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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part XI: Lucy Sees The Doctor
by R.Neal

Preface: Lucy visits the Dr. for a pregnancy check. Brandy sees Lyn, and gets birth control pills for Dotti.

Saturday Afternoon, The Schedule.

Dan and Brandy were setting in the kitchen having a glass of wine, discussing Dotti and their schedule for next week. "Lyn just called. She has given Dotti, Lisa, and Bobby a clean bill of health. We're going to let Ted go the full two weeks. Is that OK with you?" Dan replied, "Yea, sure."

Dotti came down asking "What's up?" "Well first," Brandy replied, "Lyn called, and you're blood test was good. You don't have to continue the treatments." Dotti gave Brandy a big hug saying "Oh, that is great news!"

"And Dan, don't forget, you need to be at the airport by one tomorrow to meet Lucy", Brandy advised.

Saturday Night, Welcome back Dotti.

After dinner while Dotti was in the bathroom, and Brandy was clearing the kitchen, Dan said "Since Dotti is clean and this is our last night alone for a while, do you think you and Dotti could put on those matching baby dolls, and we could have a party? You know, the white ones with the little pink flowers, in just the right places."

Just then Dotti came back and Brandy said, "What do you say Dotti?" "Say? About what?" "You Dad was just wondering if we could find our matching baby dolls, and if we could have a party." Dotti got excited and said "Ooooo you bet. Count me in." She went to Dan and gave him a big hug and a kiss, and said, "I sure missed being with you!" Dan hugged her back saying, "well we sure can fix that tonight. Right Brandy?" Brandy smiled and said, "You bet. Dotti, why don't you go up and shower, while I finish the kitchen." Dan said, "Mind if I join you?" "O no" said Dotti, "Please do!"

As Brandy finished, she thought about Dan and Dotti together in the shower, rubbing and hugging. It seemed like old times. It made her feel good, and for a time she forgot everything else. After she finished, she showered, while Dad and Dotti were in their rooms preparing for their party.

Brandy went to their bedroom to get her baby dolls to find Dan lying naked on his back with his hands behind his head. "You look a bit smug. Maybe we've spoiled you." Dan dropped his smile and said, "Oh my no. It's just I'm so happy, and so looking forward to having both my girls back together with me."

As Brandy went out the door she said, "OK, we'll be right back." She went to Dotti's room to find her still naked, just about to put on her matching baby dolls. Brandy went up to her, took her hands in hers, and sat them down on the bed saying, "I was wondering if we might do something a little special for your Dad tonight. I'm afraid he might be a bit spoiled and I'd like to surprise him. Got any ideas?"

"Dotti thought a bit, and finally said "Well, I have wondered what it would be like to kiss Dad's big man, or maybe even suck it." "Well, that's an idea. Have you ever had your pussy kissed or licked?" "No (she lied), but I have thought about it, and wondered what it would feel like." "Have you ever thought about kissing or licking another woman's pussy?" "Yes, I guess I have thought about how it would taste."

"How would you feel about you and I kissing each other down there, in front of your Dad to tease him and get him excited?" Dotti had her head on Brandy's shoulder, and hadn't realized it but she was rubbing her nipples, as they were talking. Dotti thought a bit, then said, "I'm not sure. Could we try it here, by our selves first?" "Sure." Brandy got up, pushed Dotti back on the bed, spread her legs, pulled her lips apart, and started to lick her slit. Dotti laid back, closed her eyes, and began to move up against her mother's mouth. As Brandy worked her way up, she reached Dotti's one inch long little man, and when she took it in her mouth and began sucking it, Dotti went wild! She decided to give Dotti a quick orgasm and sucked harder, until she came.

When Dotti came back down, Brandy said smiling, "looks like you enjoyed that." Dotti said, "Oh yes. Can I try you now?" Brandy laid back, spread her legs, and Dotti began to lick her slit. "Am I doing it right Mom?" "O yes. That's just fine." Pretty soon Dotti, following her mothers act, began to lick and suck her clit, until she also had a nice orgasm. After Brandy got her breath back, she said "Looks like we're ready to put on a show for Dad. OK?" "You Bet!" Dotti replied. They both dressed in their matching Baby dolls, and went to see Dan.

"Well, there's my two roses." Smiling, Brandy said "Hello thorn." She put on a cool jazz CD in the background, and told Dan they had a little surprise for him, and he was to just sit back and watch.

Brandy sat down on the lounge next to the bed, and pulled Dotti down onto her lap. Brandy guided Dotti's head to her shoulder and began to rub her breasts through her top. Dotti followed her lead and began to very gently kiss Brandy's neck and ear. As Brandy rolled Dotti's long nipple between her fingers, Dotti began licking Brandy's ear, and started to cares her breasts.

Because of this play was very slow and gentle, the slight rise in their breathing went unnoticed by Dan, who couldn't take his eyes off the two women he loved more than anything in life. Brandy slowly moved her face around and began to kiss Dotti, very gently. So far, this had been very gentle and not openly sensuous at all. However, it was that very quality that made it very sensuous to the observer.

Their kissing became more sensuous, as they brought their tongues into play, and all the while rubbing each others breasts, still fully covered by their tops. Brandy noticed, out of the corner of her eye, Dan had begun stroking himself, and was about to smile, when Dotti made a very impressive overture with her tongue, and drew her attention away from Dan.

Brandy slipped Dotti's top down exposing one of her breasts. She broke away from the kiss, and moved down to lick and gently suck her long nipple. This caused Dotti's breathing to increase noticeably. Brandy squeezed her breast, to give it a point so she could get as much as possible into her mouth, causing Dotti to place her hand on her mother's head, holding it against her breast. Brandy was now sucking on Dotti's entire breast. As she sucked, she moved her hand between Dotti's legs, prying them open, where she began to rub her crotch. Dotti moaned and spread her legs wider, for full access. As Brandy moved two fingers around the pants, and into her pussy, Dotti moaned "Oh Mother, Oh Mother!"

Dan could hardly contain himself and started towards them. Brandy noticed the move and held up her hand telling him to stay on the bed. He knew that if he continued, he would come. If he stopped masturbating, it would be painful. Thinking, the night's still young, he continued stroking big dad, and came hard. Dotti noticed, and smiled, Brandy would have smiled if she had not been so involved in her daughter's pussy.

Dan now was laying on his side, watching the girls, and slowly stoking his now limp cock. Brandy noticed his state and removed Dotti's pants, so he could get a clear view of her sucking Dotti's little man. Dotti now had both her hands on her mothers head, guiding it for the best advantage, and finally she came, finishing with multiple orgasms. Dotti pulled her mother's face to hers, and gave her a very tender, loving kiss.

It was now Dotti's turn to perform. Brandy pushed her over so she could lay on her back. Dotti started by kissing Brandy's neck, ears, eyes, and mouth, as she rubbed her breasts. She moved down to nibble on Brandy's nipples through her top, and began to run her crotch. As Brandy started to react, Dotti removed Brandy's pants, and began to lick her slit, intentionally avoiding her clit. Dotti had arranged their positions to give Dan the best possible view. As Dotti continued to perform masterfully, Brandy was having trouble believing this was Dotti's first time, but it was feeling so good, she didn't dwell on it for long.

Dotti was now working on her clit with the tip of her tongue, driving Brandy wild. For the first time since they started, Brandy spoke .... "Suck It, Suck It" pulling Dotti's head harder against her pussy. Dotti now began to suck her clit and soon brought Brandy to a fine climax! Dan started to move towards them, and again Brandy gave him the signal to stay on the bed. Dan thought, by god. You mean you're not finished? Brandy pulled Dotti up to her and again exchanged gentle kisses and caresses.

It was now time for the grand finally. Brandy pulled Dotti up and towards the bed. Brandy directed Dan ... "Please move to the couch", which he did. Brandy helped Dotti remove her top, then removed hers. Now they both were completely naked. She then laid down on her back on the bed, pulling Dotti on top of her. Using their legs they rubbed each others crotch, Brandy kissed her gently and whispered, "when I tell you, I want you to swing around so we're in a 69 position. OK?" Dotti softly whispered "OK."

Their kissing became more intense and when they were at a peak, Brandy whispered "Now!" As Dotti was swinging around, Brandy noticed Dan was once again stroking big Dan hard. Humm she thought, I hope there will be something left for us.

Dotti lowered her pussy down on to Brandy's face positioning it just right for her to reach her little man. She then put her face down to Brandy's clit, and started to lick and suck. It became obvious that they were not going to last long, and neither one held anything back. Dan also was not holding anything back, and as he came for the second time he groaned loudly. This excited the girls, and they both could feel the other one approaching her climax. Each one wanted it to be the best ever for the other one, and they tried to outdo each other, bringing them both to loud screaming orgasms!

Dan wanted to show his appreciation, but could only muster a "Wow, O, Wow!" He then wondered, where can we possibly go from here. Just then, Brandy pushed Dotti over, making room between them, and motioned for Dan to lie down between them, which he did.

"By my count, you owe me one." "One what", Brandy said?" "A come of course. You guys have had 3, I've only had 2." Brandy looked at Dotti saying, "OK, if we must, we must." Brandy nodded to Dotti, and she bent down and began to lick her father's cock head. Dan looked startled and looked at Brandy. Brandy smiled and nodded her head, it was OK. Dotti now took the head in her mouth, gently sucking it. Meanwhile, Brandy was kissing Dan and playing with his nipples.

Dotti realized Dan was hard as a rock and about to come. She swung her body up and over him, gently lowering herself onto him. As she pushed him fully into her, he moaned deeply. Brandy saw what Dotti was doing, and swung around facing Dotti, and lowered her crotch onto Dan's face.

Dan immediately responded and began to lick Brandy's pussy. Dotti had her eyes closed slowly raising up then down on Dan's big man. Brandy leaned forward and kissed Dotti's eyes. They sprang open and Dotti smiled at her Mother. Dotti's hands were on Dan's chest, supporting her up and down motions. Brandy softly kissed Dotti, as she gently rubbed her long nipples.

The three of them soon developed a rhythm. Brandy moving back and forth against Dan's tongue, in sync with Dotti's up and down motion. Brandy put her arms around Dotti and rested her head on her shoulder. All three were approaching their orgasms and Brandy closed her eyes to better concentrate on her own orgasm.

And .................. it began to happen! As Dan pushed up, Dotti pushed down and held there. Brandy pushed harder into Dan's face and she too stopped and held her pussy hard against Dan's mouth, leaving Dan as the only one in motion. He continued to hunch up into Dotti, and finally came hard, very hard, screaming AAAAAAHHHHHHHH GOD! Both Dotti and Brandy had very satisfying orgasms, and all collapsed into a heap.

After several minutes, Dan opened his eyes and sadly looked at Brandy. Brandy noticed the frown and said "why so glum?" Dan replied, "now I have nothing to look forward to, the rest of my life. It can never get any better than that!" Brandy said "Oh silly. Of course it can." Dotti's eyes popped open, raised up kissed Dan on the cheek and said, "Of course it can Daddy, (Daddy was back. Both Dan and Brandy smiled). I know, I'll get better, as I get older!" Now both Dan and Brandy laughed and hugged Dotti.

As Brandy was drifting off to sleep, she had very puzzling thoughts about her own sexuality and where she was headed. It just a few short weeks, she had oral sex with her daughter, her doctor's nurse, and her sister. Thank god, she had no interest in other men. Doc Cox didn't count. Her last thought was, what's next?

Sunday Afternoon, Lucy arrives.

As Lucy approached Dan, at the baggage claim he said, "Ummmmm pregnancy must agree with you. You look great!" They hugged and pecked each other. As Lucy was hugging him, she said "It's so nice to see you again." Dan couldn't help but remember the sex between them, and wondered if Lucy was thinking about it too.

As Lucy entered the house, she was greeted by both Dotti and Brandy, hugging, kissing, and squealing a welcome to her. "It's nice to be back, and to see all of you", Lucy said as she wiped a tear from her eyes.

During dinner, they reviewed their schedule, and Lucy confirmed she had phoned Dr. Cox and had an appointment to see him the next morning. After dinner, while Brandy was clearing the kitchen, Dotti helped Lucy unpack.

Lucy put her arms around Dotti saying, "Did you miss me?" "I sure did. I missed your lovin!" This startled Lucy. She wasn't quite sure what Dotti was referring to. "What do you mean dear?" "You know! You were the first one to show me how nice oral love could be, and taught me how to use and enjoy my little man." Lucy did remember and reached down rubbing the little man saying, "How is he anyway?" Dotti giggled, pushed her crotch against her hand saying, "be careful, you don't want to start anything you can't finish." Lucy grinned, kissed her on her neck saying, "don't worry, I can finish anything I start!"

Dotti giggled again, "I know you can." Dotti rubbed Lucy's stomach, "Any movement yet?" "No, it's a bit early, but I definitely know it's in there."

* * * Part 2 * * *

Monday Morning, at the doctor's office. Lyn smiles and greets Brandy and Lucy, "Hi. Good to see you." Looking at Lucy, Lyn says, "The doctor will be with you shortly. Why don't you go in, strip and put on the gown. You know the drill." Lucy said fine and went into the examining room.

Lyn turned to Brandy, giving her a hug, kissed her on her ear and whispered, "I've missed you. Have you missed me?" Brandy was slow to reply, ..... "Yes." Sounding unsure. Lyn started to rub Brandy's crotch. Brandy moved her hand away saying, "No, not now." "I'm sorry Lyn. I'm just now sure about my inter feelings right now." Lyn replied, "that's fine. I'll take whatever you want to give me, when you want to give it." Lyn kissed Brandy on the cheek and said, "Let's join Lucy?"

As they entered the room, Doc was just entering from his office. "Good morning all. And how's our little Mother?" Lucy replied, "Never better." "Great," Doc replied. "Any pain, discomfort, or discharge?" "No, nothing like that at all." "OK. Lyn, please get me a blood sample, while I get a smear."

Lucy had already put her feet in the stirrups. Doc raised her gown exposing her crotch. After putting his rubber gloves on, he inspected her vagina, lips, and clit. As he touched the clit she moaned. "Sensitive eh?" "You bet," Lucy replied. Doc inserted two fingers, probing the inside. Lucy moaned in response. "This all looks good," he reported. Lyn remembered how passionate Lucy was, and rubbed her own pussy, as she thought about having her fingers inside Lucy. Doc took a smear tested it with a special paper, and placed it in his microscope. Lyn took the blood sample and placed it in a special test tube for the Lab. "The smear indicates you are pregnant, but we'll now for sure after the blood test. Lyn, would you please call a courier to get it to them immediately, so we can know this afternoon." Lyn went to the outer office to make the call.

Doc returned to Lucy and was about to say something when Lucy reached over and stroked Doc's cock thru his pants. Lucy remember how large it was and wondered if it would fit in her vagina. As she recalled, although it was short, it was very fat, about the size of a small boy's arm. "Now, it's too early for that." He looked at Brandy, who just smiled and nodded her approval. Brandy came over, put her arm around Doc, unzipped his pants, and freeing his huge cock she said, "Lucy and I have no secrets. It's been a long time since she has had a man. How about helping her out?"

Just then Lyn returned, and seeing Lucy stroking Doc's cock, went up behind Brandy, put her arms around her, and began to rub her crotch. Doc looked at Lucy and said, "Are you sure?" Remember seeing him with Brandy, "Oh yes. I'm sure!" Doc looked at Lyn, and without a word, she went to the cabinet for the lubricating save. She applied a generous coating to Doc's cock, making sure it was covered all over. Lyn then went to Lucy and began to apply the save to her vagina. As she rubbed and probed, Lucy moaned.

As Doc moved in between Lucy's legs, he noticed Lyn had her hand inside Brandy's slacks rubbing her pussy, and was kissing her neck. Brandy had her eyes closed and seemed to enjoy it, so he returned his attention to Lucy.

The table height and angle were perfect for vaginal insertion, and as Doc approached he opened her lips with his left hand as he guided his high cock in-between them with his right. As he moved it up and down, he gently pushed inward, letting her vagina adjust to his size. Lucy pushed upward, hopping to help him enter. As the head moved in past her ring, her eyes popped open in surprise. "My it is large isn't it" Lucy commented. Doc said, "Is it hurting?" "No, not at all", Lucy said as she looked at Brandy and smiled.

Lyn had Brandy's slacks and pants off, giving her full access to her pussy. Brandy also was fingering Lyn, who never wore any pants, and had full access under her dress. Seeing Lucy's stimulation from Doc's cock, Lyn moved over to her, lowering her top, and began to suck and rub her 1' long nipples. Brandy moved over and began to stroke Lucy's clit, as Doc was now some half way in.

Doc continued to gently stroke in and out. Finally, we was all the way in, and rested a bit to let her get used to it. He said, "OK?" Lucy open her eyes, smiled, and said, "Fine, go for it!" Doc began to pump in and out with full strokes. He closed his eyes and imagined it was Brandy, whom he had vowed never to penetrate. As he continued to stroke in and out, Lucy moaned and began to get her rhythm set to his.

Lyn left Lucy's nipples, guided Brandy to a chair, bent down and started to lick and suck her vagina. Lyn had three fingers in Brandy, had lifted her top and was sucking nipples, when Brandy began to whisper "Ripple, Ripple, Ripple." Lyn felt Brandy's pussy contracting and rolling up and down her fingers. "Where did you learn that?" Lyn whispered in her ear. Brandy didn't reply, and continued to ripple Lyn's fingers. Brandy finally came, and it was so strong, she shed a few tears. She wasn't sure if the tears were all from pure orgasmic joy, or some guilt.

Lucy too was getting close and was holding Doc's head to her chest, humping as hard as she could. Doc whispered, "Are you ready?" Lucy said "Oh Yes!" With that Doc gave a final deep plunge and they came together. Brandy, Doc, and Lucy all had their eyes closed, enjoying their cool down, while Lyn was frantically fingering herself, trying to get her own climax. Out of desperation, she went to the table, pulled Doc's cock out of Lucy and began to suck it dry, while fingering herself. She finally came, screaming with his cock still in her mouth.

Doc finally stood up, and looking around, said, "Well, I guess everyone is OK." Lucy was the first to speak, "You bet!" Brandy recovered, went to Lucy, hugged her saying "I'm so happy for you." Lyn finally took Doc's cock out of her mouth, got up, straightened clothing and regaining her professional self said, "Well I guess I had better get her files up to date," and left.

Doc handed Lucy some tissues and told her she could get dressed. Brandy went out to see Lyn about the birth control pills for Dotti. As she entered the outer office, Lyn put her arms around her and said, "I never knew there could be two people in this world as attractive and desirable as you and Lucy. And you both can be so sensuous."

Brandy just smiled and returned Lyn's hug, saying "How about Dotti's pills?" Lyn pulled a prescription slip out of her drawer and gave it to Brandy. "Doc filled this out, feeling her recent blood tests are Ok, and she should get along fine with these." "Thank you," Brandy replied.

Back inside, Lucy was thanking Doc saying, "I know how you feel about Brandy and her family, and hope that you will include in that." Doc just smiled and nodded his head. Lucy went on to say, "I really appreciate you helping me out, I really needed a release." Finally Doc replied, "Yes Brandy is very special to me, and I have vowed never to have sex with her. Are you sure you want to be included?" Lucy grinned and said "No, not for that part." She gave him a hug and left to join Lyn and Brandy in the outer office.

As Lucy came in she noticed Lyn was hugging Brandy, but stopped when she saw her. "We should have your final test results, this afternoon. I'll call you," Lyn said to Lucy. "How about my bill?" Lucy asked. "I assume you will want to keep seeing Doc." "Yes, of course," Lucy replied. "Good. Doc will want to see you every month from now till the eighth, then once every two weeks, and every week for the ninth.

Lyn continued, "We have a monthly payment plan, which spreads out the costs." Just then Doc came out saying .... "And if you name the baby after me, the delivery will be free!" Everyone laughed and looked at Lucy. She had thought of naming the baby after Dan (Brandy's husband, the babies father), at least the middle name. "What is you first name, Doc?" "Patrick," he replied. "Well Patrick Daniel, or Patricia Danielle, I guess that would work." They all laughed, hugged, and Lucy and Brandy left. As they walked the car, Lucy asked about Lyn. "Looks like you have a relationship with Lyn." "Not really." Brandy replied, there is an attraction, and I'm trying to sort it out. Lyn is bi-sexual and cares for me a great deal. I'm just not sure how it all fits together, with Dan and all." In a very understanding tone Lucy said, "If you want to discuss it, just let me know." Brandy nodded, and they started for home.

To Be Continued...

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