperm began to seep from Denise's hairless cunt.

The standing man - who had been mesmerized by the women's embrace - noticed the slimy trail of his lover's seed. He quickly slid his head between her spread legs to cleanse her crotch of the gooey mixture of their copulation juices. Not to be left out, the other man licked the last drool of cum from his friend's half-hard member. The women stood and smiled at the young men. They were now embracing again, as the women had first found them. Their sexual tensions had been released. The women left the pair. No words had been exchanged. Both women showered and dressed to leave. Denise's mind was spinning at the possibilities her step- daughter's new friend presented in future sexual encounters. Especially now that the barrier between her and the younger woman had been released. She felt a twinge of excitement in her tender twat at her lewd thoughts.

To Be Continued...


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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