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Double Tease
by CAM

As I walk in the door of our new big beautiful house after a long day at work, you meet me with a glass of wine, soft music playing and what appears to be an empty house. As you kiss me and give me a hug you blindfold my eyes. You whisper in my ear to follow your lead. You guide me through the house, up the stairs and to our bedroom. Once in the bedroom you lay me down on the bed and start to kiss me. You take my hands and raise them above my head, I feel you hand cuff me to the headboard. You kiss me softly on the lips and lift yourself off me and walk away from me. After waiting a few seconds I am startled by what feels like a sharp object running down the side of my face, down my chin and to my chest. I feel it start to run slowly underneath the buttons on my shirt. I hear the water start running in the Jacuzzi as I feel a button slide off my chest. I start to feel nervous, a slight sense of insecurity. I hear you whisper in my ear to relax and that all is okay and then move away from me again. I feel my shirt spread open as I feel the sharp object move to my belt and start to unlatch it. As the button to my pants gets cut off, I hear the water stop running. I feel my pants and boxers slide down my legs and off.

I feel a pair of hands at my feet spreading them apart and crawling up the bed between my legs slowly. As the pair of hands grabs my cock and lips wrap around the tip, I feel a gentle kiss on my lips then start moving towards my ear. I hear a voice saying I love you, I recognize the voice as yours. The other person starts to suck lightly, stroking up and down my cock. Your tongue flicks my ear as you continue down to my chest. With both your hands on my chest you start to bite my chest, lick my nipples. I try to move unsuccessfully, forgetting about the handcuffs. The person sucking my cock starts to lick it up and down, licking and taking my balls into the mouth and sucking lightly. Your hands reach up to my head and remove my blind fold. You turn and shove your pussy in my face as you join the other person who I now know is female but don't know her. She continues to suck my balls as you start to lick my cock. My head tilts up as my tongue starts to flick your pussy. You shove yourself into my face further and my tongue darts into you. As you wrap your lips around my cock and start to suck, she climbs up beside me and removes the handcuffs.

I clutch your ass and spread you starting you dart my tongue in and out of you faster; she joins me as we both work your pussy. You start to suck harder, gliding your mouth up and down faster. She glides the tip of her tongue up your crack to your back as I start thrusting my face in and out against you. You clutch my cock with your hands as you ram your mouth up and down. The tip of her tongue glides all the way up your back to your neck. She starts to bite and suck your neck, her hands reaching around and clutching your tits. I pull my tongue out of you and start to suck as one of my hands starts to rub her pussy. As I start to slide my finger in and out of her pussy, you pull away from my face and turn around. Rubbing your pussy against my cock you start to kiss my chest. Continuing to finger fuck her as she lays flat, my free hand grabs your hair and pulls your head up to my face for a kiss. You push yourself up and slide my cock into you as you start to ride it up and down slowly. She gets up on her hands and knee and straddles my face as she starts to suck on your nipples. My hands spread her as I start to lick slowly. The harder she sucks your nipples the harder you slide down on my cock.

You get faster thrusting up and down with your knees. She lifts herself to her knees as my tongue slides into her. She starts to lift and lower herself over my face as I continue to dart my tongue in and out of her. You slow down and bear down on me grinding down sliding my cock deep into you and start to roll your hips. Suddenly you both lift off of me and get off the bed. You head to the washroom closing the door behind you.

As I open the door I see both of you in the Jacuzzi laying and relaxing. You open your eyes and look at me as I approach. You sit up as I step in and sit behind you, she continues to lie. I start to massage the back of your neck and shoulders. You roll your head and tilt it back as you feel me start to suck on the side of your neck. I work down your neck with my lips and start to bite lightly. You move to your hands and knees slowly and start to crawl over to her. With her eyes still closed you kiss her and work your way down her body to her chest. As you start to suck on her tits I move to my knees and slide up behind you. She reaches out and starts to roll your nipples between her fingers. I slide my cock into your pussy and start to thrust gently. You continue to suck her tits and one of your hands reaches up to squeeze them. I clutch your ass and squeeze tight as my cock continues to thrust in and out of you. You lift yourself slightly and place your hands on the sides of the tub as the force of my cock stroking in and out of you gets greater. You push back towards me and I hold you there circling my hip, pushing in hard and deep. Suddenly she gets out of the tub and as I pull back to thrust in you pull away and also get out. Both of you leave and close the door behind you again. I sit in the tub for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what to do.

I enter the bedroom to see that both of you are lying on the bed facing each other, her with her feet at the headboard and you with your head at the headboard caressing each other. I get on the bed and spread her legs. With your help I we tie her legs to the headboard. Surprising you I grab the handcuffs and cuff your hands to the top of the headboard with you on your knees, whisper in your ear that now you can't go anywhere as I blind fold you. I get off the bed and you bring one of your legs over her. She clutches on to you and licks your pussy. You call for me. Just as your mouth closes you feel a gag get tied over your mouth. Just as she darts her tongue in your pussy you feel a leather belt gently run down your back. The belt pulls away from your back and you start to get nervous. You feel me rest a hand on the top of your ass, then "SLAP" you feel the belt hit your ass. You jolt downward into her face, not from pain, but more from fear. The belt pulls away as you lift back up. "SLAP" and again you jolt downward. I slap you 5 more times with very little pain to you, and each time you jolt downwards into her face as she licks and tries to suck your pussy.

I get on the bed behind you and slide me cock into her mouth and let her suck it a few times. I then stand up and slide my cock carefully into your ass while she continues to lick your pussy. Still cuffed to the headboard you clutch it as I start to stroke my cock in and out of your ass. Continually getting faster as I thrust down you lower your ass a little. You feel her face thrusting up against your pussy as I fuck you in the ass. I hear a muffled moan and reach up and untie your gag, letting it drop to the bed. You feel me getting deep with every downward thrust and you try to pull away unsuccessfully. I get faster as you start to moan louder on the verge of screaming, harder, deeper. You get more excited with every thrust I make and every thrust with her tongue. As you almost reach the peak of your excitement I pull my cock out and drop to my knees.

I watch her as she flicks you one last time. I bring my cock close to your pussy and tease you a little. Then I pound my cock deep into you and start sliding it in and out of you as she licks us both. Thrusting slowly at first, with each thrust in I get a little faster, a little harder and a little deeper. The feeling gets more intense, with her licking us as I'm fucking you. I then start taking rapid short strokes just half way into you. Getting faster, bigger, harder and deeper strokes. You feel my balls slapping against you as you cry out my name. Screaming my name out as we both get closer. Clutching your thighs tighter, I'm pounding deep and fast. You scream out, "Oh yes............, Oh yes........., Oh yes......., Oh yes". Till you scream, O...o..o..o..ooooooooo". I pump my cock into you a couple more times as she licks up what ever runs out. I pull my cock out and slide it into her mouth and let her suck whatever is left over. I then pull away from her and slide up beside you, un-cuffing your hands and take the blind fold off as you fall to embrace me. We roll onto our sides as she unties her legs and lies beside you.

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