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Darlene's Story
Part II: Caught In The Act (Revenge)
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

While in college Darlene minored in biology thinking that she might eventually want to become a nurse. She aced her courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology and her photographic memory filed away all of the facts she'd ever learned about a man's body. She fired off a terse command to Brian. Brian, I want you to go to the garage, then to the kitchen and finally into your office. Bring me back the following items .. .And don't dally! Darlene ran off a list of diverse and seemingly disparate items including a length of rope, paper clips, rubber bands, a pitcher of ice water, surgical tape. They made no sense to Brian, but Darlene's instructions were specific and exacting and there was no mistaking the fact that she was serious.

Brian looked puzzled. He wasn't used to taking orders from anyone, let alone from Darlene. Over the years of their marriage, each of the Carr's had grown to resent being given orders by the other. But he also realized that she had the upper hand in this situation since she had caught him in an embarrassing situation with Greg. Brian knew that Darlene had a big mouth and could 'accidentally' leak information about what happened that evening. If anyone outside of the room ever found out what he and Greg had been up to it could be costly for him in many ways. He obviously had no choice but to do what Darlene wanted, at least for the time being.

Brian hesitated but Darlene was having none of it. She flicked the whip in her hand and the tip hit Brian a glancing blow on his left buttock. Ouch! That hurt Darlene!

Well then, you better get going or you'll feel its sting again, and next time my aim will be better!

Brian was off. Meanwhile Darlene went into the bathroom to collect a few items herself. She ordered Greg to remain right where he was and told him not to move. In a few minutes Brian returned carrying with him all of the items that Darlene had wanted. He put them on the lowboy dresser. She surveyed them and looked pleased that he had followed her instructions so precisely

What a good boy you are Brian! So obedient ... if only you were as good with your mouth as G... I want you to get down on your knees right here next to the bed! Do it now and I don't expect to have to tell you again!

Even Brian was impressed with the authoritative way his wife was taking charge of the situation. He resigned himself to following Darlene's orders for the time being. For now she was in charge. He meekly walked over to the place midway between the head and foot of their huge bed and immediately fell to his knees.

I kind of like the way you look when you're down on your knees, honey! I could easily get used to seeing you that way on a regular basis. She taunted, fully enjoying her new found power Now spread your legs, put your arms behind your back, and relax!

Darlene took the piece of rope that Brian had brought her. As a young girl, Darlene had spent lots of time with her grandfather, a seasoned sailor. She had been also active in the Girl Scouts. So she knew exactly what to do with a rope. She made noose like loops at either end of the length of rope and knotted them securely. She slung one loop around Greg's wrists, tightened it with several knots and then she let the line drop down to the floor, took that loop and bound his ankles with it raising them about six inches off the floor. She tied the loop tightly without totally cutting off his blood circulation. He was trussed up hands and feet behind him and trussed to each other - unable to move.

I hope you're comfortable, honey. Cause you're going to have to stay tied-up in that position for quite a while. Then she turned to Greg and spoke. Get on the bed Greg, I want you to lie face up ... and be quick about it !

He did so immediately. Darlene smiled in satisfaction. That's good. I like how well you listen. When I say something, I expect that you will do what I say without question. Do I make myself clear?

Yes Ma'am. Perfectly clear.

She turned her attention back to her husband. Seeing that his erection had gone soft, she grabbed his ball sac and began playing with his balls, then she ran her finger along the sensitive underside of the rim of his circumcised cock-head. Brian's cock was responding just as she wanted it to. As it stiffened she gave the shaft and playful tug and then gripped it between her thumb and fingers. Then she gave it a second firmer yank, and twisting it as she did so.

Brian winced and said Ouch!! again . It hurt, but Darlene's gestures were obviously having the effect that she intended them to have. Brian's cock was now hard as a rock. A tiny droplet of pre-cum formed in his pisshole and began moistening the knob shaped head. Darlene removed a tube of something from the nightstand, she hid the lettering so that neither Brian nor Greg could read it. She squeezed the tube and let a small dab of the white unguent fall into her fingers. She put the tube back on the nightstand, leaving it uncovered and rubbed the greasy dab into her fingers. Then, without hesitating she reached out for her husband's cock and slid her salve covered finger tips over his exposed and tender cockhead.

Brian screamed as the burning pain coursed through his cock. She picked up the tube from the nightstand and showed it to him so that he could now read the words 'BEN GAY' written on it.

Ouch!! OUCH! OUCH!! That burns, Darlene. That really hurts. He yelled again and again as the burning sensation continued. Then she touched his sensitive glans once more with her greasy finger tips and he winced again and resumed his screaming

Darlene smiled in satisfaction. Then she frowned in mock indignation 'Brian, you're making much too much noise and I'm afraid that the sounds will keep me from concentrating on Greg and worse yet, they may wake up the neighbors. After all it is nearly 2:30 AM and this is a quiet neighborhood. I suppose that I'm going to have to muffle the noise. Now where did I drop my panties? Oh yes here they are. Darlene picked up her panties from the floor. She approached her helpless kneeling husband once more. His eyes were filled with tears. She allowed her husband breathe in the scents of her naked body. Her pubic hair brushed against the tip of his nose teasing him and letting him take in the lingering fragrance of her recent orgasm. Then she moved away slightly, took the pair of panties and wedged them into the slit of her wet vagina. His eyes followed every move as she ran the fabric up and down the length of her moistened labia and into her slit. She allowed it to absorb the musky wetness of her just eaten twat. Darlene lingered near and hovered over her husband allowing him to explore her voluptuous breasts with his eyes. She wanted to make certain that he fully appreciated her assets. His throbbing cock spoke volumes. Then she reached down again and rubbed her Ben Gay covered finger on his sensitive cock. Just as he began to scream again, Darlene deftly popped her panties into his open mouth and pushed them in. She quickly grabbed some surgical tape she'd placed on the bureau and sealed it tightly over his mouth.

Well Brian, Greg had his chance to eat my pussy, so now it seems only fair that you get your chance, too. I hope that you learn to appreciate how delicious I taste. She chuckled heartily.

Darlene went back to the night stand and squeezed out another bit of the Ben Gay crème onto her palms and into her finger tips. Then she walked back toward her cowering, helpless husband.

Now Brian, I want you to watch and learn to appreciate your wife's skills in bed, just like I got to watch and appreciate yours. Isn't it nice that we both have a chance to practice on the same partner?

She stroked the length of his cock with her Ben Gay soaked fingers. The panty gag that filled Brian's mouth muffled his screams but the tears streaking down his cheeks signaled her that he was finally getting the message.

That's better isn't it!! Now I'm sure that the neighbors won't be disturbed. You can relax now, because I'm through with you for the time being and I'm not planning to touch your sensitive little boy sex stick any more tonight. But I do expect you to keep it hard and that you'll try to enjoy the show, because I might change my mind if I suspect that your not! You DO understand me don't you, darling?

The trussed up and gagged Brian nodded his agreement.

Now that she'd taken care of Brian, she went into the bathroom to wash her hands and when she emerged she turned her attention, to the naked Greg. He had a shit eating grin on his face having taken in the entire exchange between Darlene and Brian without saying a word. His cock was rock hard. Darlene's mouth was watering and she was licking her lips.

So Greg, I couldn't help but overhear Brian telling you that I wasn't any good at giving head and that I really didn't enjoy doing that at all. Did you believe him?

Should I have?

Darlene scowled. She grabbed the nearby whip and flicked it across Greg's thigh. He winced.

I don't need any wise cracks, just a simple 'Yes' or a 'No' will do. And, I'm sorry that I hurt you. I'll try not to lose my temper again. Did you believe him when he told you that Greg?


I'm glad to hear that! Do you want me to demonstrate how much I 'hate' giving blow jobs?


Then ask me nicely and remember to say 'please', 'thank you' and to address me as 'ma-am"

Please show me how much you hate giving blow jobs Darlene ... I mean ma-am!

That's much better. Greg, scoot your body over here closer to where Brian is! I want him to be able to watch this too ... up close and personal if you know what I mean.

I think so ... ma-am!

Greg's rod was throbbing and bobbing helplessly. The motion reminded Darlene of a flag pole swaying in a stiff wind. Darlene's tongue formed the saliva build up in her throat into a healthy spitball. She rested her elbows on Greg's thighs and lowered her lips about an inch above his penis and let the spit ball fall onto the cock head. She watched as it oozed over the beautiful bullet shaped head lubricating its nerve filled fleshy surface. She followed with a kiss on the throbbing fleshy head. Then she continued downward and slowly opened her mouth to allow his cock to enter between her parting lips. As she slowly devoured the rod, her fingers began playing with his balls. She admired the way he was hung and thought about how much she would enjoy using his body to please herself. Darlene was very careful in handling Greg. He was a new plaything for her and she didn't want to break any of his parts before she had the opportunity to see and enjoy what they were capable of doing. Besides, it had been a very long time since she had they pleasure of a having a hard cock filling her mouth. Inspired, she began ministering to his 'wood' in earnest. Flickering her tongue over the surface and around the rim - slowly at first and then gradually picking up the tempo. Darlene could feel Greg's cock pulsating in her mouth and more importantly she could feel his body quiver or twitch whenever her tongue or lips touched a particularly sensitive spot.. The pace of his breathing quickened and he began to moan audibly. She slowed down wanting to draw out her pleasure and his.

MMMwwwfff... yummmm ...sluuuurp.. yuuuwwwfff ... tstmmmwwff gowwffd....she pulled her mouth away and released his cock for a moment to allow herself to be understood. Are you enjoying the ride so far Greg?

Pant ... Pant Oooh yes ... yess ... I want more, ma-am!.

That's good because I want it to last for a while and I want you to remember this blowjob for a long, long, long time to come. Darlene snickered at the unintended double entendre.

Don't worry ma'am. I'm sure that I will.

Darlene smiled approvingly . Oh and by the way please let me know when you feel yourself cumming .. I want to enjoy that too. And I definitely want Brian to fully appreciate it!!

She smiled to herself, she hadn't fully revealed to either of the men what she actually had in mind for either of them. She wanted to extend her own pleasure for as long as possible. She knew it would be difficult for Greg to hold back his ejaculation for too much longer when she went back to work on him but she didn't want him to cum until after she was fully satisfied herself. No use taking chances. She intended to give him the blow-job of his life without allowing him to cum in her mouth. When she was through blowing him she meant to fuck him in a way that he'd never been fucked before and in a way that he would remember forever. Darlene also wanted to humiliate Brian. It was pay-back time for the all of the years of neglect and sexual deprivation that he'd subjected her to. Greg was a convenient instrument for all of those things, but what a nice instrument to play with Darlene thought. She went back to working on his cock in earnest.

Greg's arousal was intensifying with every passing second. How wrong Brian was, he thought to himself, Darlene gives great head. She's a blow job artist. He wished that Abby would suck him off the way that Darlene seemed to be doing. He broke out in a sweat. The pace of his breathing quickened and he squirmed helplessly as Darlene's mouth and tongue massaged his rod. It wouldn't be too much longer before he fired his gun and shot his hot cum bullets into her beautiful mouth.

Darlene must have sensed his impending orgasm, because she slowed the pace of her sucking and pinched the base of his cock to retard his ejaculation. When she sensed that the crisis had passed she picked up the cadence again. Greg started moaning again and twitching helplessly. The surface of Darlene's tongue swirling on his nerve filled cock head sent tiny electrical shocks coursing through his body.

Ooooh ..that feels so great ... I think I'm going to cum any second now!

Darlene stopped and pinched the root of his erect cock yet again. She looked around and reached for the thick rubber band that she'd asked Brian to bring her. She looped it over Greg's cock and let it slide all the way down to the base, then she wrapped it around the bottom of the shaft several times, fashioning it into a makeshift tourniquet. She took a pencil and looped it inside of the elastic band. Darlene would use the pencil as a lever to alternatively tighten or relax the pressure of the band on the shaft.

Greg, I don't mean to hurt you, but I'm also sure that I don't want you to cum just yet either. I'm having too much fun sucking you off and your pole is so tasty that I don't want it to wilt either. Sorry, but you have no choice, you're just going to have to suffer through this blow job. I hope you understand and that you'll forgive any temporary discomfort. I can assure you that if I have anything to do with it, that the pleasure you experience will be greater than the pain.

Darlene let the ridges of her teeth gnaw playfully on his cock head.

Ooooooh, ahhh, ouch.

Maybe this will help! She poured him and herself a glass of the ice water. Then, she stuck her hand into the pitcher of ice water that Brian had obediently fetched and withdrew it, and stroked Greg's cock with her frigid hand and watched as his cock temporarily deflated. Pausing to sip some water herself, she resumed her oral masturbation using even more suction and more frenetic tonguing then before. Greg howled expressing both his pleasure and his anguish simultaneously. Darlene continued sucking him non-stop for another thirty minutes alternatively tightening and loosening the noose around the base of his cock to prevent him from cumming. She found a comfortable position between his thighs and folded her breasts around the shaft so that it rested in her cleavage. Finally she'd had her fill of him - at least enough of his cock filling her mouth for this evening and she released him . She poured some of the ice water on his cock to bring him down again. By this time his balls were aching and he was begging for release.

For Darlene the fun was just beginning. For the two hapless men the ordeal continued. Brian yelped and nearly retched when Darlene pulled the tape away from his mouth and allowed him to spit out her panties. She even loosened the knots around his ankles to allow him a little freedom of movement. Darlene straddled Greg's mid-section facing his feet, looking directly at Brian with a defiant smile on her face. She wasn't through yet. She wanted to humiliate her husband even more and force him to watch as the variety of pleasurable expressions came over her face while she fucked Greg. Then Darlene turned her attention to Greg. She began fondling his cock again, teasing it again into a rock hard shaft. She stroked it a few times and then raised herself, positioned her wet pussy over the throbbing cock and lowered her body, shoving the cock up her well lubricated twat and devouring it deep in its recesses. She began a slow fuck on Greg and simultaneously grabbed the jar of lubricant from the nearby bureau. She took it and stuck the whip handle deep into the jar. Pulling it out, fully greased, she lifted Greg's legs and spread his thighs just enough to slip the handle between his cheeks. She probed his puckered asshole until the handle entered and slid in easily. Now she was fucking his cock and his asshole at the same time. She began increasing the cadence of her rhythmic movements. All the while listening to Greg's panting and moaning for indications how well she was performing on him and to further demean Brian who was forced to watch. The double-fucking continued at an increasingly faster and more furious pace until she was humping and jamming seemingly without any pauses.

Greg's eyes were bugged out, his mouth agape, he was gasping for air as the handle probed his sore prostate. The temperature inside his balls had begun to climb. His white lava sauce was boiling and pressing for release from the inferno that was inside his balls. The pressure was so great that Greg felt like his balls were going to explode if he couldn't cum soon. But the push of the whip handle inside his rectum pressing against his Prostate prevented any fluids from escaping. His cock pulsated painfully, as Darlene rode his body like an experienced equestrienne. His head was spinning. Greg's moans soon turned to cries for mercy and after satisfying herself with another orgasm, Darlene finally acceded. She pulled on the handle, removing it from inside his ass. Greg could feel his cum overload racing through his aching balls and heading up the shaft of his tumescent cock. There was a feeling of incredibly intense pressure building up inside his loins. Darlene slowly lifted her weight off of Greg's body but not before she ordered Brian to lean over Greg, and to place his face directly in front of and above his crotch. Immediately, Greg's white lava shot out of the top of his cock head in multiple spurts landing on and splattering all over Brian's face. The eruption seemed endless as Darlene watched her husband being humiliated by having his face washed and drenched by Greg's tremendous load of hot fuck milk.

When Greg was finally empty, and exhausted from the fuck, Darlene lifted up Brian, untied his feet and led him by his cock over to the mirrored closet doors. He was forced to look at his pitiful reflection with Greg's copious load of jism splashed all over his face and rapidly beginning to dry. She began to verbally mock and denigrate him even more.

"There'll be no more washing of your face until lunch time darling ... and by the way I don't want the bedding soiled any more than it already is, so you'll be sleeping on the floor tonight"

The rendezvous and ordeal had lasted most of the night. Dawn was breaking as Greg quietly got off the bed, wiped his stomach clean of any remaining cum, stepped into his chinos , pulled on his shirt, stuffed his toy bag and quickly exited the house. He didn't need to say good-bye; he knew that this was just the beginning...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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