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Denise plays with
Jennifer Love-Hewitt

by Dirty Denise

I was visiting my Aunt Gina in LA this summer for a few weeks. I go there every couple of years to visit and to see the city, which I love! LA is so full of energy and excitement! I see celebrities there often, as many people do, but what I'm about to tell you is more than your average celebrity sighting!

Aunt Gina was treating me to dinner at a ritzy restaurant downtown. The place was known to be frequented by celebs, but little did I know that one of my biggest crushes would be walking in and sitting at a table not 50 feet from us.

But she did. Jennifer Love-Hewitt came strolling in just as we were finishing dessert. My mouth fell open as I looked at her. She looked slammin' in a thin, clingy skirt and silky blouse. She turned past us to walk to her table, and there was that sexy ass I loved so much, framed beautifully by the snug material of her skirt. She sat down, and I noticed she was alone. A damned shame, I thought.

"Close your mouth, Denise!" my aunt laughed. I hadn't realized how much I was gawking. Aunt Gina knew who Jennifer was, but didn't know how bad I wanted her. She just assumed I was a fan! "Why don't you go talk to her?" she suggested.

"Oh I couldn't do that!" I replied, my eyes never leaving Jennifer Love-Hewitt's sexyness... soaking her in as much as I could.

Then the impossible happened. She turned and caught me staring. I looked away quickly, but something made me turn back and look again. She was smiling. At me! I looked behind me to make sure she wasn't smiling at someone else, but no... she wasn't. I felt like throwing up... my stomach was in knots! I turned back and stared at my empty dessert dish, trying not to think about how terrified I was.

The next thing I felt was a hand tapping my shoulder. I looked up, and almost passed out. It was her!!! Jennifer Love-Hewitt was trying to get MY attention! I vaguely heard my aunt giggling as Jennifer spoke:

"Hi there!" she said in an amazingly friendly voice. "I saw you staring and thought I'd say hello. I'm always happy to meet fans who don't immediately jump me and beg for autographs and that kind of shit." She looked at my aunt. "Oh! I'm sorry... excuse my language!"

Aunt Gina smiled. "That's ok!"

"I'm Jennifer... but I assume you knew that!" She grinned. "And you are...?"

"Denise." I said... I think... or maybe Aunt Gina covered for me... I still don't remember!

"Well I'm pleased to meet you, Denise!" Jennifer winked.

"Oh my god, I'm SO pleased to meet you!" I managed to stammer.

"Do you live here in LA?" Jennifer asked me, taking a seat at our table. I wanted to run away. I was completely petrified with fear. This couldn't be happening! Why did she want to talk to me?

"No... I'm... I'm visiting my uh... my..." I stuttered. I couldn't stop staring at Jennifer. My fear was giving way to the naughtiest thoughts I had ever thought. She giggled a little at my speaking problems, and smiled sweetly. "My aunt." I managed to finish.

"Well that's cool. Have you seen much of the city?" Jennifer asked.

I was starting to regain enough of my brain to talk. "I've seen most of it, but not all of it." I still sounded like an idiot.

"I'm sure Denise would be thrilled if you'd show her around a bit tonight!" Aunt Gina piped up.

I wanted to kill her! How dare she say something so stupid! Like Jennifer Love-Hewitt would have time to haul my ass around LA! I was about to protest, when Jennifer spoke up:

"I'd also be thrilled to do that!"

I was stunned. Did I just hear her say what I thought I heard her say? "Don't you want to eat...?" I asked... like an idiot... what was I trying to stop her from showing me a good time tonight?

"Nah," Jennifer replied, "I was just gonna have a salad or something quick before making it an early night... we can grab something while we're out!" She started to get up, and held out her hand to me. "Shall we?" she smiled.

I grabbed her hand and got up out of my seat. My knees were weak, and I was most definitely wet. Uncomfortably wet, actually. How did I expect to hide my arousal from Jennifer? Who cared at this point? Not me!

We left the restaurant. Jennifer asked me about life back home, and I asked her about her seemingly amazing life as a huge star and teen sex symbol. From what she told me, her life wasn't as peachy as it seemed from the outside. She told me how tough it was to be so famous and recognized, and that while she did love the attention, sometimes it was too much. She also told me how happy she was to be able to carry on a normal conversation with a real person for once! I was flattered.

We hopped into her car, and she turned to me.

"So what do you feel like doing?" Jennifer asked me.

Still reeling from the whole experience, I was clueless. "I dunno... you're the local!"

She smiled at me. "Well I really don't wanna go anywhere public..." she thought out loud.

Suddenly a pager started going off. "Shit." Jennifer said. She turned and crawled between the car seats to find the thing and turn it off. It was then that I noticed that due to her compromising position, her beautiful, SEXY ass was RIGHT IN MY FACE! I felt myself gush with wetness. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I tried to ignore what I was seeing, but soon my nasty side got the better of me. Before I knew what I was doing, my nose was dangerously close to nuzzling Jennifer's ass. I sniffed softly to try and get a whiff of her... but I wasn't close enough. I moved a little closer, when suddenly, she found the pager, started to come back, and bumped her ass right into my face! I almost died.

"Oh..." Jennifer excused herself, "Sorry... didn't see you there..." She seemed a little curious as to why my face had been in her ass, but by no means upset. I was mortified, and I turned bright red. A smile curled the corners of Jennifer's mouth. "Uhh..." she grinned, "What were you doing?"

"Nothing!" I tried to sound convincing, but didn't do too good of a job, "I was just stretching..." Stretching?!? What was I, an idiot?

Jennifer didn't buy it, I could tell, but she started the car anyway, with a sly grin on her face. What was she thinking? I would have killed to know. "So do you wanna go somewhere private?" she asked me.

I didn't know what to make of it. She said it casually, but did she mean more? What the hell... of course she didn't mean more... this wasn't some doped up club grrl, this was Jennifer Love-Hewitt, for god's sake! I was sure she didn't wanna fuck me or anything! "Private?" I asked, innocently.

"Well yeah," she replied, "I mean, do you wanna fuck?" She looked at me dead on, deeply. She was serious.

"I... uh... do you... uh..." I rambled like a retard, but she was good. Real good. She put a hand on my knee. I almost peed in my pants.

"Denise, you were trying to sniff my ass, for fuck's sake!" She had a grin unlike I'd ever seen. Her beautiful face was shining with a subtle but unmistakable lust. "It's okay," she continued, "I think that's very kinky. And I think you're very sexy! Why do you think I picked you up? I wanna. Do you?"

All I could do was nod. She started to drive.

I was in a total daze for the duration of the drive. It could have been 5 minutes, it could have been an hour. All I knew is that we were pulling into a gorgeous place on Laurel Canyon.

"This is my friend's place." Jennifer said, snapping me out of my trance. "It's closer than my place, and nobody is here for the next couple of weeks. She started to get out. I followed.

As I followed Jennifer up the walkway, All I could do was watch her incredible butt swing back and forth. She stopped at one point and reached back to pull her underwear out of her butt... GOD she knew what got me going. How did she know already? Was this really happening?

We got to the door. Jennifer smiled at me, and opened the door. We stepped inside. The place was GORGEOUS! I didn't wanna BREATHE on anything in there, it all looked so expensive! Jennifer led me to the livingroom, and we sat on the couch. She offered me a drink, but I didn't want to taste anything except her. I wanted to pounce on her and violate her six ways from Sunday, but I didn't want to ruin this for anything! So I sat quietly in my own wet, waiting for Jennifer to make a move.

For the longest time she talked to me. We talked about where we went to school, life in general, music, movies... just about anything you could think of. Had she been kidding when she said she wanted to fuck earlier? Had I imagined it? I was spinning from the confusion. Then she did something interesting.

"Ohh, I like you, Denise!" Jennifer purred. She sat up, and laid face down across my lap, slinking and stretching out. When she finally settled, that ass was right on my lap, right in my face. Jennifer was looking back at me, grinning devilishly. "Well?" She joked, "Do what you wanted to do earlier!"

"Are you sure?" I asked. I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining this too!

"Yes." She whispered, smiling at me.

Then, Jennifer Love-Hewitt told me to do whatever I wanted to her ass.

At first I was stumped. I mean, what would you do? I'm personally into some pretty kinky stuff, so the first thing I did was to nuzzle my face into her soft ass. I almost came. I was doing what I had fantasized about in some of my nastiest dreams. I was sniffing Jennifer Love-Hewitt's ass. She moaned a little, and arched her butt up to my face more.

"You dirty little thing, Denise!" she moaned, "Give you a little celebrity ass, and you turn into a regular dog! You like doing that to me?"

"Uh - huh" I managed to whimper between sniffing and panting. I was fully intoxicated by her stink. And the fact that what I was doing to her turned her on drove me that much crazier. I slid a hand up her hot thigh, and made contact with her crotch. She had sexy satin undies on, and they were hot, sticky and wet in that perfect way. I started to massage her through her damp panties, and she started to moan and wiggle even more. I started to get crazier. I raised my hand and smacked her pretty little ass. She went silent. I immediately regretted doing it, and was about to apologize, when she suddenly let out a yelp!

"Ohhh!" she oozed, "Yes! Spank my booty! C'mon! Spank it!" She wiggled her tight little ass at me.

I brought my hand down harder on her exquisite butt. She arched and moaned louder with every strike. I was spanking her! I couldn't believe what was happening. Next thing I knew, I was wailing on her ass like she was a disobedient child, and she was practically screaming in joy.

Before long, it began to get hot. Jennifer told me she wanted to take her skirt off. I certainly didn't argue! She slipped the skimpy blue skirt over her ass and off. Her panties were french cut, and a sexy baby blue color. I was feeling drunk at this point, staring at her beautiful butt bent over my legs. I absent-mindedly caressed her fine ass as we caught our breath.

After a few minutes, Jennifer spoke:

"Denise, have you ever eaten pussy?" She looked at me in the most erotic way I could ever imagine her.

"Yes, Jennifer," I replied, "I do it a lot."

"Wanna do it to me?" She teased, standing up and walking over to the fur rug in front of the couch.

"Do I ever!" I exclaimed, my mouth practically watering at the possibility.

"I'd like to taste you too, Denise," She whispered, "wanna do a sixty-nine with me?"

Once again I almost passed out from the thought. "Oh god yes I do, Jennifer. But I want YOU to be on top."

"You do?" Jennifer asked, a little intrigued, "Why?"

"Cause I wanna play with your ass while we do it!" I blushed, having been more forward with her than I ever thought possible.

"You do love my ass, don't you, Denise?" Jennifer laughed, sticking her ass at me and swatting it as she spoke.

"Don't move!" I commanded. She froze in her partly bent over position, her ass stuck out at me. "Before we sixty-nine," I told her, "I wanna do something to you."

Jennifer simply moaned as I slid her panties off her ass and down around her ankles. I grabbed both cheeks of that incredible ass, and parted them. Jennifer hissed through her teeth, no doubt feeling a little vulnerable at being exposed in such a way. Her vulnerable feelings soon gave way to intense pleasure as I flattened out my tongue and ran it up the crack of her ass, caressing every inch of it as I did so. Her knees began to give way and I had to put an arm around her waist to keep her upright as I tickled her anus with the tip of my tongue. Her squeals were powerful as I worked her tight ass for a good 5 or 10 minutes. By the time I was done, she was beyond the coy, teasing celebrity doing a fan mood, and into the "I wanna cum NOW" mood.

Jennifer pushed me onto my back, and unbuttoned my pants. I was naked in under a minute, and Jennifer was softly kissing my lips. I grabbed her ass and pulled her around to maneuver her into the sixty-nine position with me. At first she just sat her ass down onto my face. The second her pussy was in range, I was sucking and licking it like a mad woman. She started to hump her ass up and down to intensify her pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" She shouted. The next thing I felt was a hot mouth kissing my inner thigh. Just when I thought she was going to tease me, I felt the nasty, hot wetness of her tongue dipping into my pussy. I stopped doing work on her as the pleasure of her licking hit me. I realized what was happening. I was in a sixty-nine with Jennifer Love-Hewitt!!! It was HER tongue pleasuring my pussy at this very moment!!! By the pure grace of god, I didn't cum right then and there.

"Don't stop, baby!" Jennifer yelled. I had forgotten to please my goddess while lost in my naughty thoughts! I immediately began slurping and licking with all my might at Jennifer's now sopping puss. Her glorious juices ran down my cheeks as she bucked her ass harder on my face. Her screams and yells now no longer reserved, but echoing through the huge house. Through all of this, her mouth remained diligent in pleasuring me. I knew my best orgasm ever was just a few hot licks away.

"I thought you were going to play with my ass!?" Jennifer barked, in an almost dominating tone. I immediately drenched a finger in her ample juices, and pressed it to her incredibly tight anus. Her humping became slower to make it easier for me to work the finger in. I pressed my finger into her beautiful ass, and started to wiggle it and work it in circles. Jennifer squealed, and before I knew it, I felt her working her finger under me to do the same. Once her finger was snugly in my butt, and she was doing her magic, we started licking and sucking again. It went on for what seemed like hours. Neither of us could cum... we wanted this pleasure to last forever.

Then suddenly it all became too much. What Jennifer was doing to my pussy and ass, along with the realization of who she was, and how wonderful it was to be living out my fantasies with her, all drove me over the edge. I started to buck and spasm as the most powerful and intense orgasm I've ever experienced to this day started to ravage my body. Luckily, this triggered Jennifer's orgasm, and I felt her pussy start to pulse and throb as she worked her body on mine. My finger continued it's firm probing, as did hers. We both bucked and screamed for minutes on end as our pent-up pleasure exploded in amazing orgasms.

When we finished, Jennifer Love-Hewitt lay on top of me for several minutes. I couldn't bring myself to pull my finger out of her butt, and to my extreme pleasure, neither could she. After a while, Jennifer got up and turned to me. Her face was slick with my wetness, and she looked more beautiful than ever. She smiled at me.

"Put your clothes on, Denise, I have to take you home." She looked so sad.

The car ride back to my Aunt's was a quiet one. I knew she was trying to find the way to tell me that this could never happen again. I felt bad that she had to even say anything.

"It's OK, Jennifer," I said comfortingly, "I know what you want to say. You don't have to. I will always treasure the memory of what happened tonight."

"Thank you, Denise," Jennifer smiled, "I will never forget tonight either."

I gave Jennifer my Aunt's number. I told her to call any time. She told me that if she could, she would. Every time I'm in LA these days, I pray that the phone will ring, and It'll be my goddess once more. Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

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