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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
by R.Neal

FRIDAY: I awoke in the morning with Brandy against my back. As soon as she knew I was awake, she started rubbing me, and again we made great love, and for the first time, ever ... she got on top! I couldn't believe how wonderful she looked and felt working away on my cock, her body heaving, with her eyes closed, and her little titties bouncing up and down. She climaxed before I did, another first! She rolled off, kissed me on the cheek, saying "I love You". And was off to shower. My God! Have I died and gone to heaven.

It began as a normal day .... Dotti to school, me to work, and Brandy at home. Our Friday dinners were special as it was the one night where we did something special. It was my turn to select the entree, and I had asked for roast duck with the special orange sauce. After lunch, Brandy called me to bring the wine, and to bring an additional soft red, one with a low alcohol content, making it sweeter. After I arrived home, I went to the den to finish some work, then took a shower to be fresh for dinner. Brandy had laid out nice set of pajamas and a robe. Ah ... I see we are going to have an informal dinner tonight!

As I came down the stairs, I was greeted by both my girls in matching floor length dressing gowns, with ruffles around the high neck, long sleeves, and around the hem. They looked like twins. The material was sheer and I could tell neither one was wearing a bra. I wasn't sure about the panties. They were beautiful! "Here Daddy" Dotti handed me my favorite Martini ... 8 to 1, 4 ice cubes, with 2 lightly smoked queen sized olives. Brandy gave me a light kiss on the cheek and said "Hello Dear". There were candles everywhere, and the smells coming from the kitchen were mouth watering. Dotti said "This is you night daddy, and we want you to have the best ever".

With that greeting, they lead me to the dinning room to begin the dinner. Brandy poured our favorite dry red wine for us, and the sweeter red for Dotti. We started with a crab cocktail, with Brandy's special seafood sauce. My Caesar salad with my special sauce, with dry mustard and fresh lemon juice. The duck followed, with asparagus treated with sautéed almond butter, and parmesan cheese.

After dinner, we retired to the den for our after dinner drinks and to enjoy the fire. Grand Mariner for Brandy and I. Dotti was still sipping her sweet red wine. There were candles everywhere and with the nice low fire, the atmosphere was very warm and soothing. "Here Daddy, you sit here", Dotti said guiding me to the couch facing the fire, with Brandy on my left, and Dotti on my right. Brandy laid her head on my shoulder with her arm around my chest.

"This night's for you Daddy. We want you to have the best. I'm going to make you feel good". With that, Dotti spread my gown, opened my fly and reached for my cock. "NO"! I said sitting up! ....... Brandy pushed me back and softly said "It's alright" as she put her hand to my cheek, and softly kissed my neck. Dotti put both hands around my cock and slowly started jacking it up and down. "Is this OK Daddy"? ..... yes, I said. My god what's happening??? Brandy obvsiously approves, and it looks like she set it up! GOD .... It does feel good! Dan open Dotti's gown and rubbed her nipples. He soon leaned over took one I his mouth since her areolas covered her entire breast, he could get the whole thing in his mouth, more sucking than licking. Dotti like this and cooed softly. Brandy leaned over an gently rubbed her other breast. Dan was close to coming and began to moan ...... "look mommy, it's coming"! With that, Dan shot straight up ..... "OOOOOO look mommy. Was that good Daddy"? Dan said yes dear, that was great! Brandy reach for the Kleenex and cleaned up.

Dan leaned over to Brandy and said ..... your turn? Later, she said. It's Dotti's turn. What? .... Brandy shook her head, and got up to spread a blanket on the floor, in front of the fire. She had Dotti lie down, with her feet facing the fire. She opened her gown all the way down reveling she wore no panties. She laid down on Dotti's left and indicated for me to strip and lay on her right. Brandy opened her gown and offered her breast to Dotti, who eagerly began to suck. I laid down, not quite sure where to start, what Brandy expected me to do, or how far I could go. I started to lick and suck Dotti's right breast, as I reached for the oil. I poured a small amount on her tummy, rubbing it down to her pussy. She spread her legs, and raised them slightly. I continues to rub and finally probe her pussy. As I inserted my finger between her lips, I wondered what difference I would find, with the hymen broken. I could find no real difference, except I had no difficulty pushing my finger all the way in. As I pulled back, I could feel her Vagina muscles gripping my finger. Each time I would pull my finger back, she would give a little moan.

Brandy opened her gown and began to rub her own slit, and moved her mouth to Dotti's left breast. Dan added a finger moving two into Dotti. He found it a little tight, but soon she relaxed and he could go all the way in to his knuckles. Dotti began to move against his fingers, raising her legs for deeper penetration. As Dan continued to finger her, she moaned and reached for his cock and began to stroke it. "No Dear, ...... you will make me come"! Dotti took her hand off and looked Brandy. "It's OK dear. Daddy wants to make you feel good". ..... "Can he put his Pee Pee in me, like he does to you"? Dan looked at Brandy with a questioning look ..... Brandy looked back at Dan for a bit then .......... Said to Dotti ..... "Would you like that dear .... It may hurt a little at first"? "O ... Yes Mommy. I know Daddy will be gentle with me"! Brandy looked at Dan, smiled, and shook her head ... saying .... "Yes .... go ahead"!

Dan looked deep into Brandy's eyes, thinking .... are you sure? Again she smiled and nodded her approval. Dan ran his two fingers around inside Dotti's pussy, but this time, he was checking to see if his cock would fit. He remembered from somewhere that vaginas had a great ability to accommodate any size penis, so he decided it was OK. He removed his fingers, raised up an placed a very fatherly kiss on Dotti's forehead, saying, .... "I love you very much". "I know daddy, ..... I love you too". God, .... Why did I do that? Brandy flashed an all knowing smile, and Dan proceeded about his task (or opportunity?). Brandy raised Dotti up, helping her to remove her gown, then removed her own. Now they were all naked. Dan looked down at Dotti with a very loving fatherly concerned look, and said, ... "Do you have to pee, or anything before we go on"? Both girls giggled .... Dotti said "O Daddy, don't be silly"! God, I felt dumb!

Dan applied a generous amount of oil to his cock, and then to her pussy. He positioned himself over her, raising her legs, and began to rub his cock between her lips. Brandy was stroking her brow, sweeping her hair back , and gently kissing her cheek. Dan began to rub deeper and finally he started to push the head in through her ring. She wiggled a bit trying to help, and finally he was in. The ring was very tight, just behind the head of his cock. He stopped to let her pussy adjust. Her muscles were squeezing, trying to push him out, but soon they relaxed. GOD ..... what a feeling! Was this the best ever, or could there ever be anything like it again? It was more emotional, that physical. An orgasm was not on his mind. Only the beauty of the moment! He didn't sense Brandy's presence .... Only this divine little girl who magical vagina had him totally under her control! OH ....GOD!

She continued to wiggle trying to help, and then slowly his cock started to move in. He would push a little, then stop. Push a little more, then stop. Finally ........ he was all the way in! Until now, the effort had been somewhat mechanical, being concerned with her ability to take all of him. Now his loins reminded him why he was there, and he began to slowly pull out, then back in, then out, and slowly Dotti began to find the rhythm and was meeting his thrust. Dan was now having the best intercourse of his life, in this this very tight pussy, with supprizsing muscle reaction timed with his thrusts.

Dan painfully looked at Brandy, indicating he was about to come! Brandy reached down and began to rub Dotti's clit, making her react even more. She was close to climaxing, and as Dan moved quicker and deeper, she and Dan came together. Dotti moaned 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO "Daddy, it's so ooooooooo good"! Pulled her legs up to her chin, then arched her back, causing him to almost to pull out. Brandy grabbed her, kissing and soothing her until she came down. Dan gave one final thrust, which caused Dotti's eyes to open wide, and her breath to suck in .... then she fell limp, like a rag. Dan pulled out and rolled over. Brandy held her cheek to Dotti's face, and with her left hand pulled Dan close to them, as close as she could. She was so happy for both of them.

FRIDAY ---- LATER: Dan awoke rolled over, noticing he was still naked, but covered with a blanket. The fire had gone down to embers, and he was a tade cold. He reflected on the night, ..... was it the wine? No, he hadn't had that much. It was Brandy! For some reason, she had taken an entirely attitude toward sex, him, and Dotti's relationship to them. Obvisoully, her upbringing, and her relationship with her father had a lot to do with today's events. She had applied the island's customs, and her family's morals to us, permitting (no, encouraging) the events of this evening. He had to talk to her, to better understand, and ..... to know how to respond, in the future.

He went upstairs. Dotti was in bed asleep. Brandy had just left the shower and was in the bedroom drying off. Dan took a long shower, gathering his thoughts. Yes! ..... It was time for Brandy to open up and help him handle this new relationship. He showered, put on a robe, and went into their bedroom.. Suprize .... Brandy was not in bed, but sitting the lounge chair, with a small lamp on, and sipping a glass of wine. .... "We have to talk"! ..... "Yes, I know. Come sit down", motioning to the foot stool by the chair. "I know a lot has happened this week, and I too am trying to deal with it". "First, I know you know, but I must say it, .... I love you and Dotti very much! My inability to express my feeling goes back a long ways, but .... I've come a long way this week. As you may imagine, Dr. Cox has been a big help".

"On the islands, it was common for a daughter to please her father, preparing her for marriage. My mother was not evolved, and only had relations with my father. I grew up believing this was a daughter's prime responsibility, until she married, then her responsibility was to her husband. In America it was different, and I was torn between Dotti's needs and yours. So I elected to do nothing, until she reached that age where her sexual feelings began to surface. I had no choice ..... I decided to honor my original beliefs, but fit them into our present life" . Dan looked at her and thought ... well, I guess that's just what we did! But where do we go from here? He looked at the floor, hoping Brandy would continue to talk, .... but she didn't! ............... "Brandy, you know how much I have enjoyed this evening, but .... I'm unsure on how I'm expected to act, in the future"!

"I have been talking to Dotti for some time, instilling in her the moral foundation of my upbringing.. She is free to pleasure both of us, until she marries, then she must keep herself only for her husband. O .. Yes, unlike my parents, I did include myself in the pre-marriage situation, not because I was jealous, but because I wanted to share the love I saw you had For Dotti. I Hope this Ok with you"!

"O My God Brandy, the happenings with Dotti this week, have only made me love you more. I know you arranged them, and they probably helped, you to love me more"! Yes .... She said. "So where do we go from here"? "If you agree, she will be free to pleasure both of, with no one outside the 3 of us knowing about it. There will be no secrets between us, and when she marries, she will keep herself for her husband, forever ... OK"? ..... "OK"!

Brandy took his face in her hands and gave him a sweet kiss. "Now .... In terms of secrets, let's get another one out of the way .... Dr. Cox made a little improvement to help me better enjoy sex. Come take a look". With that, she opened her legs reveling her bare pussy. She spread and raised her legs, saying ..... "Notice anything different"? He looked, but didn't see anything different. "Look Close at the clit". He said "It looks like it's bigger, or sticks out more". "Yes, Doc Cox made a tiny cut in the cover, exposing more of it. It really does make a difference, Try it". "He's kind-of-like a father isn't he? "Well, .... I guess he is".

Dan reached up and gently rubbed it. There was certainly more of it exposed, which pleased him. The more he rubbed it, the bigger it got, the lower she slid down in the chair, and the more she raised her legs. ..... "Can I Kiss It"? ...... "Yes .. Please". God, what a treat, he had only had oral sex with her twice before, both times she had been very drunk. He began to kiss her thieys, then her tummy, and down to her pubic hair. Although her hair was jet black, her pubic hair was very fine, like soft fur. He finally got down to her clit, and the moment he touched it with his tongue, she jerked. "My My, it is sensitive". "Yes" she said, pulling his head closer. It now stuck out where he could suck on it like a little penis. He continued to lick and suck until she was moaning, asking for more, and deeper. Her juices were flowing at such a rate that they were running down her crack, and tasked very sweet. Dan continued to lick and suck, with no thought of intercourse, he could go on forever like this! Brandy began to moan and scream, asking for ... more ... deeper ... faster ..... Dan had his hands on Brandy's ass pulling her into his mouth as deep as he could when he heard a voice ...........

"Mommy ... Daddy, can I come in"? Brandy pulled her legs down, and sat up a bit. Dan was so entranced with Brandy's pussy, he just stared. Brandy said "Yes dear, come in". "I saw Daddy kissing you down there. Do you like it"? "Yes I do, it feels very nice". Has Daddy ever kissed your pussy"? No she said, but I would like to try it. With that, Brandy whispered to Dan ... "Lets go to bed". Brandy got up, pulled off her robe, pulled back the bed covers, told Dotti to strip and lay on the bed. Dan was already striped, and walked , over to the bed, where his two girls lay side by side, waiting for him. Dan stood by the bed, not sure what to do next. Brandy said, "I believe I'm next, but first, Dotti wants to be kissed". "Yes daddy, I want you to kiss me .... I want you to kiss my little man, .... Here", pointing to her Clitoris.

Dan walked over to her, leaned down, and began to suck her little man. He sucked it like it was a little penis, not touching her any where. As he sucked, her hands came to his head, she raised her legs, and spread them for better access. Brandy just watched, knowing this was Dotti's time. His continued sucking brought her up, and she finally had her funny feeling! "OH Daddy .... That was great. Thank you". She laid back and closed her eyes. Dan picked her up and laid her in the chair, covered her, and she went to sleep. He turned to Brandy and said ...... "Your Turn"? She held out her arms to him and said "Yes". She opened and raised her legs and Dan continued where he left off, sucking her clit. His session with Dotti had made him even more excited, and he sucked with a vengous. Brandy soon climaxed, the first ever from oral stimulation from Dan. Brandy reached down to finish Dan, but she was too late. Dan came in her hand. With a soft kiss, she said goodnight, and rolled over. Dan pulled a sheet over them, and was soon fast asleep himself.

SATURDAY - MORNING: Dan awoke to welcome smell of fresh coffee. "Good morning Daddy". Said Dotti, as she sat a small tray, with the coffe and juice on the table next to his bed. She gave him a little kiss on his foregead and said "Did you sleep well? I sure did". "Yes dear I did, where's mommy"? "She's downstaires fixing breakfast. I'll call you when it's ready". She turned and left. Dan sat up, had his first sip of coffee, and says quietly to himself ....... "life Is Good"!

The End

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