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Dave Meets Vicki
The Whole Story: Pt X
by Rick

Vicky and Dave walked nude, hand-in-hand to the dressing room, their bodies still flushed with the glow of orgasm. The other couples greeted them with congratulatory hugs and kisses, which lingered with provocative caresses of one another. The young pair showered and dressed. On their way out, many of the late staying patrons smiled and applauded their exceptional performance. Dave noted quite a few couples were still dancing the new "Tribal" dance he had introduced. The scene was sexually intoxicating, and Dave felt his tender penis throb at the lewd actions of the dancers. Vicky caught his hand and led him from the blasting, music filled night-club.

On the way back to Vicky's, the pretty blond snuggled close under Dave's strong arm. She patted his thigh and crotch gently. Her eyes were closed and a serene smile covered her angelic face. "Dave?" she asked, "Since its the weekend, why don't you stay over at my place - if you don't have other plans?"

Dave thought for a moment. His cock jumped at the thought of being alone with two incredible women for the weekend. Vicky felt his answer in her massaging palm, even before he responded. "Sure, sweetheart!" He exclaimed eagerly. "I've got nothing planned at all. Are you sure it wouldn't be a bother?"

"You know Mom would love to have you over, Dave." Vicky responded, looking into his eyes. "In fact, she'd probably be pissed if I didn't offer! Don't worry about getting clothes, either. I don't think we'll need any!" Vicky giggled as she pulled his stiffening member from his now open fly. She blew a warm stream of air over the head as she pulled back his foreskin. Her head disappeared into his lap as she lazily suckled on his penis while they continued home. Her soft licker flicked along the length of his penis. She kissed the angry red tip with her pouting lips. A strand of his pre-cum clung to her lower lip. She licked it off, while looking him in the eye with an impish grin. Her hand fished inside his pants to fondle his scrotum tenderly. Her long tongue ran up the side of his cock before she engulfed his manhood with her warm, moist mouth. He felt his cock pass into her throat. Her swallows milked his cock head. Dave found it hard to concentrate on driving, while trying to maneuver more of his throbbing cock down his pretty girlfriend's throat. There wasn't quite enough room behind the wheel for this kind of fun!

Dave's hand slid under her mini-skirt and massaged her moist pussy in response to her expert fellatio. He diddled her hard clit with one finger while he slid another into her honey pot. Her juices covered his fingers. His strokes matched her pistoning mouth. The lips of her over-heated pussy flushed with sexual excitement. Vicky's vagina clamped eagerly on his questing digit. His palm was soon slick with her love juice. He slid slick fingers along her pussy lips. She moaned softly around his cock when his wet fingertip lightly probed her bottom hole. Her sucking increased as his fingers played with her crotch holes.

They pulled into Vicky's drive. Dave was relieved. He wasn't sure how much control he could maintain on his driving while she sucked his cock. He turned off the vehicle, and they disengaged. Vicky slid into his arms, and frenched his mouth, her lips were salty with his pre-cum. Dave fondled a firm boob with his juice wettened hand. Her nipple was stiff. She thrust her chest forward shamelessly to encourage his caresses of her aching nipples.

She broke the kiss and said, "We can do this better inside, lover." They got out and went into the expensive home. The house was dark and quiet when they entered. "Mom's already in bed so let's be quiet." She murmured, her warm breath grazing his soft ear. She removed her shoes, and so did Dave. Dave followed her to her bedroom.

She paused in the middle of the room. Dave captured Vicky's firm tits from behind as they entered the dimly lit room. The light from the pool filtered through the mini-blinds, and illuminated their embrace with a soft glow. She arched her back and pressed her ass into his crotch. Her hands groped his loins. He flipped her short top over her protruding breasts, exposing them. Dave hefted her milkers in his strong hands. The firm globes felt smooth and warm in his hands. At first, he avoided touching her aching nipples. He squeezed and kneaded her tender mammaries. His fingers grazed her angry red aureoles. Her chest heaved with desire. Finally, he ran his fingertips over her hard tit tips. He rotated his hands rapidly, causing the nipples to vibrate with the quick flicking of his fingers. Her head fell back on his shoulder in rapture. His fingertips caught her nipples and tugged the hard little knobs until her breasts were grotesquely extended. Suddenly, he let the stretched flesh of her nipples go, and her titties flopped lewdly. Blood rushed to the aching tips, enlarging them even more. Dave continued repeating this act, and Vicky would pull back slightly to heighten the sensation building in her nipples. It seemed as if an electric current was building in the abused nipples during his unmerciful tugs, which zapped to her quivering pussy when he let the tortured flesh flop free. Her tits bounced and flopped lewdly as Dave varied his caresses from soft to almost torturous. His caresses changes without notice. Vicky felt her pussy tingling with the prelude to orgasm.

One of his hands drifted over her firm belly and fluttered between her moist thighs. Vicky spread her legs wantonly. Her ass bumping into his thrusting crotch. Vicky craned her neck for a kiss. Dave's mouth trailed wet kisses up her shoulder and neck to her waiting lips. Their tongues flicked in each other's mouths. She unzipped his straining fly - freeing his rock-hard cock. Her tender touches guided his manhood between her ass cheeks to rub along her lust distended pussy lips. Standing on tiptoes, her juices trailed along the broad length of his throbbing member. Her hand cupped his cock into her crack. His sausage slithered and sawed from her dripping vagina to her pulsating pooper. She could see his penis head protruding from underneath her blond bush. Another drop of his sweet pre-cum fluid formed on its tip. She smeared the clear fluid on a finger and licked it between their kisses. Her excitement grew until the head of his pulsating penis rubbed on her stiff clit. Suddenly, she felt a searing explosion of her orgasm sweep through her loins. Her nipples tingled from his continued onslaught of the firm mounds.

Finally, she began to relax in the afterglow of her cum. He pulled her top free from her shoulders, and unsnapped her mini skirt, while she unbuttoned the waist of his pants. His shirt soon joined the unwanted pile of clothing that lay strewn across the floor. Soon they were completely nude. When Vicky bumped the edge of her bed in the darkness, the couple tumbled onto the soft bed spread. They giggled with wanton delight. As Dave's body fell on top of her prone form, his penis slid naturally into her wet womb. They began to move together in slow, deep strokes. Dave held onto her tits. He thumbed her stiff nipples. Vicky stifled her groans in her pillow. Her hand caressed the juncture of their union. Her fingers flicked her clit and his cock and balls. She would switch hands occasionally, licking the love juices from one while caressing herself with the other.

Dave admired her hourglass shaped back and flaring hips as he watched his long cock slide easily in to her pussy. She pressed back against his groin with each thrust. Her buttocks rippled in the dim light. Dave's hands caressed her back and ass cheeks. He noticed the difference in her tenseness from his earlier massage.

Dave glimpsed her pouting nether opening in the dim light. He massaged her anus with a thumb. Vicky responded by wildly rotating her hips. He moistened the thumb and probed her asshole gently. Her moans of satisfaction rewarded him. He dribbled a mouth full of his spit upon her hot anus. The cool moisture excited her more. Dave lubricated her ass with his spit and two fingers. Vicky's was losing control. She had always wanted to have her pretty pooper fucked. "Yes!" She hissed around the pillow.

Dave slowly withdrew his pistoning rod from her sucking snatch. Vicky's fingers filled the void left by his fuck-stick. First one. Then two and then three long fingers slithered into her pussy. Dave's cock pressed against her anus. She relaxed, and his hard manhood popped into her butt. He waited while she adjusted to the new sensation of anal sex. But she was impatient. "Fill my ass hole, you fucker!" She begged as she pressed eagerly against him. His cock slid smoothly to the hilt in her firm ass. She clenched her anal muscles on his cock. Soon their rhythm was established. Dave would almost pull his cock from her sucking anus on the out-thrusts. Vicky took handfuls of her sexual lubricant and covered his cock and balls with it when they were exposed.

Denise was a light sleeper. Tonight, her dreams had been filled with sexy images of Vicky, Dave and herself in many positions. She woke hearing the quiet grunts and moans of the lovers in her daughter's room. She had been fingering her own hot snatch in her sleep. Now she rose silently - drawn magnetically to the sensual sounds of the young couple.

Denise stood in the door admiring the sensual beauty of the copulating pair. The dim light showed their firm bodies straining in erotic action. She slowly made her way to the edge of the bed where the gorgeous hunk corn-holed her stacked step-daughter. She lightly caressed his broad back and waste with her soft hands. Dave didn't realize her presence for a few seconds. His cock was being milked thoroughly by Vicky's talented ass. Denise's hand moved over Dave's taut ass cheeks. She spread the buns and sniffed his man-scent. Her tongue probed his butt and ass. She soon had her pink licker inside his ass hole. She slipped a hand between his legs and fondled his balls and cock.

When her hand reached Vicky's wet snatch, she realized for the first time, her pretty step-daughter was being ass fucked. As far as she knew, this was Vicky's first anal experience. Her own anus clenched in lust. She knew the fullness of Dave's anal love. Vicky realize her step-mom was with them when she felt the soft caresses of the older woman on her vagina. The little pixie crammed two of her fingers along side of Vicky's in the blond's steamy snatch. She continued to make love orally to Dave's shuddering shitter.

Denise worked her way between his thighs. Her mouth bathed his bloated balls. She sucked his scrotum into her mouth, and gently licked his balls. Dave felt his climax begin to build along the length of his cock. The black haired beauty licked his fuck-stick when he withdrew from Vicky's tight ass. Vicky hunched her pussy at her step-mom's mouth, but she couldn't quite reach. Denise lithely slid back and positioned herself in a sixty-nine under Vicky. She licked the blond's big dangling boobs as she slid toward her daughter's crotch.

Vicky licked her step-mom's tits in return. Her tongue trailed down the older woman's torso. Her head thrust into vee of Denise's legs. Her tongue and mouth covered the nude pussy mound of the little woman. Denise's mouth trailed from Vicky's drooling cunt to Dave's bursting balls. She liked the different tastes of pussy, cock and ass.

Vicky pushed herself upright. Her pussy became more exposed to the oral manipulations of the black-haired minx between her legs. She lifted Denise's legs and ass. She spread the inverted woman's leg wide. Dave watched over her shoulder as she licked Denise's ass hole and pussy. Vicky finger fucked her step-mom's ass or pussy - whenever she wasn't sucking it. The trio began to moan and grunt loudly as their lust grew. Dave felt his orgasm explode as Vicky's anus clenched tighter and tighter in conjunction with the lewd ministrations of the wanton woman beneath them. He thrust his stiff organ deep into her punished poop shoot, and filled it with a blast of his love serum.

Denise was suckling his nuts, at the time. She greedily pulled his sex root from Denise's clenching butt hole with a pop. She thrust the musky meat pole into her own gullet and drank the remaining blasts of his cock cream.

Vicky had thrust four fingers into the little woman's twisting ass hole. Her mouth lapped the hot honey of her step-mother's sweet snatch. Her lips captured the bulging node of the protruding clitoris and rolled it. Denise felt her ass hole stretched deliciously. She relaxed and the blond girl squeezed her thumb in beside the bunched fingers of her hand.

Denise slid her own hand into Vicky needy pussy. She knew the blond beauty hadn't cum from Dave's anal love. She admired the expert way the younger woman was able to handle the greek favorite. She soon had her tiny hand totally inside the hot oven of Vicky's sex. She mad a fist and pistoned its carefully - like a huge cock. Vicky's pussy was stretched to the max with the older woman's fist. Her ass hole burned erotically from Dave's cock. She rubbed her full tits across her mother's belly, and sucked unmercifully on the enlarging clit of the older woman. The unusual clitoris grew in Vicky's mouth until it felt like the cock of a baby boy. Her hand slipped into Denise's ass. Now both women were fist-fucking each other.

Dave slid his softening cock from Denise's throat. He rolled to the side to observe the lewd action of mother and daughter. He caressed their soft skin. His hands roamed over four throbbing tits and ass cheeks. His fingers found whatever holes weren't busy already. Soon Denise could no longer hold back the blast of cum that was building as her step-daughter sucked her bulging clit and fisted her ass. She moaned her orgasm into Vicky's pubes. "Yes, Darling! Oh yes! Suck me! Eat me! Oh, my ass is on fire! My pussy!..." Her cum flooded from her cunt lips. Vicky watched as the other woman's juices actually flowed down her thighs. She released her suction on the over-worked clit and lapped the sweet cuntal fluid eagerly. Dave joined, too, and still they could not keep up as Denise came and came. She continued to moan unintelligibly. Her head tossed from side to side and she blacked out, her body convulsed in the throws of sexual overload.

Dave's hand massaged Vicky's clit as she began to cum. She let the unconscious body of her mother sag to the bed, as her own orgasm gripped her uncontrollably. Her body stiffened. Denise's hand was still lodged in her clenching pussy. As her body shook with climax, the limp arm of the other woman rubbed on her clit. Vicky began to yell, "My pussy! My Pussy! I can't stop cumming! Fuck!" She raised up on her knees, and Denise's hand fell out of her cunt. Dave pushed Vicky an her back and avidly finished the beauty's orgasm with his mouth. Vicky's clit became too tender to touch and she pushed his head away from her spasming groin.

Dave slid over her supine figure and kissed her mouth tenderly. They tasted the various combinations of their menage. They embraced as Denise smiled happily in sexual bliss. Dave lay the little woman beside him in the large bed. He admired her amazing sexuality, even in sleep. He and Vicky snuggled as they slipped into sexually exhausted slumber.

The End??


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