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Della's Turn
by Eve

This was it! She was really going to let that no good one of a bitch have it this time. She had put up with too many late nights and tonight was definitely the final straw. Della sat up that night sipping her third glass of brandy, waiting for Peter to come home.

They were supposed to have had dinner with some friends of theirs that night but Peter had called to say that he would be staying late that night to go over some accounts. Della understood that he had to stay late sometimes because her father had been a CPA as well, and he too had had late nights. Actually, it had been her father's company but Peter had taken over when her father had opted for early retirement. Della did understand, or at least she did in the beginning, until the late nights coincided with the hiring of Peter's new assistant Cassidy.

The only thing that came out of Peter's mouth lately was Cassidy this and Cassidy that. It made her want to scream sometimes. Cassidy was of the bottle blonde variety, and her breasts were huge, making Della wonder if she was actually qualified for the job or was she there to provide window dressing to the office. It was a wonder that that woman didn't topple over from the immense weight. Her own small breasts were laughable compared to Cassidy's. Smug bitch! Della grimaced as she remembered the time she surprised Peter at the office, and Cassidy and him had jumped apart at her sudden appearance. Peter then gave her some line about something being in Cassidy's eye. He must have thought that she was a prize idiot but she simply smiled as if it she believed him, and Cassidy sashayed out the office like the cat with the cream. Della had wanted to slap the smirk off that whore's face.

It was humiliating having dinner at the restaurant that night with their friends, and having the maitre'd come deliver the message that Peter couldn't make it. That was when her tolerance was pushed to the limit. The sympathetic looks were just too much, and HE didn't help ease the situation very much either. The Normans, Flo and William, had brought along Flo's brother Scott that night. They had been waiting already seated when she joined them. When Della entered the restaurant, she looked every bit the CEO's wife, in an elegant green off the shoulder slip gown, that accentuated her slender figure to it's best advantage. Her flaming red hair was twisted into a chignon. Her make-up was subtle, bringing out her Sherry colored eyes and her emphasizing her full pouty lips. She strode confidently to the table where her friends sat. They both stood up as she come to the table.

"Flo, William," she drawled, "it's so wonderful to see you." Kisses we exchanged.

"Della, you look exquisite as always my dear." William complimented.

"Yes, I love that dress. You must give me the name of the boutique you shop at," Flo eyed her ensemble enviously.

"Of course Flo. Peter will be joining us later, he had some business that he had to take care of tonight at the office." Della explained as she took her seat.

William, who had been taking a sip from his water glass, spat the water out as if he had heard something funny. "I'm sorry," He said, as he dabbed the water from the table cloth, and his tie. He looked at Della and hurriedly looked away. He knew. Della flushed. How many of their other friends knew of Peter's extra curricular activities? Since she had become so good at pretending, she overlooked that little slip that William had made as if nothing had happened. "Della, I hope that you don't mind, but my brother Scott came into town unexpectedly today for the week, and we didn't want to leave him at home by himself on his first night with us, so we invited him." Flo informed her.

"Oh no, not a problem at all. So, I finally get to meet this hunky brother you are always singing praises about. Where is he?" Della inquired.

"Oh, he's in the restroom, he should be out shortly. Oh, there he is now." Flo pointed. Della had not known what to expect but to see a man rolling out in a wheel chair was a surprise. She was about to mention it, but tactfully opted to keep her comments to herself. Scott wheeled himself to the table. He smiled when his eyes met Della's.

"You didn't tell me that your friend was so beautiful Flo," Scott made the comment to his sister but his eyes were roaming Della, up and down. Della knew that she was an attractive woman, and she had always received numerous compliments on her looks, but she blushed at his directness and looked away. She had to admit to herself that he was very attractive, with his dark brown hair, and clear gray eyes. He wore a sexy twelve o' clock shadow, that on some men looked slimy and unkempt, but on him it looked kind of sexy.

"Pleased to meet you Scott, I'm glad that you could join us tonight," She smiled and then looked away once more. There was something about him that made her slightly uncomfortable. They had their before dinner drinks and had already ordered appetizers, deciding to wait on Peter before ordering the main course. After a half an hour and an uncomfortable silence, William uncomfortably suggested that they could start ordering the meals and maybe Della could order something she knew that Peter would like. Della was so embarrassed that she almost cried, but she held her composure and smiled at the suggestion as if it were the best idea in the world.

"That's an excellent idea. The food will be ready by the time he gets here." She put on a brave face. Just as they had put in their orders, the maiter'd came to their table with the message that Peter had left a message saying that he was still tied up at the office, and wouldn't be meeting them at all. Della sat stiffly in her chair not daring to move because if she moved a muscle, she knew that she would fall apart. While Flo and William didn't say anything, she knew what they were thinking. Scott, picking up the tension, decided to change the topic. The Normans grasped at the topic desperately as if to block out the unpleasantness. All through the meal, she could feel their sympathetic stares, and the obvious attempts to avoid any topic that involved Peter. If she tried really hard, she could pretend that she wasn't hurting. Unfortunately it hurt like hell. What was worse, Scott's constant stare was just too much. He didn't give her sympathetic looks. His were looks of...desire? No, he couldn't be. He was in a wheel chair. Those people were like eunuchs. They were not like normal people. No, it couldn't be desire that she saw in his eyes. After a most uncomfortable dinner, she was finally able to go home and drown her sorrows in the bottle, which was beginning to bring her comfort more and more as the late nights increased.

Now here she was on her forth glass of brandy. Damn him! How could he do this to her after only five years of marriage? Hadn't she been the perfect hostess, homemaker and lover? Sure she knew that one of the things that had attracted Peter to her in the first place was that she was the boss's daughter. His ambition had been a turn on, but foolishly she had believed that he loved her for herself as well. She had ignored the rumors that he was having an affair with one of the company secretaries. He was so handsome with his mane of golden blonde hair and model like looks. He was like Adonis, his masculine beauty overwhelming. When they began to date, her father had promoted Peter at Della's insistence, because she knew that this was the man that she wanted to marry. Being an only child and a daddy's girl, there wasn't a lot that she was denied. After a few months of dating, Peter proposed and had earned yet another promotion. A year later they were married.

The first two years had been bliss. Peter was an attentive husband and an excellent lover. The only thing that would have made the picture complete were some children. At Peter's insistence, they decided to put off having children for a few more years. His excuse was that he wanted to wait until he got where he wanted to be in his career, and that he wanted her to himself a few more years. It was only after year three when things started to change. At first he would come home late for dinner a few times a month, and then few times every other week, until he was coming home late almost every night.

When her father retired, and Peter took over, she hardly saw him. He was no longer the charming man that she had fell in love with. He would make snide comments about her gaining weight or how flat chested she was. He would patronize her in front of their guests and he hardly ever touched her intimately anymore. They hadn't made love in such a long time, and sometimes her body would ache for fulfillment. When she would put her arms around him, when he condescended to come to bed at all that night, he would shrug her off and say that he was too tired. She put up with the humiliation to save face. Her friends had warned her about him in the beginning and now it seemed as if they had been right all along. What a laugh it would be to everyone if her marriage ever ended. Della Carlton-Bell. The prettiest and most popular girl in school. The richest. She always had the nicest clothes, a nice car, and dozens of boyfriends. Look at her now, she thought. From debutante to reject.

After her fifth glass of brandy, she became angrier. How could he? Furiously she hurled the unempty glass against the wall letting it smash to pieces, as it's contents dripped down the side of the wall. She then crumpled to the floor and sobbed violently.

It was daylight. She must have passed out, she thought as the events of the previous night came back to her. Peter hadn't bothered to come home. Asshole. Her head was pounding furiously and someone was knocking on the door. Slowly she got to her feet. The room seemed to be spinning, but she steadied herself. Her hair, was all over her face, and she knew that she looked a mess. Maybe the person at the door would go away, but the persistent knocking continued. It was the maid's day off so there was no one to answer the door, so moved to answer it. Perhaps one look at her would scare whoever was knocking off. She opened the door and was surprised to see Scott. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I came to see if you were ok. You didn't look so hot last night. Flo, gave me your address, I hope you didn't mind." His eyes took in her disheveled appearance but made no comment.

"Oh, well that was kind of you, but you needn't have gone to such trouble. I don't know why you would care anyway. You don't know me."

"No, I don't know you that well, but that doesn't stop me from being concerned of the well being of another fellow human. Are you going to invite me in or not?" He asked.

"Well, I'm not really dressed for guests, and I'm sure that my husband will be home any time now," she looked down on him with her best grand dame look. It had cut many a people to the quick but it didn't affect Scott at all. In fact, it seemed to amuse him. He smiled a devilish grin and she sighed heavily, and opened the door just enough for his chair to get through. "You can't stay long. I need to get this place straightened up and I have several things to do. Would you like something to drink?" She asked ungraciously.

"Sure, coffee would be great. I think that you could probably use some too." He observed. She was about to unbraid him for his unsolicited comment, but her head ached too much for her to argue, and actually she could do with a cup at that moment.

She went into the kitchen and brewed some coffee, and then brought a tray out for the two of them. She laid the tray on the coffee table. "I didn't know how you wanted it so I brought the cream, sugar and milk out so you can fix it how you like."

"Thank you." He smiled. She smiled back instinctively. Again she saw a flicker of amusement in his eyes. Who was this man to be laughing at her? She sat indignantly in her seat as straight as an arrow in the perfect hostess posture.

"So," she drawled in her most patronizing voice, "how did you get over here? I would think that a man in your...predicament would have a bit of trouble getting around."

"Oh? Not at all actually, public transportation can be quite accommodating these days." Still he seemed unaffected by her intentional set down so she tried, again.

"You're visiting your sister, from what I understand. That must be nice, I guess when one lives on social security, you can come and go as you please without worrying about silly little things like jobs."

She knew that the comment was down right bitchy and she was ashamed that she had said it the moment the words come out of her mouth, but to her surprise, Scott threw back his head and laughed. "Actually, I'm on vacation for a few weeks. I own a gym, well at least co-own. We do pretty good, a lot of state of the art equipment, and such."

She raised an eyebrow in surprise at his answer, but the demon inside of her that wanted to ruffle his feathers wouldn't let go. "I suppose you work out too?" She said in her best "yea right" tone.

"Yes, I do actually. I also teach karate classes there." Della's mouth fell open in disbelief. "Maybe you have some preconceived notions about being in a wheelchair, but I assure you that I lead as normal a life as you or anyone else. I have had lots of time to get use to being in a wheelchair since my car accident. If you were to talk to me like that ten years ago, I probably would have been hurt, but I see this as a ploy of yours to get a reaction out of me. Why are you being so catty anyway? This is really beneath you," he took another sip of his coffee looking at her over the rim.

"What do you know? You don't know a damn thing about me!" She stood, up and was about to show him to the door.

"I know what I saw last night. I saw a beautiful woman, sitting at the table with the grace of a queen. She was trying hard not to show that she was hurting on the inside when her husband didn't show up. I am sitting here in a room that smells like booze, and you're wearing what you wore last night at dinner. Obviously he didn't come home last night or you wouldn't have drunk yourself to sleep. This has happened before hasn't it?" he asked perceptively. Della's lower lip quivered as she attempted to hold back a fresh batch of tears. His gentle words broke through her cool barrier. He took her hand in his, and she tried to snatch it away but he held on to it firmly. "You deserve better than that Della. I looked at you last night and I said to myself, here's a girl that deserves the world. If she were mine, I would move heaven and earth to try and get it for her, and I would never stand her up." He said softly.

The tears streamed down her face freely then. She couldn't stop them if she wanted to and here she was balling like a baby in front of a guy that was practically a stranger. She feel to her knees and rested her head on his lap, and sobbed her heart out. She hadn't cried like that since she was a child and her mother had died. She felt him stroking her hair, and murmuring things to her like, "it's all right," and "everything will be okay." She didn't know how long she had had her head on his lap but she was jolted to reality when she felt something nudging her cheek.

At first she thought nothing of it, because it couldn't possibly be what she would normally have assumed, but the hard object did not go away and she lifted her head to find herself confronted with his erection. Della was taken aback because she had always thought that people in wheelchairs didn't have normal desires, like those who could walk. "Surprised? Couldn't you tell that I desired you? Couldn't you tell that I wanted you the minute I saw you? You felt it too," he said knowingly. She was about to protest but he leaned over to touch his mouth to hers.

His kiss was a gentle exploration in the beginning, a mere rubbing his lips to hers to test her reaction, and then it became much more as he grabbed a handful of her hair to fasten his mouth more firmly over hers. She could feel her body melting as his tongue probed her lips demanding entrance. It had been so long since the last time she was held, and kissed, and it felt so good. In the back of her mind, Peter's image popped into her head, but she pushed it away as fast as it came. Damn it, it was her turn now. God knows she needed this. She scooted closer and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and thrust her tongue brazenly forward to meet his. Their tongues licked and explored the other's mouth, tasting and savoring the feel of each other.

Della pulled back then and Scott made a grab to pull her back to him but stopped when he realized her intention. She began to work on the zip of his jeans. She reached through the zip and undid the button on his boxers, and pulled his throbbing, cock free. It was so rock hard, that his veins bulged within it and appeared to be pulsing like a beating heart. It was much larger than she had expected it to be to her delight. She ran her tongue over the head of his shaft and she could feel his upper body shiver. She nipped, licked, and played with his swollen tool, until he groaned in frustration, "Stop teasing me for God's sake and suck it!"

Needing no further invitation she took it into her mouth and bobbing up and down. She started out slow before building up to a faster rhythm. Each time she came up, she went down further and further until she was actually deep throating him. She continued sucking his cock voraciously, like a greedy child with a lolli pop.

"I'm going to cum!" he yelled, before a geyser of his white fluid squirted over her face and hands. Eagerly she lapped up his cum. She licked her hands and around her lips and rubbed of the cum on her face only to transfer it to her mouth. She made sure that she had gotten every bit of it.

"That was wonderful, baby," he leaned over and kissed her hair, "let me return the favor."

"How?" she asked curiously.

"Just help me out of this chair onto the floor," he instructed, which she did willingly, hardly able to contain herself for what was to come next. When Scott was sitting on the floor, he pulled off his shirt to reveal a well muscled chest which Della couldn't help running her hands over and giving it a quick kiss. She helped him out of his jeans and boxed and was pleasantly surprised to see that he was hard once again.

He undid the zip of her dress, and it fell to a puddle at her waist. Her breasts were bare just waiting for his touch. They were small but well formed, and his dick actually ached at the site of her red nipples, sticking out like little pebbles. He ran his hand over and then pinched each nipple. He pulled her to him so that he could run his tongue around one nipple while rolling the other one between his fingers. He licked and sucked on her breast making her shiver violently.

"Oh, Scott," she moaned softly. His hands moved reverently over her body as if it were fine porcelain. She hadn't felt like this in months.

"Take that dress all the way off, and those panties too. I want you to sit on my face. I want to taste that pussy." He demanded. She didn't hesitate for a second, as she slid her dress and thong off. She got on her knees when he was flat on his back and straddled his face with her dripping cunt. He grabbed her hips pulling her more firmly over his mouth. Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation on the pleasure that he was soon to bestow. He nibbled at swollen clit and ran his tongue around the walls of her pussy. He sucked on her clit and lapped up her juices as they seeped out. She smeared her cunt against his face as he fucked her with his tongue. He ate her until she came with a violent spasm, and her cum dripped down the side of his face and he caught each drop that he could with his tongue. She got off of him then and licked his face and neck, slurping up all the cum that he could not get himself savoring the tangy taste of herself.

She had never been this kinky with Peter before, and she loved Scott's wildness. His cock was still rigid when he was done eating her out, so she moves down his body to straddle his dick. He guided her on his stiff rod, and she almost screamed at the pleasure of being filled so completely. He grabbed hold of her hips and she began to bounce up and down on his cock. "Oh baby, yes!" she screamed. his cock felt so good inside of her, and she was so tight around him that it felt so right to be like this. She continued moving up and down on his dick until he reached up and grabbed her breasts squeezing them until he shot his load inside of her. She collapsed against him. Both of them were breathing hard and sweating heavily. After they were both breathing normally once more he held her in his arms. "You are a beautiful woman, Della, I really enjoyed it." And the Scott gave a gentle kiss on the lips.

Long after Scott had left, Peter finally came home. By this time Della had pulled herself together, and didn't comment on the fact that he was only just getting home, or that he smelled like French perfume that didn't belong to her. She smiled vacantly at him as if everything was okay. Peter who had been armed with a barrage of excuses was a bit surprised but he too didn't say anything either. If she wanted to play the pretend game then so could he. Maybe she was finally realizing that he had his needs and she just wasn't fulfilling them anymore. What a good sport she was, he thought. He was glad that she wasn't upset also because he had brought some diamond earrings that he had intended to give to Cassidy but after not showing up the night before he was going to give them to Della. Now he could give them to Cassidy after all. It paid to keep Cassidy sweet. Cassidy sucked dick like nobody's business. He grinned at the thought. He felt on top of the world. He was had his cake and was eating it to.

For the rest of that week, when Peter was at work Scott would come over and he and Della would make love for hours. On their last day together as Scott was leaving out the door, he asked for some pen and paper which she supplied. He wrote down something on the paper and handed it to her. "This is my phone number at home, work, and my cell phone number. If you ever decide to leave him, and you need a friend, give me a call." He lifted her hand in his and grazed her knuckles in a brief kiss, and then he was gone.

Life went back to normal. Peter continued his cheating, and Della played the pretend game. On day, about six months after she had last seen Scott, she was sitting at the table, for breakfast with Peter, on one of those rare occasions that he condescended to join her for a meal. As he read his paper, ignoring her, she gave him a shrew look, and for the first time saw him in a new light. Peter, was going bald, and he had developed a bit of a paunch around the middle. He didn't appear as handsome as she use to think that he was. She realized then that she didn't love him anymore. Perhaps she never really loved him at all in the first place and had only wanted him for herself because he had been the object of several other women's desire. The image of a pair or clear gray eyes invade her senses. She knew then what she needed to do.

After Peter left for work that day without so much as a good-bye, she went up stairs to her room and packed. She took care to look her best selecting her favorite Donna Karan suit. She looked at the picture of her and Peter by the beside and placed it face down. Before she walked out the door, she remember something.

There was a phone call that she needed to make.


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