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Dealing Nikki
by Bill F.L.

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Stunning, simply stunning was the best way to describe Nikki. Blonde, beautiful and nineteen years old, Nikki Page aspired to be an actress, had this dream ever since she was a very young girl growing up in some hick town somewhere in the midwest.

Although she has never acted in a movie or in fact has never even auditioned for a part, Nikki has made her mark in Hollywood, since that day two years when she stepped off that bus in the Los Angeles terminal.

Blondes with blue eyes and tan bodies are like magnates in L.A. The pussy hounds come sniffing in a hurry. Within a week, she had infiltrated the in-crowd, the movers. so to speak. She could hardly believe it when she was invited to a party at the world famous mansion but there she was strutting her best stuff on the dance floor, her micro-mini skirt and high heel pumps accentuating her killer legs to their best advantage. It was indeed the long stemmed beauties that caught old Hugh's eye.

The rest is history, Nikki Page's shapely legs as well as her other charming attributes were ogled by millions of horny men when she appeared as Playboy's Ms. July 1999. As predicted by the Insider newsletter she was also selected as Playmate of the year for 1999.

It was at the awards dinner that she met Johnny Ricco. Unbeknownst to Nikki, at the time, Johnny was a high ranking member of the family, involved in extortion, gambling, drugs and just bout any other vice you could think of. All she knew was that he was handsome, charming and presumably part of the Hollywood scene.

Nikki was one of eight, five females and three males that went to Johnny's home for night caps after the awards dinner. As it turned out, his home was a spectacular Bel Air mansion that did indeed dazzle the impressionable young blonde.

Nikki was pretty dazzling herself, wearing a black, low cut evening gown with slits well up to her thighs on both sides. She looked hot and was not usually shy about showing off her wares but Benny was making her nervous, especially now that Johnny had left the room. Benny was a small weasel like character, that for some reason Johnny kept around. He made no attempt to conceal the focus of his lust filled eyes.

Nikki had no way of knowing this but Benny sure did. Johnny treated women pretty much like property and even shared them with his subordinates on occasion. He seldom saw a women over one or two times.

Armed with this thought and driven by the sight of Nikki's bare flesh, he decided to take the chance. The front of his trouser bulged obscenely as he paced across the room. Without fanfare, he place the palm of his hand on Nikki's right buttocks and whispered in her ear.

"How about you and me honey? Lets go in the bedroom, I've got something I want to show you."

Almost simultaneously, Nikki threw her drink in his face and brought her right foot up, kicking him viciously in the balls.

Benny dropped like a Mack truck had just hit him, writhing in pain, on the floor, holding his damaged manhood in both hands. Johnny stood over the groaning man, laughing at his pain and embarrassment.

After a time, Benny finally struggled unsteadily to his feet, stepping menacingly towards the young blonde. Johnny stopped him, placing his hand against Benny's chest. Benny knew better than to challenge the man, especially in his present condition. He glared at Nikki. his steely-grey eyes now filled with hatred.

"Some day I'm going to fuck your brains out, you just wait and see."

Nikki smirked. "In your dreams, you little weasel."

Johnny put his arms around the young blonde, embracing her. "I love your style."

That was a year ago, the beginning of Johnny Ricco's longest relationship. During that time, Nikki of course learned of Johnny's business ventures, even becoming involved and eventually giving up the notion of acting.

A frustrated Johnny stood in front the expansive wall mirror futilely attempting to tie a Windsor knot in his necktie. Nikki came to his rescue. Approaching him from behind, she put her arms lovingly around his neck and expertly completed the elusive Windsor.

Johnny looked at her face in the mirror, feeling her ample breasts pushing softly against his back. He marveled at Nikki's thick, fully developed lips. They reminded him of Kim Bassinger. Johnny broke the moment of silence.

"This is a big night for the west coast family. If we can corner the Chinese drug market, it can mean a billion dollars a year to us."

Nikki acknowledged him. "I know but it's really strange that their sending a nineteen year old girl to negotiate."

Johnny shook his head. "I know, that's what I thought at first but evidently her aging father is a top respected warlord or something like that. He is eighty years old, had his daughter very late in life and has raised and tutored her for this highly respected position."

"Well it doesn't matter to me one way or the other as long as we close the deal," Nikki responded. "By the way, am I alright in these faded jeans and T-shirt?"

"You look great honey, I just thought I'd wear a tie for the occasion."

Six persons attended the meeting. Johnny, Benny and Nikki sat on one side of the large oakwood table. On the other side was the nineteen year old Judi Lee and her two male subordinates, both of Chinese descent.

Judi Lee only stood about five feet tall but her demeanor stood about ten feet tall. While appearing to have smallish breasts, typical of the Orientals, made even more obvious when compared to Nikki's large knockers, she was still sultry looking and indeed very attractive,

A lavish lunch was enjoyed by all as they negotiated first one point and then another, attempting to iron out their differences and to work out all of the details.

During one of the lulls, Benny leaned over to Johnny and whispered.

"I think Ms. Lee is pretty hot. What do you think?"

Nikki overheard the remark and couldn't resist the temptation but spoke louder than she had intended.

"Yeh, if you like titless wonders."

Everyone stopped talking and eating at the same time, creating an uneasy silence. The young oriental stared at Nikki for a long while. It unnerved Nikki that she could not read the young girls expression. Finally, Judi Lee smiled but only slightly and then turned to Johnny.

"Mr. Ricco, we have heard your proposal, now my associates and I must converse in private before making our decision."

Johnny opened a door for them and invited them to use the adjoining room.

In about ten minutes the threesome returned and took their seats across from Johnny, Nikki and Benny.

Judi Lee's face was expressionless, her dark, almond shaped eyes only making contact with Johnny. She was silent for several moments before speaking but when she did, her voice rang with authority and finality.

"As you Americans say Mr. Ricco, I will not beat around the bush. I will tell your our terms once and only once, there will be no haggling. should you not except, we will merely take our business elsewhere."

Johnny tried to remain cool, not to lose his composure but he knew full well that this young Chinese girl held virtually all of the cards. She could take their business to a dozen or more places but there was only one substantial source for drugs coming out of China and they were it.

Johnny spoke, his voice raspy and nervous. "Ok Ms. Lee, let's have it."

Judi spoke slow and deliberate, aiming her words directly to Johnny. "We accept your offer on price and method of payment. We also accept your time schedule for deliveries."

Johnny released a sigh of relief, feeling much more confident now. "Well, Ms. Lee, then it's done, that's all there is."

A sardonic smiled formed on the young Oriental's lips. "Hold on Mr. Ricco, there is just one more small detail that we must discuss before finalizing our agreement."

Johnny's face was quizzical, as was Nikki's and Benny's. Their expressions quickly turned to shock and surprise as Judi continued speaking.

"The charming Ms. Page must be thrown into the mix - to be exact, we want to purchase her."

Johnny was caught completely off guard, unable to utter a sound, Nikki now clutching tenaciously and protectively to his arm.

Nikki broke the silence, fairly screaming at the Chinese girl. "You're crazy, you can't buy me, that's slavery."

Judi Lee was amused by Nikki's rantings. "Precisely Ms. Page, precisely, you will make the perfect gift for my fathers eightieth birthday."

Johnny was still silent but his mind was working overtime. God, a billion dollars a year he was thinking to himself.

Showing her impatience, the Chinese girl motioned to her associates. "Come, we're leaving."

Johnny panicked, knowing she wasn't bluffing. He stood up. "DEAL."

Nikki just about had her hand on the doorknob when the two Chinese men caught up to her. She managed one short scream of protest before a hand was slapped across her mouth. The men worked like a precisioned team, obviously not new to the situation. The man with his hand across her mouth, also held both of her wrists high up between her shoulder blades while the other man systematically stripped her of her clothing. Obviously in great pain the gorgeous young blonde could offer little resistance.

Using a small, sharp knife, the man standing in front of her cut Nikki's t-shirt up the front, then at the sleeves and then jerked it ruthlessly from her body. Three simple snips and her pink, lace trimmed brassiere fell to the floor, leaving Nikki nude from the waist up, her centerfold melons now on display for all to see. The position of her arms forced them to jut into prominence, straining upwards, high on her heaving chest.

The man stooped down and removed Nikki's Reeboks, not bothering to unlace them. He then unbuttoned her jeans at the crotch, revealing a hint of the matching pink panties she wore underneath. The oriental tugged hard at the tight fitting, faded blue jeans, forcing them over the blonde's curvacious hips, removing both the jeans and panties with one full swoop. Nikki stood in all her naked splendor, her deeply bronzed body emphasized by her barely visible tan lines. Her eye lashes fluttered in rapid motion, her eyeballs rolling to the white and the young, terrified blonde fell limp, hanging lifelessly in the arms of her captor.

Johnny showed no signs of remorse or compassion. "You can take her all the way down the hall to the master bedroom."

Nikki presented a magnificent array of female flesh, appearing to be all legs, tits and ass as the two Orientals carried her by the feet and shoulders.

Nikki was awakened by voices, that of a man and a woman. She tried to move but was unable, in fact she felt very awkward in her fruitless attempt. Then she was fully awake, her eyes popping open in panic alarm. She was on the bed in the master bedroom, the very same bed that she and Johnny had had so many romantic and lust-filled nights of passion. Only the circumstances were much different now. Beautiful, beautiful Nikki, with the great legs. Instead of proud, arrogant and untouchable, she was obscenely splayed and offered up like a whore off of Sunset Blvd. She was on her back, her wrists stretched wide and tied with nylon rope to opposite bedposts. Her legs had been lifted and brought back over her head and each ankle tied to the same bedposts as her wrists, leaving her womanhood vulnerable and unprotected. Her panties had been wadded, stuffed into her mouth and secured in place by one of her own scarves.

Nikki looked up between the vee of her own outstretched legs into the mocking face of Judi Lee. The young oriental casually ran her fingers through the wisps of blonde down surrounding Nikki's slightly parted slit.

"Very good, Ms. Page, I was hoping you were natural. My father will be pleased."

Judi continued speaking to the hapless blonde, taking pleasure from the young girls plight.

"It seems that you and Benny have a little unfinished business to attend to and being the romantic that I am, who am I to stand in the way of a lovers quarrel?" "Something about a kick in the balls and a promise to fuck your brains out?"

Nikki squirmed the best she could. "Mmmmmmpppphhh. Mmmmmpppphhhh."

Judi laughed out loud at Nikki's unintelligible spewings and turned towards Benny.

"Ok, big fella, she's all yours for three hours and then we are going to prepare her for her trip to mainland China."

Judi left the room. "Alright you two lovebirds, have fun."


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Bill F.L.

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