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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part III: Aunt Lucy Comes to Visit
by R.Neal

Preface: In the first Dotti story, you were introduced to the Carter family, Dan, Brandy, and their 18 year old daughter Dotti. In this episode Lucy, Brandy's (almost twin) sister, comes to visit bringing a surprise.


After dropping Dan's breakfast tray on the night stand, Dotti turned to leave, stopped and turned.

"OH, Mommy said to tell you Aunt Lucy called and is coming to visit!"

Hummmm,... Brandy's sister. Even though they lived in Oakland, a short way from their home in Northern LA, They hadn't seen her since her wedding, three years ago. As he recalled, she was a looker, real cute. As a matter of fact, she could have been Brandy's twin.

He decided to go down to breakfast and talk to Brandy about Lucy. As he got up and swung his legs down to the floor, he remembered how much he had to drink last night.

"Good Morning Brandy."

"Good Morning Dear, what would you like for breakfast?"

"Nothing right now, I'll let you know."

He pulled a beer out of the fridge, poured it over ice, and added fresh lemon juice, his favorite hangover remedy.

"Tell me about Lucy."

"She called early this morning, and wants to come down for a visit." Brandy replied. "I told her it would OK. Is that OK with you?"

"Of course, she's your sister. I look forward to seeing her. Did she say why she was coming?"

"I think she is leaving her husband." Brandy sighed.

"That's the second one, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so. Poor Lucy. She's had a tough time. Her plane is at 4:20, this afternoon. [Having said that they 'lived a short way from their home in Northern LA' would she need to take a plane?] Can you pick her up?"

"Sure. I assume you will say something to Dotti about our little family secret?" [see * below]

"Yes I will" Brandy said, and turned to finish breakfast.


Dan drove to LAX, to meet Lucy at the baggage claim. He had no trouble recognising her. Dark olive skin, Tight white designer jeans, black heals, and a black blouse accented with white pearls. He could see her nipples from his car! Her hair, like Brandy's was jet black, but unlike Brandy she wore it long in a single braid down to her waist, like Dotti. She could have been a twin, 4ft 11in, 100 LBS. Max! WOW, what a looker!

"Hi Dan, ..... it's been a while." "It has, and it's nice to see you again." Just then the porter came out with three large bags. "Don't worry, I not staying forever, one of them is full of gifts." At the house, it was all Hugs and kisses. Dan took her bags to their guest room, and retired for a another beer. He was still hurting a bit from last night. Brandy went to change for dinner, and Lucy decided to catch a quick shower.

"Hi Dan, ... it's been a while." "It has, and it's nice to see you again."

Just then the porter came out with three large bags. "Don't worry, I'm not staying forever, one of them is full of gifts."

At the house, it was all hugs and kisses. Dan took her bags to their guest room, and retired for a another beer. He was still hurting a bit from last night. Brandy went to change for dinner, and Lucy decided to catch a quick shower.

Dan also decided to shower before dinner, went to the bathroom, saw Brandy in the shower, and decided to join her. He dropped his clothes, and opened the shower door. His first observation was the bush looked a lot bigger than Brandy's and when he looked up to the long single braid, he realised it was Lucy ... not Brandy! He just stared, finally saying "Excuse me!"

Lucy took a long look at his manhood, smiled and said "My pleasure!"

He quickly gathered up clothes and left.

Later, as he walked Into the kitchen, Brandy said ..... "How Could You?"

"I'm very sorry, but through the shower door, you look the same!"

Dinner finished, Dotti went up to do homework, and Dan went in to tend his fire. After clearing the dinner, the girls come in to the den to enjoy their after dinner drinks in front of the fire.

Following some polite causal talk, Lucy said "Well I guess you want to know why I'm here. I'm leaving Roger! ... We haven't been getting along, and two weeks ago, it just came apart. He is dead set against children, and I want at least one, desperately. I cut our sex to every 2 or 3 weeks, to make him more interested in me. It backfired, and he just went elsewhere. When I challenged him, he made it very clear he would in no way ever want children."

By now she was in tears, Brandy moved over and put her arm around her.

"So, I filed for a legal separation." Lucy continued. "Roger has done very well with Dad's business, and we are very well off. He's been very nice, telling me I can have about anything I want, except the family mansion, which he will keep for he and our Mom. He wants her to live there until she passes on. For the time being, that's OK with me. She's very happy there."

Lucy got up saying, "Well I guess that's enough suffering for one day, I'll be off to bed."

Just as she approached the stairs, the phone rang. Brandy looked at Lucy, "It's Roger he wants to talk to you" Lucy shook hear head.

"She needs a little more time, why don't you give her a few days, and then call." After she hung up, Brandy said, "He says to tell you he loves you!"

Lucy turned and went upstairs. Dan and Brandy were soon to follow.


Over brunch, Lucy says "If you don't have any plans, I'd like to take you shopping this afternoon. Roger has some fine clients here in LA, and I can get us great discounts at their stores. Dan, do you mind?"

"No not at all," he said.. Lucy looked at Brandy and said, "OK let's go."

After doing some work, Dan went upstairs for a nap. Dotti came in. "Daddy, may I join you?"

"Sure," he said.

He was on his right side, and she snuggled back against him. Dan had to pee. When he returned, his penis flopped out of his shorts, so as a mater of habit, he positioned it nicely between her legs. She responded with a little wiggle, fitting it just right. Then, back to sleep.

Dan heard a sound, looked up to see Lucy standing in the door way. She quickly went on to her room, but just after her, Brandy came in, stopped, and glared at Dan. He shook Dotti awake and sent her to her room. Brandy closed the door ... . Brandy hadn't told Lucy about Dan and Dotti, and was upset that Lucy saw them in bed.

"First you show yourself to Lucy, now she sees you in bed with Dotti! What's going on?"

"We were just taking a nap. Nothing else!"

When Dan came downstairs, all three girls were in the den opening boxes, and giggling like school girls. Dinner was a rather quiet affair. Afterward, Dotti went up to study, Dan excused himself for bed, and the girls stayed to talk.

Brandy wasn't quite sure how or when to tell Lucy about Dan and Dotti, and decided to probe her about their dad. After some small talk, Brandy said ... "Lucy, I've always wanted to know ... did you service Dad after I left?"

"Yes, and even a few times before you left. I felt bad at first, but I came to enjoy it. He was such a sweet man. That leads me to another reason I'm here. After you left, I had an abortion. I wanted to keep it, but Dad didn't want me to." I've regretted it and have had a crying need a child even more."

"Have you looked at artificial insemination?"

"I've thought about it, but a stranger is out of the question, and I don't want Rogers child now!"

"That brings me to the main reason I'm here... I know what I'm about to ask could be tough, and if it's no I'll understand... I would like Dan to father my child! I've seen the caring, love, and respect the three of you have for each other, and I want to part of that. With Dan's child, I stand a good chance of having what you have!"

Brandy thought for a while, then said, "I assume you are just looking for an impregnation, and that's it. No future physical involvement?"

"Yes, just that and I can be on my way"

"OK, I'll speak to Dan, but first we should go to my doctor and check out the mechanics of all this, OK?" "OK."

"I'll call Dr. Cox in the morning. He's semi-retired, and only see his old patients." They hugged and then held each other for a long time, before they went to bed.


They arrived at the doctor's office at 1 PM. "Lucy, this is Dr. Cox. This is my sister Lucy."

"Miss Jones. Would you please come in and open a new patient record for us please?"

"Yes Doctor "

Brandy thought, (Miss Jones??, right out of the movies ..... A young tall, blond, blue eyes, long legs, and perfect large breasts).

"Please sit here Ms .... ????"

"Lucy Momeyer, that's Mo-me-yea. My maiden name. It's French"

After Lucy had given her the basics, the doctor sent Miss Jones and Brandy into the outer office to complete the forms.

"Lucy, I understand you have proposed that Dan father your child, right?"

"Boy, you don't mess around do you?"

"That's right, especially when it concerns a family that I care about. You are brandy's real sister?"


"The same father and Mother?"


"OK now tell me about it!"

She told him her entire story, ending with how much she loved them and how she would do nothing to hurt them.

"OK take off your clothes, put on this gown, and hop on that table. I'd like to give you a good physical, and make sure you are in good health."

He took her blood pressure, temperature, probed, pushed, and did all those things doctors do, to determine if you are in good health. Brandy came in just as he had her lay back, and pull off her panties. He pulled her gown up, and seeing her long nipples and smiling, he said "I can see you certainly are from the same family."

He checked her breasts for lumps, and then went down to her pelvic area. He spread her legs, raised her legs up, fitting her feet into the table stirrups. As he was inspecting her vagina, Lucy could see his pants begin to bulge. Brandy smiled indicating all was OK. As the Doc began to rub Lucy's clitoris, Brandy reached down, unzipped the Doc's pants, releasing his penis. Lucy had never seen anything like it, not real long, but flat and wide, about the size of her wrist, with a large purple head. Brandy rubbed it for a bit, then Doc pushed her hand away, and started to masturbate. 'What in the world is this?' Lucy thought.

He continued to "Inspect" Lucy's vagina, including every inch of her inside. After he finished his inspection, he brought her to conclusion, just as his own juices flowed. Brandy handed him some tissues, he cleaned up, put it away, and came back to Lucy.

"Everything seems to be in good order. Now there are some key items that you will need to address to maximize the success of your conception. First, your fertile period. By the looks of things, you are getting close, maybe you are starting it now. You internal linings, vulva and your cervix are soft and slightly swollen, which are indications, and your temperature is 98.8. You should track your temperature closely for the next few hours to pinpoint your peak. Your G Spot is also key. Proper massaging will help your juices to flow, softening your uterus, which helps the sperm to enter. There .... Feel that?"

"Oooooo yes!"

"Good!" I'll phone in a prescription for a new salve, It's called O'vevey, French for do-all, I think. It helps the Vagina area to soften, lowers the acid content of the vaginal liquids, making the area more receptive to the sperm, and it also helps the penis to remain erect. The best of both worlds, as it were."

"Now as to the mechanics .... While the male testicles can recover in 10 to 20 minutes, for best results, you should have a 4 hour interval between ejaculations. I would suggest 9 AM, 1PM, and 5PM, on all your fertile days. Three times per day is a good number, since physical metabolism is also important to a healthy impregnation. There should be a pillow under your bottom, and after the ejaculation, you should remain on your back, and then take a nap. Additional pillows, keeping your legs up also helps. O yes, .... a small sanitary napkin placed over the vagina will also help to keep the sperm in, and swimming in the right direction"

"Brandy, ... have you discussed this with Dan?"

"No, but we will tonight."

"I don't judge, but I do give advice. If you go through with this, I would suggest Brandy be involved, so it's a family affair, not a purely sexual one. Any questions? ......... Fine. Call me anytime if I can help, or if you have any questions. As far as determining the success of the impregnation, we can wait on the menstrual cycle to tell us, or there are blood tests we can do, if you're in a hurry."

"Goodbye doctor," Lucy said, "and thank you."

"Oh, by the way, make sure Dan has lots of red meat and foods with iron!" the doctor added.

As they were walking out, Lucy said, "You really love that man don't you."

"Yes, he's like a father, so loving, so caring. He delivered Dotti you know."

"I couldn't believe you were touching him!"

"He never lets me do more than your saw. He occasional brings me to an orgasm with his fingers, but that's all."

Brandy dropped Lucy off at home saying, "I'll get your prescription and some groceries. We'll needs lots of steaks for Dan, you know!"


Lucy awoke from her nap, hearing Dotti in her room ow-wing and aw-wing over something. Dotti was going through her new clothes, holding them up to see what they looked like on her.

"Oh Aunt Lucy, these are wonderful, thank you!"

She gave Lucy a little peck on the cheek, and a hug.

"Here Lucy said, let's see what this looks like on you."

Dotti took off her dress, leaving her bra and panties.

"Let's take these off too," Lucy said, as she pulled her panties down.

Dotti took off her bra revealing her 3/4" long nipples.

"Well .... We are certainly from the same family", Lucy said!

Lucy removed her top (she seldom wore a bra) revealing ... her ... 3/4" long nipples.

Dotti squealed.

"OH aunt Lucy, they're just like mine."

With that, she lunged at Lucy kissing the right one, while squeezing the left one. Lucy hugged her and started rolling around on the bed like a couple of kids (I guess that just what they were at that moment).

Lucy hadn't noticed before, but now she felt something pressing against her and looked down, seeing Dotti's long clitoris.

"Oh my Dotti, what have we here?"

"That's my little man. Do you have one like mine, or is yours short like Mommy's?"

"Well let's see," Lucy said as she removed her pants. "Nope, mine's just a short one!"

Giggling she grabbed Dotti, pulling on top of her hugging and kissing. Lucy reached down, rubbed Dotti's little man. "Does that feel good?" she asked her niece.

"OH yes!"

Lucy kept rubbing until she felt Dotti was about to climax, then she positioned the little man between her lips, just below her clitoris, closed her legs and began to move up against Dotti.

"Move down as I move up dear. It will feel good."

"Owwwww it sure does."

Their pace increased until Dotti had her funny feeling, and Lucy finished herself with just a few more strokes.

"That was very nice, Aunt Lucy."

"Well can we let be just our little secret?"

"You bet! Now let's look at some more of these new clothes."


After dinner, Brandy asked Dan to join her in their bedroom, she needed to talk to him. He came, closed the door and sat down on the bed. Brandy was in the lounge chair.

"First I want to help you understand what our family has meant to me, not just ours, but mine with my mom, Dad, and Lucy. Lucy had an abortion, when she was quite young, and having a child is her whole life. Seeing our happiness has only intensified her need. She has asked for a very serious favor, I have agreed, and it now rests with you. You should know I hope you will agree, and it will make me love you more, if that's possible."

"MY GOD, Brandy! What can it be?"

"She wants you to father her child!"


"Yes, we saw Dr. Cox this morning, he examined Lucy, and has given her an OK, plus instructions on how to maximize the success of the impregnation!"

Dan just stared at her.

"Doc said I should be a part of it, but I feel that is up to you."

Dan continued to stare. Brandy waited. Finally, Dan spoke.

"I must admit, I find Lucy very attractive, and have imagined myself with her, but that was just the male animal in me. I would have never ..."

"I know dear. She could be my twin, but I've not been concerned at all about that."

"If we did this, you would have to be part of it."


"I assume it's just for the impregnation, and nothing further?"


"And you are sure you are OK on this?"

"Yes, I want Lucy to have a chance of the happiness I've had."

Dan thought for a long time, then asked Brandy her to bring Lucy in.

Dan sat down on the bed next to Brandy and took her hand in his.

"A serious thought of being with another woman, has never entered my mind, since I met Brandy. But the thought of being in bed with the both of you produced two feelings, the first is WOW from a pure sexual standpoint, and the second, from somewhere deeper, some kind of ....... something I can't quite get a handle on. It's brotherly love, a favor for Brandy, or some sort of a family thing, that completely escapes me. Can you help me with this?"

Brandy asked Lucy to join them.

"I'm sure you know how much I want a child," Lucy said, "but to understand how I could ask you comes from our upbringing, and our relationship with our father and mother. I'm sure you know about that."

"Yes," Dan said.

"I too find you very attractive, but I'm confident I can put everything in it's proper place. I do hope you can do this for me, and my future happiness!"

Again Dan thought a while, and said "OK." Then, with a big smile he said "I too will do my best to keep my perspectives."

With that, both Brandy and Lucy gave him a big hug.

"Now, how do we go about this?" he asked.

Brandy gave him the details provided by Dr. Cox, followed by Lucy's temperature report which indicated she was fertile now through this Thursday, or maybe Friday. It was agreed the "Runs" as they agreed to call them, would start tomorrow morning. Brandy would arrange for Dotti to stay with her friend Lisa until Friday, .... (telling her they would be out of town helping Lucy find an apartment), ... and Dan could take the rest of the week off.

Dan asked if maybe they could spend a little time together tonight, showering, or cuddling, just to get relaxed and comfortable, before the first "Run" tomorrow morning. Brandy felt that was a good idea, and after Dotti was safely asleep, she and Lucy would join him, in their bed.

Brandy and Lucy retired to their bath, and decided on a plan, and then proceeded to get ready for their "Cuddle." They showered, and shaved, both trimming their bushes back to just a small patch over their vaginas (Lucy's was much larger, and Dan had seen it), and Lucy tied her long hair up. They both used Brandy's perfume. The plan was for them to be the same, so Dan couldn't tell them apart.

After Dotti was well asleep, Brandy went in and blindfolded Dan.

"Oh this could be fun" he said.

He was naked under a sheet. Lucy came in, both naked, they lifted up the sheet and slid in next to him, Brandy on his right, Lucy on his left. They captured his hands between their legs, and placed the sheet over their breasts, so he wouldn't find Lucy's big nipples. Dan instantly knew the game, and set about with his fingers exploring their vaginas, hoping to find who was who. As he did this, the girls began to rub, Brandy his balls, Lucy his cock.

Dan smelled the perfume.

"Two Brandy's. I'm not sure I can handle that."

"Yes you can," Brandy said.

"I need to know how little Dan here performs." Lucy said as she stroked him,

"I'm sure he will do fine," Dan replied, "but I'm not sure for how long."

"It's the end result we want, not how long it takes to get there!" Lucy said.

Dan continued to finger them both. Lucy was getting aroused, and began to moan. She pulled back the sheet, and began to work on his cock in earnest. She looked at Brandy, Brandy nodded, and Lucy started to lick and suck Dan's cock. Brandy moved up and licked Dan's nipples.

"AHHHHHHHHH that feels soooooooo good. Lucy, can I come in your mouth?" "He knows" Lucy says, "Yes, if you like."

Dan put his hands on her head, and gently pushed her back to his cock. Brandy continued to lick and suck his nipples, and when he came in Lucy's mouth, she moved up and kissed him deeply. He continued to suck on Brandy's tongue, as Lucy sucked him dry.

"My what a fine load" Lucy said after successfully swallowed all of his come.

"I don't know what to say!" Dan whispered into Brandy's ear.

Lucy heard and said "How about thank you for the fine blow job?"

They all three laughed, and it was clear the "Cuddle" had been successful. The girls put their head on his shoulders, gently swinging a leg over him, rubbing their pussies against his leg, and nestled in under his arm. They both wanted to come, but best save it for tomorrow.

"My God, what a dream come true, every man's fantasy!."

"Yes but not as great as the dream you can help Lucy achieve!"

As Dan began to doze off, he felt two pussies working on him, and imagined he had two cocks and was screwing them both at the same time. A dream of course, and he fell asleep. The girls continued to quietly rub his leg, and then they too dozed off, looking forward to the first "Plan" tomorrow.

To Be Continued...

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