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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part VI - Bob, Lisa, Ted & Dotti
by R.Neal

Preface: Wanting to get Dotti out of the house during the baby runs, Brandy arranged for Dotti to stay with her friend Lisa Brown. Lisa was 18 and a senior. Both Dotti and Bobby were 18, but only in the eleventh grade, as their birthdays fell past the deadline.

TUESDAY LAST, Dotti Stays With Lisa
After school, Lisa and Brandy walked home to Lisa's house, went upstairs to change, where Dotti was noticing Lisa's body. She was a bit shorter than Dotti, but was a touch heavier. Her skin was almost white, with freckles scattered about, matching her red hair. Her breasts were more developed than Dotti's, with normal sized areolas and nipples. This awareness of her friend's body was new, and probably driven by her recent sexual experiences, but she made little note of it, and dressed to help Lisa prepare for dinner.

After dinner, Lisa's mother Sue went out to the store, and they went to Lisa's room to do homework. They were in their PJs reading, when Lisa's little brother Bobby, came in causing Lisa to squeal, "Get Out, Get Out", throwing a pillow at him. "Gee, I just wanted to say hello to Dotti. What's wrong with that"? "Hello Bobby", Dotti said. "Hello. Can I come in", he said from the doorway. Dotti looked at Lisa, who finally said .... "OK, come on in". He came in and sat on the bed next to Lisa. "What ya doin"? ... "Just Homework, don't you have any to do"? "No, not tonight".

Lisa was laying on her stomach, reading, when Bobby started to rub her back. She ignored him at first, but when he moved down to her buttocks she began to wiggle, and finally pushed his hand away. Bobby returned his hand to her buttock and started to rub lower. Lisa pushed his hand away again, and Dotti said, "He just trying to make you feel good". Lisa looked at her, then at Bobby, who said, "Yea, you know, I just want to make you feel good, like I always do". Lisa looked at Dotti, blushing with embarrassment. Dotti said, "Gee, I think it's great to have a brother who wants to make you feel good, can I watch"? Lisa looked at Bobby, then Dotti, then back to Bobby. She laid down, and relaxed, as Bobby resumed his massaging her back, buttocks, and finally down to her legs.

As he moved up between her legs to her crotch, she opened her legs a little. Dotti noticed a funny feeling between her legs, and began to slowly rub her own tummy. Lisa turned over. As Bobby began to rub her pussy through her PJs, she looked at Dotti saying, "Are you sure this is OK with you"? "OH yes. I think it's great to feel good. Especially when you have that funny feeling in your tummy. Do you get that"? "OH Yes. It's neat". Bobby now had his fingers under her PJ pants, and was rubbing her pussy lips, with his fingers. She spread and raised her legs so he could get his finger into her pussy.

Bobby began to really pumping away, when Dotti said, "Does Bobby ever play with your breasts"? "No ...... How"? Dotti pulled Lisa's PJ top up and began to rub her nipples. This excited Bobby, who began to work her pussy harder. When Dotti put her mouth over Lisa's nipple and began to suck, it was too much for Bobby, who jumped up and ran out of the room. "Did you get your funny feeling"? Lisa shook her head, no. Dotti pulled Lisa's PJ bottoms off. Lisa had just a little patch of red hairs above her pussy, but the big surprize was her pussy lips. They were huge. Much larger and softer than any Dotti had seen before. She began to rub her pussy. In no time, Lisa had her funny feeling, and relaxed. "What happened to Bobby"? Lisa said, "He doesn't like anyone to see him have his funny feeling, and runs off to the bathroom, to finish by himself".

Dotti went into the bathroom, to find Bobby setting on the john, stroking his penis. When Dotti came in, he quickly covered it with a towel, but not soon enough for Dotti to notice the size of it. It was not long, but about as wide as her wrist! "Are you OK bobby"? "Yes, I'm fine". "Can I help"? "No, I'm fine". Dotti knelt down next to him, removed the towel, to see he had yet to finish, but was close. She began to stroke him. Her hand could barely go around it, and he quickly came. She held the towel over it, and then wiped him clean. "That felt good Dotti. I've never had that before". Returned to the bedroom, Bobby said to Lisa, "Dotti helped me to finish, and it really felt good". "What did you do Dotti"? "I just rubbed it like this". She pulled Bobby's towel off and began to rub him. "Haven't you ever rubbed him before"? "No, let me try". Lisa put both hands around his penis, and rubbed it up and down. "If you really want to make him feel good, kiss it on the end". Lisa looked at Dotti ..... "Here, like this". Dotii leaned over and began to kiss, lick, and then suck Bobby's penis. Bobby began to move his hips up and down saying "Wow .... That's great"! Dotti moved over and Lisa took her place. Dotti was aroused and was now fingering herself deeply. To get deeper, she pulled off her PJ bottom. Lisa too, was rubbing her own pussy, and again Dotti noticed how big and puffy her pussy lips were. Bobby started saying, its coming, its coming, and started to get up to leave. Lisa held him down, saying "I want to see it". Dottie handed her the towel. She continues jacking him with both hand, and finally he came, squirting straight up, a foot or more. Lisa covered him with the towel, squealing, "OW ... that was neat"!

Both Lisa and Dotti pulled their tops off, and laid down next to Bobby with their heads on his shoulders, rubbing his chest, stomach, and his crotch. He soon relaxed, raised up saying "I better get to bed", and left. Dotti rolled over on her back, and Lisa snuggled up under her arm. For the first time, she noticed Dotti's big long nipples. She wasn't sure if she should say anything, so she just started to rub them. Dotti responded by rubbing and squeezing her breasts, saying, "I wish I had big titties like yours". "Oh they aren't so big. I do like your nipples, can I kiss them"? Yes. Lisa pulled up took one in her mouth and began to lick, then suck it deeply. Dotti liked that, and reached down to feel Lisa's puffy lips. "Your pussy is so soft. I really like your lips", as she run her fingers up and down between her lips, finally finding her clitoris.

"Oooooowwww, that feels good", Lisa said as she open her legs, indicating she would like more. Dotti would have liked to have Lisa rub her pussy, but didn't want to ask her. Instead she said "Has Bobby ever put his pee pee inside you"? "No, we tried once, but it wouldn't fit. It was too big". Lisa soon had her funny feeling, and they covered up to go to sleep. As Dotti nodded off, her last thought was Bobby;'s very short, but fat penis.

WEDNESDAY, After School
On the way home, Ted (Lisa's next door neighbor) joined them. After being introduced to Dotti, he invited them to his house for some pop saying "My folks won't be home until after 6". They went into the den, and after everyone had a pop, Ted took Lisa upstairs. Dotti asked, "Where are they going"? Bobby blushed a bit and said, "They're going up to screw. They do it all the time". "Screw? That's where puts his pee pee in her"? "Yea, her put his cock in her pussy". New words for Dotti ......... Dotti leaned over starting to rub Bobby's cock through his pants saying, "Could we screw"? "Uh .... Yea, I guess we could". "Have you ever done it before"? "Not really, we tried to put in Lisa once, but it didn't fit and it hurt her".

Dotti rolled over on the floor, pulling off her skirt and panties. Bobby pulled his pants down and spotting her big clit said, "Wow Dotti, your thing is really long". "Yes, and it's very sensitive too. Here rub it for me". Bobby began to rub it, causing Dotti's pussy to get wet. Dotti was really worked up, and pulled him on top of her, spreading her legs and guiding him in. It didn't wand to go, so Bobby spit on his hand, and rubbed it on his cock. Dotti spread her legs as far apart as she could, opened her lips, with one hand, while guiding him into her with the other. Bobby began to push, Dotti wiggled, and it started to move into her ring. It hurt, but she kept pulling on him until it popped through. "Stop for a minute", she said, hopping the paid would go away. It did, and she "OK, now push in a little". It started in again, hurt a little, then a lot. "Please, wait again. It hurts"! "Want me to pull out", hopping she'll say no, as it feels so good to him. "No, it will be OK, in a minute". Again, the pain subsided, and she began to enjoy the feeling of her full pussy. "OK, push in some more"! This time, it went in all the way, with his tummy flat against hers.

"OK"? "Yes, ..... go on". As Bobby pumped in and out of her, she thought about how her Dad, and believed, for a moment it was him on top of her now. She returned to Bobby, believing her Dad would approve. After all, she was just helping Bobby to feel good. And, it did feel good to Bobby, so good in fact, that he started to come. He hesitated, not sure if he should come inside her. She pulled him to her, signaling it was OK. Bobby moaned, "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, that's the best ever"! She could feel his load fill her inside, and hugged him. "Leave it in for a bit" she said, as she wanted the thrill to last as long as possible. While they were relaxing, Bobby's cock began to deflate, and finally became so short it flopped out. As Dotti's pussy began to relax and close, she felt some pain, but dismissed it, since it didn't last. In the sweetest little brother voice, "Gee Dotti, I sure thank you. That was my first time, you know, and I'm glad it was with you". She hugged him and gave him a peck on his cheek. They dressed and waited for Ted and Lisa to return.

After Dinner, Sue, and Bobby went in to watch TV, while Dotti and Lisa went upstairs, supposedly to do homework. As she changed into her PJs, Dotti didn't notice the thin line of blood on her panty pad. "Tell me about Ted". "OH, we have been loving for about a year. He is so kind and his cock fits just right. He usually makes me come, but sometimes he comes quick, and I have to wait until the next time for mine". "Do you think I could see it sometime"? "AH .... Sure, I guess so". Not being real sure if she wanted to get Dotti together with Ted. Dotti thought about telling her about rubbing herself, but for some reason, decided not to.

"What did you and Bobby do", Lisa said with a grin? "WE just watched TV". "OH .... Come on. I can't believe that, with a grin. I told you about Ted, now you owe me. OH, by the way you must give me your very special promise, that you will never tell anyone what we do here, OK"? Dotti said, "OK. Well I just made Bobby feel good, you know". "You mean he put it in you, you two screwed. Right"? "Yes, I guess so". "You mean, he was able to get in inside you? All the way"? "Yes, it hurt a little at first, but after we waited a little bit, it did go in all the way". "How was it"? "It felt pretty good, after it went all the way in, and really felt good when he started to go in and out. He didn't last very long before he finished". "Did you let him come inside you"? "Yes, I felt it would be better for him".

"Wow, your pussy must be bigger than mine, let me see"! With that, she pulled Dotti's bottoms off and looked. Dotti spread her legs, and for the first time she saw her big clit. Lisa was not sure what to say, she just stared. Dotti comforted her by saying, "It's OK, I know it's big. But as far as I know, it works just fine. It is very sensitive". Lisa began to rub it, and then looked down between her pussy lips, trying to gage how big it was, and how she was able to fit Bobby inside. "It doesn't look any bigger than mine". "pussies do stretch, if you give them time, and it helps to make sure there is lots of pussy juice, or lotion. Here, let me look at yours".

Lisa slipped her bottoms off and spread her legs. Dotti moved down and explored the inside of her pussy, between her very soft and puffy lips. Pretty soon, Dotti had two, then three fingers in Lisa's pussy, and as it got wetter, Dotti has all four fingers in. Lisa had her eyes closed, and was on her way to a climax, when Dotti said, "With enough juice, I'm sure you get Bobby inside your pussy". "Don't stop, Lisa cryed", garbing Dotti's hand and pushing it even deeper in to her pussy. It pleased Dotti to help Lisa feel good, and when she finished, Dotti too was excited, and hoped Lisa would do her, but didn't want to ask.

She didn't have to wait long, As she laid back, Lisa leaned down and started to stroke Dotti's clitoris. "I call it my little Man", she shared with Lisa. "Hey, that's really cute", Lisa said as she continued to stroke her. She then moved a finger into her, the two, then three, and finally all four. Dotti moaned, "Oooooooo .... That feels real good". Soon Lisa noticed that she could also get her thumb in Dotti, and then her whole fist. She thought, I guess these pussies really do stretch. I should be able to get all of Bobby inside me. As Dotti finished, Lisa was thinking about how she could arrange it.

THURSDAY, After School
Lisa and Dotti were walking out as Ted came up saying, "You Guys coming over"? "Where's Bobby"? Lisa said. "Don't know. Do we need him"? He said, "Yes, I'm not going without Bobby", so Ted went looking for Bobby. He found him and they joined the girls. They continued on to Ted's house, and went into the den. Ted got them all pop, and they all settled down to watch TV. Lisa arranged for Dotti to set next to Ted, put his hand on her leg, and whispered in his ear .......... . Ted looked at Lisa, then Dotti, then at Bobby, who was totally consumed in the TV. He squeezed Dotti's leg and said "OK, ya want to go upstairs with me"? Dotti wasn't sure what was happening, but said OK. Ted was a fair looking young man, good body with muscles from his sports activities (basketball, track, and football), but most important .... he was very bright, an almost straight A student, and a teacher's delight. As they left, Bobby turned around with a questioning look at them, then at Lisa. Lisa moved over put her hand on his arm, and smiled an ,..... it's Ok.

After they left, Lisa "I want to try putting you inside me again"! She stripped and helped Bobby remove his pants and shorts. She started to rub him, and Bobby said. . "It won't fit. We tried it before". "Yes it will. Dotti showed me how". Here use this. She pulled a bottle of oil out of her backpack, and handed it to Bobby. Laying back she said, "Start with two fingers, then three, and you should be able to get your hand in, after it stretches".

Bobby worked away, while Lisa stroked his cock. Pretty soon he had her opened up, with his entire hand it her pussy. "Now it's ready, put it in". Bobby moved on top of her, oiled his cock, and inserted the head. As he pushed, it started in. Lisa moved and raised her legs, allowing it to enter all the way. "Gosh, it's in! It really feels good. You OK"? Lisa said, "Yes go on". Bobby began to pump in and out, then faster. He could feel his climax coming, and so could Lisa. He finally spasimed, pushing deep inside Lisa, and holding there until he finished. Lisa hugged him saying, "OH Bobby, that was wonderful. You truly are a very special brother"!

As they entered Ted's bedroom, Dotti said, "What did Lisa say to you"? "I'm not going to say. Why do you care"? "Well, I guess I just want to be sure why I'm here"! "I think Lisa guessed I was curious about you, and wanted us to spend some time together". "And .... I think you are very beautiful"! Dotti blushed saying, "You were curious about me ....."? Ted nodded, yes. This was something new for Dotti. She wasn't quite sure how to react to this, but she did like Ted's soft approach, and wanted to stay with him.

Ted said, "Tell me about yourself". Dotti had never had anyone ask her that before, and wasn't quite sure how to reply. "I'm not sure what you want to know, .......". "You know, what do you like, food, music, movies, I just want to get to know you". Dotti didn't know what to say, so she started on her music choices, then movies, and she didn't have much to say about food, except she did like her Mother's Luau dishes. "What kind of grades are you making"? She thought this was an odd question, since it was her understanding she was there to see Ted's cock, and get screwed. "I'm running close to a 4.0, a 3.96 right now".

This was all new to Dotti. She had never had a boy show this kind of interest in her. She was laying on the bed, relaxed to the point of almost being asleep. "I'd like to hold you, if that's alright". Dotti looked at and nodded. He slipped his arm under her neck, while his other one laid across her chest. He gently kissed her cheek, her nose, her forehead, then her lips. At first it was a lip to lip kiss, then he gently put his tongue between her lips, and started to move it back and forth, then slowly into her mouth. Dotti had never experienced anything like this, ever. She wasn't sure what to do and just followed his lead. "Is it OK if I rub your body"? She nodded an OK.

He moved his hand under her top, and on top of her bra. He rubbed them for a bit, then reached around, unfastened it, and started to rub her naked breasts. She garbed his hand, pulling it away. "What's wrong"? "My ... nipples ..... I'm not ....... I have big Nipples". "So ... ". He pulled her top up and looked at them. He kissed each nipple, and said "My .. My, I'm sure all the girls in school would be jealous if they could see these. There just beautiful". From that moment on, Dotti would never ever be ashamed or self conscious about her nipples. With that confidence builder, she said, "You better look down her too", pointing to her crotch. Ted lifted her skirt, pulled off her panties, and marveled at her large clit. "I call it my little man", ... with a giggle. Ted started to rub it "I'll bet it's sensitive, right"? Oooooooo yes, she replied, as she opened her legs, and moved up to meet his lips.

"Now, do you want to tell me what Lisa said in your ear"? Raising his head up from her pussy, he said, "She said you wanted to see my cock. Right"? "Yes I did, and I still do, as she playfully closed her legs, pushing his face out. "Now it's your turn", she said as she sat back on the bed, with her arms folded, waiting for him to deliver. "OK, fair enough". He slipped out of all his clothes, holding his hands over his crotch. "Now you".

Dotti removed all of her clothes, sat back saying "OK"! He slowly uncovered his cock and began to stoke his balls. It was about the size of her Dad's, but it was different. It had skin all the way up over the end, with just a little of the head sticking out. She moved closer and pulled the skin back revealing the full pink head. She explored the tip with her fingers, as she had never really examined a penis up close before, and was surprised how smooth the head was. She thought, (it's kinda like a big velvet mushroom). She moved her fingers down the shaft, marveling at the blue and red veins running the length of it. His hair was soft, with some long ones on his balls. These were totally new to her, and she took a long time to explore them thoroughly. Her rubbing had made it hard as a rock, and the head was pushed out through the skin covering. The experience had her pussy juices flowing to the max. Ted gently laid her back, saying "Would you like me to put in inside you"? "Yes .. O .. Yes ..". she said softly.

Slowly, he open her legs, and began to rub his cock in between her pussy lips. At the same time, he started to softly kiss her mouth. Dotti was swimming. She had never had these feelings before .... The softness ... the tenderness .... The caring ... and O yes, his velvet mushroom rubbing up and down between her pussy lips. As it started to slip into her, she felt like she was going to finish right then, but he stopped for just a second, and after she came down a bit, he pushed on in to her. As he hit bottom, he could feel his pubic area against hers. She could feel the mushroom pushing against the back of her pussy. If she had that happen before, she had not noticed it, as now it was another new sensation, and an almost unbearable one.

As he pulled back out, then in again, she began to meet his thrusts, with her own, going faster, then faster, then ........ her pussy muscles began to tighten on him, then her stomach muscles, then her legs froze, and she couldn't move. Her body had taken over, and she had no control. Her pussy muscles began to contract, then relax, and as Ted gave one last inward thrust, filling her pussy with his come, her breathing stopped, and all her muscles tightened, and an unbelievable rippling sensation went through her body, from her toes to her brain. DOTTI HAD HER FIRST REAL ORGASM!

Ted had both his hands on her but, holding his cock in her as deep as he could. He too had experienced a record climax, and wanted to have it last as long as possible. She hugged him, kissing him gently on his nose, eyes, and lips. Dotti didn't know it then, but her life would never be the same, from that moment on. She was now a woman! Ted finally rolled off saying, "I didn't know it could be so good", and continued to hold her close, and they drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

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