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Darlene's Story
Pt. I: The Secret Encounter
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The music continued, Greg danced, and moved closer to Brian who was still simulating masturbation. Greg finally stopped his undulation and stood still with his large limp cock hanging right next to Brian's face, his hand clutching at Brian's silky mound.

Brian put his arms around Greg's hips pulling him even closer, parting his lips to tongue tease Greg's cock into an erection. It didn't take long for Greg's cock to become hard as an iron pipe. Hmmm ..she mouthed silently. The sight of her best friend's husband's erection excited her. Darlene's hiding place was close enough to the two men for her to compare them size wise. She estimated that Greg's penis was about the same length as Brian's, who boasted of its 7 1/2 inches, but it was much thicker in circumference. She felt a tingle between her thighs as she visualized how nicely it would fill her.

Greg began thrusting his pelvis, inching his big hammer between Brian's wet lips. Brian leaned back as Greg threw his leg over the settee and straddled Brian's chest. Darlene found herself becoming mesmerized by Brian's frenzied sucking action. Greg fed the frenzy by thrusting himself against Brian's face. The blow job went on for a couple of more minutes before Greg pulled away from Brian and stood very still. When Brian reached to pull him closer, Greg unstraddled him. Brian got up, pulled down his panties, reached for a nearby open jar of lubricant and forced his own cock into it. When it was sufficiently greased, he approached Greg from the rear and slapped his firm buns to relax the muscles. After a few more slaps, Brian pushed Greg over into a bowing position. Greg cooperatively spread his legs, extended his arms and rested his hands on the settee for support. Brian spread the waiting cheeks, exposing Greg's pink little ring-shaped asshole. He stepped closer, placing his rod between the cheeks and used his left hand to rub his greased cock up and down the crack. Then he pulled back and used his left hand to keep the cheeks spread while his right hand fingers slid up and down the crack, aggressively probing Greg's bung hole.

"So you wanna be fucked slut .. You wanna feel my big hard prick drilling for oil in your tight little pussy asshole. don't you. You do want me to fuck your pussy ass don't you? Aren't you going to beg me for it?

Ooooh...yeah....I want you to fuck me Brian...please fuck me long and hard.

Greg loved the sensations stirred up by Brian's fingers playing with his asshole. He was beginning to feel a churning sensation stirring in his balls. But he also knew, that in a few minutes he would be experiencing even more intense feelings. The two men had thought about and planned out this scenario carefully for months, choreographing what they thought could be their only possible chance for a sexual encounter. With Darlene away at her mother's house and Abby on an overnight business trip the found their opportunity. They had temporarily abandoned their long-held mutual dislike for each other late one night over a bottle of Brian's 'ancient' scotch. One topic had led to another until they began swapping youthful sex stories. One of Greg's tales touched on a homosexual encounter with a dorm mate. Not to be outdone, Brian related his own college gay experience. As they talked more, each man realized that the other was turning him on. And, that's all it took for the two men to begin plotting their rendezvous.

Now, thinking that they were alone, they appeared to know exactly what they were doing and why. Darlene looked on in awe. At first she had wanted to puke. She was absolutely repulsed by the improbable vignette that was unfolding before her eyes. As she continued to watch, however, Darlene was becoming more intrigued and even a little aroused by every move the teo men were making. She winced when she saw Brian remove his fingers and push his long stiff cock into Greg's anus.

Take this ... pussy boy ... beg me c'mon beg me to give it to you!! I want you to tell me how you want me to fuck that tight shit filled little pussy hole of yours, Greg!

Fuck me hard .... Fuuuck me ....FucccKKK me ... puhlease ... please, please fuck me with your big beautiful jackhammer cock! Please fuck my pussy asshole. Make me scream and beg you for more ,,, I need you to work me hard and hurt me... ram my insides and make me beg you to stop. I'm a cock slut and I promise that if you fuck me good, I will give you a 'thank you' present that you will never forget.

Brian's swollen cock began sliding in and out of Greg's yielding sphincter, frigging and fucking Greg until he began moaning erotically. Feeling aroused by the stimulation from Brian's hard cock pressing on his prostate, Greg began urging and then pleading with Brian to fuck him even faster and harder and Brian was doing his best to keep up with these demands.

Fuuuck me... faster puhlease....hard please...C'mon big boy..can't you do any better than that!! Give your ass slut the fucking he deserves!!

After more than twenty minutes of nonstop jabbing and probing, Brian's enormous endowment was finally becoming too much for Greg's tender innards to handle. The pain was rapidly overtaking any pleasurable feelings and Greg repeatedly asked and even begged Brian to stop fucking him, but Brian seemingly paid no attention. Instead, he kept ramming his thick rod deeper into Greg's bunghole with piston-like motions, impaling him on it until the entire shaft had penetrated deep into his anal canal. Brian's ball-sac caromed rhythmically off of Greg's tight buttocks cheeks, beating them in a seemingly endless barrage. He was so caught up in the act that he seemed to be oblivious to Greg's pleas for mercy. Or, more correctly, as Darlene observed, maybe he was just being Brian interested only in satisfying himself and ignoring his partners needs or wishes. ....stop ..stop... please I can't take it any more ... please stop ... please're hurting me!!!

It was amazing for Darlene to watch the zeal that her husband demonstrated fucking her best friend's husband. And his staying power was extraordinary, considering how hard he seemed to be working at it. She could not remember a single time when they'd made love when he had been able to hold his orgasm back that long. On the contrary, Brian could usually be counted to get in , 'get off', and get out. He subscribed to the 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' philosophy of sexual self-indulgence.

She watched in amazement for another ten minutes as Brian continued his relentless onslaught of Greg's helpless bunghole. Her husband was sweating like a pig. He wrapped his muscular forearm around Greg's waist, pulling him closer against his own firm abdominal muscles. He seemed to want to push his rod up even further into the recesses of the other man's interior. He used his free hand to roam freely on Greg's body. Then Brian pushed Greg's face down even further. Greg seemed to bend almost in half as Brian drilled further into him. He pulled him up again so that his hands had free access to Greg's entire body. He mauled, scratched and pinched Greg's nipples and grabbed the helpless man's ball sac and squeezed and twisted it. Greg grimaced and screamed in pain.

Ooooohh ..... oowww.... That hurts!!! Ouchhh ...OUCH ... please ...PLEASE ... stop you're too big for me ... please, PLEASE stop....OUCHHH....

You told me that you like it rough, didn't you, you little cock bitch? You like my rod drilling your asshole. Don't you. I thought you wanted me to fuck you HARD ... Well how about taking some more of this ,,,,is this hard enough for you or shall I make it even harder. Isn't this what you wanted?


And how about THIS, my little fuck toy ... Now let me do some really serious fucking

Greg's pleas and Brian's own words seemed to inflame him even more. He grunted, moaned and even roared as his rod tore further into Greg's asshole. The pain must have been overwhelming. Tears began streaming down Greg's face. Finally, after another five minutes or so of this brutal treatment, thinking that he had adequately demonstrated his sexual prowess and his ability to overwhelm and dominate Greg with the power of his man tool, he stopped and pulled out. Darlene was astonished to hear Greg tell Brian that he really liked getting fucked 'rough style'. It was even more difficult for her to contain herself when she saw Greg extend his hand to gently caress Brian's neck and then when she heard him whisper 'thank you'.

'Thanks Brian ... pant ! pant! You know that I was just trying to egg you on when I was begging you to stop. I wanted you to do the opposite ... exactly what you did to me. That's certainly the best fucking I've ever had. Oh yeah ... I loved getting it rough style. I enjoyed feeling your big cock muscle filling my asshole Where did you ever learn to ride like that cowboy?

Greg blew a kiss at his partner. Brian snickered under his breath. "Isn't this perfect", he thought to himself, "I've just fucked Greg and if I play my cards right, soon I could be fucking his wife too and there will be nothing he can do to prevent that." Brian Carr had long ago developed his own sexual designs on Abby. He began to fantasize about her. His fantasies had intensified and become more regular since Darlene had started to gain weight. He wanted to do something to get Greg's wife into the sack but knowing how loyal she was to Greg and how close she was to Darlene, that had seemed impossible. Maybe now he had something he could use to drive a wedge between Greg and Abby and reap the benefits. He tried to imagine what the willowy raven-haired Audrey Hepburn look alike would be like in bed. Would she beg him to fuck her 'hard' just like Greg had? He would like that. He would like that very much indeed.

He smiled and showed Greg his shit coated hard-on while giving Greg's bulging erection a playful but sharp tug and then he walked directly into the bathroom. She heard the sound of running water. Moments later Brian re-entered the bedroom. He had quickly rinsed, soaped and cleaned off his still semi-rigid cock. He carried a can of shaving creme and a razor in his right hand. He sat back on the settee, holding the can up for Greg to see. Greg quickly walked over to meet him.

Greg took the can from Brian and pushed the cap button, releasing shaving creme into his palm. He lathered Brian's pubes well. Then, he spread Brian's legs and sat between them on the settee. He carefully shaved Brian's crotch until it was hairless and perfectly smooth. 'I think that you look gorgeous with your pubes shaved.'

Darlene thought that he looked ridiculous and slightly weird.

Now it's my turn to keep my earlier promise to you. I want to give you a 'thank you' gift that you'll never forget. I even be willing to bet that Darlene never gave you as good an 'oral' present as the one that you're about to get from me.

Yeah, you're probably right. And its really too bad that she doesn't know how to play the skin flute the way that I like it played. In fact she doesn't like sucking cock at all. That's a real shame because the fat slob has a really pretty mouth. In fact she's got the kind of mouth that is perfectly suited to giving 'blow-jobs. Before we were married and began sleeping together, I used to jack-off trying to imagine what it would be like having Darlene's lips sealed around my pipe and I even fantasized about her going down on me. It was really a disappointment to find that she wasn't nearly as good as I hoped she would be. I remember that Darlene also had a great body before and even after we got married. She still has a bodacious pair of boobs, but, in case you haven't noticed, she's let herself go to hell in a hand basket.

Darlene was flabbergasted hearing her husband's description of her oral prowess or the lack of it. She actually loved giving head, but Brian had never really given her the chance to demonstrate her talent. He was lying to Greg of course but his words wounded her deeply, especially since they were lies intended only to impress Greg.

Forgive me for saying so, but I 've always imagined that Darlene would be a great lay. She's still a gorgeous looking lady even though she is on the heavy side.

Oh she was great looking when I married her, but now she's become so heavy that I'm disgusted by her appearance. Except for her ass and boobs that is. Look at her, she's become a fat slob. Brian nonchalantly changed the subject. He was fishing for some information that he could use later to compromise Greg's wife. Since you asked about Darlene, what about Abby, she must give you all the pussy you want and more.

Hey, Abby's great in bed! I always get off just looking at her naked and she cums every time that we make love. She's on the quiet side when we make love and I kind of wish that she'd moan, yell and scream. My real problem with her is that I always have to be the aggressor. I really would like it if she'd come after me and be far more assertive and imaginative in bed. I like to play and unfortunately Abby is always an adult even when she's in bed .... Not that there is anything wrong with that you understand. I just wish she'd do some role-playing. Am I making any sense?

'Yeah pal, I understand what you're saying ...".

Darlene overheard in every word of the conversation from her hiding spot. She was the proverbial 'fly-on-the wall' . Her mood alternated between rage and depression her husband's conversation knowing that his indifference and abuse was the primary reason for her current appearance. She smiled inwardly when she listened to Greg's assessment of her sexual attractiveness. She continued to watch in silence.

Greg bent over the Brian's clean shaven crotch.

Man, you are hot. I want you to know how turned on I got just from looking at the size and shape of your 'pole'. I can hardly wait to taste it. By now you probably realize that my limited previous sexual experience with a man was a s a 'bottom'....and I am a 'cock pig'.

Then he fell to his knees and positioned himself between Brian's widely spread thighs, temporarily resting his elbows on them He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the large circumcised head of his tumescent cock. The meaty mushroom shaped head was already moistened by precum that was oozing freely from the excitement of anticipating the sucking he was about to receive. Greg eased down, drawing Brian's throbbing rod deep into his hot mouth. Greg tightened his jaws to help his cheeks feel the hard shaft pressing against them. He slowly devoured it all the way down to its roots. A moment later Greg's head was bobbing in sync with his sucking sounds and Brian's responsive thrusts. His cock sucking became more intense the longer it went on. Greg's facial movements became more animated and pronounced as he sensed that Brian was nearing his climax. Darlene watched interestedly as his lips distended and his observed his cheeks puffing-up and changing their shape alternatively from convex to concave. A narrow string of spittle drooled from the side of his mouth and landed on Brian's thigh. Darlene wet her lips. She thought that she was able to detect the motions of Greg's tongue as it flitted around the surface of Brian's bulbous and sensitive cock head. The sucking sounds were so intense that Darlene felt herself becoming flushed with excitement and she was beginning to perspire profusely. She listened to her heart pounding so loudly that she worried that one of the men might actually hear it.

Her husband responded in kind to Greg's frenzied and prolonged blow job. He emitted a series of increasingly passionate and frequent moans. Greg took those as a positive signal to work his lips and tongue even more fervently. He retracted his lips exposing his straight pearly white teeth. Darlene had often told Abby that she thought Greg had a gorgeous mouth and teeth. Greg's face pulled back until only the mushroom shaped head of Brian's cock remained in his mouth, then he playfully scraped the ridges of his pearly teeth across the sensitive surface of that fleshy place. Brian winced slightly, Greg smiled and then pulled even further back until only his lips kissed the cock head. Greg extended the full length of his tongue and allowed it to push, poke and probe the narrow opening of the hole in the center of Brian's cock head. His tongue flitted like a paintbrush trying to coat the inside of that delicate and tender flesh. Darlene was close enough to the two men to be able to see the goose bumps forming on Brian's arms and his light colored body hairs stand on end. Then Greg reopened his mouth and used suction to slowly swallow the entire length of Brian's sword. He was now using his hands as well as his mouth to work on Brian's blood filled tool. She watched as Brian's muscular abdomen suddenly began to tense up. He clenched his fists and let out a grunt so loud that she feared their closest neighbors might hear it, even though they were more than a quarter of a mile away. There was a brief moment of stillness, then Brian's entire body convulsed, then relaxed for an instant before spasming a second time, and then yet a third, a fourth and a fifth time. All the while he was spewing the hot magma from his engorged balls up the length of his rigid cock and deep into Greg's attentive mouth and welcoming throat. She observed raptly while Greg's sexy mouth filled to capacity with the abundant liquid spewing from her husband's rapidly wilting member. She licked her lips involuntarily as she noticed a few droplets of the thick milky colored elixir flowing out of Greg's mouth and streaming down his lips and onto his chin. She watched both men break into smiles as Greg's "Adam's Apple" contracted and he enthusiastically swallowed the sticky offering that her husband had deposited in his mouth. He flicked his tongue across his cum covered chin to gather in as much of the escaping remnants of Brian's cock milk as he could.

Finally, Darlene had seen enough. On the one hand, she was totally disgusted by the sight of these two guys that she had up till this night she believed to be totally 'straight' going at each other like a couple of sex-crazed teenagers and put off by their cross dressing and other 'unnatural' behavior. On the other hand, she was so turned on by what she witnessed that she wanted to join in and play too. Her compulsive feral instincts were peaking and she felt her body jump out from her hiding place before she knew what was happening. Greg heard the noise and quickly pulled his face away from Brian's cock. They both looked in the direction of the vanity and saw Darlene walking across the room toward them. The two men scampered about trying to cover themselves up. Their faces were glowing bright pink from the embarrassment of being discovered.

To Be Continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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