The Best Erotic Stories.

Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part XII: The Positioning Of Dotti
by R.Neal

Preface: Before Brandy flies north to move Lucy's things to LA, she gives Dotti birth control pills. Dotti & Dan spend some quality time. Dotti meets Grabber Hunt's boyfriend, Paul.

Monday Afternoon, The Schedule.

"I had a long talk with Lucy this morning, and here, I've written out our schedule for you." Dan reviewed the schedule saying, "you're flying out Tuesday morning, and driving back, arriving on Thursday evening. Right?" "That's right. I'm looking forward to seeing mother Momeyer. It's been a while since I saw her." Dan said, "Yes I know. I'm happy for you."

"I have several things in the freezer. You and Dotti should have plenty, if you want to eat in." Dan just remembered, "Did I tell you I have to be out of town on Wednesday night?" "No, you didn't." "Yes, it just came up. I need to be in San Diego early Thursday morning. I'll be back in the afternoon. I thought we might ask Grabber to stay over with Dotti, if that all right with you."

"Grabber? You mean that your secretary from your office. Right?" "Yes, she's a little out going, but she's a good kid, and she is reliable. It might do Dotti some good to be around Grabber for a little bit." Brandy said, "OK, but make it clear there's to be no boy's or parties. OK?" "Sure. I'll make it clear."

Monday Afternoon, Birth Control Pills for Dotti.

When Dotti arrived home from school, Brandy asked her to join her in the den. Closing the door, Brandy asked Dotti to sit down. She took both of Dotti's hands in hers and said, "This could be one of the most important days of your life, and certainly one of the most difficult for me!" We've decided to put your on birth control pills." Brandy paused for effect, to see Dotti's reaction. Dotti just sat still, looking at her feet. "Also," Brandy continued "this has been the most difficult decision of my life!" Dotti looked up into Brandy's eyes, still saying nothing.

Brandy handed her the package saying, "The instructions are on the back, and it's important you understand, they will not be 100% effective for some 6 to 8 weeks. So make sure you follow the program, and track your periods very carefully. OK?" "Sure Mom, and thanks. I was hoping you would do this. It will be a help."

Brandy said, "I know you are aware of the classic conundrum. While it offers safety from pregnancy, it could also be interpreted as consent!" Brandy repeated the key elements for effect. .... "safety and consent, that's the conundrum!"

"It's very important that you understand that our giving you these pills in no way should be interpreted as consent to have sex outside our family! It's to give you safety from being impregnated by your father!"

"You know how we feel about that, and we are not going to ask you for a promise. But, we do expect you to do your best to hold yourself for your husband!" "With the exception of that boy taking advantage of me when I was a very young girl, I have had no other man inside me. To me, this is a great strength, of which I'm very proud."

"Sure, I occasionally see a man and wonder what it would be like to have him touch me, but my strength allows me to shove it out of my mind, and move on." "As you grow older and resist the temptations, your strength will also grow, and it will reach a point where you will be proud of it, and come to depend on it."

"Is there anything you want to discuss?" Dotti looked down and said nothing. Brandy said, "How about Ted? Have you seen him lately?" Dotti looked up, and for the first time looked Brandy in the eyes and said, "I haven't seen Ted for some time. Lisa says he has another girl friend. It made me feel real sad at first, but after a while, the pain went away, and now I guess I'm kinda numb."

Brandy wanted to know more about where Dotti's head was, and continued. "Have you compared the sex with Ted to that with your father, and have you determined if there was any difference in your feelings?" "Yes I have. With Ted, there was a great feeling of acceptance as a woman. With Dad, I'm still his little girl. While there was a feeling of love with both, it was different with Ted."

Brandy took Dotti's hand and held it to here breast. "I think I understand, and it's probably very normal." Brandy brushed Dotti's hair back out of her eyes and gave her a very light sweet tender kiss on the cheek. Dotti managed a small smile and returned her mother's kiss, and gave her a hug.

After a bit, Brandy said, "While we're baring our souls, how do you feel about sex with another woman? Before you answer, you should know that I'm aware of Lisa, Nurse Lyn, Lucy, and of course with me. Has there been anyone else?" Dotti replied, "No. No one else." Brandy continued, "how do you feel about them?"

"Well, with Lisa, it was just playing around. You know, nothing serious. Lucy was the first to show me about my little man, and I guess I have some family affection for her." Dotti paused and Brandy said, "what about Nurse Lyn?" Dotti paused, and finally said, "At first it was just a game, but then I really got turned on. Now, I'm not sure. I do enjoy pleasing her, and I would like to see her again. Is that bad?"

Brandy thought a bit then said, "I'm not sure myself. I too have had a couple of sessions with Lyn, and I'm not sure of my own feelings at this point. Like you, I do enjoy being with her, but am having trouble reconciling that with my love for your father." Dotti added, "I'm not surprised. I've noticed how you and Lyn look at each other."

"You know Dotti, that session we had with your Dad the other night was very wild. How do you feel about that?" "Well, with you, it was kinda like, Wow look at me. I'm having sex with my mom. It was more of an honor than pure sex. Then with you and Dad, I felt more of an equal. Does that make any sense?"

"Yes it does. I guess it would be normal to feel that way. But for what it's worth, making you feel good is more important to me than anyone else." Again Dotti hugged her Mom, and felt more secure than she had felt, in a long time.

"Dotti, I really appreciate you sharing your feelings with me, and let's make a pact. Since we are both somewhat unsure of our feelings, let's commit to each other that we will keep our sexual activities within the family. OK?" "OK mom. I guess that's fair,"

Tuesday Evening. Dinner

Dan arrived home after work to find Dotti in the kitchen cooking. Quite a surprise, since Dotti didn't enjoy cooking, and wasn't very good at it. "Hello dear, what's for Dinner?" "Hi Dad. I've got one of Mom's casseroles in the oven, and I'm planning a small salad to go with it. Is that OK?" "You bet! On the way home, I was thinking about ordering a pizza, but your plan beats that any day." He gives Dotti a little hug, and a peck on the cheek.

I'll go clean up, and then we can visit. Ok?" Dotti smiled and said, "That would be nice. Besides, I do have something to discuss with you." Dan couldn't help wondering about that, as Dotti seldom had anything to discuss with him. This must be very important, for her to make a special point of it.

Dinner was very pleasant, and afterwards, when they were having a glass of wine, Dad said, "Well, what was it you wanted to discuss?" "Well Dad, it has to do with my thoughts about a career path." Dad almost choked on his wine, as Dotti had never voiced any opinion about a career, and this was so out of character. Maybe, he has underestimated her. "That's great. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts."

"Well Dad, its computers. You know, I have been using your machine for word processing, an occasional spreadsheet, and more recently, the Internet. Ted taught me a lot, and I've really gotten into it." Dan sat up, more interested than ever, saying, "That's wonderful Dotti. Have you given any thought to what segment of the computer field you want to pursue?"

"Yes I have. Do you know Mr. Chandler at my school?" "You mean Tom Chandler, the computer teacher? Isn't he the fellow that looks like Jeff Chandler, the movie star?" Dotti continued, "I don't know who Jeff Chandler is, but our Mr. Chandler is ruggedly handsome with white hair, and a very deep voice." Dan confirmed, Yes, that's him. I think I met him at Ted's folk's computer store."

Dotti continued, "Well I've had some long talks with him, and at this point, I want to pursue programming. I've written some small DOS programs, and I get a big kick out of setting up hot-keys, windows groups, and all that stuff. Right now, he is teaching me to fine tune and clean up a PC. I've been looking at yours and it could use some tweaking, especially in the virtual memory area. I think I can make it faster. OK if I try?" Dan replied with a big smile, "Sure. Go for it! I've always thought you would be good at programming, with your organized and logical mind. I couldn't be more pleased.

Dan got up, gave Dotti a big hug, and said, "Let's have another glass of wine in the den. OK?" Dotti smiled, and said "That's sounds fine. But first, I'd like to get comfortable. Is that OK?" "Sure, I'll see you in the den."

Tuesday, After Dinner

Dotti came down and was pleased to find her Dad had also got comfortable, and was dressed in a robe and slippers. She had put on her favorite baby dolls, the white see through, with the three pink roses, one over each breast, and one between her legs. The did a good job of hiding her one inch long nipples, and clitoris.

She sat down next to her father, laid her head on his shoulder, and said "you know Dad, I'm really enjoying this time with you," and gave him a little peck on the cheek. "Me too dear. I know how tough these past few weeks have been for your, but you're tough and It looks like that's behind you now."

"Yes, I guess. I'm sure Mom told you about the birth control pills." Dan said, "Yes she did. Tell me how you feel about them." Dotti thought for a while, and then answered, "I'm kinda mixed up about my feelings. You know, I've had sex with more than you." Dan nodded yes. "There was a time when I thought my world was at an end. You know, about Ted. But now he has another girl, who I'm sure puts out, and now I know how Mom felt about that boy at her prom."

Dan would never have the heart to tell Dotti that Brandy made up that story, and she was in fact a virgin when they were married. Dan was impressed with Brandy's cleverness, and the obvious positive impression it had made on Dotti. Dan was now holding both of Dotti's hands in his and was waiting for her to continue.

Dotti continued. "Like I told Mom, sex was different with Ted. It was like I was his equal. With you, it's been like your little girl, and we were just playing. And with Mom, it's somewhat of a mix between love and just plain physical sex." She decided not to get into her feelings about nurse Lyn and Aunt Lucy. Dan wasn't quite sure on what to say, so he just listened.

After a short pause, Dotti said, "Before I go on, I need to tell you something. ....... (long pause) ........ I want you to know how much I appreciate how open and honest you and Mom have always been with me. You wouldn't believe what some of the kids at school say about their parents. I'm so lucky to have you two."

Dan took her in his arms and said, "My god Dotti. I can't think of any nicer thing you could have said about us. You don't have to get me a birthday present for the next ten years!" Dotti giggled, and said "O Dad, don't be silly." Dan grinned and said, "Well maybe for five years anyway."

Dan moved back and looked deeply into Dotti's eyes. "Would you mind if I kissed you?" Dotti smiled and said, "No, please do!" Dan took her face in his hands, and started with a very sweet gently very tender kiss. Dotti responded in kind. After a bit, Dan pulled back and said, "You are the sweetest thing alive!" Dotti smiled and said, "As sweet as Mom?" "Yes, but somehow in a different way. I cant put it into works, but I can feel it in here," putting his hand on his heart.

He again, took Dotti's face in his hands and started to kiss her, but much deeper this time. Dotti had one of her hands behind Dan's head, pulling him to her, with the other one around his back. She took Dan's right hand and placed it on her left breast. She briefly broke off the kiss and said, "Please rub me Daddy." Dan rubbed her long nipple with his thumb, smiled and said, "I have missed your calling me Daddy, but you don't have to, if you prefer Dan. In any event, I don't feel like you're a little girl. You are ever bit as much a woman, as anyone alive."

"O Daddy, I love you so much!" She pulled Dan's face to hers and resumed the kiss. This time, it turned quite passionate, and before long, Dan had his hands under her top rubbing both nipples. Dotti reached down and released Dan's big man from his shorts, and began to stroke it.

Dan reached down and began to rub Dotti's pussy through her pants saying, "I guess I did think about you as my little girl. I don't know what's changed, but all I care about now is pleasing you, as you're as much a woman as any man could ask for!"

Dan pulled her top off, was rubbing her pussy inside her pants, and was alternately sucking her breasts. Dotti pealed off Dan's robe saying, I want to feel you next to me." "Maybe we should go upstairs to the bedroom, and i probably should get a condom.

In the bedroom, after they were completely naked, Dan reached into the nightstand for a condom. Dotti said, "Don't put it on until I tell you. I want to enjoy the big man naked first. OK?" "Sure," Dan replied. (Dotti called her clitoris her little man, and Dan's penis her big man)

Dotti lay on the bed and said, "Daddy, make love to me like a real grown woman." "You are a real grown woman, but you're so lovely, I don't know where to start." Dotti smiled and pointed to her nose. Dan lay down beside her and kissed her nose, then her eyes, ears, neck, and finally her mouth. By now Dotti was ready for him and kissed him deeply.

With Dan still lying beside her, he had full access to her pussy, and was rolling and jacking her one-inch long clitoris firmly. Dotti was hunching up against his hand and quickly had her first orgasm. As she started to cum, Dan slipped down and took her clitoris in his mouth, bring her orgasm to an even higher second level.

Dotti screamed, "Ooooooom Daaaaaa Ddddddiiiiieeeee! I can't breath!" At first, it startled Dan, but then he realized she was just climaxing very hard, and continued his sucking. She came down a little, but then built to a third very strong orgasm, then just went limp.

Her juices were flooding down her legs, more than Dan had ever seen, or imagined. As Dotti lay still, he lapped up her juices like they were the source of life it self. Finally he too relaxed. As he lay nest to Dotti, it suddenly occurred to him, that he had not even thought of his own orgasm, and looked down at his big man to make sure it was all right. Sure enough, it was hard as a rock, and standing straight up. But, with no feeling of pending ejaculation at all.

After a few minutes, Dotti opened her eyes, smiled, put her arms around Dan's neck, and said, "I want to feel you on top of me, and inside me. Now, please." "Your command is my wish. Did I say that right?" Dotti giggled and said, "who cares, get up here!" Just before he lowered himself, he rolled a condom on the big man.

As Dan slid on top of her, she opened her legs wide, and raised them up until her knees were almost under his arms. As he moved on top of her, he gave each nipple a little suck, and a tiny bite, making Dotti bump her crotch up against him. Dotti had rolled her pussy angle up to where Dan didn't have to use his hand to guide himself into her, it just went there!

He pushed in a little, out a little, in a little, and soon he was all the way in. He was so sensitized, it seemed like he could feel every one of her pubic hairs pressing against his. As Dan slowly pumped in and out of her, she tried to do the ripple thing like Brandy had done, but all she could get was a single squeeze, one at a time. That was fine, as Dan could feel them and it drove him wild, since Dotti was tight to begin with. This just made her tighter!

"Daddy? You didn't come before, did you?" "No dear, but I'm just fine." "If I got up 0on my hands and knees and you came in from the back, would that be better for you?" Dan, never missing a stroke said, "This is just fine dear. I'm not sure if I could stand anything any better!" With that, Dotti gave him an extra strong pussy squeeze, making him grunt, "UGGG!"

Dan stopped stroking. Dotti's eyes popped open, displaying some alarm. "Dotti, I want you to close your legs, and let me put my legs over yours." As Dan raised up, she closed her legs, trapping his big man between them. Now, as he pushed in and out of her it rubbed hard on her little man, giving her a new sensation, she had not felt before. "Ooooo Daddy, that's great. I think I'm going to cum again!" Soon She was coming and pushing up hard against Dan, with her pussy involuntarily squeezing the big man, hard!

As she came down, Dotti said, "Daddy, I want you to put your tongue in my mouth, stop stroking, and let me see if I can pussy squeeze you to a climax. OK?" Dan took her face in his hands, covered it with kisses, and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Dotti gently sucked on it, and started to squeeze the big man, with her pussy muscles.

Dotti was squeezing Dan's butt cheeks with both hands, adding to the sensations. Dan wanted so bad to started pushing in and out of her, but when he tried, she said, "no-no, let me do it." So, he just held himself in her, and focussed on the sensations. Soon, he could feel his orgasm coming. Like he had nothing to do with it, it was just happening. He was almost out of his body, watching it happen. But then, jus a suddenly, he was in his body, feeling an overwhelming need to push his entire body into Dotti's. The harder he pushed, the more frustrated he became. It bordered on pain, or just a not very enjoyable experience.

Then ...... it happened! With one very large contraction, his testicles produced a single slug of seaman, which as it passed through and out of his big man, seemed like something 6 or 8 inches long. Dotti felt it too. As it went into her, she froze, stiffened her legs, and almost bit Dan's tongue! Following that one Hugh shot, Dan went limp, and rolled off Dotti. They both were having trouble breathing, and neither one spoke for some time.

What was that?" Dotti finally said. "I don't know. It sure was a new one on me." Dotti giggled and said, "well if you can't ever do it again, I could loose interest in sex, altogether!" Dan laughed, and said, "I guess there's nothing left but sleep. How about you?" Sounds good to me. Good night Daddy." "Good night Dotti dear."

Just as they were going to sleep, the phone rang. "Hello Brandy. How was your trip? Good. We're just fine. I wanted you to know that Dotti and I just had a very nice party. I felt it would be OK with you. You know, you're not being here, and all." "Good, I knew you would be Ok with it. Yes. Before our party, we had a nice long talk, and Dotti fixed one of your casseroles, with a small salad. It was just right."

Here, Dotti wants to talk to you. "Hi Mom. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated our talk just before you left, and how much I love you. I somehow feel differently about everything now. Good night, and have a nice trip. Don't worry about us. We'll be fine. Here's Dad."

"Yes dear, she's just fine. Love you, and I'll see you Thursday evening. Bye"

Wednesday Afternoon

After school, Dotti sat at the kitchen table reflecting on the events of yesterday. My god, she thought, what has happened to me? What brought about all these changes? Ted, Nurse Lyn, and even Aunt Lucy were distant memories. Hell now, she was focused on her computer career, and the feelings she had for her Dad.

And what's with this language? God, Hell. She had never used or even thought of these kinds of words before. Was this part of being an adult? This is certainly something to talk to Mom about. That's it. I'll set up a journal under my screen name, and password it so no one but me can see it. As she sat at the kitchen table thinking about how to structure her journal, she had a very warm peaceful feeling. It wasn't like her, but she was content to just sit and think about her planned journal.

Wednesday Evening

Grabber Hunt, her Dad's secretary, arrived around seven, and brought a pizza. Dotti made a salad, and after dinner, they had a glass of wine in the den.

Dotti had forgotten Grabber was black, never really being very conscience of races. With her family being somewhat dark, it didn't seem to mater. Grabber was small, like Dotti, but had a full butt, very full breasts, and long black hair..

As they were relaxing, Dotti asked, "Why do they call you Grabber?" "Well, there's two stories. One is, I can't stand to be idle, so if I see some work to be done, I just grab it. The other is, I'm somewhat fascinated by rear ends, you know butts or asses., and when I see a real nice one, I like to squeeze it or grab it."

"I think that's neat." Dotti said, as she stood up, turned around and said, "What do you think of mine?" "I don't know. It's kind of small. Let me feel it." Dotti turned around and Grabber felt her buttocks. "Um, kind of soft. How about dropping your slacks?" Dotti obliged, and not only dropped her slacks, but her panties as well. Grabber gave each side of Dotti's butt a very close inspection, feeling every inch of them, and as she finished, she gave each one a little kiss.

When Grabber was finished, she said, "Very nice, very nice indeed." Dotti just stood with her back to grabber and had a very naughty thought. If grabber liked both male and female butts, she wondered how she felt about fronts! If she liked female fronts, she would probably go absolutely nuts over her one inch long little man.

"Grabber, apparently you like both male and female butts. How do you feel about fronts?" Grabber said, "You mean, penises, pussies, and those things?" Dotti said, "Yes. How do you feel about pussies? Do like to feel them, and if so, what else?"

Grabber replied, "It's like butts. I do like pussies, if there are cute, juicy, you know, nice." Dotti turned and said, "Well then, tell me what you think of this one?" Grabber looked, and at first just saw another cute little pussy, with a small patch of pubic hair. But as she looked closer, she saw something different, and as Dotti spread her lips, her one inch long clitoris came into full view.

Grabber's eyes opened wide, and she gasped, "Is that what I think it is?" "Yes," Dotti said. "I call it my little man." "Can I touch it?" "Yes" Dotti replied, but just a minute." Dotti finished removing her slacks, and panties, and laid back on the couch. Grabber bend down and closely examined her vagina. She open the lips, and brought the little man out for close inspection.

Before Dotti realized it, Grabber had it in her mouth sucking it like mad, and humming at the same time. There was something about the humming, maybe the vibrations, that really felt different, and she soon had a very nice orgasm. "Did you know your little man pulses just like a penis, when you're coming?" "No, I didn't. What did it feel like? It throbbed and swelled up as you came. Like I said, like a penis."

"Wow, Grabber, that was wonderful." "Is there anything I can do for you," Dotti said as she reached for Grabber's crotch. Grabber pushed Dotti's hand away saying, "I'm afraid there's nothing you can do for me. I'm having my period. Well, maybe there is something you can do." Grabber unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra, and as she reached down to rub her own pussy, she said, "You can work on these." Dotti reached over and started to rub her breasts. They were very soft, with huge aureoles. Her nipples were full making the aureoles look even bigger. As Grabber got close to her orgasm, Dotti began to suck her breast, bringing her over the edge. "Thanks Dotti, I appreciate your help." Dotti replied, "Little enough for the fine orgasm you gave me. Well, if you don't mind, I think I'll go to bed. It's been a long day." Grabber said, "Good night, and have a good sleep."

Sometime later, Dotti got up to pee when she heard something downstairs. She went to the stairs, peaked down into the den, and saw Grabber sitting next to a black man. She heard Grabber say, "Here Paul, let me help you with that." And Grabber's head disappeared. Dotti quietly slipped down to where she could see, and was surprised to see Grabber sucking Paul's penis. Then she realized how long it was!

Paul's penis was not very thick, but was at least a foot long. Grabber was sucking on the head, with both here hands around it, jacking him off as she sucked. Paul saw Dotti and pushed Grabber away from him, and attempted to get up. Dotti said, "O no, you don't have to stop. Please go ahead." Grabber looked at Dotti, then said to Paul, "That's Dotti. Remember, I told you about her." Paul say back down, still trying to hide his huge penis.

Grabber pushed Paul's hands away and said to Dotti, "What do you think of that?" Dotti wasn't quite sure what to say, so she just kept looking at it. Grabber said, "Here you can feel it, if you want." Dotti looked at Paul, who said, "Go ahead if you want. I don't mind."

Dotti sat down on Paul's other side, opposite Grabber, and gave it a quick squeeze. 'O, it's so hard," Dotti said, as she began to jack it with both hands. Dotti was in her white see-through baby dolls, with the pink roses, which didn't hide much, when she moved around. Grabber had not noticed Dotti's one-inch long nipples before, and when she saw them, she reached under Dotti's top to feel them, saying, "Hey Paul, look at these."

Paul also reached over to feel them, and soon had one in his mouth. Dotti didn't know what to say, so she just kept jacking Paul off. Pretty soon, Grabber was sucking the other nipple, and Dotti was getting hot. The combination of Dotti's jacking and her nipple, soon brought Paul to a climax, which Dotti was able to catch in some Kleenex.

As everyone was recovering, Grabber said to Paul, Look at this Paul. You've never seen anything like this. She pulled Dotti's bottoms aside, and pulled out her one-inch long clitoris. Paul couldn't believe his eyes, and asked Dotti if he could suck it. She "Why not. Go ahead."

Paul got down on his knees, pulled her bottoms off and dove in for the suck of his life. Dotti looked at Grabber, "I almost forgot, I had to pee when I came down here, and it's getting pretty strong. I better go." Grabber said, "Just wait." Grabber went into the bathroom, got a large towel, and came back saying "Paul likes nothing better than having someone pee in his mouth. Go ahead." Grabber stuffed one of the large towels under Dotti's bottom, and told her again to go.

Paul heard all this, and with out interrupting his sucking, grunted his approval. Dotti had never done this and really didn't want to do it. She tried to hold back, but finally gave in and let it go. Paul put his mouth over Dotti's pussy, and drank as much as he could, but some of it went on the towel. This was an entirely new feeling for Dotti. He managed to cover her pee hole, and at the same time cover her little man. The warm pee was also flooding the little man, and she too soon had a climax.

While it was a nice little cum, Dotti had mixed emotions about the whole thing. When she opened her eyes, Grabber was sucking Paul, and soon had him climaxing again. Dotti felt a little awkward, and wanted to get out of there. She thanked Paul for the nice cum, said good night to Grabber, and went upstairs.

She was troubled and couldn't sleep. What am I doing? She thought. Yesterday, I had an awakening, a very clear view of my priorities, and a commitment to channeling my sexual needs through my Dad. Not 24 hours later, I am playing with a young woman's breasts, and peeing in the mouth of a young man, I had just met. How disgusting! How depraved! Was it curiosity? Just a game? Just play?

Is it possible to have two kinds of sex. One very serious, with deep tender loving (like with Dad), and second kind which is for fun, with little to no deep, or lasting feelings? Maybe that's the answer. I'll have to think about that.

To Be Continued....

R. Neal

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