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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part IX: The Kids Get Clean
by R.Neal

Preface: Doc Clark has suggested a plan to get the kids out of each other's pants. Lyn and Brandy put it into action! A Vernal Disease?


Dan was busy on work last evening, and left early this morning, so Brandy did not have an opportunity to talk to him about the situation. . Dotti had gone to school with her ride, and Brandy was alone with her thoughts. The more she thought about it all, the more confused she became.

The phone rang. "Brandy"? Yes. "This is Lyn. How are things? "Awful"! "I know". "What happened to you yesterday"? "Are you sure you want to know"? "Yes, of course"! "Well, your darling little daughter seduced me. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, that a young girl could seduce an old trooper like me, it's true. Not only is it true, but it was one of the best I've ever had. On par with you, which is certainly understandable. But we can talk about that another time"? Now Brandy was even more confused, and asked "What do you think we should to do"? "I've discussed it with Doc and he has given me some ideas. How about lunch? Say noon at Kelly's Pub"? "OK. See you there".


They greeted each other with a little hug and a smack on the cheek, and sat down next to each other in a booth. . "How are you Brandy"? "Well, not very well I'm afraid. I just can't help but feel, well ....... I've made things worse, and I just don't know where to go next". "I know", Lyn said patting her hand. "I fell the same way. But first I think you really need to know what I believe about Lisa, and what happened between Dotti and I". "No .... I .... I'm not sure I want to know". "Yes you do. It's important, if we're going to get out of this mess". "We? .... It's not your fault, it's all mine". "Now look, I feel I had a big hand in it, and we need to work as a team, if we going to help these kids. OK"? "OK".

After a sip of wine, Lyn said "I'd like you to know what I think of the kids, and where their heads are". Lyn continued, "Lisa will continue to run wide open, and now with the vibrator, she has a new toy to show Bobby. Dotti, ..... I'm afraid it will make little difference. She is still dead set on finding a way to be with Ted. Now how about you"? "I think you're right on both counts, except it may be worse than you think. Lisa and Bobby are just kids playing, with no supervision. They have tasted the joys of sexual pleasures, and it will be difficult to shut them down.

But before I talk about Dotti, you need to know how I feel about you, and ... well, Dotti too. I've been around, as you well know, but I've never known anyone that turned me on like you two. Yes, I mean Dotti as well as you". Lyn was holding Brandy's hand as she spoke, and as she talked, Brandy understood, as she too could feel the attraction. She still didn't understand it, but she was getting wet, and could feel her vagina responding.

"I don't know what to say". ..... "You don't have to say anything. Your body has already said it. Now about Dotti ..... well, ..... Dotti is something else. You should know, she flat seduced me. I couldn't resist her cute little body, just like yours, and her cute nipples, but that 1 inch clit she calls her little man. That's what did me in"! Brandy said, "I was afraid that might be a problem". "Not a problem, but a weapon. After I had come once, she climbed on top of me, squeezed my legs together, and started to rub her little man between my lips, just under my clit". Brandy couldn't believe what she was hearing, and what she was visualizing was even worse. And what made it really bad, was how wet she was getting, just listening to Lyn. Lyn continued .... "She had straddled me, and when she had it positioned just right, she started to thrust it in between my pussy lips, bringing me bliss, like I had never known. It didn't take long until she brought me to a ... well, ... I guess it was an organism, but what ever it was, I passed out. That's when she covered me, and left with you".

"Dotti is no sweet little innocent girl. I'm afraid she is more experienced than most adults I've known. She is a calculating seductress, out to satisfy her own needs. I know this is rough, but it's what I believe". Brandy was still having trouble believing what she was hearing about Dotti. She had no reason not to believe Lyn, but she was having another conflict, her own body. She was getting so wet, she was afraid it was going to run down her legs. As Lyn spoke, she was still holding her hand. Lyn became aware of Brandy's troubled state and when Brandy leaned over and put her head on her shoulder, Lyn put her arms around her and held her close.

"What can we do? How are we going to keep her away from them"? Lyn had her left arm around Brandy's shoulder, and as Brandy pressed her legs against her, Lyn started to rub Brandy's right leg, with her right hand. When Brandy started to cry, Lyn comforted her, and started moving her hand up higher on her thigh. The closer she got to here crotch, the quieter Brandy got, and when she got near her vagina, she stopped crying and began to move against her hand. Lyn realized they couldn't go any further her here, so she backed off slowly, and whispered, "We can love later, but now we need to talk about Dotti. I have an idea on how we can resolve this mess. Do you want to hear it"? Brandy quickly recovered and nodded a yes.


"I've talked to Doc Cox and he says the only way to get these kids under control is to scare them. Doc calls his plan, Plan 9! By the way, Doc was in the Army intelligence group, and gets off on "Plans".

<i>Author's note: Many of you movie buffs will remember Ed Wood's last movie "Plan Nine From Outer Space". It's generally regarded, by most movie experts, as the worst movie of all times. I just couldn't resist having a plan 9, in my chapter 9.</i>

"He has suggested we use a vernal disease as our scare tactic. What you and I have to decide is, who has what, who gave it to who, how we detected it, how bad is it, and how do we cure it. As you can imagine, we could ruin the kid's lives with this, so we need to manage this very well, so we achieve our objectives, and not permanently damage anyone. Doc suggested we create a situation in each person's head, that they can't talk about, so we can deal with each one individually". They worked out the details, and an approach. Brandy would deal with Dotti and Ted. Lyn would get to Lisa and Bobby, though their mother Sue.

Just before they parted Lyn said, "Oh, I almost forgot. What about the birth control pills?" "I'm still not sure. I'll let you know."

As she headed for home, Brandy thought about her husband Dan, and how long it had been since they had made love, not just had sex, but really made love. She wasn't sure how to work it all out, but having a matching baby doll outfit with little pink roses, like she got for Dotti, was a must!" She turned her car around and headed for the shop for a duplicate set.

THURSDAY EVENING, Brandy talks to Dan. After dinner, Brandy took Dan aside and told him about the kids, and her talk with Lyn. They developed a plan where she would take care of Dotti, and he would speak to Ted tomorrow, after school and before his parents arrived for dinner.

Brandy went upstairs to Dotti's room ..... "Hi. What are you doing? Homework"? "Yes, it's due tomorrow and I'm only half way through it". "There's something I have to talk to you about, and it's not going to be easy". Dotti had never seen her mother like this before, and it scared her. "I assume you know what a venereal disease is, and how dangerous they can be". Dotti stiffened. "Yes. That's a disease in your vagina, and it can be very dangerous". "That's true. However some of them can be rather mild. During a routine test of your blood, it indicated you have a mild one". Dotti squeezed her legs together and started to cry. Brandy held her and wondered if this was the right thing to do.

Brandy continued to hold her and continued, "It's called chlamida, and if left unchecked, it can cause sterility! It's easily transmitted between people, through their genitals. Yes, it's rather obvious you've had sex with someone outside the family, probably Ted". Dotti protested, "But ....... I didn't ....... I mean .........." Brandy took both her hands in hers and said softly, "It's not what you've done in the past, but what you're going to do in the future, that counts. Now let me tell you what you must do"!

Brandy handed Dotti a box of Viral-Douches, saying ........ "Doctor Cox says this will kill it and completely remove it from your body. First, you will need to shave your vagina area, and keep it shaved clean for 2 weeks. Second, you should wash your entire groin area and use one of the douches, three times a day, for 2 weeks. Your little man pads should be put in plastic bags, for disposal. It's also important that you wash you hands thoroughly after you go the toilet. And of course, you cannot have any sexual activity with your dad should you run the risk of infecting him. Any sexual activity outside the family, of course, is strictly forbidden until you get married. Is that clear"? Dotti just stared at her Mother, not replying.

Dotti was crying softly, and it broke Brandy's heart to hurt her daughter so. But, it was necessary. Finally Dotti said, .... "What about Ted"? Your Dad is going to talk with him tomorrow, before his parents get here. Neither of us will say anything to them. It will just be our secret. I would suggest that you not discuss it with Ted either. OK?" Dotti didn't mention Lisa or Bobby, and Brandy decided not to bring it up.

Dotti took the douche package and went into the bathroom. She removed all her clothes and opened the package. It contained several little packages of powder, a plastic bag, and a penis like tube with a ball on the end, full of holes. First she shaved her pussy, and then used Kleenex and soap to wash her entire crotch, plus inside her vagina. She then decided to check out the douche tube. She truly realized she had to kill this disease, but what would it hurt to have a little fun along with it? It was a little smaller that the three real penises she has seen, but it was all she had, or apparently would have for some time.

She took the tube to the sink and washed it thoroughly, mixed one of the powder packets per the instructions, and then returned to the stool. She decided to try the tube without the bag. With a little oil it went in fine, and as she moved it in, out, and around she found her G-Spot and settled down on the journey to an orgasm. In out, in out, in out, it wasn't working! She started to rub her little man, and finally she got her funny feeling.

She connected the bag to the tube and gave herself the first douche. She liked the feeling of the liquid spraying the back of her vagina tunnel, and noticed the harder she squeezed the bag, the stronger the spray. She once again started to rub her little man, and developed a game, racing between running out of douche, and coming! This first time, the bag won. She ran out of douche, before coming. She made a commitment that would change, and with three times a day, she would have lots of time to practice.

Dotti washed her groin area, disposing of the tissues in the stool, washed the douche equipment, put a fresh pad on her little man, and went to bed. As she thought about Ted she started to cry. Brandy could hear her and she too, started to cry. Dan could hear both of them, and was at a loss as was to do.

FRIDAY MORNING, Lyn calls Sue "Hello. Mrs. Brown"? "Yes". "This is Lyn Jones from Doctor Cox's office. We need you to come in as soon as possible. We need to discuss Lisa's blood tests. Could you make it in this afternoon, say 1:30"? "I'm not sure if I can get off work. What's it about"? "Mrs. Brown, it's very serious and we really need to see you today. Would later be better, say 3 or 4"? "Yes. I can made it at Four. Do you want me to bring Lisa"? "No. Just you will be fine".

"Mrs. Brown"? "Yes. You must be Lyn". "Let's go into the examination room." (Lyn wanted a more clinical atmosphere). Lyn continued, "During Lisa's last visit, we took a routine blood sample, and sent it to the lab for a detailed analysis. We have received the lab report which indicated Lisa has a mild venereal disease". Sue gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Lyn continued with the details of the two-week cure she and Brandy had developed. "Here is a package I've put together for Lisa. In addition to the douche, it has detailed instructions for the cure". Sue was a whipped dog. She took the package from Lyn, all the time looking at the floor. "In addition, here is a package for Bobby". Sue stiffened and looked up. "Bobby? Why Bobby"? Lyn replied, "It's quite common for brothers and sisters, close in age, to be sexually active with each other, and reading between the lines of what Lisa said, it was obvious that she had been active with Bobby." Again Sue gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Before she could speak, Lyn continued, "If you would prefer, you can bring Bobby in for a blood test, and we'll know for sure. Or, you can have him run through the two treatments, and that should eliminate any decease he may have". Sue replied, I'm sure he would prefer the 2 weeks". "OK, now it's very important that Bobby gets his penis very clean, before he applies the savv. Does he have foreskin"? Sue said "He shouldn't. He was circumcised when he was a baby". Sue left completely drained. Lyn noticed and thought serves her right for not being a better mother.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Dan talks to Ted. Dan had left work early, to make sure he had plenty of time to talk to Ted. He walked into the kitchen where Brandy had just served milk and cookies. "Hello. You must be Ted". Ted stood up, "Yes sir. I'm pleased to meet you". Dan shook his hand and leaned over kissing Dotti. After some small talk, Brandy found an excuse to take Dotti upstairs, and Dan invited Ted into his office/study.

Closing the door, Dan said, "Ted, I have a very important thing to discuss with you. But before we begin, I want to make it perfectly clear, you are in no trouble, with either my wife, or myself. OK"? "OK". So Dan started ..... "During a routine physical exam, Dotti's blood test indicated she had a mild decease. It is a venereal decease"! Ted stiffened. "I ... ah ... we ... ". Dan held up both hands saying, "Please. Stop. Remember, you're in no trouble with us. Dotti has always been very open with us, maybe a little too open, and has indicated she has been sexually active with you. Now, as I said, it's a mild case, and can be cured with a 2 week treatment. We want you to take the treatment, and we have taken the liberty of getting a few things for you. Of course, you can get a blood test from your own doctor, but that would involve you parents, which I don't believe you want to do that". Ted nodded.

"So, you think I gave it to her? If I did, where and how did I get it"? Dan replied, "It's only transmitted through sexual activity. It can be carried in and on the genitals. As to where you got it, I certainly don't know. But I do know you can't get it from a toilet seat, unless your having sex on one". Dan smiled. Ted didn't.

"OK, First, here is a set of instructions from our doctor. You will need to clean yourself 3 times a day for 2 weeks. After a good washing with soap and water, it needs to be followed with a good cleaning with alcohol, before applying the savv. Do you have foreskin"? Ted nodded yes. "Then it's very important that you get very clean under it, before applying the savv. Always being wet and warm, It's a common place for bacteria growth". (Dan shuttered as he thought about alcohol on that tender head, under the skin). Dan handed him the savv and the instructions.

"Now, as to your and Dotti's relationship". "Mr. Carter, I want you to know I care a great deal for Dotti, and would never do anything to hurt her, and I certainly do want to see her again". "OK, that's really up to Dotti. But you must understand we have made it very clear to her that she must not be sexually active, until she's married. If you will support that, we certainly would have no objection to your seeing her. OK"? Ted nodded, OK. "Dotti knows we were going to have this conversation, but I would suggest you not discuss it with her. OK"? Again Ted nodded. Dan opened the door, and as they walked towards the kitchen, Dan said, "Now, we're looking forward to seeing your parents".

FRIDAY EVENING, The dinner Dan greeted the Shepards . "Hello. I'm Dan, and this is Brandy". "I'm John and this is Grace. Dan, I remember you from the store. Brandy, it's nice to meet you". Everyone went into the den, greeting Dotti and Ted. After all the introductions, wine was served, pop for the kids, and the small talk began. Dan talked about his business, and the Shepards talked about their computer store. For dinner, Brandy served her special island pork, preceded by Dan's Caesar salad. After dinner, it was back to the den. After dinner, it was drinks for the adults, pop and the computer for the kids. At the PC, Ted says, "We can set up a separate screen name for you and we can e-mail and chat with each other without anyone knowing." "Gee Ted, how do we do that?" "Watch." Ted goes on line on AOL, and with Dotti's help, sets up a new screen name (DOTTI4TED), and then asked Dotti what password she would like." See, with your own password to your screen name no one else can see what you do." They set up a password and Ted sets up his screen name in her buddy group, and shows her how to respond to chat. "I'll sent you an e-mail as soon as I get home." Dotti gives Ted a little peck on his forehead saying "You're so sweet. I'll look forward to it."

As the evening was winding down, Ted asked if he could take Dotti to a movie the next night. He had been driving for two years and had a perfect record. They could take Lisa and Bobby with them. John added, "He really has been doing well". Dan looked at Brandy, she shook her head yes. "OK, but I would like to have you straight back here right after the movie". Brandy followed with "And I'll have cake and ice cream waiting for you". "Oh .. thank you mom. That will be fun. Ted said "I'll pick you up at 6:30. We can make the 7:00 movie and be back here buy a little after 9:00". The Shepards thanked them for a very enjoyable evening, and left.

"Mom, Dad, I enjoyed the evening, and you were very nice to Ted. Thank you". Brandy gave her a hug and said, "Go do your thing and come over for a goodnight kiss". Dotti washed, douched, put on a new pad, put on her new white baby dolls with the pink roses, and went to her parents bedroom. Brandy also, had put on her matching white baby dolls with the pink roses and was with Dan, waiting on Dotti. Dan was on his back, and Brandy on his left with her head on his shoulder. When Dotti came in, Dan noticed her matching baby dolls and as Dotti slid up under his right arm he said, "A thorn between two roses!" Brandy kept her arms by her side saying, "I just cleaned Dad, can I touch you"? Brandy reached over took Dotti's hand pulling it to her lips, kissed it, saying, "O honey we know you are alright", almost in tears feeling so sad about the fake story.

Dan said, "Yes dear, give me a hug. We know you're just fine". Brandy reached over and rubbed Dotti's cheek, and Dan kissed her on the forehead. "Can I rub you Dad. It's been a long time"? "Yes dear". Dotti took Dan's penis out and started to stroke it. As she continued, she started rubbing her crotch on his leg, getting excited. Brandy left the bed, returning with a pair of thin rubber gloves, and some oil.

She slipped her hand into Dotti's pants, rubbing her little man. Dotti began to move against Brandy's fingers, and in a short time she began to press real hard, almost hurting them. As Dotti's orgasm built, Brandy could feel her juices flowing, causing her own crotch to become wet. She now had two fingers deep in Dotti's vagina and Dotti soon peaked and fell back panting for breath. "OH Mom, that was wonderful. Thank You".

"What about me", Dan said, looking on his erection pointing straight up. Dotti giggled, "I'm sorry, Dad. I guess I got carried away". Without a word, Brandy removed the gloves, and her night gown, and crawled on top of Dan, guiding him into her very wet pussy. As she pumped away, Dotti was laying on Dan's left side looking at her mom. Brandy saw her and reached down, offering her left breast. Dotti eagerly took it and began sucking her nipple, then her entire areola. Brandy could sense both her and Dan's climax coming and to increase them she started whispering "Ripple, Ripple, Ripple." Brandy's pussy muscles began to grip Dan's penis, from the outer lips to deep inside. The ripples and Dotti's sucking added to Dan's excitement, and he soon began to pump his juices into Brandy. Brandy too, loved the sucking while pumping on Dan's cock, and she too came to a very satisfying orgasm!

Dan was happy to share both his loves, Brandy was glad to see Dotti happy, and ... Dotti knew she could make it through the 2 week treatments.

To Be Continued...

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