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Destiny of Love
by Dakota Ryan

The sun had fallen below the trees as the moon peaked through from the clouds above. It was a normal summer night cooling off just a little as the sun lost its fight with the night. Joe took his normal walk through the park to the bench he sat on every night for the last 18 years. This night started no different than the hundreds he had spent lost in thought over what had happened many years before. His life revolved around work and little else, he tried church and even went down the road of drugs and alcohol, but nothing could take his mind away from his past. People in town thought he was strange, most didn't know the history behind his life of solitude.

As he rounded the last bend before his favorite bench he noticed a young girl, she was in her late teens he thought as she walked closer to him. He didn't make eye contact for fear of scaring her and that was the last thing Joe would ever do is hurt someone. She passed him without a word, he moved to his bench turning to watch her as she went out of sight. She brought back memories of his lost love Mary, they had dated since 9th grade and planned marriage after college. Joe felt a single tear roll down his cheek, reaching up to wipe it away before it fell from his face. Another followed as his eyes closed allowing his mind to go back to the days when they had spent night after night in this same park making love to each other. They never completed the act of love making, remaining virgins was one of their dreams waiting for their wedding night to become one with each other in God's eyes.

"Why are you crying?" she asked in a soft caring voice

Joe looked up shocked by the voice, it was so familiar to him. He looked up seeing the young girl standing just inches away. He stared in disbelief, his voice cracked when he spoke "Mary, its you!"

"How did you know my name?" she asked looking harder at his face. She gasped when the moonlight lit his face.

"It's you!" she said stepping back as her hands went to cover her mouth, "Oh my God, it's you!" she said again and again backing away from him.

Joe stood holding his hands out to her, tears rolling down his face. "Mary I have waited for so long" he said in a low voice almost a whisper. Mary stood still fighting the urge to run, she looked into his eyes feeling his pain, and he moved closer to her. His hands joined with hers, their finger naturally entwined as if they had held hands for years. "This can't be! You're only a dream! This is a dream!" she said pulling back from him

"I'm as real as you are Mary," he said as his heart jumped inside his chest fearing she would run away and he would lose her forever.

Joe moved closer slowly, his eyes never leaving hers, "We have found each other," he said searching her face for some sign of reassurance from her. "I have been here waiting for 18 years," he said touching her cheek with his hand, " I never gave up hope I knew you would come back to me one day just like you said" he whispered. Her heart pounded like native drums and she was spell bound by his words.

"I see you every night in my dreams," she whispered "I know your face like it was my own," she said as her finger touched his cheek. "Why do I dream of you?" she asked wiping a tear from his cheek. "Who are you?" she questioned him.

"I am your destiny" he said with out hesitation. "I am your lover" he whispered in her ear as he pulled her close holding her like a fragile flower not wanting to break the petals. She moved her arms around his waist laying her head on his shoulder. " God brought us together" he whispered softly, " We were meant to be together forever."

"Your birthday is today isn't it?" he asked knowingly

"Yes it is" she said looking him straight in the eyes, " How did you know that?" she asked unsure what was happening.

Joe moved her over to the bench, " Sit down Mary I have a story you must hear and then you will know why you are meant to be mine." he said pointing towards the bench. "You see 18 years ago today I almost died right here on this very bench. I was shot in the shoulder by a man that had lost his mind, they don't know why he shot me and no one will ever know exactly what happened that night." Joe said sitting beside her. " I was kneeling there" he pointed to the exact spot. " You sat here before me, I leaned over to kiss you when a burning sensation shot through my body, I felt the bullet before I heard the sound" he said as the tears rolled down his face. "I saw the life leave you instantly as the bullet tore through your heart, your breath still in my mouth as the life I loved passed right before my eyes." His voice tailing off with remembering the grief, he paused a minute to get his thoughts back before continuing.

He took a deep breath, looked back into her eyes before starting again. " I passed out shortly after being hit and the police found us a couple hours later. The gun man had killed himself and I was slumped over with my head in your lap gasping for air, my lung had been collapsed by the bullet and I had lost a lot of blood. They took me to the hospital and I was on a table when I saw the light. I heard the doctors saying things like he's going fast get moving with that blood! I saw you in the distance waiting for me, holding your hands out smiling and motioning for me to come join you. I tried to go to you but I couldn't move! I swear I tried!" he said dropping his head to his hands crying openly. " I know you did Joe" she said as her hands cradled his head. " You began to fade from my view and all I could hear is I'll come back for you I promise! I'll come back just wait for me my love." He said looking her in the eyes "and you did" he said as his lips touched hers kissing her lightly.

Mary was stunned, she had felt so strange all her young life like she was missing something, and she had never told anyone of the dreams she had for the last 6 years. She began to weep as she started telling Joe her story.

"My mother thinks I'm crazy! Now I'm not sure of anything." She said looking in his eyes for some hint this is another dream. " I have no friends to speak of, they all seem so childish and the boys are all jerks to me. My mother is pretty sure I am gay because I don't date. Boys are always asking me out and I just ignore them. I dream of making love to this strange man every night for 6 years and now you're here in front of me for real. Now here is the strangest part! I mean no one has ever told me how I got it and when I ask they just say its always been there" she said opening the first two buttons of her blouse. Pointing to the scare just to the side of her left breast. Joe was stunned, not only did she look exactly as he remembered her but she had a scare right were the bullet had hit Mary 18 years ago today.

"Am I crazy Joe? We make love so beautifully in my dreams yet I have never even kissed a boy in real life. I see us doing things I have read about in books but never the act of sex, you know what I mean Joe?" she asked shaking her head. "Yes I do know what you mean, we never made love all the way" he told her. "We were virgins" he lowered his head as the tears began to flow again. "I still am" he confessed to her.

"Me too" she said before kissing him passionately, Joe held her tight letting his tongue slip into her mouth, she responded with her own tongue as it darted around his. He sucked her lips tasting her, he never wanted to part from her touch. His hands caressed her back while she pulled him closer to her. Her breath quickened as he slipped his hand around her caressing her breast through her bra, she moaned into his mouth as his finger tips pinched her virgin nipple. The passion of so many years was coming out tonight between the two lovers, she had practiced every night in her dreams for this moment and he had waited for 18 years to hold her in his arms again.

Joe moved his lips to her ear sucking her lobe as he said, "I loved you my whole life Mary, now I will finally make love to you this night. She let herself go with the passion she had felt for so long and didn't know why till now. She hungrily kissed him again and again as he removed her blouse, she released the front clasp letting her blouse and bra fall in one motion. His lips found her nipple so sensitive, she wanted, no needed his touch, and he sucked it into his mouth. She moaned louder as she felt the tingles of passion rush through her body, the juices flowed in her body like water over a dam. His hands searched knowingly every inch of her body as she collapsed into arms. She moved her hands over his chest pulling at his shirt, buttons popped off with little effort as she tore into his chest. She pushed him back against the bench her lips sucking his nipples, her hands caressing as his had done to her, she nipped his nipple with her teeth before getting down on her knees before him. His belt opened easily as she undid the last button keeping her from what she desired.

She pulled his pants down and off in one quick movement. Her head went down to this thighs, she kissed them before opening them to reveal her craving. His cock sprang up before her as she took it into her mouth, he moaned as he cradled her head between his hands. It was just as he remembered so many years ago, she knew exactly what turned him on and she wasted no time performing her magic. She engulfed his cock, took it deep inside her hot mouth sucking until she felt his cock hair tickle her nose. "Oh God Yes" he moaned louder as he felt her throat opening to take the last inch of his cock. She had never tasted a cock except in her dreams, the salty taste and musky smell of his cock was driving her wild. She could feel her orgasm starting to build from the excitement she was experiencing. Joe's cock twitched as he felt his cum beginning to shot from his cock into her hot mouth after so many years of waiting. Mary's own orgasm shot through her groin as she tasted his seed, "Oh yes My Love" he moaned as he filled her mouth with his cum. She suck like she was feeding on honey from the Gods as she tried to swallow all his cum only losing a few drops that spilled from her lips. Her body jerked from her own orgasm that rocked her soul. Joe pulled her up to his lips kissing her with desire he thought was lost. His hands went under her skirt caressing her ass before letting a single finger trace a path towards her dripping panties.

His finger touched her clit through the panties making her moan with lust. He slipped his finger inside her panties touching her lips, she opened her legs to allow better access and he slipped his finger through her pouting cunt lips making her cry out in pleasure for more. The nights of dreams were becoming a reality at last and her body craved for more. She pleaded with him to make her whole, to bring her the joy she knew in her dreams. He laid her down on the soft grass moving over her as he did. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed her longingly. He removed her panties as his lips traveled down her body tasting her flesh as it traveled lower. Her moans became louder as his tongue licked her tummy. Her legs opened wide as he bent down between them, his lips just inches from her slit and his breath caressed her soul as it teased her. "Lick me like I like it baby" she screamed as his tongue touched her swollen lips, she sucked her breath in short gasps as he drove his tongue into her cunt as deep as he could. "Oh God Yes" she screamed over and over as his lips sucked her swollen clit while his tongue flicked it with a rhythm that was driving her wild. He knew what she wanted and was quick to bring her to a mind shattering orgasm when his finger went deep inside her virgin cunt while his tongue worked on her clit.

"I want it now" she pleaded with him after her orgasm subsided. " I need it now" she begged pulling on his hair. " Fuck me my love" she pleaded as she pulled him up.

"Yes my love its time at last" he said as he guided his cock towards her hungry cunt. He rubbed the head against her hot whole feeling the heat of her passion. Slowly he inserted it, she pleaded for more through clenched teeth. He pressed harder until he popped into her tight virgin hole. She panted hard as her body jerked from the orgasm that started to rock her body and soul. Joe pushed harder inserting more and more of his hard manhood inside her. " Oh God Yes" she screamed as his cock found its way deep inside her, she thrust her hips up trying to take it all, she wanted it all and needed to be filled with his cock.. Joe started to move slowly at first picking up speed as she relaxed allowing his cock to slide freely. She was lost, totally lost in passion, he was beginning to feel his seed churning inside his balls, and he wanted to fill her with it. "I'm Cumming" she screamed as his seed spilled into her body. She screamed with pleasure as she felt the warmth of his seed filling her body. They bucked against each other until they had no energy left, they both were totally exhausted.

Joe fell on top of her gasping for breath, she held him tight never wanting this moment to end. "I feel your seed growing" she said after a minute or two, "I know its crazy but it's true" she said kissing him softly. "Our child is born this night of our first love" she whispered as she fell into sleep.


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