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Discovering Power
by Patrick

At the age of 13 I discovered that my rapidly developing body held a magnetic attraction to the males of the species! and that this attraction gave me great power!! it came about when I caught a glimpse in the bathroom mirror of my older brother Pete spying on me while I was taking a shower, when I finished my shower and burst into his room to confront him, I found him lying on the bed, swollen cock in hand, pumping it like crazy!! I stood there totally shocked and totally fascinated!! I don't know if he realized I was there or whether he just couldn't stop, but he kept on pumping until a huge wad of white cream sprayed all over him!! I sneaked out before he opened his eyes! not quite believing what I'd seen! but the next day I was carefully watching the mirror and had deliberately not closed the bathroom door properly, and this time I put on quite a show for him! turning side on and rubbing lots of soap into my titties! and when I was obviously nearly finished and he dashed off, I was close behind and caught him in the act again!! this time I made sure he was aware of my presence! but when he went to stop I told him if he did I would tell dad!! I then lowered my towel slightly so he could see my naked tits and told him I wanted to see him shoot that creamy stuff again!! eyes fixed firmly on my tits, he did just that!!

After that it became a regular scenario for quite a while, but although he frequently begged me, I never let him touch me, I was just too turned on by the power I had over him!! of course, I discussed it with my girlfriends and we all started experimenting with teasing and flirting with all the boys, and loved it when we had them literally drooling!! I even tried it once on my dad!! there was no one else in the house and he was sitting in the lounge room reading, I put on a very loose top with a low, floppy neck line and left off my bra, then went to the kitchen and made him a drink and delivered it to him, making sure I bent low in front of him so he could get a good look down my top at my naked breasts! I thought I heard a kind of snort, and glanced up under my eyebrows, and sure enough his wide staring and slightly glazed eyes were fixed intently on my breasts! and when I glanced down I saw what looked suspiciously like a growing bulge in his pants!! wow!! I was turning my dad on!! a grown man! such power!!

Of course, as the years went by and I became even more developed, I also developed the flirting and teasing to a fine art! but at age 16 I got something of a fright, and found out the dangers that I'd also been flirting with! I teased and flirted with a boy on the way home from school through the park and he kind of lost it! tried to drag me into the bushes and rape me! amazingly it was my brother Pete that came to the rescue! having seen what was happening from quite some distance away, he rushed over, punched the boy in the nose and chased him off!! my hero!! needless to say that couldn't go unrewarded! so that evening when the others were all asleep, I slipped into his room and took his cock into my hand and started to stroke it for him! the first time I'd ever allowed any physical contact at all! that really drove him wild! but not as wild as when I dipped my head down and took his cock into my mouth!! the result was immediate and spectacular! a huge wad of his cream stuff shot from his cock straight down my throat!! I gagged a little at first and was about to pull his cock out, when I realized I was actually enjoying it! enjoying the taste, enjoying him pumping his hard cock into my mouth, but most of all enjoying this new incredible power I seemed to have over him! he was moaning and groaning and begging me not to stop!! Of course, afterward I told him that this was purely a reward for his bravery that day and he shouldn't expect it to happen again! and he just lay there with a stupid grin on his face!! Of course, it did happen again on just a few occasions, because I was really on the power trip, and it only happened when I chose it to, never when he begged for it - which he did frequently!!

But my narrow escape in the park had made me a little more careful about exercising that power on just anybody! in fact I began to realize that there was really no challenge any more in teasing the boys at school, I mean just a hot wink was enough to virtually have them shooting in their pants!! Over the next few years the boys got a little older, wiser and more demanding! but thanks to the fun I was having with my brother Pete, I became quite an expert at defusing their demands, either with my hands or my mouth! at the same time discovering that I absolutely loved sucking cock!! or maybe it was the silly grin they always seemed to have on their faces afterwards! but well into my 18th year I remained intact! as pure as the driven snow! well, perhaps not pure! but certainly untouched! well, perhaps not exactly untouched! but certainly unfucked!!

I guess there always has to be one exception to the rule, one person on whom my practiced charms never seemed to work! one person who, in fact, always seemed to have the power over me!, the power to reduce me to a quivering mess the way I did to most men! and that man was my father's brother Jack, my uncle!. He was about 5 years younger than dad, so that made him around thirty I guess, but he was quite tall and handsome, and quiet almost to the point of being shy. He didn't stop by often, but when he did my whole body seemed to turn to jelly! as a very young teenager I had a huge crush on him, and that never seemed to go away, so even now at well over 18 he still made me feel like an incredibly young teenager! and that didn't fit at all with the sophisticated adult image I had of myself, so I was determined to change things, determined to turn the tables! so when he turned up one day to ask if anyone wanted to go swimming I jumped at the chance, and was delighted when everyone else was too busy to go! So I jumped in his car, having chosen the most daring bikini I could find! and off we went. He drove for well over an hour and I got quite lost, we certainly weren't going to any of the beaches I knew! eventually, he took the car down through a small wooded area on a very bumpy dirt track until we came to this incredibly small, but delightful little cove, and I squealed with delight! jumping out of the car and rushing down to the water. Jack followed more slowly carrying the beach rug and the towels and the drinks etc, but once he'd set up, he immediately started to slip out of his clothes, and was quickly down to his bathers, and I could feel myself starting to melt again! he had a gorgeous tanned body and it was obvious he worked out! but this wasn't the way I wanted it to happen , I was determined that this time I was going to be wielding the power! so I rushed back to the towel and immediately stripped down to my incredibly small bikini, that I knew thrust my breasts up and out in a most inviting manner! and sure enough, I saw his eyes roam all over my body and a delighted smile come to his face! then he turned away and said "last one in makes lunch!" and we ran down the short beach, me a little in the lead and feeling his eyes on my jiggling ass cheeks! oh yes, this was working out fine!!

After a fun time in the water, splashing each other and having small races, we came back to our towels and I reclined on one elbow, looking around at the small beach. "It's amazing" I said. "The only footsteps on this beach are ours! it's like no one else ever comes here!", he grinned, "Well, all the years I've been coming here I've never seen another soul, so perhaps they don't, I only stumbled on it by pure chance!" he said, and immediately sensing an opportunity to show how grown up I was, and to tease and flirt a little as well, I gave him a half smoldering grin and said "If no one else ever comes her, how come we even bothered with costumes?", he raise one eyebrow in surprise and gave me a grin of his own, "Well, the thought did cross my mind, but I wasn't sure how you'd react! and I certainly wasn't sure how I'd react!!" he said, "Whatever do you mean?" I asked, he laughed and looked away, a slight flush coming to his cheeks, "Well, you are an incredibly beautiful, exciting young lady, you know!!" he answered. I could feel the triumph racing through me, he had noticed me, he was aware of me as a woman, I was having an effect on him!! yet at the same time I could feel myself melting in front of him once again, confusion and uncertainty and even embarrassment fighting with my sense of triumph, but I was determined not to act like the child I was beginning to feel! so lifting myself into a sitting position, I grinned at him and said, "I've always hated sitting around in wet bathers, and we're both adults, so if you're sure no one else ever comes here, then why don't we!". His head jerked round, and I saw the colour clearly tainting his cheeks as he stared at me with a surprised look on his face, but before he could respond I reached around and unhooked the top of my bikini and pulled it off and dropped it by my side, and I saw his jaw drop a little and his eyes widen as they feasted on my ripe breasts! although this was all happening very quickly, it seemed to be in slow motion and I seemed to have ages to enjoy the fire that seemed to erupt deep in his eyes! but I knew if I hesitated at all then the fears and uncertainties would kick in again, so as soon as the bikini top hit my towel, my hands moved down and peeled off the bikini bottoms, and I was totally naked!! totally naked for the very first time in front of a man!!

His sharp intake of breath could probably have been heard a couple of miles away! and as I slipped the bikini bottoms over my feet and tossed them aside, I resumed my half reclining position on the towel, twisting slightly so that Jack had a clear view of my breasts and my pussy. God, I'd never been this daring before! it was incredibly exciting! flaunting my nakedness, seeing Jack's eyes roaming all over my body, seeing the admiration and the excitement building in them! or perhaps it was my own growing excitement that I saw mirrored there! because I was on fire like I'd never been before!! I managed to raise an impish grin, "well, it's your turn, aren't you going to join me?", he shook his head backwards and forwards, as if trying to dislodge something from his mind! finally, his tongue came out and brushed across his lips and he spoke in an incredibly husky voice, "My god, you are absolutely gorgeous! half of me has still been seeing the annoying little kid that used to try and kick my shins when nobody was looking, but you're not that kid any more, you're all grown up, grown up into the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!", wow, his words were like diamonds dripping towards me!! and I'm sure I arched my body and thrust my breasts out even more!, but he was still shaking his head, "This is crazy, totally crazy, I shouldn't be reacting like this, you're my niece for god sake! - then a huge shudder ran through him - I don't think it would be at all wise to take my gear off!!"

I snapped back up into a sitting position, twisting around to face him fully, not even realizing that in doing so I was giving him a clear view not only of my pussy, but right up my pussy!! so little wonder that he gulped and his eyes almost popped out!! "You're not going to chicken out now, that's not fair! if you don't take them off, I'll come over there and drag them off!!" I think it was the absurdity of that remark that broke the tension, after all he was about 6ft and quite muscular, where I was a little over 5ft 3 and , well, built like a woman!!, and Jack threw back his head and laughed! when he finally regained control of himself, he looked at me with a grin that still seemed to contain an element of uncertainty in it, and shrugged, "Well, I couldn't possibly argue with that threat!" he said, and as I looked on he reached down and peeled his bathers off and tossed them aside, and turned back in my direction, of course my eyes immediately dropped down to check out his cock, which looked to be about the same size as Pete's, until I realized that Jack's was still soft! which meant he was as big soft as Pete was hard!! as that thought grew in my mind, I felt my eyes widening with shock! and that seemed to have an electric effect on Jack's cock, because despite his low moan of anguish, it began to stiffen and harden and rise from it's previous recumbent position on his leg! and once started, no amount of willpower on Jack's part seemed able to stop it, so as he half reclined there on the towel gazing slightly red faced at my naked body, his cock got bigger and bigger and bigger!! and with it, my eyes grew bigger and bigger and bigger! Finally Jack seemed to give up trying, and just let it rise, and it immediately jumped to full erection , and my god it was full!! it would have to be 11 or 12 inches long!! and just so thick!! I'd played with quite a few cocks over the last few years, but I'd never seen anything any where near this!! it was huge!! and I couldn't stop staring at it, and I couldn't stop reacting to it, my whole body was on fire!!

"I'm sorry!" he finally whispered in a voice I hardly recognized, a voice so filled with desire and lust that I could almost reach out and touch it, "I was afraid this might happen, I just can't help myself, you're just so incredibly beautiful, exciting, and yes! incredibly sexy!! perhaps I'd better go jump in the cold water and get rid of it!" I surprised even myself with the vehemence of my reply, "Don't you dare!!" I cried out, "Don't you dare!! it's absolutely fantastic!!" and almost protectively I reached out and cupped my hand around it! causing him to almost jump off the towel and groan even louder!! but I didn't take my hand away, no, instead I allowed my hand to move slowly up and down its massive length!! there was no way my hand would fit around it, it was far too thick, so I contented myself with just sliding my hand along the underside of it all the way to his large balls and back to the head, causing fresh shakes and shudders to his body! it was like I was now being drawn by a magnet! the magnet of his fantastic cock!! my voice dropped to little more than a hot whisper, and I seemed to be speaking directly to his cock rather than to Jack, "Don't you dare! it's all mine now! all mine! and I want it so much, want your beautiful cock so much!" I felt his body jump with shock, "Jilly! you can't! you can't mean!!" but I did! and that was a hell of a shock to me too! but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was it! that this was the cock, this was the man that was finally going to make me a complete woman!! and suddenly I was in control again, in control of myself - and in control of Jack! finally!! I moved quickly and started raining light kisses over his huge prick! and he was in total disarray!! one moment groaning "No Jilly! no, You mustn't! we mustn't!" the next minute moaning "Yes Jilly! oh God yes!! lick me, suck me, OH that's so good!!"

Then, as if something had snapped inside, he drew me up from his cock and began to kiss me and touch me and stroke me, running his hands lightly and expertly over my breasts, teasing my nipples into erection then sucking gently on them, sending spasms of amazing pleasure racing through me, running his hands lightly over the cheeks of my ass, then dipping down to tease his fingers across the lips of my incredibly wet pussy!! I'd let him see parts of my body that no other man had ever seen, and now I was letting him touch parts of my body that no man had ever touched! oh a couple of boys had copped a feel of my breasts, but only through my blouse or T shirt, certainly never like this! and his touch was driving me crazy! at one point when he brushed his fingers slowly and teasingly over my pussy I exploded into an incredible orgasm that threatened to shake my body apart!! but Jack kept stroking and stoking, driving me higher and higher!! my hands were busy too, stroking across his beautiful muscular body and stroking up and down that amazing cock, bringing groans of pleasure from deep within him!! Then he raised his face to mine and kissed me deeply and passionately before jerking away slightly with an agonized expression on his face, "Please! please! tell me to stop!" he almost begged, and I felt that power rise within me again, "No!" I exclaimed, "I don't want you to stop! I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me with your massive cock!!" he groaned, "But it could be painful, I'm so large and you're so small "," I don't care! I want you! I want you to pop my cherry!!" he gasped and reared back "You mean?" he croaked, I nodded, and even managed a slight grin, "Oh god" he groaned again, "Oh god, she's still a virgin, that will make it twice as painful!!", I gripped his face between my hands and almost shook him, "That doesn't matter uncle Jack! it has to be you, it just has to be! if you only knew how long I've waited for you to notice me, how long I've wanted you! it has to be you! it has to be your big beautiful cock! Please! please! fuck me uncle Jack, fuck me!!"

I was as stunned as he was!! I was begging! I didn't have the power any more!! he had the power!! him and that amazing, huge cock had the power!! and I lost it all! "please uncle Jack, fuck me now, fuck me hard, please uncle Jack!" I heard myself murmur, and I was practically writhing, trying to ease my body under his!! and that seemed to blow the last bit of his hesitations away! and he adjusted his position so that I was lying flat on my back with my legs spread wide and he was hovering over me, holding himself off my body and rubbing his big prick up and down the lips of my pussy, sending fresh spasms of delight through me, then he raised to his knees, sliding then either side of my buttocks and lifting my legs high and wide and began to guide the tip of his huge prick into my pussy! oh god, what an amazing feeling! the head of his cock slipping between my pussy lips for the first time!! and he held it there, just a fraction of an inch inside, waiting for my pussy to adjust to it's thickness, then slowly he pressed forward, deeper and deeper, slowly, gently easing into me! and I felt like I was being split apart!! but I didn't want him to stop and urged him forward until his progress was blocked, I'd actually been watching in fascination as his big cock slid into me, so it was a moment before I realized he was looking at me, searching for my eyes, then he whispered " We don't have to! I can stop if you want!" My answer was instant, instinctive, and left no room for doubt!! I grabbed his back and buttocks with my hands and lurched upwards and forwards, plunging my pussy deep onto his cock and feeling the immediate, incredible pain of the hymen breaking, and I screamed! and held him tight! and he held me, his cock unmoving inside me as the pain flew to ever part of my body, then seemed to flow right back again and focus in my pussy.

We stayed frozen that way for a couple of moments, then I became aware once again of his huge cock inside me, and I realized that the pain was gone! slowly, almost tentatively I squirmed beneath him, feeling my pussy shift around on his cock, and the pain didn't come back, and my whole body started to relax! he was still looking at me, a worried expression on his face, so I lay back on the towel and smiled hotly at him, "Now uncle Jack, do you still want to stop?", his worried look turned into the biggest grin I'd ever seen on his face "Do I really have a choice?" he asked with a chuckle, I shook my head, "I didn't think so!, in fact I think I ran out of choices the moment I saw you in that Bikini! suddenly my little niece wasn't little any more, she was the most desirable woman I'd ever seen, and I wanted her, wanted her so bad!!" I grinned up at him, "so fuck me uncle Jack! fuck me!! over and over again!", and he proceeded to do just that!! no more idle talk, just his huge cock slipping gently at first deeper and deeper into my pussy! I was amazed how much I was able to stretch without undue discomfort and how much of his huge cock I was able to take! not all of it, I don't think, as I could only occasionally feel his heavy balls bounce against my ass as he thrust forward! both of us growing in confidence all the time! one orgasm seemed to lead into another as his cock began to really plunge and slam into my pussy, and I was crying and wailing in encouragement! it was like nothing! nothing I'd ever dreamed of!! waves of pleasure raced through my body, and I bucked and heaved beneath him, then he was murmuring in my ear, sending fresh thrills through me "Oh Jilly, you're so hot! so tight! so incredibly beautiful, so incredibly sexy! I'm so close! so close to shooting my hot load into you! I can't hold on!", "then don't" I almost screamed, "cum in me!! shoot your hot juices into my pussy! fill me up!! fuck me Jack!! fuuuuck meeeee!!" and I screamed into the biggest orgasm of all, as I felt his cock thicken and swell inside me then shoot a jet of steaming hot liquid almost up into my throat!! and he just kept on shooting as I kept on cumming!! plunging his big cock like a ram deep into me, yelling out himself "Yes! oh god Yes Jilly! I'm fucking you! I'm fucking You!!!!"

When the shakes and the shudders finally subsided and he drew his cock from my cum filled pussy - even soft it was so thick that it wouldn't just have slipped out! - he looked down into my eyes and said "Wow! you are one incredible woman!!", I was so thrilled that he'd called me a woman!, "Why" I asked, coyly, "Because most females I've ever been with have either run a mile at the first sight of my cock, or been unable to take it into them!" he said, "Is that why you've never married?" I queried, he laughed, "partly I guess, though it never stopped your dad!", I was quite stunned, "You mean?" I gasped, he laughed again and nodded, "I guess it must run in the family" he said. Suddenly I had a whole new respect for my dad! and come to think of it my mom!!!

Then he glanced over at the cool water and suggested that it might be a good time to take a dip, "on one condition" I said, "and what's that?" he asked, I reached down and ran my hand over his cock, "that when we come out, you make love to me again!!" he grinned, "So! an incredible woman, and an insatiable one!! it gets better all the time!!" - and it did!! we swam and played in the water for a while, then came out and made love again under the warm afternoon sun, only this time I was on top! I was in charge! god it was an amazing feeling as my pussy sunk slowly down onto his massive cock! and his hands came up to fondle my breasts! and halfway down I had this sudden vision of the time I'd teased my dad with a view of my ripening tits, and seen the bulge start to grow in his pants!! if I'd known then!! but of course I wouldn't really have known what to do about it!, then the vision disappeared as uncle Jack's huge cock hit bottom and started to transport me to new and exciting heights before once again filling me with his delicious cum!! and I knew it was delicious, because later I got to suck him off and taste his gorgeous cum as he introduced me to the delights of having my pussy sucked at the same time!!!! I had a feeling that uncle Jack was going to be a much more frequent visitor from now on! but on the way home, I made sure to map the route to this delightful cove into my brain, so that I could find it again! - perhaps with my dad!! my big cocked dad!!!!


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