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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part VIII: The Doctor Visits.
by R.Neal

Preface: Brandy has discovered Dotti's sexual activities outside the family with Ted, Bobby and Lisa. Brandy talks to Lisa's mother Sue, and gets the kids to the doctor. Birth Control???

SUNDAY, Brandy talks to Sue

Preparing to call Lisa's mother Sue, Brandy reflected on her situation. Dan had told her that Dotti was calling him Dad, instead of Daddy. She too recalled Dotti calling her Mom, during their loving last night, instead of Mommy. A transition, she thought? A permanent one? Probably!

Brandy thought of her own transition. Just a few weeks ago, she was a quiet housewife, taking care of her husband and daughter, keeping house, cooking, etc. All the wifely chores, which she enjoyed. She was very submissive to Dan in all maters, especially with sex. She wasn't a weak woman, just quiet with a rather narrow focus. Well, that's all changed. Did it start with Dr. Cox uncovering her clitoris? Since then, she has had sex with her daughter, her sister, and her doctor. She certainly was more sexually awake than anytime in her life.

Now she had to deal with an entirely new situation, her daughter having sex outside the family. She had to shut it down right now, no mater who it hurt!.

"Sue? This is Brandy, Dotti's mom. I wanted to thank you for having Dotti over. She tells me she had a great time". "We enjoyed having her. She is such a sweet girl". "I wanted to talk with you, and was wondering what your schedule was for tomorrow, How about lunch"? "That would be fine. Is there anything wrong"? "No, not really. Just a few things I'd like to discuss. I'll pick you up a little before 12, if that's ok". "Sure, See you then".

Brandy then called Doc Cox's answering service, requesting an appointment for Monday afternoon to discuss putting Dotti on birth control pills.

MONDAY MORNING, Lunch with Sue

Brandy picked up Sue in front of the insurance company where she worked. "Where do you like to go for Lunch". "O, I don't really have a favorite". "I understand there's a new Magic Pan over in the Old City Shopping Center. OK"? Sue said "That will be fine.".

Brandy knew Sue was not a strong person, and wasn't sure just how much you knew about what was going on in her house, when she was not there. Sue's husband had left them some time ago, and no one knew where he was, so Sue had to fill the father role, as well as assume the total family financial responsible.

After settling in with a glass of wine, and some small talk, Brandy asked about Ted. "Oh, Ted is a very nice young boy. Lisa spends some time with him after school. Is there a problem with him"? "I'm not sure. Dotti is at that age where she is just beginning to get serious about boys. I imagine Lisa is at that same point. Have you noticed anything in Lisa's behavior that would indicate she may becoming sexually active"?

Sue looked like she had been hit in the face with a 2 by 4. She finally gasped ....... Swallowed, and said .... "You mean Lisa and a ....... Boy? I mean, having sex"? "Well maybe not having real intercourse. As you know, there can be all kinds of sexual activity besides intercourse. Have you seen anything ...... you know, ...... would indicate there was something going on"?

Sue stared ahead, thinking. "You know, I have been wondering about Bobby. I see a lot of messy shorts. You know what I mean? Brandy smiled and shock her head. Sue leaned over to whisper, "he does have a lot of erections. I'm sure he doesn't realize I notice, but I do". Brandy smiled and said, "I can see having a son presents a different set of problems. Have you ever suspected he and Lisa were .... Err .... Ah ..... . You know what I mean". Sue expression went from, insulted, to hurt, then curious. She looked down, and softly said, "I guess I have thought about it, but just put it out of my mind. Brandy, you must know something. What is it"?

Brandy reached over, took Sue's hands in hers and said, "I found blood in Dotti's pants, and she isn't having a period. She did tell me she had spent some time at Ted's house after school, and told me some other things, I've promised not to tell, but they do indicate that both Lisa and Bobby are sexually active". Sue stiffened and started to pull her hands away from Brandy. Brandy squeezed her hands, not letting go, and said

Brandy continued, "Please. I'm not here to find fault with you or the kids. I'm just trying to find out what's going on so we can help them. OK"? Sue relaxed a bit, and gave Brandy a look of total defeat, and helplessness. She looked down for a bit, and when she raised her head, Brandy could see tears running down her cheeks.

"OH .... Brandy, I have tried so hard for them, but it's so difficult. You know, being alone, and working a full time job, I have to rely on the kids to do a lot for themselves. I guess, there could be all kinds of things going on, I don't know about. Do you think Lisa and Bobby could be ............ ? Lisa and Ted ..... "?

Brandy replied, "Could be. What do you know about Ted"? Sue offered, "He's an only child, very quiet, and a straight A student. His folks run their own business, one of those Computer stores. They work very hard and seldom get home before 7 or 8 o'clock". Brandy said, "Do you think there's any thing going on between Lisa and Ted"? Sue said, "I doubt it. She was real crazy about another boy at school, but he dumped her for another girl. Since then, Lisa has been pretty quiet, staying home, you know".

Brandy added, "These girls are at a boy crazy stage, and I've heard the boys described as Walking Erections. I guess, they could just be normal, and without supervision maybe a little wild. I know we have been very liberal with Dotti, and maybe we haven't been clear about what the rules are". "I'm going to talk to our family doctor about putting Dotti on birth control pills." Looking at Sue, Brandy said, "Have you given any thought to putting Lisa on some sort of birth control?" Again, Sue looked like a deer caught in headlights. Sue finally said, "No I haven't." Brandy followed with, "Do you think you doctor could be of help with Bobby or Lisa"?

"Well, we, ah, don't really have a regular doctor. When there's a problem, I just take them to clinic, where we get a different doctor, every time. Do you think you could maybe ask your doctor if he could help them"? Sue asked. "Sure. I'm going there later this afternoon. I'll let you know, what I find out. OK"? "O, yes. I really appreciate your interest in the kids, and your help".

MONDAY AFTERNOON, Brandy Goes to the Doctor

As she entered the Doctor's office, she was greeted by Doc's nurse. "Hi Brandy, how are you?" Brandy had seen Lyn before, but had forgotten how beautiful she was, and ... how large her breasts were. Brandy also noticed that her white nurses uniform was open just enough to show a long deep cleavage, displaying her large breasts perfectly. Redirecting her attention to her visit Brandy replied, "Hello Lyn. I'm troubled. Is the doctor in?" "No, he was called out". Brandy was disappointed. "I was looking forward to talking to him about my daughter and her friends". Seeing her disappointment, Lyn said, "Well, maybe we can talk about it. He did tell me you were due for a pap smear, and a breast exam. I'll be happy to do them for you. You can go in, put on a gown, and I'll be right in". Brandy thought, why not, as long as I'm here.

Brandy stripped, put on a gown, and sat on the examining table. Lyn came in and Brandy took another good look at Lyn. Medium height (tall to Brandy), blond hair almost white, long legs, a trim waist, and .... those very Large Breasts just barely held in by her bra. If fact, her cleavage was arranged to show just the edge of her areolas, if she moved just right. "I have reviewed your chart, and you have a history of very good health". "Yes, I've been very fortunate".

Lyn continued, "You know, I've met your sister Lisa and you two are so beautiful. You could be twins. But I'm sure you have heard that before." Smiling, Brandy says "Yes I have, but it's always nice to hear." "Thank You Lyn. You're very kind."

"Let's check for lumps". She pulled Brandy's gown down, "What cute little ................ I'm sorry!" Brandy smiled and replied, "Breasts ....... Yes I know. They're small". Lyn said, "I'm sorry. But they are real cute". She noticed her areolas were large for the breast size, but they were puffy and continued the breast line out to a point at the nipple. Cute, very cute. "Let's see what we have here". Lyn placed her left arm around Brandy's back and began to rub her breasts. She had to feel those puffy areolas first, then moved on squeezing each one, looking for lumps. Brandy noticed the feel, but was more aware of Lyn's breasts pressing against her arm and shoulder. They were so warm and very soft. Brandy thought, .... (my god, in the last two weeks, I've made love to my daughter and my sister, now I'm getting turned on by my nurse's breasts. Am I becoming some kind of a pervert)?

Lyn said, "I'm having trouble getting a good check, here turn over on your hands and knees. I should be able to do better with them hanging down.". Brandy told her, "I'm sorry. I should have told you, Dr. Cox always does it this way". Lyn put her right arm over Brandy's back, and started to squeeze and feel for lumps, or other abnormalities. Again, she had her breasts pressed against Brandy's arm and shoulder. Brandy couldn't help herself, they felt so good, and she was getting a tingling in her vagina. "Everything feels good. Now roll over and we'll get the pap out of the way". Brandy rolled over, laying the gown across her middle, leaving her breasts and crotch area uncovered. As Lyn approach with the paddle, Brandy put her feet in the stirrups, assuming the position.

Lyn had pulled on this plastic gloves (standard procedure) and looking at her vagina, she said "I can see Doc's handy work here. I looked at your chart before you came in and saw he had did a little clitoris uncover work. Looks nice. How much of a change did you notice?" "Quite a bit. In fact, I noticed it on the way home as I moved my legs driving the car." Lyn continued, "Did you notice much change in your sex life?" Brandy was taken aback at first by Lyn's questions, but grew more comfortable as they talked. After all, she is her doctor's nurse. "Quite a bit. I'm not sure why, but I have been much more aggressive since then." "You are a very beautiful woman, and you shouldn't have to aggressive with anyone."

Lyn opened her labia for the swab. "My you are wet. Are you turned on"? Brandy didn't say anything, only looked at Lyn's breasts. Lyn took the swab, and went to the lab table, prepared the slide, and placed it in the freezer, for the Dr. to examine. She returned to Brandy, reached down and gently rubbed her vagina, again noting how wet she was. "What's got you so turned on, Darling"?

Again Brandy didn't speak, and continued to look at Lyn's breasts. "OH, these"? She moved up, took Brandy's hand and placed it on her breast, just inside her bra. Brandy gasped. "Here, you can feel them". Brandy massaged his breast saying, "There are so smooth and soft. Do you use any special cream, or lotion"? "No, there're just that way naturally. Here take a good look".

Lyn open her top, unhooked her bra, exposing both her beauties. Again, Brand gasped. Her areolas were high, covering almost half her breasts. Lyn took her hand and placed it on her breast. "MY, your nipples are bigger than my entire breast". "Maybe so, but I doubt if there're any more sensitive. Let's see". Lyn started to rub Brandy's nipples, causing her breathing to increase, and she emitted a small moan. "See, they are very sensitive. Her, give us a kiss". Lyn bent down, placing a nipple on Brandy's mouth, and before she knew it, she was sucking with abandon.

Lyn said, "I'll share a little secret with you. I have always been attracted to small breasts, especially when they are perfectly shaped like yours." As brandy continued to suck Lyn's breast. Lyn began massaging Brandy's breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers. Lyn continued to rub her breasts with one hand, and with the other, started to stroke Brandy's pussy, finally inserting two fingers stroking in and out. She could feel Brandy's arousal building, and as she approached her climax, she heard Brandy whisper "Ripple .. Ripple .. Ripple." She felt her pussy mussels contracting, starting at her lips, and rippling back deep into the back of her vagina. Brandy's mussels froze and clamped Lyn's fingers tightly, as she had a very strong and satisfying organism.

Lyn had pulled Brandy up and wrapped her arms around her saying, "Where did you learn to do that? I almost came just from what you pussy was doing to my fingers!" "Oh I don't know. I noticed my mussels contracting on their own, and just started concentrating on making it happen. Thinking of the word Ripple seems to help." Lyn replied, "You'll have to teach me that sometime."

After she recovered, Brandy said, "Can I do you"? "Yes please." Lyn through one leg on to the table, and took Brandy's hand, placing between her legs. "You have no panties"! "I never wear them. Makes it easier to handle my needs". Brandy insert a finger then two, noting how wet she was. So wet, her juices were running down Brandy's hand and arm. This excited Brandy, and she added a finger, then her thumb. GOD, she had her entire hand inside Lyn! Lyn began to move faster, and reached down taking Brandy's arm with both hands, shoving it deeper inside her vagina, bringing her to a strong climax.

Brandy had never imagined a vagina large enough to take an entire hand. Without thinking she said, "My, I bet you could take Doc's penis!" Lyn just smiled and leaned over and kissed Brandy softly on the lips. Brandy didn't know how to react. Her kiss was very soft and delicate. Brandy just looked down and away from Lyn.

Finally, Brandy recovered and said, "Can I ask you a very personal question"? "What can be personal after we have helped each to a fine organism"? "Well, I was wondering, are you a lesbian"? "Well, I guess I'm bisexual. I enjoy both, never being able to make up my mind". They both giggled, and hugged. Brandy said, "I've never really been with a woman before (a little fib), and had no idea how enjoyable it could be. "There's lots more. Have you ever been kissed down here", again rubbing her pussy. "Yes, a little. My husband Dan likes it, and I guess I do to". "Well, if you haven't had a woman kiss it, you have a treat coming. Let's save that for another time". Brandy nodded.

"Doc said you wanted to discuss something about your daughter, Dotti". Yes. "I was out when she was here, and I've not met her, but Doc says she looks a lot like you. She must be very pretty". Brandy sat up, pulled her gown back on, and said "Yes she is, we're very fortunate. But I'm afraid she has been having some sexual experiences with her school friends. She is a very open, and somewhat naive". "OH, I know how these little kids can be. My little sister is man crazy. If she were a man, she would be a walking erection"! They both laughed. "How is she doing"? "I taught her to masturbate, bought her own vibrator, and it seems to keep her at home more. She has promised to tell me if she has been, or is about to be tempted. So far, I think it's working"!

Brandy asked, "What about birth control pills?" "It's a tough call. On one hand it can prevent pregnancy, but it does give a certain implied consent." "I know. I'm not sure what to do. I was hoping to talk to Doc about it."

Brandy continued, "In addition to Dotti, her friend Lisa is also involved". Brandy told her about last weeks events and asked her if she could bring Lisa in for a talk, and maybe a vibrator". Sure. When are your thinking about"? "How about tomorrow (Tues.) after school. 4 o'clock"? "OK, and how about Dotti on Wed. after school. She has tests tomorrow?" "OK, I'll see you then. I'll pick up a couple vibrator for her and Dotti, if you like". "OK" go ahead, but I still want to think about it."


Brandy called Sue, to tell her she will pick Lisa up after school, and take her to her Doctor. That was OK.

Dotti came downstairs, announcing she had talked to Ted and she would like him to come over for dinner on Friday, and his Mom would like you to call her. Her name is Grace.

"Hello, is this Grace, Ted's mother?" "Yes", Grace replied. "I'm Brandy, Dotti's mother. She asked me to call you". Grace responded, "I appreciate your call, and Ted's invitation to dinner, on Friday. I'm afraid he's quite smitten by her. He talks about her constantly. John and I are looking forward to meeting all of you. If Ted could come home with her after school, we would stop by after dinner and pick him up, say around nine"? "That would be fine. See you then".

Brandy was updating Dan on the schedules when he said, "Did you say their names were John and Grace. What was their last name"? Shepard. "Really? Do they run a computer store"? "I believe what Sue said". "Well I'll be. I know them. John and Grace. I've bought quite a bit from them. They're fine people. And Ted is their son."

TUESDAY, Brandy takes Lisa to the Dr.

As Lisa was getting in the car, she introduced her brother Bobby, and .... Ted. My, she thought, Ted certainly is handsome. Bobby was cute, short and pudgy like Lisa. As they drove off Brandy asked, "Well Lisa, did you have a good day at school"? "I guess so". Obviously not comfortable with her situation. She squirmed and looked out the window, away from Brandy. "I'd like for you to tell me why you're here, where we're going, and why"! Lisa didn't move at first, then she slowly looked at Brandy and said "I'm not sure. Probably because of something Dotti told you". "Well, that's partially true, but the most important thing is we want to help you avoid making mistakes, so common to all young people. We know how strong the sexual attractions can be, and it's important to resist them.. The consequences of these mistakes, can mar your life forever. OK"? "I guess so".

In the doctor's office, Brandy introduced Lisa to Lyn, who asked her to go inside, strip, and put on the gown. Lyn told Brandy, Doc was not in today, but would definitely be in tomorrow, to see Dotti.

About Lisa, Lyn said "What do you think"? "I don't know" Brandy replied. "She is confused, but I think she knows what she's been doing, and maybe, wants a way out. I guess we're here to help her." "Ok, you want to stay out here, or come in"? "I'll stay out here".

Lisa was sitting on the examining table, in the gown, looking scared. "Well Lisa, You can call me Lyn. How long has it been since you've had a physical exam"? "I don't remember". "Well let's give you a good look, to see if you have any problems" She took her blood pressure, her pulse, checked her reflects, then went to the body exam. She slid around and slipped the gown down to her waist. "Would it be Ok to ask Dotti's mom to come in"? "I guess." Lyn went to the door, and asked Brandy to join them.

Lyn returned to the table, and ran her fingers over Lisa's skin, looking for abnormalities. With the gown down round Lisa's waist, Brandy noticed her breasts were more developed than Dotti's, being fuller with larger nipples. For some reason, she had the urge to hold them in her hands, and rub those cute little nipples. My God, she thought, again I'm attracted to another woman, no, a child. What's happening to me? She could see that Lyn was enjoying their inspection, (remembering Lyn's attraction to small breasts) rubbing and squeezing them, as she looked for lumps, or what ever ........!

"OK, now let's do you back." Lyn removed the gown and helped Lisa to lay down on her stomach. As she ran her fingers over her back, Lisa seemed to relax and enjoy it. Lyn continued down her back, spending fair amount of time on her buttocks, and just as Lisa began to move her butt, Lyn went to her legs, running up and down them both. "OK, now Lisa, let's roll over and do your front". "Lisa was now relaxed, and freely rolled over on her back. Lyn helped her to get her feet into the stirrups.

Brandy had moved off the chair and moved around so she could get a good view of her crotch. What she saw caused her to take a short breath and put her hand to her mouth. She glanced at Lyn, who was mater-of-factly going about preparing for the vaginal exam, but Lyn's eye gave her away, revealing she too was taken by the view. Lisa's labia were large, puffy, and slightly darker in color, provided a beautiful contrast to her fair, almost white skin. The pubic area was accented with a small patch of red hair, just above her slit, with a small scattering of red freckles, throughn in for good measure. Between her large puffy labia were the clear lining of the inter lips, topped with a cute little clitoris peeking out from under it's hood.

Lyn said, "My, what a cute little vagina. You should be proud". Lisa looked from Lyn to Brandy, then smiled. Have you ever had a pap test"? "No .... I don't think so. What's it for"? "It's a test of your vaginal fluids to make sure there is no disease or infections". Lisa stiffening, and almost sat up. Lyn helped her to lay back down, saying "There's nothing to worry about. It's just a standard test we do on every woman. Brandy just had hers yesterday. Right Brandy"? Brandy shook her head yes, and moved over to Lisa's side to comfort her.

Lyn had put on a pair of gloves, and moved in to take a sample. As she bent over, Lisa thought (Wow, what a set of breasts). She could just see enough of her areolas to see they were Hugh, (I want to see more of those) As she opened Lisa's lips, Lisa closed her eyes and laid back and thought (Now we're getting down to it). Lyn probed, maybe a bit more than necessary, Brandy thought, and finally had enough fluid for a slide. After preparing the slide, Lyn continued to examine Lisa's pussy, first by pulling the lips open with one finger, while probing with the other. "Brandy, would you please help me. Go put on a pair of gloves and come back and help me".

When Brandy returned, Lyn said, "here, hold her lips open while I look deeper inside". Brandy knew this was not part of the medical exam, but purely a sexually driven activity. Brandy held her lips open, gently squeezing them in the process. She could feel her own juices building in her vagina, making her very wet. Lisa, through (this is beginning to be fun). She relaxed, and was laid back with her eyes closed. Brandy was sure she could feel Lisa respond to her rubbing of her lips, but wasn't sure. She began to experiment. She would rub up higher, to see if she responded, (Ooooo that feels good) and she did. Brandy then took a thumb and rubbed it over her clit, and that did bring a response (that was really good). So intense, Lyn noticed it, backed out, and decided to move on (Awwww just when it's getting good, she quits. O well, let's see what these two horny women are going to do next). Of course, they had no idea how advanced Lisa's sexual drives were, and how much she was enjoying all this.

She brought out the vibrator (OH, that's new). Taking it out of the box, she handed it to Lisa, with two batteries, "Here, I want you to put the batteries in so you'll know how". Lisa did, and handed it back to Lyn. "Brandy has cleared this with your mom, and we want to show you how to satisfy yourself, in the privacy of your own room. (Wait till I show this to Bobby). After coating the vibrator with oil, she then applied some to Lisa's pussy, rubbing it both over the outside, with a generous application on the inside. As she oiled her clit, Lisa couldn't help herself, and she pushed up into Lyn's fingers. "That's good Dear. Now I'm going to insert this gently, with it turned of at first". Looking up, Lyn noticed Brandy had slid her stool around behind Lisa, where she couldn't see her, and had her fingers busy between her legs. Lyn smiled at her, but wasn't sure she noticed.

Lyn pushed the unit forward slowly rotating it as it went in (Ooooo that's interesting). Lisa then started to stroke it in and out, and Lisa began to meet her, pushing up, as she pushed in. Lyn rotated the unit and pushed it down saying, "Now I'm going to run your G Spot." "What's that?" "It's a very sensitive area in the upper lining of your vagina. As she begun to massage it, Lisa said ... "Ooooo I see what you mean". She laid back and started to rotate her hips (wow, this is the best ever). Brandy now had her legs up with two finger busy in her slit. Again Lyn looked and smiled.

Lyn could see Lisa was close to coming, so she pulled out. Lisa opened her eyes "Wha ..... ", and just looked at Lyn. "It's now time to move on to the next stage". Lyn turned the vibrator low and inserted it between Lisa's lips. She noticed now really puffy they had become, and was dying to taste them. As she move up and down through the lips, Lisa again began to move with her, and when she hit the clit, Lisa moaned (My, I'm not sure how long I can stand this), and moved her hands over Lyn's, trying to guide her. When Lisa was about to come, Lyn moved the unit down, and said "Now we're going inside, to finish you". As Lyn pushed it inside, Lisa moved around to help it in, and pushed up trying to get all of it she could (this is better than cock). As Lyn pushed it in, she tipped it down to contact the G Spot, as she pulled it out, she pulled it up to hit the lower area of her vagina. Lyn took her other hand and rubbed her clit, while she stroked.

She could see Brandy was very close to coming, which excited her, and she mow wanted to finish Lisa. "I'm going to come", Lisa said out load. Lyn then switched the unit to high, pushed it in as far as it would go, and held it there. She couldn't help herself. She had to taste that cute puffy cunt! She leaned over and began to lick Lisa's clit. This brought Lisa over the top and she came like a volcano, clamping her legs against Lyn's head and hands. Lyn managed to move her tongue down finally getting to lick those sweet little puffy lips. As Lisa was coming back down, Lyn reached down and fingered herself into a climax.

Lyn noticed that Brandy had also finished, and looking at Lisa she said, "That was not supposed to happen, but I just couldn't resist. You have such a sweet pussy". "It's OK, you really made me feel good, like I've never felt before (now, it's my turn). Would you do one little thing for me"? "If I can". "I've never seen a woman's pussy before, since we've been so close, could I see yours"? Sure, why not? Lyn sat back on the stool, spread her legs and gave Lisa a good look. "O .. it's so pretty. Can I touch it"? Lyn took her hand and placed her fingers between her lips. As she bent over Lisa leaned up and kissed her breast. Lyn leaned into her and Lisa started to lick her, as she fingered her. Lyn popped a couple of buttons, and pushed her nipple into Lisa's mouth (O my, so big, so soft, Ummmmm). Brandy couldn't believe what she was seeing, but there it was. Lisa was well on the way to seducing Lyn. This little girl certainly was not inexperienced. Brandy didn't know what to do, but soon she felt her pussy getting wet again, and started to gently rub her fingers over her own clit.

"You've done this before, haven't you"? "Yes, but not to a grown woman". Brandy thought, my god she has sucked Dotti! Lyn had turned the vibrator off, but it as still inside Lisa's pussy. Brandy slid her stool over and started to stroke it in and out of Lisa. Lisa responded by spreading her legs, and moving against it. Lyn was close to coming again .... Lisa was sucking away on Lyn's big nipples, and again Brandy couldn't help herself, she had to feel those puffy lips. She pulled off her gloves and ran her fingers over them. As she went up over the clit, she could feel Lisa's climax building, and wanted to lick and such her clit so bad ..... But there had to be a limit, and she resisted. Lyn came and fell down on Lisa's chest, giving each little nipple a little suck and a kiss. Lisa climaxed, and Brandy removed the vibrator, leaving a Hugh empty feeling in Lisa's pussy.

Brandy went to the sink, washed her hands, and wetted her face to cool off. Lyn got up and did the same. Brandy went to Lisa, handed her the gown, helping her into it. When she covered, and setting on the edge of the examining table, Brandy said, "I guess things got a little out of hand. It just goes to show how human we all are and weak we can be when tempted. Our goal her was to show you how to satisfy yourself, without having sex with a boy. I don't have to tell you of the dangers of diseases, and the consequences of getting pregnant. Either one can ruin your entire life, all for a few moments of pleasure". Lyn said, "I know you have been sexually active. I can tell." "You won't tell my Mom will you"? Brandy said "No, but only if you promise me you will confine you sexual activities to your vibrator. OK?" "OK", Lisa said looking down at the floor. Brandy didn't know if she should believe her, but she felt this was all they could do for now, and told her to get dressed, as she and Lyn went out to the outer office.

Looking at Lyn, "I can't believe what just happened"! Lyn placed her hand on Brandy's arm saying, "You are just coming awake, sexually. You are a very open and honest person, and it's hard for you to not to show, or deny your feelings". Lyn put her arms around her pressing her breasts into Brandy's. Again Brandy felt aroused, but she just hugged Lyn and pulled away. "I've got to take Lisa home. Any last minute advise"? "No, I guess we've done and said it all". "OK, I'll see you tomorrow, with Dotti, OK"? OK.

On the way home Brandy was thinking about what to say to Lisa, and how to help her. What she didn't know was, what she and Lyn had done had just given the devious little Lisa more tools with which to explore her favorite pastime .... Sex! In fact, Lisa was thinking (wait till I use this vibrator on Bobby. I'll drive him nuts.) "Well Lisa, tell me what you think about all this"? Lisa squirmed around a bit in her seat, paused for effect and said "Well, I understand the vibrator is to keep me away from boys. At least keep me from having sex with them. What did Dotti tell you about Bobby"? Brandy was surprised at her candor. "She told me she and you had played with him, but nothing specific. Have you had sex with him"? "Just once. He had been just rubbing the head between my legs, but one time with a lot of oil, it went in all the way. He's real big, you know". "How big is he"? "He's not real long, but it's real thick, like my arm, pointing to her biceps"! "My word. Is he the one that made Dotti bleed"? "I don't know, I didn't see any, but it could have been". She dropped Lisa off at home, saying "Let me know, If I can help you in any way".

Part 3: WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Brandy takes Dotti to the Dr.

Brandy drove to the school to pick up Dotti. Dotti came over to her car saying, "Hi Mom, This is Ted". Brandy said, "Yes, we've met. Hello Ted." Ted replied, "Hello Mrs. Carter." I understand we're picking you up Friday for dinner". "That's right. I'm looking forward to it". As they drove off Brandy said, "I can see why you like him. He's a doll". Dotti smiled.

"You know why we're going to the doctor's office, right. OH, by the way, you'll be seeing Lyn, his nurse. Doc will be out". "Yes. I'm going to be given a vibrator, so I can take care of myself, which is supposed to keep me away from Ted. Is Lyn nice"? "Yes, Lyn is very nice. I know this is tough, but you must wait to have sex outside. You know what I mean. In reality, she are very fortunate to have your relationship, with your dad". "Yes I know".

"Hello, this is Dotti. Dotti, Lyn". "Hello Dotti. I've been looking forward to meeting you. Go on in, strip and put on the gown. You know the routine.". Brandy said, "I'll wait out here". "Oh, before I forget it, Doc said he would discuss the birth control pills after he has seen her blood work." Just as Lyn disappeared behind the closed door, Brandy thought, ..... (O god .... When Lyn sees her big clit and nipples, she will go wild. I should have gone in. O .. well, it's too late now).

"I'm sure you've heard it before, but you and Brandy could be twins. Even with your lighter skin, and hair, you're both so beautiful". Thank you. "Now, let's see if you're all ok". Lyn began to examine her neck, back, and waist. Then she asked her to turn around, at the same time pulling her gown down. She looked at her small breasts (just like Brandy's) , and when she saw Dotti's big nipples, she said "Oh .. MY, what big nipp ...."! "I'm sorry. I just wasn't ...... I mean ..... ". "That's OK. I know there're very long, and I'm used to them". "Oh No. Not to be embarrassed. I think there're really cute. I bet they are really sensitive, right"? "Yes, I put little cotton pads in my bra to keep them from showing, and to keep my clothes from rubbing on them". Lyn checked her breasts, and then asked her to lay down and remove her panties.

Lyn put on a new set of gloves and turned to start her pelvic exam. As she turned, she saw that Dotti had her hands over her crotch, and was looking away from her. "OK dear, lets check out your pelvic area. You can remove your hands, and open your legs". Dotti slowly did as she asked, and when her vagina came into view, Lyn gasped ..... "My ................"! "Yes, I know. It to is real big". Lyn looked carefully at a clitoris that was at least one inch long, laying well out from under it's hood, and down between her lips. "I'm sure, that that too is very sensitive". "Yes,. I call it my little man. I have a little pad in my panties too". Pointing to her panties laying on the side of the table. Lyn put some oil on it and gently stroked it. Each time she rubbed it, Dotti's stomach mussels reacted. Smiling, Lyn said "I see what you mean". Lyn had never seen anything like this, and really wanted to get her mouth on it.

Lyn continued the exam. "Your mom said you had some bleeding, and ask me to see if I could determine where it came from, and if you had any damage. Here, I see it. It looks like there is a little tear in your ring. Have you had anything big in you"? "Mommy said I should tell you anything you asked, but you don't have to tell her everything, do you"? "No. Not if you don't want me to. OK". "OK. It was probably Bobby". "Bobby"? "Yes. Lisa's little brother" "Her little brother made you bleed"? "Well, Bobby may be small, like Lisa, but his thing is very large. Not long, but big, you know .... Fat. It's like this". pointing to her arm. "How ever did you get it in". "We used a lot of oil". "He was too big for Lisa, and just rubbed the head on her pussy. We decided to see if we could get it in me, with a lot of oil. It worked, and it did go in". Lyn made a mental note (she had to meat this kid, Bobby). "Did you enjoy it"? "It hurt at first, and then, just as it was beginning to feel good, he finished". Lyn comforted her, "Don't feel bad. That's a common problem with men".

"Would you like to tell me about Ted"? Dotti looked away ..... "Do I have to"? "No, not if you don't want to". Dotti continued to look away.

"OK, lets get on with your exam". She put two finger in, showing Dotti where her uterus opening was, and her "G" spot, her two most sensitive internal areas. Again, each time she stroked her G spot, Dotti reacted. (Boy, this girl is really tuned in to her sensual areas). Lyn brought out the vibrator, showed her how to install the batteries, and especially pointing out the upward curve of it's head.

Lyn oiled the vibrator, and inserted it slowly in side her. She first pushed it down to put the curved tip up on her G spot, then down to massage the bottom of her vagina. "O Stop ... Stop ... It's my little man"! Lyn looked down. When she had pushed in, while she pulled up, the ridges on the unit were dragging her clit into her hole. It apparently was more than she could stand! "I'm sorry, I didn't notice". She pulled the unit out, and started to gently rub some oil on her little man. Dotti laid back and started to relax.

Lyn decided it was time for her to have an orgasm. After all, she had earned it. She moved her fingers to jack it, like a little penis, and that caused Dotti it pull up her legs, and really get into it. As Lyn was jacking the little man with one hand, she moved the vibrator slowly in with the other, slowly moving it up to rub her G spot. When she felt Dotti was really close, she flipped the swith to low, and Dotti raised up off the table, and grabbed Lyn's hand, and starred straight into her eyes. It was like she was in a trance .... No, more like she was challenging Lyn to do more .... No, ..... like she wanted her to stop, .... No, ..... The look in her eyes was like she was crazed ... Lyn was almost frantic. She had never experienced anything like this, and was beginning to get scared.

Dotti reached up and placed a finger in Lyn's mouth, pulling it down. Then she knew what Dotti wanted ....... She moved down, removed the unit, and took the little man in her mouth. Yes .......... That was what Dotti wanted. As she gently sucked, Dotti pulled her head down tighter against her pussy, to a point where Lyn could hardly move. Now, Lyn could only suck with her mouth mussels. She could feel the little man swelling, and then it started to throb. Lyn went into an orgasm, thinking isn't this the second one ... hell, whose counting. Dotti climaxed, squeezing her head between her legs, then straightened out stiff and strait like a board. Dotti's juices were flowing, running down Lyn's chin and neck. GODdddddd what happened. This was something new for Lyn, and she wasn't sure what to make of it. "Are your organisms always that violent"? Dotti was still having trouble getting her breath. "NO. Just the one time with Ted, and now you". Dotti wasn't sure what to do. Should she hug and kiss Lyn, say thank you, or ..... what?

Lyn helped her to lay back to rest. She gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek, and as Dotti moved her head around, she kissed her on her lips. Dotti looked deep into her eyes. Lyn said "Do you want me to kiss you again"? Dotti shook her head yes. Lyn gently rubbed her lips over her mouth. When it opened a little, she slipped her tongue in, and began to probe. Dotti started to suck on it, tasting her own juices, and kissed her back. Dotti was naked and wanted to feel Lyn against her. She reached down and tugged on Lyn's uniform. Lyn got the message, and opened her top, and her bra, offering her breast to Dotti. She licked the nipple, and then took it full into her mouth. Lyn was rubbing and squeezing her little breasts.

Dotti reached down and rubbed Lyn's stomach. Lyn responded by getting up, and removing the rest of her clothes. Now they were both naked. Lyn looked down at Dotti, seeing the most beautiful creature on earth, who's eyes were saying, /... Take Me, Take Me, ... I Want You! Lyn was on another planet, having lost touch with where she was, or why she was there. You only knew she had to satisfy this creature, what ever it took, or what ever it cost.

Lyn laid on top of her and whispered in her ear, "What do you want"? Dotti pushed her off and rolled her over on her back. "I want to feel you and kiss you, and make you feel good, like you did me. OK"? "Yes-O-Yes". Dotti moved down and began to lick her pussy. She spread her lips open and licked her little man. As she licked, it grew and moved out from under it's hood. This excited Dotti and she began to suck and pull on it. "Easy, you don't want me to come already, do you". Dotti looked up, smiled, and shook her head ... no.

"I think I should practice with the vibrator, don't you"? she reached for it, and inserted it in Lyn's pussy. She worked in, up, down, left, and right. "Aren't you going to turn it on"? Dotti pulled it out, pushed Lyn's legs together, and climbed over her, startling her with her pussy just above hers. Lyn was wondering what you was going to do, then she found out. Dotti reached down, rubbed between her lips with one finger, then ....... Leaned down, placing her little man just between Lyn's lips, and just below her clit.

Dotti spread her legs, arched her back to give maximum penetration with her little man, and started to push it in and out of Lyn's slit. Lyn suddenly realized what was happening, (MY GOD, she's fucking me with her little man, her clitoris. I can't believe it, but Ooooooo it's driving me crazy). Lyn didn't know what to do. If she opened her legs, it shortened the penetration. She soon discovered, with little trial moves, the best thing was to squeeze her kegs together, and push up jus a little. than she finally found the right combination, Dotti was really into it, and was close to coming. All of a sudden, Lyn's entire focus was on that little man, and the feeling it was generati9ng in her total body. She tried to remember a big male cock in her, but couldn't. Her total focus was on this little man.

Dotti had leaned down trying to take an entire breast in her mouth, and was sucking so hard, it briefly distracted Lyn. Lyn pulled her face up to her and said, "Just fuck me, I can't stand any more than that". This turned Dotti on, who put everything she had into pleasing Lyn. Finally Dotti came, which pushed Lyn over the edge, and she to arched , bucked, and pushed Dotti's face into her breasts so hard, Dotti had to pull away to breath.

Lyn was so exhausted, she couldn't speak, and was having trouble getting her breath. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. Dotti pulled a gown over her, and got dressed. Just before she went out the door, she whispered in Lyn's ear, "Now there are three women I love. Thank you". As she went into the outer office, she told Brandy, "Lyn says for us to go on, and she'll call you". Brandy hesitated. She was concern about Lyn, and wanted to go see her. Dotti took her arm saying "Ready to go Mom", with a sweet little smile.

On the way home, Brandy said "Well, tell me what you think". Dotti was thinking (what do I say? I know what they want, but I'm not sure how I should react. What are the new rules going to be? I still have to find a way to be with Ted.) "You know, about the vibrator". "Well, I'm not sure. Does this mean I cant be with Daddy any more"? "No. Your being with your father is for his pleasure, or I should say at his call. He's the one that has to manage that relationship. Not to say, you aren't expected to enjoy it, or be satisfied, but it's up to him to call the shots. Do you understand"? She shook her head, yes. "Can I use the vibrator on Daddy"? "That's up to him. You'll have to ask him". "How about Lisa? Can we do each other"? Brandy thought (now what do I do? God! Next, she'll ask me about Ted. If I so no, it'll probably drive her towards him more, and sneak out to do it. Somehow, I've got to build some trust and discipline in her).

"Dotti, there's nothing wrong with two young girls, especially good friends, exploring their bodies, and learning about their sensations and sexual feelings together. But a continuing relationship based on achieving orgasms and satisfying each other's sexual needs, is not healthy. It's not what the female to female, and female to male relationships are supposed to be. "I know that Lisa and Bobby are sexually enveloped, and if you were to continue your relationship with Lisa, how would you be able to stay away from Bobby"? Dotti thought again (you're right. Bobby is always there, and I'm really not interested in taking his big thing again. It's the bleeding he caused that started this whole thing).

"You're right. Bobby is there all the time, and with their Mother never there, there's no one to keep Bobby away". "What do you think you should do"? "I guess I should stay away. You know, no sleepovers". "Now, we have to talk about Ted. I know you care for him a great deal, and with him being your first, you know .... First young boy. Your first love interest. But I must insist, you have to wait until your older and married before you can have a sexual relationship, outside the family". (Brandy noted she said the family, which could easily include Lucy, and maybe Lucy's husband, if she ever gets a new one. Is that what she really meant?).

"Could we use the vibrator on each other"? Brandy was ... shocked .... Now what do I say? "That to, is a very sexual evolvement, and do you think you or Ted could hold it at that"? "I'd like to try". "I'll bet you would", Brandy said with a little grin. And now she knew. Dotti's mind hadn't changed one bit, and it looked like the vibrator was going to make matters worse.

"And of course, there's the disease issue"! "What do you mean? Ted doesn't have any decease"! "How do you know? You don't know who he was with before you. As I recall, didn't you have a special course on transmitted diseases this year"? Dotti looked hurt. She had never thought of Ted with someone else. Her affection had easily led her to assume she was the only one. Now she was really confused. Brandy could see the hurt in her face and wasn't quite sure what it was about. As they stopped at a light, she reached over and gave Dotti's hand a nice motherly squeeze, with a smile. Dotti looked up at her, and placed her hand over her mother's.

"Why don't you think about what I've said, and let's talk to your father about all this. OK?"


To Be Continued...

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