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Darlene's Story
Pt. I: The Secret Encounter
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

My wife's best friend is a lady named Darlene. She is a very pretty redhead. Darlene was grossly overweight in her thirties. Last year, when she turned forty, Darlene lost more than seventy five pounds and the results have been spectacular. Darlene is extremely self centered and she can be combative and very bossy. She doesn't like to take no for an answer. This story (parts 1, 2 and 3) are the first three chapters of a much longer novel, a work that is still in progress, in which Darlene, my wife Abby, and their friend Pamela are the main characters. The story contains a number of my own interrelated sexual fantasies, many of which are about Darlene and Pamela. The first part of the story is different from what follows, because the theme involves homosexual activities. The incident described in part 1 is included because it sets the stage for and is critical to the rest of the story line. The themes that occupy parts two and three and the rest of the novel are female domination and adultery. The novel is entitled 'My Three Mistresses' - but this part is "Darlene's Story"

( Darlene arrives home unexpectedly to discover the shocking secret of her husband's homosexual affair with her best friend's husband. She watches the two men from her hiding place )

The house on the hill stood alone, bathed in shadows created by the outdoor lighting strategically situated around the perimeter of the vast sloping lawn. The house was very large, larger than most of the nearby estates in this affluent gated community at the western end of San Fernando Valley. The darkened windows of the mansion gave the impression that the house was empty but in fact, it was not. The architecture, manicured lushness and large trees surrounding the impressive estates inside the gate were a testament to the wealth, social standing, and good taste of its residents. The mansions here were constructed of stucco, brick or frame and the tree lined streets were more like those found in wealthy communities like Wellesley Massachusetts, Winnetka Illinois, or Scarsdale New York, than Southern California. They seemed somehow incongruous and out of place in the suburban Valley The expansive lawns were lush and green and contrasted sharply with the surrounding semi-arid hilly terrain, the horse fences and ever present scrub oaks that provided the only clues to their true location

The atmosphere inside the house was totally different. Soft indirect lighting cast a warm hue on richly paneled walls and oriental carpets. It was obvious that the occupants were people of wealth, discernment, and good taste. The interior of the sprawling manor was palatial and filled with expensive art and furniture. The owners had beautifully and tastefully furnished the house, and it was well tended.

Darlene Carr, a grossly overweight but strikingly beautiful redhead was the mistress of this house. Her physical appearance was largely a reflection of the emotional roller-coaster she'd ridden for the past two years. Her marriage to Brian was like a car driving in cruise control. They had once loved each other and she supposed that she still did love him. But her husband had become increasingly cool and indifferent to her over the past five years. The only passion left between them manifested itself in the occasional shouting matches that flared up over her obsessive spending or when she was involved in a power struggle with their daughter Ashley. Brian could be counted on to side with their demanding teen aged daughter. He doted on her and spoiled her. It seemed that she was her father's principal object of affection. Even early in their marriage, he had seemed indifferent to having sex with Darlene. He made love to her because of his marital obligations and even when he was at his best the sex was mechanical and ritualistic. Otherwise Brian was aloof and increasingly spent his time involved in business affairs, or chairing some civic committee. They rarely saw each other except on weekends. Meanwhile Darlene allowed herself to overeat and turn into a grossly bloated caricature of the matronly middle-aged woman. She had just turned forty-one but she looked at least ten years older.

She glanced at her diamond studded watch as she drove her expensive Mercedes sedan up the long familiar driveway. It read 12:30 AM. As she approached the house she noticed that there was another car parked in the driveway. It was a dark blue BMW 750. Darlene immediately recognized the car as belonging to her best friend Abby. She wondered why it was parked at her house at this hour. Was something wrong? It just didn't make sense. Working on her gut instinct, Darlene decided it would be best to park her car away from the residence so that her arrival would remain unnoticed by anyone inside the house.

It was a Thursday night and the Carr's live-in housekeeper Rosa would be off until the following Monday. Whoever was visiting the house was in there alone with Brian. Darlene approached the front door cautiously. It struck as very odd that Abby's car to be there so late at night, particularly since Abby knew that Darlene was out of town visiting her ailing mother. Darlene's intuition told her that she needed cut her trip short and come home. So she had flown home a couple of days earlier than scheduled without telling anyone, even her husband Brian, of her change in plans. Ashley, a college freshman, was away on a holiday trip with her best friend Kimberly Hunt. Now that she had arrived Darlene wondered what was going on. She experienced a sudden surge of anxiety. Was Abby here, at the house, with Brian? If so, Why?

Or, maybe someone else was visiting; could it be Abby's husband Greg? That seemed improbable. The two men were very different and had opposite views on most things. In fact their only common bond other then their affluence seemed to be that they were married to women who happened to be the best of friends and that each had a daughter who also happened to be very good friends. For those reasons the Carrs and the Hunts frequently socialized with each other. For the sake of appearance, the two men tolerated each other and allowed themselves to be civil with each other. Recalling Brian's secret and disparaging name for Greg, Darlene discounted the notion that the two of them were alone inside. The two men really despised each other. Her mind continued racing. It was filled with unanswered questions as she entered the foyer. Her curiosity, and her suspicions, reawakened when she heard voices coming from the upstairs quarters.

The sounds were muffled and faint, but she recognized one of them as being a man's voice. Putting down her coat, she removed her high heeled shoes and tip-toed up the carpeted semi-circular stairway. She walked at a snails pace with her back against the wall. Reaching the top, Darlene continued down the hallway, toward the light coming from the master bedroom suite. That was where the voices she had heard seemed to originate. The sound she heard now included a second voice, another man's voice. One of the men, she thought it sounded like Brian, was using vulgar and coarse language. The words seemed to be sexual slang.

"Come over here you sexy tramp and see what a real man tastes like, c'mon you horny cock slut, c'mon over and wrap your lips around my knob...give my rod a blow-job with that sexy pussy mouth of yours"

He seemed to be teasing the other man. For a moment she froze with fright, not having a clue as to what was going in her bedroom. Finally, she stood in front of the closed door, listening to a dialogue that was foreign to her ears.

Music, it sounded to Darlene like Brazilian jazz, was playing softly in the background. And then she heard voices again, now she was sure that the man who seemed to be taunting the other was her husband, Brian.

"Hey, I bet that you've never sucked a cock as tasty as this one. I know that you're nothing but a fucking cock pig Let me fuck your mouth and I'll show you what I mean .... C'mon and suck my dick bitch ..and if you suck it good, I may even give you a treat. You do know that you are my BITCH and that I own your mouth and your ass ... don't you?"

He was urging and coaxing, making lewd sexual demands of the other man in his typical pompous, overbearing tone. The other man responded to her husband's remarks with only an occasional silly high-pitched giggle. Brian was so full of himself Darlene thought. Whenever they argued or sniped at each other, Darlene was fond of telling Brian that he was so full of shit. It didn't matter, her insults rolled off his back or he ignored them. Darlene leaned closer to the door hoping to get a look inside. Suddenly, the weight of her body pushed the door open. But the men who were on the other side of the huge bedroom were so involved in whatever game they were playing that they didn't notice her. In a stealth-like manner, she inched herself inside the room, her eyes still adjusting to the light and trying to focus on the figure sitting on her satin settee. It wasn't long before she was secreted behind the drapery next to the vanity. She could see most of the huge master bedroom, except for the private alcove where the king sized bed was nestled, from this hiding place. Darlene stood silently, observing, spying and waiting to see more.

Her eyes spied Brian lounging on the settee, but her mind could not comprehend the scene. Her silk dressing gown, the one with the white furry collar was draped over his otherwise bare shoulders. His legs were folded under him. They were also bare. From her vantage point, it appeared to Darlene that Brian was sitting naked, except for the gown, and he was holding one of her best crystal champagne flutes as if preparing to make a toast. But who was the other man on the bed?

The other man got off the bed and walked over to stand in front of Brian. As he came into view Darlene gulped. It was Greg!

Greg was dressed in a hot-pink negligee. She thought he looked ludicrous, especially since the lingerie appeared so incongruous with his well trimmed masculine looking beard. She almost laughed out loud, but quickly buried the impulse. Still, she continued watching intensely thinking about her prudish husband, a Robert Redford look-a-like, naked save for her gown sitting on her settee. She was also watching Greg, who was prancing around the room wearing only a negligee, and crotchless lavender bikini panties, both of which obviously came from Frederick's of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret. She couldn't believe her eyes. And she couldn't comprehend the strange sensation that stirred within her tensed-up body.

She continued spying on the two men from her hiding place.

Greg was swaying to the samba rhythms of soft jazz. He seemed to be doing a striptease. The negligee was slowly working its way off his shoulders and down his back. When he finally got close enough for her to notice, she realized that he was also wearing lipstick and eye shadow. Now it was his turn to tease Brian.

"How'd you like to suck on this pickle big boy ... you have to admit this is a pretty nice cock for a drag queen to be sporting, isn't it?"

Brian was adjusting himself to lie back on the settee, his gown falling to the floor. He reclined, wearing only a skimpy lavender bikini bottom that was so sheer Darlene could see his dark pubic hairs through it. He began fondling his nipples and squeezing his bulge while Greg danced sensuously around him. When the negligee finally hit the floor in a puddle around Greg's clear plastic backless high heels, he stood motionless. Darlene's jaw fell open as she quickly surveyed Greg's physique. He had the kind of stocky muscular body that she could appreciate and take delight in. She had liked him from the first minute they met. Unlike Brian, he had always been kind-hearted, soft spoken. He was intelligent, and Darlene enjoyed his sense of humor and unique wit. From that first moment, she had been attracted to and sexually aroused by his physical appearance. Had they met when they were both single she would have probably thrown herself at him. Alas he was married to Abby and so she was forced to subordinate these feelings out of respect for the two women's friendship. She thought that Brian's muscular body was nice too, but it had been a very long time since he had allowed her to experience its pleasures.

When that happened, Darlene turned to erotic fantasies and masturbating with a vibrator as her primary form of sexual outlet. As the frequency of sex with Brian dwindled to almost nothing, her fantasies turned to Greg and she tried visualize his body naked, and envision his erect penis. She would daydream about how it and he might serve to satisfy her secret lustful desires sometime. And now, she was seeing it, fully uncovered, for the first time. Darlene liked what she saw. She was beginning to like Greg more than ever, especially when she caught her first glimpse of his thick manhood. Although it was flaccid, she could see that he was well endowed as his penis protruded though those incongruous lacy panties he was wearing and hung limp between his muscular thighs.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Gregory Lee Hunt.

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