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Dotti: the Family Comes Together Pt. V
by R.Neal

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"You know, it is sometimes possible, that the woman does know. Our bodies are such wonders". He took the sample, dipped two different papers in it, then prepared a slide for his microscope. "Well, this test is only about 80 to 90% accurate, but it does look like she made it"! I'd like to do a blood test in 2 weeks, then we will know for sure".

Brandy broke into tears and began to shake. Doc went to her, put his arms around her. "Oh Doctor Cox, I'm so glad it's over, but I have this sick feeling in my stomach, that won't go away."

"Lay back and relax. I want to look at you."

"I know what I need.". She reached over, and before he could move, she had his pants open and his cock out in her hand. "This is what I need. I've been thinking about it for days, and I need this in me, now!"

"Brandy, you know how I feel about you, but you also know my rules."

"I know, and I love you for it. But with what I've been through, this is the only thing that will satisfy me. I've just got to have that big beautiful cock inside me!"

He could see, she was not going to take no for an answer. "How about just the head. I won't pump, and you can use you vagina muscles on it." She raised up letting him remove her panties. He took of his pants, and for the first time, she saw his balls. They too were huge. A good match for his cock. Doc oiled himself and her, then started to rub the head up and down between her pussy lips. Brandy looked down. God it was huge! She now began to doubt it would fit. "Let me know if I hurt you", as he began to push inward. Brandy moved around looking for the best position and angle to accommodate his huge head.

It filially slipped past her ring, and he stooped. "OK?" It hurt a bit at first then she relaxed, and it felt good. She began to move her muscles, and could feel his head throbbing in response. She had never experienced anything like this, and very soon, she could feel her orgasm building. Doc wanted to move in so bad, but he held, honoring his original conditions. Somehow this was still Ok. He kept saying to himself, this was not inter-course, just therapy for a patient. Brandy's climax continued to build, past any point she had ever been before, and just kept building. It seamed every muscle in her body was stressed to the max, and she stooped breathing. With one last squeeze of his head, she came. There was a rush, and then a feeling of a calm, she had never had before. Then she passed out.

Doc stood and looked at her for a moment, then ever so slightly, he started to move his cock into her. After about an inch. He stooped, and pulled out. He just couldn't do, as much as he desired her. He laid her panties on her tummy, and covered her with a sheet, and sat beside her waiting for her to come back.

After a bit, she woke up. "You OK?"

"Yes, I think so".

"I was worried. I wasn't sure what happed to you". "I'm not sure, except it was like nothing I've ever experienced before!"

"I'm sure its just the release of all the pressure you've been under. Go home, get some rest. I'm sure you will be just fine."

"OK. Thank you."

After Brandy left, Doc called Miss Jones and asked her to come in. She came in, looked at the Doc, and immediately, removed her shoes, climbed onto the examining table, put her feet in the stirrups, spread her legs, raised her skirt and saying, "Wow, she must have really turned you on"! She didn't wear any panties, and it was plain she was a real blond. She had a small patch of almost white hair just above her shaved pussy lips. With that, Doc buried his face between her legs and began to lick and suck until she was bucking in ecstasy. Finally, he dropped his pants, and moved his cock to her vagina. Her pale white skin made the view even more exciting as he first rubbed, then pushed his cock into her. He had been here before, as she took his size all the way in until his balls were tight against her body. As he started to slowly pump in and out of her, she moaned, and increased her pace to match his. Soon he had a massive explosion inside her, bring her to her own orgasm. "O My God Doc, it just gets better every Time"!

He smiled, and said, "Thank You Miss Jones. That will all for today."

After breakfast, Dan decided to go back to bed for a small nap. He awoke around ten, and went in for a shower. He found Lucy in the shower, turned to leave, when she said, "Hey how about washing my back for me?" Dan shrugged, dropped his robe, and joined her. He washed her back, her front, then she did him. As she got around to little Dan, she starting to rub him and said, "How about just a good old fashion boy-girl FUCK? You know, no plan, no intentions, just a good romp in the hey"?

Dan though a bit and said, "Why not". The retired to the bed room, finished drying each off. She positioned Dan on his back, saying it's my turn to do the work. She mounted in, and lowered herself on little Dan. Lucy was really working him over when a voice came from the door, "OooooWeee, it's a party. Can I join in?" It was Dotti, home early. Oh god, Dan thought. They had forgotten , this Friday was teacher's institute, and the kids were out of school. Lisa's mother had obviously just brought her home.

Lucy looked at Dan. Dan said, "Why not? Come on in dear!" Dotti ran in, pulled off her clothes and climbed in next to Dan, resting her head on his shoulder. Lucy began to pump Dan again, and reached over and began to run and pinch Ditto's long nipples. Dotti returned the favor, massaging Lucy's nipples in return. Dan reached down and began to rub Dotti's pussy and she moved to better accommodate his fingers. Things were really starting to hum, when there was another voice at the doorway:

"Looks like you have started early, and without me". It was Brandy, and she was not yet ready to party. There was a lot of work to do, getting ready for their luau. "When you're finished, I have work for each of you, downstairs." With that, she turned and left. That kind of took the steam out of their party, and they soon finished, going their separate ways, to get ready for lunch, and their assignments.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Lucy came down first. "I want you to know that I intentionally seduced Dan this morning. I needed to make sure of my feelings, between the plans, and the pure male physical attraction. Our little party this morning, made it clear for me. While I love him like a brother, and find him very attractive, that's all it is. You have nothing to worry about, and that's all there is to it. OK"?

"OK", Brandy replied, gave her a small hug, a peck on the cheek, and said, "Now let's get to work"!

FRIDAY EVENING: (The Luau) They had prepared a typical Island ceremonial dinner with, roast pork, sweet chicken, a variety of pineapple dishes, and sweet potatoes. They had dressed in the robes Brandy had prepared, again in keeping with the island's ceremonial customs. They were basically a white sheet, draped over the shoulder, warped around the body, with a gold sash, with nothing underneath. To Dan, they were quite reminiscent of the roman's togas, but what the hell, maybe some of those Romans made to the south Pacific island. After all, the French made it, so why not the Romans.

After dinner, Dan and Dotti retired to the den, to enjoy the fire. Dotti laid next to Dan on the couch. In the kitchen, Lucy wants to tell Dotti about the baby. Brandy has reservations, but gave in. When the dishes had been cleared, Brandy and Lucy joined them in the den, serving a special pineapple brandy, that had originated in the island. Brandy sat next to Dan, and as Lucy sat down next to Dotti, gently pulled her over to her, and said, "I have something very important to tell you. She whispered in her ear, "I'm going to have a baby"!

Dotti pulled back, looked at her, then hugged her saying, "Ooooo how wonderful"! Dotti had no idea who the father was, when it was coming, or anything else, except that she wanted one too.

"OOOOOOO Mommy, can I have a baby. Daddy, will you put your pee pee in me, and give me a baby"? Dotti rolled over and started to rub Dan through his toga.

Dan said, "No dear, you're not ready for that yet. You need to wait until you have your own husband, then he will give you a baby. OK?"

"OK daddy, but I would still like to have your pee pee in me". As she continued to rub him, Dan looked at Brandy, looking for permission. Brandy looked at Lucy, who shrugged saying a reward for his hard work this past week. Brandy then looked down to think, then at Dan, nodded her ok.

Brandy and Lucy moved onto the floor, between the couch and the fireplace, with their feet towards the couch, so they could watch. Dan raised his toga to slip off his shorts. Brandy and Lucy, in unison hollered, "Dan ..... you're not supposed to wear anything under your robe"!

He just grinned, shrugged his shoulders, and said, "So I'm modest"! They all laughed as he continued to remove his shorts, and his robe. He helped Dotti in removing hers. "Give daddy a nice kiss". Dotti did, surprising him with her tongue action.

He began to rub her vagina, to prepare her for penetration. After she was very wet, he raised her up, and gently lowered her, pushing himself into her. To his surprise, it easily went all the way in, not at all tight like the first time, a week ago. As he started to pump into her, she arched her body letting him move into her as far as possible, then began to move against him, in perfect unison to his strokes. This too was totally unlike there first time. Dotti had been taking lessons, or something, he thought. He would have to tell Brandy, but after Lucy left.

Mean while, Lucy was lying next to Brandy, rubbing her breast thru the arm hole in her toga. Brandy returned the favor by rubbing Lucy's vagina, bring her to a soft quiet climax. Lucy rolled Brandy over on her back, and licked her vagina until she climaxed. Brandy closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Lucy had a strong climax, with her vagina contracting on Dan, causing him to also have a stromg climax. Dotti continued with light contractions in her pussy and stomach. They both went to sleep, with little dan still in her.

SATURDAY: (Lucy Leaves) Lucy came down for breakfast first. "I've E-Mailed Roger and he's picking me up this afternoon. We're going to have dinner, and I'll seduce him one more time to better fix him as the father. I've called Doctor Cox, and have an appointment 3 weeks from Monday. He said that would be good timing, as after my regular period time, the tests would be very accurate". She moved over and hugged Brandy. "I hope you appreciate how I feel, ,and how much I love you for what you've done for me."

Brandy said "I know".

After lunch, Dan took Lucy to the airport. "I don't know what to say," Dan said.

"You don't have to say anything. I know how you feel, and I'm glad we were able to help. Let me know your arrival time, and I'll meet you here". They hugged, kissed, and Lucy went into the terminal. On the way home, Dan was thinking about what he was going to tell Brandy about Dotti. But first he wanted to make sure she was comfortable about his and Lucy's being together.

At home, he found Brandy in the kitchen, sat down, pulled her into his lap and said, "I want you to know that I have a very clear understanding about what I feel for you, Lucy, and... O yes, Dotti. I know the difference between wifely and sisterly love. Dotti I'm still working on, but it's coming, and I'm comfortable it too will fall into place". Brandy smiled, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

To Be Continued....

Copies of the character list and the story line are available upon request.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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