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Deep Throat
by Beecee

By understanding your anatomy you will begin to understand the requirements that will allow you to take the full length of your mans hard cock into your mouth and all the way down your throat without choking you. The biggest obstacle is the fact that there is a bend of almost ninety degrees behind your tongue leading down into your throat. So the first thing you need to do is get his cock past that angle without you gasping for breath and ruining the moment.

In order to practice this, get in a position where you can tilt your head in such a way that your mouth and throat lie almost in a straight line. The best way to accomplish this position is to lie on your back on the bed with your head positioned just over the edge and tipped sharply back. This position will put your mouth and throat nearly in a line and will allow him to approach on his knees giving you full control over how much of his cock you can take. You can then gently guide him in and out of your mouth at your own pace by grasping his buttocks and pulling / pushing him. Keep a firm grip on his cock with your lips and keep your tongue as straight as possible.

It is possible that not everyone will learn the "Deep Throat" technique until several sessions have been completed but this should not stop you from practicing. You must learn to allow your throat to relax completely and breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

Pull his cock as deep into your throat as you comfortably can. To do this long enough for him to completely orgasm and cum down your throat is very difficult and may require practice beyond this one day alone. It may be that you will be able to take his cock completely down your throat, but you will not be able to maintain a good grip with your mouth. If this is the situation, then pull, push and suck as deeply as you can until he is just about to erupt. As his cum starts to pump in to your mouth, pull him past your tonsils and hold him still for as long as you can. Next time you will know precisely what to expect and how to react. It is important for the first few times at least that you let him know that you must be in complete control of his cock in this situation because only you know how much you can comfortably take.

After several sessions on your deep throat skills you will learn to relax and will feel more comfortable each time. You will know precisely when he is about to cum and how much of his cock you can take.

If you are feeling comfortable at this point, let him fuck your mouth at his own pace. It is possible to take a full 10 inch cock all the way past your tonsils and deep into your throat. You can feel his foreskin peel back as it eases past the back of your throat just as it does when he first enters your cunt. As he fucks your throat, he will not be able to or want to hold back for very long. The pure sensation of his foreskin pulling back and forth deep inside your throat will bring forth an enormous amount of cum.

Another technique, which is not really deep throating but will still give him the same sensation is to clench your hand around his cock as near to the base as possible and as you go down on him with your mouth, pull slightly downwards and on the way up, pull slightly upwards pulling his foreskin back and forth over the corona. Keep your clenched hand close to your mouth and this will feel to him like his whole cock is engorged and again will produce copious amounts of cum.

As mentioned before, the amount of cum a man produces is a direct result of how much pleasure you have given him. Feel free to follow all or some of my exercises and maybe make your own alterations/improvements along the way.


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