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Darlene's Story
Part III- Mistress Darlene
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Darlene was also amazed to learn that many of her 'slaves' were turned on by the idea of masturbating in public, especially when there were other women present to watch them pull on their meaty boy sticks. She required that her men spring erections and maintain them whenever they were alone with her or alone together with her...she titillated them . She tortured them by keeping them fully aroused and requiring them to keep their penises hard for hours at a time. She had learned how to use all the erotic skills of titillation to keep them on the brink of cumming. Then just before they reached the 'point of no return' where their autonomic nervous system took over, she required them to restrain their orgasms even then, when they thought they could no longer do so. Then she denied them that relief for even longer until she was satisfied with their performance. If she wasn't pleased with their performances she would deny them that privilege altogether, leaving them to suffer with painful cases of blue balls. By corresponding with other Mistresses on the Internet, she learned how to use a combination of devices known as cock-rings alternating their use with the use of ice to train men to prolong their erections and inhibit their ejaculations. It was agonizing for them, yet they seemed to love it and they even thanked her for it. Darlene loved the sight of naked handsome muscular men with rock hard cocks, and now she was surrounded by them.

She had only two regrets. The first was that she could not tell her best friend Abby who was amazed by Darlene's change in appearance and personality the reasons for these changes. Though Abby wasn't a prude, it would be difficult for her to comprehend or accept her friend Darlene as a dominatrix. Especially when she learned that the principal recipient of Darlene's domination was her own husband, Greg. Since the two women had openly shared details of their intimate lives for more than eighteen years, she also knew that Greg had told Abby that he wanted her to become more sexually open, playful and aggressive. She also knew that Abby had concerns about Greg's sexual appetite and worried about her own ability to satisfy it. Darlene wondered why that was so, she loved his sexual appetite, she used her body to satisfy his hunger and her own lust, and she especially loved the way he rose to the challenge and ate her.

There were also moments when she felt guilty about using Abby's husband as her boy-toy, though it didn't stop her from continuing her involvement with Greg. After all he had betrayed them both, when Darlene caught him in bed engaging in perverted sex acts with her husband. The two women, -- Darlene and Abby-- had been the closest of friends since taking 'mommy and me' classes together many years before. Now her new work responsibilities associated with her recent promotion took Abby out of town a lot, and ironically, this permitted Darlene to spend even more time alone with Greg. Still, she increasingly felt a compelling need to share her secrets with Abby and to confess how she was using her friend's husband. Darlene was even willing to share Brian with her dearest friend to appease her for using her husband's cock and mouth to pleasure herself. Once when they were alone together, Greg divulged that he wished that Abby would mistreat him the way that she did. Darlene was willing and ready to teach Abby the arts of domination only she wasn't certain how to approach the subject, let alone convince Abby that taking charge of Greg would improve what she knew to be an already good marriage.

A fortuitous phone call inspired her to devise a way of revealing her secret life to her friends. One day, while she was alone, out of the blue she had gotten a telephone call from Larry Rawlings, Pamela's ex-husband. He had called presenting her with a new career opportunity to re-enter the fast paced world of the entertainment industry. Darlene had been unceremoniously sacked from her position as Senior V. P. of a major entertainment conglomerate years before. He wanted to 'take' lunch with her to discuss the new position. Larry was a prominent Hollywood attorney. He and Darlene had formerly traveled in the same business circles. Larry was an Englishman by birth. He was a cockney of humble origins but had pulled himself up by his wit, hard work, and fast talk. She also knew him to be, like so many others in Hollywood, a sleaze ball. He was, in fact, an unscrupulous shark attorney who had a well-earned reputation of going for the jugular. He also struck her as a cad and a self-centered, uncaring prick. Pamela had attested to that even during their marriage. She had wept openly, spilling her guts out to Abby and Darlene after one particularly nasty episode. It seems that Larry didn't want any children while Pamela did. When she stopped taking birth control pills and found herself suddenly pregnant, Larry denied any responsibility. Instead, he accused her of having an adulterous affair, told her that he wouldn't support any bastard children - even though she had been absolutely faithful to him -- and he forced her to have an abortion.

Larry Rawlings was also rumored to be a satyr. In fact he took advantage of, fucked, or tried to fuck every beautiful or vulnerable woman who came his way. Though he was completely bald, he had a tall slim body, with broad shoulders and long muscular legs. His Hollywood connections, gift of gab, flashy clothes and his physique were what attracted women to him like flies. He was after all a world-class distance swimmer and a former Olympic Athlete in that sport. Larry wasn't exactly handsome, but his rugged looks were certainly appealing and more than adequate. Though Pamela had long suspected Larry's infidelity and was aware of all of the rumors about his promiscuity, she was never able to prove it. Ironically it was Larry's swimming and his affinity for Speedo's that finally led to his discovery and did him in with Pamela. The day that she caught him, Larry had telephoned her office to tell Pamela that he was going swimming, which was not unusual for him to do on warm Southern California afternoons. He still swam at least two hundred laps every day. After coming home early that afternoon and not finding him at the pool or anywhere else around the house, she took her own clothes to the laundry room where she discovered all six pairs of his Speedo's waiting to be washed. She wondered if he had gone skinny dipping at their second home in Malibu and decided that she would join him if he had. When she got to the Malibu house, she discovered him at the swimming pool. He was naked and engaging in a menage-a-trois with a couple of similarly unclad rising young Hollywood actresses neither of whom had reached the age of 21. Pamela arrived just in time to watch Larry's plentiful spunk spewing fountain -like from his enormous cock and pouring onto the laughing faces of both bimbos. It was obvious that they had been simultaneously licking his huge lollipop dick. She left in tears and promptly initiated divorce proceedings.

It wasn't an easy or an amicable divorce because of Larry's killer instincts as a lawyer, his meanness, his celebrity status and his sexual reputation. When the divorce was finalized, he struck a hard bargain that left Pamela with a far smaller settlement than the one that she deserved. Worse yet, Pamela found her name and the malicious false rumors that Larry had spread about her dragged through the newspapers and the tabloids. He had accused her of participating in sex orgies with her patients during group therapy sessions and hinted that she was a lesbian or at least bi-sexual. Somehow, she managed to survive an investigation by the State Licensing Board but her practice suffered for several years. Even now, nearly five years after the final divorce papers were signed, Pamela still used terms like 'son-of-a-bitch', 'mother-fucker' and 'fucking bastard', whenever her ex-husband's name came up in conversations. There was venom in her eyes as well as her speech.

The last time that she and Larry had seen each other, Darlene was at her lowest emotional point. She was bloated, red-faced with tears, and totally miserable. In his frank and almost brutal way, Larry had bluntly told her he thought she looked awful, that her obese appearance had limited her success in the business, and that if she didn't shape up she could forget about ever working in Hollywood again. He was supposed to have been her friend but he couldn't or wouldn't help her when she needed him most. She mused and wondered about how she would appear to him now and what his reaction would be when he saw her.

From their conversations she also knew that Pamela had her own voracious sexual appetite, one that bordered on nymphomania. Unlike herself, Pamela was very open about her own sexuality. During the candidness of their girl talk, Pamela had openly talked with Darlene and Abby about how many times a week she and Larry made love, and described where and how they did it. Pamela had even disclosed his cock size to them, --- Brian and Greg were well endowed, but from what Pamela had said, Larry apparently had a gargantuan sexual organ by comparison with either of them. Before the events of the last eight months and her transformation, that revelation would not have concerned Darlene. Now that one bit of information related many years ago, stuck out in her mind. The possibilities for using it to suit her own purposes intrigued her. Since Pamela was a very skillful psychotherapist, Darlene thought that she would make an appointment with her friend as an excuse for revealing herself - 'coming out' as a dominatrix. She would use the opportunity to tell her secrets to Pamela. She would also seek her help and advice on how to resolve her conflicted feelings about Abby and Greg. Maybe by putting their heads together they could devise a way to resolve her dilemma and to include Abby in on any subsequent plans. The only worry she had was about Pamela herself. Darlene had nagging doubts about Pamela's real motivations in their friendship, especially after her divorce. As sexy and beautiful as she was, after her divorce from Larry, Pamela found it difficult to develop or maintain relationships with men and sometimes even found it a struggle to get dates with them. Maybe she frightened them away with her aggressive overtures and sexual innuendoes. She was obviously extremely horny and on the prowl. More importantly, Pamela was a 'user' who took the knowledge given to her and used it to her own advantage or to position herself. Darlene did not completely trust Pamela.

Darlene's greatest cause for concern came from her knowledge that all three women apparently had the same taste in men. Darlene had personally witnessed how Pamela had stared flirtatiously at Greg in the past, and how she 'accidentally' brushed her breasts or hips up against his body when she passed by him. She had even noticed Pamela copping free feels of Greg's 'package' whenever the right opportunity presented itself such as swim or dinner parties and at other social occasions. She vividly recalled one specific incident when her friend's behavior had been brazenly seductive at a particularly inappropriate time and setting. That incident took place shortly after Abby' father had passed away, and a number of their friends were visiting Abby and Greg to pay their condolences. Pamela, looking demure and coquettish, picked up a wooden object that had a distinctively phallic appearance, and when she knew that Greg was looking she brought it near to her face and began licking her lips salaciously. Abby hadn't seen it - but Darlene had. Pamela had even 'molested' Brian, pressing her hand against his crotch and squeezing, on at least one occasion that Darlene was aware of. Looking back on it, Darlene wondered whether Brian had taken the bait and had cheated on her with Pamela. Although she knew Pamela to be the consummate cock tease, she also had a hunch that when Pamela learned the facts of Darlene's new existence and of Greg's role in it, she might allow her predatory sexual instincts to prevail and consider Greg to be fair game for herself. That would be bad news for Pamela, Abby, and Darlene and a severe, if a not fatal blow to their friendship. How could Darlene minimize that risk? Maybe if included Larry in her equation it would be easier to trust Pamela, and perhaps Pamela would be satisfied with exacting her own revenge on her unfaithful ex-husband. Darlene didn't particularly like Larry either, so the choice was an easy one. She was certainly more than willing to help Pamela plot and carry out her revenge, but to play it safe she had one of her 'slave boys', whom Pamela did not know, place the call to make the appointment for her. She told him to use her middle and maiden names so that Pamela would be caught off guard when Darlene showed up for the appointment. She wanted to take these extra precautions before revealing her plans to Pamela. Pamela was her friend but she was also a potential rival for Greg's affections.

Darlene's reasons for wanting to involve her friends were even more complex than they first appeared. Obviously, she wanted them understand the reasons for the sudden positive changes in her life. She also wanted to show them that they didn't ever have to accept any kind of 'crappy' treatment from men, and that in fact, that women were superior to men in every way. She had become more convinced of this everyday while observing how men's sexual energies sapped and drained to almost nothing after one or two orgasms, three at the most and that was only for extraordinarily virile men. Darlene herself recently experienced fifteen separate orgasms during a single afternoon using her retinue's tongues, or cocks in sequential rounds to satisfy herself. Funny she thought, she had more orgasms in one afternoon, than she could remember having in all her years of being made love to by Brian.

It seemed ironic, once she had to be content just laying there with her thighs wide-open whilst Brian mounted and entered her, pumped away for a few minutes, squirted and deposited his abundant load into her womb, and then pulled out, leaving her no where close to her own orgasm. Now he had to earn the right to ejaculate, even once a month. Yes, Darlene's mastery over her husband had reached a point where she even required Brian to earn the privilege of experiencing his infrequent ejaculations. She worked on a point system and posted Brian's current total on a bulletin board daily. She controlled the time, place and the circumstances under which he was allowed the privilege and she could withdraw that privilege or prevent him from cumming anytime she wanted, for the least offense or error. Then he would have to wait another full month before she allowed him to come. What was even more ignominious for Brian was that she forced him to 'eat' his own cum. He had to lap it up or lick off from wherever she ordered him to deposit it. It was extremely humiliating and agonizing for Brian to be in a constant state of sexual arousal, yet not to being allowed the pleasure of release until and unless Darlene granted him the privilege of cumming. Sometimes she actually caught herself feeling sorry for him-but after a few moments those brief feelings of compassion disappeared.

Darlene also had planted the seed of an idea about putting on a demonstration of how women could exert their power over men in a more public forum, but she would need her friends' involvement and cooperation to put her plan into action. Darlene had always had a flair for the dramatic and the flamboyant and what she had in mind would certainly be both of those things. What she began to formulate in her mind made her nipples hard and tingly, sent thrills up her pussy and made it dripping wet. How she wished that either Greg or Brian was here now to satisfy her tickle -- but this was one of the rare times when one or the other of them wasn't around. In fact, Darlene was completely alone. She would have to satisfy it by herself the old fashioned way that she had become accustomed to for more than ten years.

Darlene's hands began to open the drawer in the night-stand where she kept her old reliable vibrator. A quizzical look came over her and she pulled her hand away quickly from the drawer handle, and reached instead for the telephone. As she pushed the speed dial number and heard the phone ringing on the other hand, she speculated whether she just might get lucky. A familiar male voice answered the telephone at the other end. Darlene asked him a few simple questions and getting the answers that she wanted to hear, she beamed a smile that lit up her gorgeous face. With one simple imperative sentence she was able to set in motion the actions that would occupy the rest of her afternoon. Fifteen minutes later, Darlene found herself straddling the shoulders of the muscular man below. His lips were sealed tightly against the pronounced labia protecting the entrance to her pussy. His skillful tongue probed deep inside the wet cavernous hole. Darlene's thighs and pubic area glistened like a moist basted turkey, lathered by the intermingling of his saliva and her own internal juices. She was mewling, moaning and sighing audibly as his tongue brushed and teased all of her sensitive places. She affectionately referred to him as her 'best cunt lapper.' Darlene's skin temperature rose perceptibly, her skin flushed, her nipples were as hard as pencil points and she was beginning to perspire. Her huge tits jiggled rhythmically responding to the oral massage going on below She held a cat-o-nine tails in her left hand and from time to time she skillfully flicked the moistened leather tendrils against his prone thighs and his exposed balls urging him to accelerate his tonguing. He winced from their stinging bite but never wavered from using his attentive lips and tongue to worship her hot twat.

Down below, Greg was in pussy heaven. He was so involved with and intent upon pleasing his Mistress that he was almost oblivious to the painful stinging sensations brought on by her expert whipping. He loved how Darlene's cunt tasted. He could eat it for hours at a time non-stop, for as long as she would allow it. The scents and flavor were very different from Abby's but variety was, after all, the spice of life. Soon his cheeks were streaked with a coating of her wet pussy cum. Greg's prick was rock hard and wig-wagging helplessly like a mast in a high wind. He would have played with it had he been able, but Darlene had strapped his arms out to the side anchoring them in place. They were attached to the headboard with long chains that were shackled by handcuffs to each of his wrists. Greg's eyes were fixed on Darlene's mountainous and tempting bosoms. They reminded him of two very large flesh colored honey dew melons or balloons bouncing around on an unstable surface. He hoped that he would please her enough to be permitted to suck and taste her gorgeous titties. Greg lived for that. He was helpless. Still he was smiling inside and out.

Darlene was smiling too. This was going to be a very enjoyable afternoon, she thought. She intended to make it much more pleasurable for herself at the very least...and these days Darlene always got what she wanted.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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