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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part IV: Lucy's Baby Runs
by R.Neal

Preface: The trials to impregnate Lucy, are started. Dotti has been sent away, and Brandy's involvement is key.

TUESDAY: (Plan 1)

Dan awoke, blurry for a moment, then he remembered this was the first day devoted to impregnating his wife's sister Lucy. He struggled out of bed and went for a shower. After his shower, he decided to tidy up his bush, cutting the long hairs all over his crotch, and reducing his bush above his penis to a small square. He thought about a heart shape, but that was not his style. Dan called his office, advising that he was taking some vacation days, and wouldn't be in until next Monday.

Brandy greeted Dan with, "Good morning dear, here's your breakfast." Dan sat down to eggs, a small steak, a stack of toast, and coffee, and of course, his iron pill!

Lucy came in, "Well General, are we ready for the first Plan?"

Brandy looked at them both and said "So I'm the general, eh?"

"I guess, you certainly have taken charge, and I guess we are better for it", Lucy said.

The General had arranged for Dotti to stay with Lisa until after school on Friday, and Lisa's Mother had already picked her up. Brandy, in her best General's voice said, "OK, upstairs with both of you, our first run is only 15 minutes away." Dan had never seen Brandy so assertive, but he liked it!

Dan removed his robe, and laid down in the bed waiting on the girls. They came in together, both in matching baby doll PJs, except Lucy's was white, and Brandy's was black. "We didn't want you to get us mixed up in the heat of passion", Brandy said.

As Brandy applied the salve to little dan, Lucy removed her pants, laid down next to Dan, and spread her legs. Brandy applied a generous application of salve to Lucy's inter and outer vagina, preparing her for the first run. Brandy said ... "OK. Guys, go for it", and moved over to the lounge chair next to the bed.

Dan moved Lucy to his left, and began to rub her pussy with his right hand (his favorite position). Lucy spread her legs, and began to move against his hand. Brandy had removed her pants, and was fingering her own pussy, as well. Everything was moving along, but something was not quite right.

Dan motioned for Brandy to join them. Dan said, "I really need you to be part of this." Lucy opened her eyes, looked at Brandy, smiled and extended her hand. Brandy moved up to Lucy's left side, gently kissing her cheek, then raised her top, and rubbed her nipple.

Dan continued to work on Lucy's pussy, making sure it was well coated with the salve, and then she was ready. His cock was throbbing, and if he didn't get on with it, he would waste it on her leg. Dan raised himself over her, she opened her legs wide for him, and he started to rub the head of his cock between her lips. It was just under her clit, and he started to push it in. In went in nicely (the salve had done a nice job, in combination with her pussy juices). She raised her legs even higher and encouraged him to go deeper. With a low moan, and her hands on his buttocks, she pulled him deeper into her. Now all the way in, Dan began to slowly stroke out, then in. He could feel her vaginal mussels caressing his cock, both on the in, and out strokes.

Dan reached for Brandy's hand, like he needed the connection to his reality. He put her hand to his cheek. Brandy caressed his neck, and moved his hand down to Lucy's buttock, in order to get the deepest possible penetration! Dan stared to feel the pressure building in his testicles, Lucy too could sense it, and pushed ever harder against him, as she to was very close to her climax! Brandy tried to help by pulling Lucy's legs up, but Lucy didn't want that, as she wanted her legs free, so she could control them, and maximize his penetration. Brandy wanted to help, but she didn't know what to do! In desperation, she cried out .... "OH God, I love you both so much!"

That did it! Dan and Lucy both come together. Dan pumped his come into her pussy, while her pussy convulsed, accepting it. Lucy had her legs as high as she could get them, and now Dan held his penis in as deep as he could get it, acting like it needed to be in to plug the hole, keeping the sperm in. Brandy quickly placed a pillow under Lucy's butt. After a bit, their breathing slowed, and finally Brandy said ..... "Well, someone's got to move sooner or later!" They all started to laugh, and Lucy's giggle squeezed, the now half soft little dan out. Again, Brandy quickly placed a pad over Lucy's vagina and pulled her legs together. Then she placed a pair of pillows rolled in a blanket under her legs, to keep them up.

Brandy said, "OK Lucy, now go to sleep, and we'll wake you later."

Brandy led Dan to Lucy's room, and told him to lie down and take a nap, saying she would wake in a little later. Why don't you join me, rubbing her crotch. Brandy said, "I'm ok. I think I came with you two, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, I feel fine. I'll call you for lunch." Brandy had slipped a small sleeping pill in their coffee, just to make sure they could relax, and sleep.

Brandy called Dr. Cox, to report their progress, and ask him about two things; how long should Lucy's legs be up, and her involvement in the process. Doc told her 20 to 30 minutes on the legs up, and what ever she and Dan were comfortable with, regarding her involvement. He asked her to keep him advised on the 'Plans' and any thing else she wanted to discuss. O yes, when the runs are over, he wanted Brandy to come in to see him. He wanted to make sure she was alright. "OK, I will" she replied. Just before lunch, Brandy went up to wake them. Lucy was still asleep, with her legs up and closed. "Hey little sister, it's time for lunch. You OK?"

Lucy replied, "I'm fine. Is it OK for me to lower my legs now?" Brandy nodded an ok.

As she sat up, Brandy put her arm around her and put her face next to hers. "How about you Brandy? Are you OK?" Rubbing her tummy, Brandy said, "All I have to do is think about you with a little child, and I'm just fine." Come, it's time for lunch." She woke Dan, and went down to serve lunch.

For Dan, she had a roast beef sandwich, a small salad, and an iron pill. For her and Lucy, a small salad, poached salmon, and a fruit cup.


The afternoon plan was a much more relaxed affair, with Brandy guiding, stroking, rubbing, and general all around midwife, if there is such a thing in the conception activity. After their climaxes, and the pad and pillows were placed, Lucy said .... "Brandy, isn't there something we can do for you? I seem to be having all the fun".

"Well, there is one little problem. All this leaning on my elbows has made them raw. It would be nice to have some lotion rubbed on them". They all laughed. Dan turned her around, with her head towards the foot of the bed, turned her on her stomach, and began to rub lotion on her arms. As he was doing this, Lucy began to rub her thighs and then up between her legs. Brandy relaxed and sipped up to give Lucy better access. As Lucy probed deeper into her vagina, Brandy began to push against her fingers.

Dan was now rubbing her back and buttocks, and it didn't take long for her to climax. "Oooo, that was nice, thank you"!

They all decided that, at least for today, plan 3 should take place after dinner, instead of the recommended 5 P.M. time. So they all were off for naps. Brandy joined Dan in Lucy's bed, and of course, Lucy was in her "Legs Up" position, in their bed. Dinner was steaks on the grill, baked potato, and a salad, and of course the iron pill for Dan, and vitamins for Lucy.


After dinner, Brandy was getting Lucy ready when she asked her about Dotti and Dan. "Yes, Dotti was with Dan for the first time last week. There was a lot of rubbing, but only one penetration, and that was with a lot of drinking. I believe Dotti is taking it well, in fact she may be enjoying it a bit too much.. It does concern me a bit."

Lucy countered with, "How did she react to the penetration?"

"Real well." Brandy replied.

"I don't think it was any bigger than the other playing. Just another way to get her funny feeling, as she calls it."

"Brandy. You should know, that while trying on clothes, I saw her large clitoris, rubbed it and gave her funny feeling. I must admit, it did fascinate me, and also turn me on. Does this upset you?"

"No, ..... well maybe a little. I don't want the sexual side of her life to get out of proportion, I too have a fascination with her clit. I would appreciate your help in keeping Dotti's sexual urges under control."

Lucy said, "I know what you mean, and I will do my best for her."

Just then Dan came in for the 3rd. plan. Again, it started off well, but Lucy was having trouble getting aroused to the level she wanted. She ask Brandy to turn around so she could play with her pussy. Brandy turned around and laid down next to Lucy. Lucy began to finger her, and soon was on the road to her own climax with Dan. As They came, Brandy tried to match them, but couldn't quite make it. She was left in a very frustrating limbo! Brandy quickly attended to the pad and pillows, and they didn't notice her situation.

Dan was quite tired, and was off to a shower and bed. Brandy laid next to Lucy until she was asleep. Brandy tried to gain her release with her fingers, but to no avail. My god, she thought, (there are two more days of this, and I'm going to need help to get through them). She called Doc Cox for an appointment.


Plan 4 went off ok, after which Brandy told Dan she had to go shopping for more groceries, and would be back in time for lunch. She pecked him on the cheek, and wished him a good nap.

Brandy drove directly to Doc's office, and was usurer right in. After she updated him on the plans, she removed her panties, laid down on his examining table and reached for his penis.

Brandy said frantically ..... "I am in great need of a sexual release. The plans get me very aroused, but I can't satisfy myself with my fingers. It's really getting to me, and we have another 5 plans to go. She continued to rub him through his pants and said, "I know how you have always felt, but I really do need this in me, now!"

She unzipped him and took out his cock. She continued to rub it, and he didn't stop her. "You know, my rules about this is part of the strong relationship we've had over the years, and I'd hate to ruin that." She now had two finger inserted in her pussy, and was hunching up against them. Doc had never seen Brandy like this and it worried him.

He took her hand away, and moved her down so her pussy was even with the end of the table. He placed her feet in the stirrups, trying them with small straps. He dropped his pants, reached for a tube of gel and began to rub it in her pussy. He also covered the large head of his penis. As he began to rub his large head against her lips and clitoris. He could feel it almost entering through her ring, but didn't let it.

He reached down into a drawer on the side of the table, getting a small vibrator. This unit had a small pointed head, which concentrated it's vibrations in a small area. As he continues to rub her crack with his penis, he started rubbing her clit with the little battery powered machine. She came alive instantly and started to make all kinds of sounds .... Not screams, but stronger than moans, more like hollering? She began to buck against her leg straps, and finally had the strongest orgasm she could remember. He removed the vibrator and put it away. He soon came, and directed it onto her stomach.

Brandy finally came down .... "My God Doc, what did you do? I've never came like that before."

"Well, what I didn't do was penetrate your body with my penis. We are still fine in that area. Let's just say, you were on the verge of exploding, and I just gave you a little push over the edge."

He cleaned himself, and put it away. He then cleaned her, rubbed some more gel into her, and suggested she take a quick nap. He would wake her in plenty of time to make the supermarket, and lunch. Brandy closed her eyes and nodded off. Doc just sat and looked at her. She was like his daughter, but she also was the most sensual women he had ever met. As he looked at her, he once again took his cock out and began to stroke it. Brandy had not put her panties on, and he could see a bit of her bush. He slid his chair over, and lifted her skirt, so he could get a better look. He continued to stoke himself, and when he got close, he put one finger in between her lips, and rubbed up and down. It was enough to get him off again, and just as he finished, he looked at Brandy. Her eyes were still closed, but she had a smile on her face.

When Brandy got home, she found Dan and Lucy had completed Plan 5, and were waiting for her in the kitchen. She made some feeble excuse about traffic, and a crowed in the store, and busied herself with lunch. She had a nice variety of cold cuts for sandwiches, and announced lamb chops for dinner. That made them forget about here absence. Brandy was a bit put out about Plan 5 without her, but she put it away. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON (Plan 6)

They went upstairs to do plan 6. Lucy was positioned, Dan was lubing everything, Brandy was lying next to Lucy, rubbing her nipples, and Dan was warming up Lucy's pussy. He moved over to insert himself, but was not quite hard enough. He paused to stroke his little dan, trying to get him up to his usual hardness. "Everything OK dan?", Lucy said.

"Yes, I'm fine". Brandy looked down, seeing his problem. "Would you like me to suck it?" Brandy said. Dan was surprised, as Brandy had never had an interest in oral sex. "Yes, if you would like." Brandy moved down, took little dan in her mouth and licked and sucked until he was ready. Dan slipped it into Lucy, and was able to complete plan 6.

After dinner, Lucy retired to read, and sleep. Dan and Brandy went to bed, brandy snuggled under his left arm, and began to rub his chest. Dan said, "you Ok?"

"No! How about you?"

Dan replied, "No!"

Brandy said, "you first."

"I am having a problem. At first I was driven largely by the physical image of having sex with your little sister. Then it moved to, what it should have been, the impregnation, but now my incentives, no my drives are clouded. I keep thinking of you, and I'm having fears about our relationship."

"I know. I'm having the same problems. Jealousy? Fear you're enjoying this too much, fear I might loose you ..... I'm just not sure". 'I know you have noticed that little dan have been a little on the weak side. I guess that means the attraction is certainly decreasing."

"Yes, I've noticed," as she playfully rubbed him. "What can we do? We still have 3 plans to go"?

Brandy said "Let's ask Lucy. Maybe she can help us!"

She went to the guest room, found Lucy awake, and said we need to talk. "I know, ..... I've sensed all is not well, and I sure do not want to cause any problems for you or Dan."

"Lucy, tell me how you feel, but wait, would you like Dan to hear what you have to say?"

"No. Let me talk to you first! First you should know how much I appreciate what the two of you have been doing for me. The interruptions in your lives, both physically, and emotionally, and the sacrifices. I've sensed Dan is having problems, and I've also noticed your struggle with your own feelings. I came here with only drive, to have a child. When I saw Dan, I was turned by his sexuality, as well as his kindness, and devotion to you and Dotti. Now, I don't know where my head is. With your problems, and my own confusion, I just don't what I should do."

Brandy said, "Let's go talk to Dan, Ok?". Brandy hugged her and took her hand, leading her to their bed room.

Brandy, looking at Dan said, "We need to talk. It seems the two of you are having the same problem, and mine is not all that different. It seems the sexual element is getting in the way, and I guess I'm just jealous. I assume our original objective is just as noble tonight, as it was last Monday. Therefore, we need to refocus on that, and get our personal status in line with that objective. OK?" They both said OK. "So, let's go back to the beginning, let's get naked again, and see if we can find that love we had last Monday."

Brandy and Lucy helped each other undress, then hugged and kissed. "How in the world was I ever lucky enough to get a big sister like you?"

Brandy said, "Maybe it's written down somewhere that sexy little sisters need a big sister to keep them out of trouble." They hugged, kissed, and grabbed each others breasts, and crotch's, and fell on the bed giggling.

Dan hadn't moved. He just stared, not sure what to do. Brandy said, "Get those clothes off, so we can show our love." Lucy moved to help, rubbing and caressing as she went.

When she got to little dan, she said, "And here is the real hero, Mr. Little Dan!"

Dan finally got the message, and was able to revisit the original goals, his true feelings for Brandy, and Lucy. "OK", he said ...... "Yes, I do remember. I have the most wonderful wife in the world, who has the sexiest little sister in the world, who just stopped by to invite me to screw her brains out for three days, OH I'm sorry, I meant to say, to impregnate her so she can have a child."

Brandy punched him and he said, "I'm just kidding!"

Lucy said, "Do you really think I'm sexy?"

"Oh god yes .... Almost as sexy as Brandy!" Lucy kissed him deeply, not with her tongue but with her love.

Lucy followed that with a long and hard kiss to Brandy. "I want to show how much I love you!"

Lucy moved down to her nipples, while stroking her vagina. Dan moved back, and watched. Brandy began to respond, and started to stroke Lucy's pussy. "No, just relax, it's your turn to be loved." Lucy continued to lick, kiss, and caress Brandy's sensual areas, until she was on the brink of an orgasm. Dan was now stroking himself, on the brink himself. Lucy finally focused on Brandy's clit, bringing her to a strong climax with her tongue. Dan finished about the same time, and they all snuggles together, and went to sleep.

Dan awoke in the middle of the night having to pee, and saw that the girls were gone. He went by the guest room and saw them asleep, in each others arms, still naked. He pulled a sheet over them, and went to bed. Apparently all was well with the sisters.

To be continued...

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