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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part VII - Sex Outside The Family, A Problem!
by R.Neal

This story is dedicated to Cherry Girl.

Preface: Dan and Brandy discover Dotti has had sex with her friends.

SATURDAY EVENING, A present for Dotti.

Following dinner, Brandy and Dotti cleaned the kitchen, and Dan was off to bed. It had been a long day, and a very tiring week, with Lucy and all.

After Dan left, Brandy went into the den and return with a small white gift box, tied with a small pink ribbon. As she handed it to Dotti she said, "I know you had a hard week, and to show how much we missed you, and how much we appreciate your helping us out, we have a small gift for you." Dotti replied, "It looks like clothes. Is It?" Brandy smiled, "Go upstairs and put it on. I'll be up in a minute to check it out."

After Brandy tidied up a few loose ends, she turned off the kitchen lights, and headed upstairs. She was tired, but yet she had a need. Brandy thought, (after seeing Dotti, I'll come back and see if I can get little Dan up). She removed all her clothes, and as she was putting on her robe, she heard Dotti Oooowww, Aahhhing, and giggling. (She must like them) Brandy thought.

As she entered Dotti's bedroom, Dotti was dancing around in front of her full length mirror, modeling her new baby doll PJs. They were white with pink trim, Dotti's favorite colors. The bottoms had short legs, and the top had a high neck, with long full sleeves. The cuffs of the legs, the sleeves, and the neck were trimmed with a single row of small pink hearts. The only other decorations were three pink roses, one over each breast, and one just above the crotch, designed to cover the pubic hair. The material was very sheer allowing what ever was underneath to show through. The roses were perfectly positioned covering Dotti's nipples, and her small amount of hair. A very classy outfit indeed!

'Ooooowwww Mom, there are beautiful," Dotti squealed as she danced around the room. As she swirled around, she wound up in front of Brandy, put here arms around her, and hugging her, saying "Oh Mom, you are so good to me!" (Later, It would occur to Brandy that Dotti was calling her Mom, not Mommy).

With a little kiss on her forehead Brandy said, "Dotti my dear, I missed you so much. Do you know that the 3 days and nights you were away, was the longest I can every remember?" "Really? I guess so. I don't ever remember being away that long before." Brandy hugged her saying, "I know that when you go away to college, it will be for a long time, and I truly understand it's important for you to become familiar with the outside world, but I guess I'm not just ready for that yet!"

As Dotti hugged Brandy, Brandy's robe fell open. Dotti reached in and rubbed her skin. "Your skin is so smooth", Dotti remarked. Brandy slid her hand under Dotti's top and rubbing her skin said, "just like yours." Dotti covered Brandy's face with little kisses, from ear to ear, and from chin to forehead. Brandy was enjoying the expression of love, and suddenly realized that was just what it was ..... Love!

Brandy took Dotti's face in her hands and said, "You are so beautiful! I had no idea it would look so good on you. It's perfect!" With that, Brandy cupped Dotti's face in her hands, and pulled her towards her, and kissed her. Not a sensual kiss, but a tender gentle loving kiss. There were no tongues, just the gentle caressing of their lips together. Dotti also responded in kind, gently responding with her lips.

Brandy dropped her robe to the floor and as she pulled Dotti's top off she said, "I want to feel you next to me." Dotti followed by pulling off the PJ bottoms, and went towards Brandy's outstretched arms. As their bodies came together, Dotti noticed their nipples fit together perfectly, saying "look Mom we're a perfect match!" Brandy looked down and sure enough, even with her being an inch taller, her nipples were exactly the same height and width. As Dotti moved to her, they pressed against each other nipple to nipple.

They held each other very close, with their nipples and stomachs pressed squarely together. There was no leg or crotch contact. Brandy pulled back just a bit and started to run her tongue lightly over Dotti's lips. Dotti moaned, and then returned the licking to Brandy's mouth. The next kiss was a full French with their tongues intertwining. Their breathing increased, and the encounter had clearly moves from a sweet gently kiss, to a full sensual penetration.

They continued to kiss and move their bodies together. Brandy cooed, "You are so beautiful, and I love you so much." She bent down and took Dotti's nipple in her mouth. As she sucked Dotti's 1" long nipple, Dottie moaned and started to move her legs against Brandy's body. Still standing, they pushed their bodies together, leg between leg, to get the max in vagina contact. Brandy whispered in Dotti's ear, "I can feel your little man against my leg>" Dotti responded by pushing harder, and rubbing her crotch against Brandy, faster.

Brandy has her left arm around Dotti's neck, hugging her with her head over her left shoulder. Her right hand was firmly on Dotti's buttock pulling her into her. Dotti had assumed the exact same position. As they whispered in each other ear, and moaned a bit, they continued to grind their bodies together. Brandy could feel her orgasm building, but didn't want to come before Dotti. That was important to her, in terms of satisfying her daughter, and maybe in some way, maintaining her adult superiority.

Brandy whispered, "Are you close?" Dotti responded with a slight nod of her head, and a hard push against Brandy's leg. Brandy moved both hands to Dotti's buttock, pulling her harder against her crotch. Dotti responded by using both of her hands on Brandy's butt. They both assumed a kind of rolling action where, as they bent their knees, they pulled the buttocks up , which turned their crotches up, giving more exposure to the clitoris.

Finally, Brandy could sense Dotti was on the edge, and quickened her rolling action to further excite her. As Dotti's orgasm started, Brandy sucked and licked her ear. It brought Dotti over the edge and she started to shack and quiver. As Dotti hugged her tighter, Brandy's orgasm started. They were not bone-crushing, earth-shattering, but very satisfying quiet events. Leaving both women hugging, sweating, and breathing heavy. Again, an event of love, not lust!

Still hugging, Brandy said, "I don't ever remember having an orgasm standing up. Have you?" Dotti thought a bit and said, "No Mom, I'm don't believe I ever have!" (Dotti felt rather safe with this comment, since she probably has had no more than 10 or 20 organisms, and all of them at home, save 1 or 2)! They both giggled, and Brandy said, "I think it's time we went to bed. OK?' "OK, Mom. Good night."

On the way to her bedroom, Brandy stopped to pee. As she sat on the john, she examined her emotions. In one way, she felt very satisfied with her session with Dotti. But in the other, the warm urine running down between her pussy lips stimulated her other side of her feelings ..... she was not at all satisfied sensually!

She went into the bedroom, pulled the covers off Dan, and was surprised to find little Dan was close to a full erection, with Dan appeared to be asleep. She removed her robe, straddled Dan, and slowly lowered herself on to little Dan. She was quite wet from her love session with Dotti, and little Dan had no trouble going all the way in.

As she sat enjoying the full feeling, she remembered a time when her vagina muscles did a squeezing thing where they involuntary squeezed Dan's penis. She wondered if there was a way she could control them, and squeeze Dan as she wanted..

She concentrated (thinking about how she squeezed the muscles to stop peeing). That didn't work, and she almost peed on Dan. She then concentrated on other muscles in her groin area, and almost started a bowel movement. She then started using her mind, forgetting about her body. She said out loud, "Squeeze", and she felt a little movement in her vagina. She concentrated again, saying "Squeeze", and the mussel movement was stronger. She continues to work on this, and in a little while she had it mastered!

She did notice, that her mussel squeeze was not always in the same place. Sometimes it was at the opening of her vagina (her ring), and other times, it was higher up inside. She focused on the location, saying "Squeeze" and the "Squeeze Up", and after a while she had a sequential squeezing action where first the ring mussel would squeeze, followed by the mussels inside.

She continued to work on the process, and substituted the word "Ripple' for "Squeeze" for the multi-mussel action. Soon she had three mussels working, and was creating a "Ripple" action with the three mussels, starting from the outer ring, up inside along Dan's penis.

About the time she had it perfected, she could sense that Dan was working on an organism, and settled down to "Ripple him off!" She too, was getting close, so she timed it so they would both come together, apparently with Dan never waking up.

SUNDAY MORNING, Dan talks to Brandy about Dotti

"Good Morning, My beautiful Wife!" "Good Morning My Wonderful Husband," Brandy replied.

Dan asked, "What was all that squeeze and ripple business last night?" "Why do you ask?" Didn't you enjoy it?" "Yes, very much." "Then don't question it.' By the way, what caused that erection when I came in last night?" "Like you ripple, maybe you shouldn't ask, just enjoy it." "Aw come on, you don't normally have a erection like that when you go to sleep." "Well, you're right. I heard you and Dotti when I was coming back from the john. I looked in, and way turned on by the two of you together. You were beautiful, and well, .... Very erotic!" With a slightly puzzled look Brandy said, "then you weren't asleep when I came it?" "No, not really" he said smiling. Brandy jumped onto his lap, giving him a big hug, saying "You rat!"

"What's the problem? I really did enjoy your Ripple." Brandy replied, "I guess that's all that counts," and kissed him.

Dan leaned forward, and placing a light kiss on Brandy's forehead, said, " I hate to bring up an unpleasant subject in such a delightful atmosphere, but I need to talk to you about Dotti. "I'm concerned about her." Brandy responded, "Dotti? What about Dotti?"

"Well, first of all, I want you to know that I'm still a little uncomfortable about loving Dotti, but I do enjoy it. That relationship is up to you, and it can proceed at whatever level you wish. What ever you want, is OK with me." She gave him a little hug, and a peck on the cheek, then said "What about Dotti?"

"Well, during our loving last night, I noticed Dotti's vagina was not near as tight as before, and it seemed she was ..... well ..... more experienced, or maybe ... more relaxed!" "I don't know, but she really knew how to move to make me feel better, like she had been taking lesions????"

"Well maybe she has," Brandy said. "I found some blood on her pads, she wore this week at Lisa's. I haven't said anything to her, as I was waiting to talk to you about it first. What do you think?" Dan replied, "Well it's certainly a job for you not me!"

Brandy talks to Dotti.

Dotti came down, and after breakfast, Dan went into the den to work, and Brandy sat down next to Dotti.

"Did you have a good time at Lisa's?" "O yes. I always enjoy staying over with her." "Did you do anything special?" "No. Just school, and after, TV, study, you know." Brandy followed with, "Lisa has a brother, what's his name .... Bobby?" Dotti offered, "Yes, he's my age, a year younger than Lisa. He's real cute. We watched TV together a lot"

Brandy continued, "Did you see much of Lisa's mother?" "Not much. She comes home from work, fixes dinner, and goes to her room to work. She's real nice."

"Did you see anyone else while your were there?" "There was Ted, next door. He's a senior, like Lisa. He was real nice." (Now we're getting somewhere) Brandy thought. Dotti continued, "Ted's a very good student. I think Lisa is kindda sweet on him."

Brandy bored in .... "Did any of you do anything sexual?" Dotti looked down and said nothing. "I know you have always been very truthful with us, and when you're quiet like this, it means you don't want to tell us something, because you don't want to lie. Right?" Dotti shook her head in agreement.

"Did you do something you feel is wrong?" Dotti shook her head, no. "Did you do something you are ashamed of?" No again. "Can you tell me why you don't want to talk about it?" Dotti replied, "I promised!" "You promised not to tell?" Dotti nodded yes. "Who did you promise? Lisa?" Yes again.

"Oh, I see. Well I'm concerned you may have made a mistake, and you may be hurt by it. I saw some blood on your pad. You're not having a period? Right?" Dotti shook her head, no. I'm concerned about the blood. You could be hurt. Tell me about your promise."

"I gave Lisa my very best promise that I would not talk about last week with anyone!" Brandy asked, "Did Lisa bleed?" "I don't think so."

Brandy continued, "Did you play with the boys?" Dotti just looked down, saying n0othing.

"Dotti dear, I just can't forget about the blood. You do understand?" Dotti nodded yes. "Did you know you had bleed?" Dotti shook her head, no.

"Who about my calling Lisa and ask her to release you from your promise?" Dotti looked up panicky, like a deer caught in head lights. "Oh my, what would Lisa think of me?" "Well then, why don't you call her, tell her about the blood, how concerned I am, and you need to be released from your promise, so I can help you. OK?" "Ok" dotti replied.

Dotti Talks to Lisa.

Dotti went to her room and called Lisa. After 5 or so minutes, she came back down and said, "She released me, on the condition you would not tell her Mother. I said you wouldn't. Is that OK"? "Yes dear, I'll honor you promise". With that, Dotti went thru the entire three days, telling all. Bobby's short wide penis, and all about wonderful Ted. When she was finished, Brandy was speechless. She just didn't know what to say.

"Sounds like Bobby was just for fun, but you really felt a great deal for Ted". "Yes, I guess. I just had never met anyone like him. He was so kind and gentle. Just like Daddy". "Then the blood must have come from Bobby"? "Probably. It did hurt quite a bit at first. There was nothing like that with Ted".

"Dotti, I want to make it very clear, you are not to have sex with no man other than your Dad, and that's a very special arrangement, until you are married. Apparently Ted has expanded your sexual experience, and you care a great deal for him, but that's common with your first time. I will have to talk to Lisa's mother, but I won't say anything to hurt Lisa, I promise". Dotti looked down, and said nothing. Brandy moved over, and put her arms around her, saying "You know we love you very much, and only want the best for you". Dotti didn't respond to the hug, and soon as Brandy let her go, she turned and ran upstairs. This had never happened before, and Brandy was heartbroken!

Dan came into the kitchen and was startled to see Brandy with her head down on her arms, crying. "What in the world"? He sat down, and put his arm around her. "OH Dan, Dotti has never turned away from me before, and it's breaking my heart"! "What happened"? Brandy told him everything! "Why don't you go upstairs and get ready for bed, and I'll talk to her".

Dan went to Dotti's bedroom and she to was laying on her bed, crying. "My-O-My, I can't have the two girls I love more than anything in the world, both in tears. Tell me about it". "Did mommy tell you about Ted"? "Yes she did. Seems maybe you made a mistake, but it's sure not the end of the world". "I know she doesn't want me to see him again, and I like him so much". "Well, maybe there's some middle ground arrangement. Get ready for bed, and come over to our room. We'll talk this thing out".

Dan dressed for bed, and joined the girls. Brandy was on the lounge chair, and he sat down next to Dotti on the bed. Both were red eyed from crying, and looked pretty miserable. Dan said, "Now how can we work this out so everyone's happy"?

Brandy sat up and said ..... "Let me tell you a little story. Dan, you don't even know about this. When I was a little girl, back in the Islands, I had an enormous crush on Chuck, the handsomest boy in school. He was tall, broad shouldered, beautiful skin and mussels, and was the star quarter back of the football team. All the girls were after him, and even though I knew I had no chance, I still worshiped the ground he walked on. About a week before the High School prom dance, Dad announced we were moving to the US, as he was expanding his business, would hire reps to cover the Pacific, and we would be living in Oakland California."

"I thought I was going to die. Even though he had never given me a second look, the thought of not seeing him was unbearable. That night, I packed my bags and left. After a time, my folks called the police, who found me down by the docks, ready to get on the next boat out. The made me go back home, and what was even worse, they made me go the prom, with Albert, a neighbor boy. Albert liked me, but I couldn't stand him, so I just sat by my self, trying not to be seen. Chuck was of course, enjoying his popularity, moving around talking and dancing with all the pretty girls. All of a sudden, he was standing in front of me, asking me to dance> He whirled me around the dance floor. I was in 7th heaven. At the break, he asked me to walk out with him to get some air."

"When we arrived at a bench, out back in a little garden, he took me in his arms, and kissed me deeply. I almost passed out from the joy of it. The next thing I knew, he had my panties off, and lifted me over him, settling me over his legs. After a little fingering, he lowered me onto his penis, and proceeded to have his way with me. It hurt at first, but just when it was beginning to feel good, he finished. He handed me my pants, said that was nice, thank you, now let's go back inside. As soon as he returned me to my chair, he moved on to continue his socializing. I didn't know what to think, but soon I noticed him taking another girl out for a walk, and I knew I meant absolutely nothing to him. I was just something to use, and then through away. I was crushed. He was the first (except my dad), and the last until I met your father."

Brandy continued, "So you see, I do have some idea about how you feel. I'm not saying Ted is like that, but I do know how strong that first love can be. I'd like to make you a deal. I know you will be seeing Ted at school, and if you will promise, there will be no more sex with him or anyone else, we'll have no objection to you seeing him. We would like to meet him, and if you want, you can invite him over for dinner. OK"?

Dotti managed a little smile and, "Ok Mom. I'll ask him Monday. Would Friday be ok for dinner"? Sure. With that Dotti peck each on the cheek and went to her room, never to be that sweet little girl daughter they had just a few days ago!

After she left, Dan said ....."Wow, you never toll me that story before. It must have been very hard on you". "Not really. I just made it up"! Dad stared in disbelief. Brandy popped a nice smile, he hugged her. It was nice to have the old Brandy back.

Dan awoke around 2 A.M. needing to pee, when he noticed Dotti was in their bed, snuggled up with her back to his front, his penis nicely tucked between her legs, and Brandy up against his back, in the familiar sandwich position. When he returned, he slid back between them, and placed little Dan between Dotti's legs. She reached down, pulled it up against her pussy, rubbed it a few times, and went back to sleep. He smiled, thinking, ....... looks like things could be worse.

To Be Continued...

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