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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
by R.Neal

RIN ...... GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG .... Dam! Dan slowly became aware of the ringing wondering where he was. O Yes ... in bed .... On his right side .... Sandwiched in between his daughter Dotti's back tucked into his front, and his wife Brandy against his back. He finally realized It was the alarm clock! "Brandy ... could you turn that off"? Brandy rolled over, stopped the alarm, and return to snuggle against his back, giving him a hug and slowly caressing Dotti's hair, making sure she was still there. Dotti wriggled around to fit back into Dan's front, making sure his penis was still between her legs. It was Sat. morning! Why the alarm? O Yes .... The party last night. What a night! Less than a week ago, Dan could not have imagined the openness, the free expression of sexual feeling, and .... The loving they had last night.

Dan was an average size man, (6' - 180 lbs.), and had a life long passion for small women. He had found Brandy in college, and she had fit his image of the perfect woman from the moment he met her. She was from Tahiti in South Pacific, was 4' 11" - 95 lbs., and the perfect oriental. Short black hair cut just under the ears, smooth olive skin, small but pert breasts, flat stomach, and a cute little protruding butt. She was shy, and had a killer smile. Dan was hooked, and they were married just one month after graduation. They moved to the mountains just north of Santa Monica, and Dan went to work for a computer software company. Later, he would form his own company and grow it into a huge success.

Brandy enjoyed sex, but could never talk about it, discuss it, or even admit it existed. Brandy's parents were very traditional and strict. The story goes that her mother never touched alcohol, but during the 9 months she carried her daughter, she has an insatiable need for brady ... thus her name. She was raised with very strict rules, maybe a guilt trip over her mother's love of the brandy. During the early marriage years, Dan found the things Brandy liked thru trial and error, not from discussion. Their sex was basic missionary style, with little to no oral sex. There was a routine that was required for her to have an orgasm. After some gentle foreplay, a gentle sucking of both nipples, a gentle rubbing of her clit, and a quiet whisper "I love you" in her ear, just before penetration. In a few strokes she would have a strong climax, with the mussels of her vagina gently stroking Dan's cock to a good finish. She liked to snuggle against his back after sex, and then to sleep.

Dotti came along after 3 years of marriage. While Dan's career had not quite grown to level he had planned for parenthood, she was absolutely beautiful, and very welcome. Over the years, Dan's career blossomed allowing Brandy to stay home as a full time mother. At 18, Dotti had grown into a beautiful young girl, inheriting her mother's small size, but not here coloring. She had Dan's light features, with a touch of red in her light brown hair down to her waist, which she usually kept in a pony tail. Her eyes were a bright dark brown, with long lashes. In body, she was a copy of Brandy. Small, and pert. Brandy kept her dressed in knee length skirts and fluffly full blouses. Dan looked back on the events that led up to today.

MONDAY: Brandy was downstairs in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Dotti came into the bedroom where Dan was dressing. "My pee pee hurts daddy", pointing to her crotch. "Have you talked to your mother"? "She says to see you". Dan didn't know what to do. He had never discussed her private parts, much less seen them. "Is it sore"? "It tickles a lot, sometimes it hurts". "Has Mom looked at it"? "Yes, she said I should show it to you". Dan said wait a minute, where he went downstairs to see Brandy. "Have you seen Dotti's crotch"? "Yes, you may want to take her to the doctor". With that she turned back to the cooking. He knew that Brandy would have no discussions about sex, but ignoring their daughter was a bit too far. Dan went into the den, phoned Dr. Cox, who could see them that afternoon. Dan told Dotti he would be home to get her at 2:00 PM.

"Hello Dan, Dotti, hop on the table and let me look at you". "Have you been oiling it"? "I try too, but sometimes I forget". Dr. Cox asked her to lay down and pulled off her panties. Dan said "What's this business about the oil"? "You didn't know about Dotti's condition"? "What are you talking about"? With that the Dr. pulled Dotti's dress up exposing her pubic area. She had a small bush, with puffy labia. Sticking out of the lips was the largest clit Dan had ever seem. It was about 3/4" long and the size of a pencil eraser. It was ovisoully very sensitive, as it was bright red. "Yes, she has an abnormal clitoris and with it always out from under it's hood, it gets dry and itches". "She needs to keep it oiled so it doesn't dry out". Picking up her panties, he showed Dan a small sanitary pad that is supposed to help. Dan didn't know what to say. He felt a bit embarred about all this, but since Dotti didn't seem to mind, he just continues to look. The Dr. then took a jar of cream and begin to rub her clit, also applying some to her lips. As he rubbed, Dan thought he saw an almost inperceptable movement by Dotti. Was she enjoying this?

Following that, the Dr. raised her blouse saying "She also has a nipple situation". As he raised the blouse, I saw she was wearing a small bra, something I had never noticed before, because she had almost no breasts at all. He guessed she was a late bloomer, as they say. He removed the bra saying "Lets see how these are doing". Dan hadn't seen his Daughter naked since she was a baby, and he was speechless! There was just the beginning of small breasts appearing, but more importantly ..... her nipples were as long as her clitoris, and the arealoes were Hugh, covering almost the entire breast outline. "Dotti, have you had any problems with these"? "No, mommy helps me with the cotton pieces. They help". Dan notices the small cotton inserts in the bra. Our attention must have aroused her, as her nipples puffed up like nothing Dan had ever seen. The Dr. rubbed some oil on them, and they became hard and erect, and the puffiness went away. Again, Dan could hardly believe his daughter's reaction to the attention to her sexual areas. "There, that should do you". Remember now Dotti, don't let these areas get dry, Keep the well oiled and you will be fine". "Dan, as she grows older and bigger, these things will be less noticeable". Dotti dressed and they left.

As they drove home, Dan had a million questions, but foremost in his mind was Dotti's reaction to the stimulus. Finally, Dan had to talk about it, and asked ... "How often do you oil yourself"? "OH, usually 2 or 3 times a day". "Does that keep the itching down"? "Yes, except when I forget". "Sometimes I do it for fun". "Fun, I don't understand". "Well it does feel good, and sometimes I do help me go to sleep, or just to relax". Relax? Surely she can't be having orgasims! "What do you mean .... Relax"? "Well, the rubbing causes a funny felling in my tummy and between my leggs. It feels good, and really relaxes me". GOD, I guess she is climaxing, or at least some form of it. He wasn't sure where to go next, so he said "does mommy ever rub you"? "Sometimes". Well, what the hell here we go. "Do you ever rub mommy"? "O Yes, when she gets out of the shower, she likes to rubbed with oil". "Do you rub her private parts, and make her have funny feelings in her tummy"? "I think so. She never says anything, but I can tell when she does". O .... God! Now what do I do? He was embarrsed to admit he was aroused by this, but just needed time to think!

TUESDAY: Dan went to work as usual, and decided to call Dr. Cox. "Is it possible that Dotti is having orgasms"? Dr. Cox assured him she was, and it can happen as early as 8, 9, in some girls. No, he shouldn't feel guilty about be aroused. It is normal. Even he has to be careful around certain patents. Dan mentioned the oil rubbing exchange between Dotti and Brandy. Dr. Cox had been their family doctor for many years, and knew of Brandy's inability to talk about sex. Let me call her. I'll have her come in. She does talk to me a little bit. I'll let you know anything, that doesn't breach my oath".

Dan went home early. He just couldn't concentrate. When he arrived, he found Brandy was out, and went upstairs to change. He stopped at the top of the stairs, feeling he heard something coming for Dotti's room. He quietly went down the hall and looked thru the partly open door. What he saw gave him an instant erection! Dotti was oiling herself, and enjoying it immensely. While squeezing a breast with one hand, she was rubbing her clit and vagina with the other. Dan stood transfixed. He couldn't move. She had oiled her breasts and it ran down her tummy to her crotch. Her nipples were long and hard, like a small penis. Her other hand rubbed her lips, sometimes entering between them. Sometimes, she would jack her clit like it to was a small penis. Finally she breathing got heavy and she brought herself to finish. She rolled over, opened her eyes, and on seeing me she said "O Daddy ...... I didn't know you were there". "Mommy said I shouldn't let you see me oiling, but I guess it's OK since you went to the doctor's office with me". She just laid there looking at me, not attempting to cover herself. Apparently she had none of her mommy's inabitions. I didn't trust my self, so I just said .... "Don't forget your cotton pads" and left. I went to our bathroom and relieved the enormous pressure in my testicles, thinking about what I had just seen.

Later, just before dinner Brandy told me Dr. Cox had called, and she was going to see him tomorrow. I said OK, and we had dinner. Nothing else was said.

WEDNESDAY: On the way to work, again all I could think about was Dotti's pert little body and here crotch. I had several erections, and twice that day I had to release the pressure in my testicles.

Brandy was ushered into Doc's office and sat on his examining table. "How are you Brandy"? "Fine". He said Dan was there with Dotti, he saw everything, and reacted fairly well. "I assume you wanted him to know all about Dotti". "Yes, I think so, but I'm not sure why". Doc said "I think Dan can deal with it. He is strong, and I have faith in him". "But ..... he is a normal healthy male animal, and I did see that he was aroused". "Let's talk about you. I know your sexual relationship with Dan has been somewhat reserved. The stronger your ability to satisfy Dan, the lessor will be his attraction to Dotti. Have you given any thought to improving it"? Brandy had know Doc since their marriage, had delivered Dotti, and she loved him almost as much as Dan. .... He was like a father to her! .... Over the years, Doc had addressed both their medical as well as their emotional problems. She knew he cared for both of them, and was trying to help them. "I want to, but just don't know how". "I had a thought, I want to look at your ability to enjoy and respond to Dan. Lay back and let's remove you pants". Brandy laid back, raised her hips so Doc could pull them off, then raised and spread her legs. "You've told me you have orgasms, but do you really have a good feeling from Dan's penis against your clitoris"? "I think so". He examined her vagina in detail, then took a careful look at her clitoris, rubbing it gently. She began to react, and so did Doc. She notice the bulge building in his pants and she started to rub it. "No ... I'll take care of this". With that, he took it out and began to stroke it, continuing to rub her clitoris. His penis was not long, but was very wide with a very large purple head. She began to rub the head, and he didn't stop her. Brandy's climax began to build, as did his. "Have you ever been kissed here"? "No. Dan wants to but I won't let him". "You should, I thing you would like it"! He went to her clit gently licking it, then he began to suck it. Brandy went wild. She had never felt anything like it, and climaxed instantly. He continued to suck, bringing her to a second climax so high, she almost passed out.

When she recovered, Doc had also climaxed, cleaned up, and put his penis back in his pants. Doc said "There's no reason Dan can't do that for you. Let's take a look". "Oh Yes, You have a rather large hood covering your clit. If we cut it back, just a bit, your sensations would increase greatly. I can make a small cut with my new laser. It doesn't scar, and with the new Neo-Sav. It will heal overnight. OK"? ...... "OK"!

On the way home, Brandy was very confused. She wanted to please Dan, but wasn't sure she would be able. Also, she was concerned about Dotti, not because she was concerned about Dan having sex with her, as much as she feared Dr. Cox's lack of approval. After all, approval was what had driven her entire adult life. Maybe Dotti can please Dan taking some pressure off her. Maybe with the "Clitoris Cap Adjustment" Doc had just given her, she could do a better job of pleasing Dan, and he wouldn't have to bother Dotti. She was confused. She suddenly became aware of the light itching coming form her clitoris cap cut. And more importantly .... The increased sensations of her pants rubbing on her newly expose clit head. O My! That is different!

Late that afternoon, I received a call from Dr. Cox who asked me to stop by on my way home. I arrived about 5:45, and was immediate ushered into the DR's office. He had a stern look on his face. "What can you tell me Doc"? "Brandy had sworn me to screacy, but I feeel I must tell you about her youth" "As a child, it was quit common on the islands for fathers and daughters to have sexual relations. Her mother didn't seem to care, so when she came to America, she was guilt free. At college, she learned it was forbidden in the US, and could not reconcile her feeling between her father and you. She loved her father very much, so she decided to be silence, rather than deal with it". "She arranged for you to come here with Dotti to discover her situation, maybe so you would understand, or .... maybe for some other reason, I'm not sure exactly why my self". He went on to say, She knows you love Dotti very much, and does not want to damage that in any way. I asked her what she wanted you to know. She said everything, but didn't know how to tell you". "Do you think she want's me to have sex with Dotti"? "I don't know, but we're on dangerous ground here. You know what's right and wrong, so let your conscience be your guide". He wanted so much to tell Dan about the minor clitous adjustment, but decided to let nature take it's course, on that one.

On the drive home, Dan had never been so confused in his life. He still couldn't forget Dotti's body, and now he had the additional possibility that Brandy wanted him to have sex with Dotti, and .... Maybe she would open up more to Him! Later that night, he and Brandy made love. It seemed a bit better than usual, and just after his climax, he said "I don't believe I've ever loved you more than this minute"! She didn't say anything, but did respond with a very sensual kiss, with her tonge exploring his entire mouth, along with her body moving and convulsing against him. There certainly was a message here, but what was it???

Thursday: Brandy had to leave early, and when Dan went to the shower he found Dotti there. She got out, dryed herself, and said "Hi Daddy. Want me to wash your back for you"? This was a new one. Was the entire world conspiring against him. Was he being intentionally driven to his daughter, by some unknown force, to strong to resist??? He found himself saying "If you would like". Sure she said, as she helped him off with his robe. He had never been naked before her and was not quite sure how to act. She ran the water, dropped here towel and brought him into the shower. He turned his back, which she wash from his neck to his feet. She turned him around and washed his front .... All of it. As she got to his penis, she said "I've seen mommy playing with this before. I always wondered what it felt like". I was still speechless, but .... IT was responding nicely and was as big and hard as it had ever been. Dotti soaped it and my balls, then down my leg. "I've seen mommy giving you that nice feeling in your tummy, but I don't know how to do it. Would you show me"?

I showed her how to wrap both hands around it and slowly jack it back and forth. In a short time, I got the funny feeling and squirted my come everywhere! Dotti squealed saying "That's fun daddy. Look at it go"! She put her arms around my waist, her face coming just under my breast, with my cock against her tummy. I began to slowly rub it up and down, pushing here down until it was against here breasts. "OOO that feels good daddy". It wasn't long until I was hard again, and this time I raised her up and let her slowly slide down until my cock was between her legs, right on her clit. As I pushed her up and down, she closed her legs to make it feel better. In short, I came again, and again Dotti squealed with delight.

MY GOD, I am lost. I no longer can think straight. All I could think about was her. We both wash and toweled off. I took here to her bedroom and asked her if she would like me to oil her. "O Yes Daddy, please do". I began rubbing the oil first on her chest, then between her legs. I let one finger slowly slide into her Vagina coming up against her hymen. I was surprised, she still had it. I slowly pumped it in and out and could feel her mussels gripping my finger. I showed her how to raise her hips to meet my stroking, and then moved to her clit. After jacking it a bit, she began to moan and hunch even higher. She froze and slightly shuttered, as she relaxed, she said "O daddy, that was the best funny feeling I've ever had". After a new oiling of everything, I said "OK, now get dressed. We need to leave for school. I think it would best if we don't tell mommy about our little game, OK"? "OK Daddy. Thank You".

I dropped her off and told her I would pick her up after school, as Mommy might be back in time. Again It was a long day. I arrived just as she come out. As we drove away, she raised her left leg showing me she had no panties on. "Where are your panties"? "IN my Bag. I wanted you to make me feel good again". "Dotti ........ what we have been doing is not good. Many people would be very unhappy with us if they found out about it. Do you understand"? She said nothing, turned around and just stared ahead. We arrived home without a word between us, and she ran into the house. Dinner was a quiet affair, with hardly anyone speaking. After dinner, Dotti went to bed, I to the den to read, and Brandy to the bedroom. Did she know? Why was she so quiet? I finally went to bed, and after a long time, to sleep.

I awoke around 1 AM, having to pee. I hadn't noticed Brandy was not in bed. I saw Dotti's door was open, and I saw Brandy laying next to her with her robe open and Dotti quietly sucking her breast. I could see Dotti had been crying. Was this a result of my rejection in the car, after school. I felt awful. I continued to watch Brandy's rubbing as to comfort her. I saw her hand go down between Dotti's legs, inserting a finger between her lips. Then in and out. Dotti began to respond, opening her legs so Brandy's finger could go deeper. Then there were two fingers, going deeper, then deeper, then ...... Dotti cried out. "There there dear, it will only hurt for a bit, then you will be a big girl"! She had intentionally broken her hymen. I saw the blood, and slowly Dotti began to suck again, and Brandy went back to fingering her now with three fingers. I couldn't believe it. Finally Dotti came, and relaxed. Brandy cleaned her, and oiled all the proper parts, putting on fresh panties, with a clean cotton pad, kissed her good night. And left. I had gone on to the bathroom. When I returned, Brandy was on her side away from me. I slid into the bed facing her back. She backed up pushing against me, reaching around looking for my cock. I took it out, she found it, played it until it was hard, then backed into it. She open her legs rubbing the head in her crack. She was very wet. The session with Dotti had her really worked up. I entered her slowly at first, then all the way after a few trial strokes. I have never felt such mussel action in her pussy before, and was quick to come. I reach around and fingered her clit until she came, then rolled over. What a night! What a Day! What a Week!. I wasn't sure I could continue this, but I knew I would.


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