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Dominant Orders
by Rachel Baldwin

I've told you to draw me a warm bath with a lot of bubbles. You obey. You are bound to my orders and must follow my every command and desire.

Standing in the middle of the room, I have you undress me. Slowly, undoing the buttons on my silk dress. They flow from the nape of my neck all the way to my ass. You see, this is a 'special' dress. The front is made of lace and a solid fabric. The neckline and the back, however, is completely lace, and somewhat revealing. These buttons are covered in fabric and become slightly difficult for your fingers to unfasten. This delay only makes me hotter for my plans. As your fingers continue down the middle of my back, the garment slowly eases off my shoulders, half concealing and half revealing my supple bosom. This fabric softly caresses my skin as it begins to lower down off my torso. But it gets only so far, as your hands continue to undress me, I can feel your hardening cock pressing against my ass, and between the cheeks, right through the fabric. Sensing this pleases me, you linger your cock, just under my crack, and tease it slowly moving it around my opening, rubbing so gently.

Your hands have made some progress with these damn buttons. I insisted on dressing this way to prolong the event, as it stimulates me and you see this pleases me. I lower my hips, my ass touches your cock......oh, I'm getting so wet. Finally the final button that allows the garment to fall to my feet is undone. Standing there, in my 'glory', you admire your desires. My nipples are perked and hard, goosebumps on the breast, in its erection.

I command you to disrobe, and I assist. My expert mouth finds its way to your bulging fly, and my teeth grasp on to the zipper, eager to set you free. On my knees in front of you, I look up to your handsome face. Your jeans are hanging from your hips, and I see you have surprised me with no undergarments! I love it when you do that. Our eye contact firmly held, I slip my hands through the open fly, and free your member. Your stance widens, providing adequate balance for my ministrations. My hands assist my mouth in completely freeing your erect penis, and through my awaiting lips. My deep red lipstick smearing all over the growing shaft, outlines my efforts. Your cock tastes so good tonight, and I show you how much.

Flicking the tip of the head with my tongue, I reach up and take hold of your balls, and knead them. You jerk back in delight and then quickly return to your stance. Your hands reach down to assist my head, bracing it, from the forceful entries into my moist, warm, orifice. You can feel my teeth as the pass along the shaft, digging in slightly, almost causing you pain. A glorious pain, you desire. Pumping your hard pole into my mouth, and down to my throat, I begin to sing, and the vibrations can be felt on your ass by my hands as they caress your firm muscles.

OOOOOhhhhh... I say... on your dick as it moves in and down my throat,

almost gagging me. I love it and want it deeper still. Pushing my hands on your ass so your cock is forced further still into my throat, I shudder, hhhhhhhh... under my breath.

Hearing the tub has filled, we pause. I instruct you to carry me into the deep pool. Once deposited in the foam, I order you to bathe me. We own many interesting tools and toys for such labors. You select a large sponge mitt and insert your cock into it. Directing the mitt on your cock, you begin with my breast. I lay down on my back into the water to facilitate your motions. Floating there, with my ears under the water, I can hear Bolero on the stereo, even here under the water. And I smile. My tits are completely erect and the bodies firm under your cleansing motions. I look into your eyes, and faintly detect a smile, though you deny it.

Slowly your mitt eases down my arms to my hands, where I wring out the suds of the mitt onto my belly. Your hard cock then positions itself over my lower pelvis and begins to work, cleaning me thoroughly. Between my legs, your mitt takes extra time to assure your work is effective. As I float by, I finally release you from your labors, removing the mitt from your manhood, and you take me, while I float. Bracing yourself on the sides of the jacuzzi, you turn on the jets, adding foam. The pumping of the water is in time to your pumping me. Your hard cock is deeply within my vault, withdrawing my precious deposits.

Wrapping my legs around your waist to ground my floating body, your penis inserts deeper into my hole. My back arches in delight! oooooohhh, I groan. You bend down, penis in place, and begin to suck on my rosy breasts. The jets swirling the warm water on my naked body turns it into a exhilarating blushing tone. As my thighs squeeze onto your torso, you can feel I am close to climax, and bite my nipple. So hard in fact that I see a small trickle of blood on your chin when you look into my eyes for commands.

As if by my own command, my loins are sufficiently charged, and I make you rest your ass on a bench we have on the side of the tub. Sitting sideways,

with me on your lap, my legs around your waist, I sit up and kiss you longingly on the mouth. My body rising and falling, your head connected to mine, we move as one. On my command, I release you, demand your charge!

And you obey. We lay lingering, floating adrift our own foam within the foam of the tub, for hours...

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