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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part XIII: Lucy Moves to Southern California
by R.Neal

Background: Roger (Lucy's Husband) didn't want children, so Lucy had Dan (Her Sister Brandy's husband) impregnate her. Lucy has decided to move to LA, to be near Brandy and Her family.

Preface to Part 13: Lucy & Brandy fly north to move Lucy's things to LA. They visit with Mother Momeyer (Mo-Me-Yea), and learn about Pi Momeyer. They drive back in Lucy's Red Mercedes station wagon, with fun and games in the motel on the way home. And .... we meet Ronnie, the real estate lady.

* * * * *

Monday Afternoon, The schedule.

"I had a long talk with Lucy this morning. Here, I've written down our schedule for you." Dan reviewed the schedule saying, "you're flying out Tuesday morning, and driving back, arriving on Thursday evening. Right?" "That's right. I'm looking forward to seeing mother Momeyer. It's been a while since I saw her." Dan said, "Yes I know. I'm happy for you."

Tuesday, The Trip North.

Lucy had phoned Roger, advising him of her pregnancy confirmation, and her new bank accounts in LA. While sad, Roger had accepted her leaving for some time ago, and didn't have much to say. He did say he was happy for her as that was what she wanted, and did take some solace in knowing he was the father, not realizing it was really Dan's baby.

So, when Roger met them at the airport, there we no secrets. Roger drove them to the old family estate. On arrival, Roger escorted them into the den, where Mother Momeyer was waiting.

As they entered, Mother Momeyer stood straight with her chin slightly up, like royalty. She was wearing an ankle length pale blue silk dress. It was straight, plain, and simple. Pure elegance! It was highlighted with three stands of white pearls, and white slippers with one inch heals. The dress highlighted her dark skin, presenting a total vision of absolute loveliness!

Brandy ran to her and they hugged for a time without speaking. Finally, wiping a small tear away, Mother Momeyer said, "It's so good to see you. It's been a long time. Way too long." Brandy replied, "Mother, you look just grand, Beautiful as ever." "Come, sit with me and tell me all about yourself, Dotti and Dan." Roger and Lucy left Brandy and Mother Momeyer to talk, and went into Roger's office to discuss Lucy's move.

Lucy started with, "I've got everything I want in LA packed. I'll take a few boxes in my wagon, and you can send the rest to me when I get a house. Roger nodded OK.

Roger followed with, "I've got you CNB banking information, and I'll wire the money tomorrow. $100,000 now, and $10,000/month until you have the baby. After that, we'll have to made different arrangements. As far as the business goes, you'll continue to get 1/5 of the company's profit, certified quarterly. You know, as we all agreed, 1/5 to Mom, 1/5 to me, 1/5 to a trust fund for the grandchildren, a 1/5 to Brandy, and 1/5 to you, OK?"

Roger frowned, looked down at his feet, and said, "Our attorney has recommended we should initiate formal legal separation papers, as it would be safer for the company. I told him to go ahead. I assume that's OK with you?"

"That's fine Roger. I really appreciate how wonderful you've been about this," and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Mother Momeyer's Declaration:

After dinner, Mother Momeyer asked everyone to join her in the den for brandy, advising she had something to say.

"I want to make sure you all know I'm not happy about this separation. I understand it, but I don't like it. Roger has been as good a son-in-law, as anyone could ask for. While I don't understand his position on children, I do respect it. I'm happy for Lucy, but am not happy about her moving out! I love you all very much, and will miss you"

She continued. "Is this the moaning of an old lady? ......... You bet it is! ......... Someday you'll understand! I'll support all of you in this, under the following conditions: I want to see my daughters every three months. 2) I want to see Dotti at least twice per year! As you know, I don't fly, and I don't drive well. You'll have to come here. 3) Lucy, when you baby comes, I do want to be there. I'll find a way to be with you. Is this acceptable with you?"

Both Lucy and Brandy ran to her, put their arms around her, and both said "Of course Mother. It's a small thing to ask!"

Who is Pi Momeyer?

Mother Momeyer continued. "Now I have another bit of news for you! Another relative has surfaced. It seems, my youngest brother's son, before he disappeared, had a daughter. She has been raised by a distant cousin, who has died, so she has no place to go. I have just been advised she has been staying in a government facility, and will soon have to leave. I understand she was named Pilar, and is called Pi. I have asked Roger to start custody papers, so we can bring her here."

Brandy was the first to speak. "Do you know how old she is?" "The government records say they are not sure. They estimate she is somewhere between 13 and 19. She says she is 15, but there is some question. Their description of her certainly confirms she is a Momeyer; small, dark, long black hair, dark eyes, a slim figure, and very attractive."

Lucy offers, "Yes, certainly one of us. Who's going to raise her Mother?" "Well, I guess I will, now that you're gone." While she smiled when she said it, both daughters knew their Mother was serious.

Brandy smiled and said, "Somewhat fateful Mother, you loose one daughter and gain a new one at the same time."

Mother Momeyer says, "Yes .... God does work in mysterious ways. Now let's all go to bed, and get a good night's rest. You girls have a long two days."

Wednesday, The Trip to LA.

After stuffing the red Mercedes wagon as full as possible, Lucy and Brandy made their good-byes, and headed south. They decided to take the scenic route and since they got a late start, they planned on lunch at the Pebble Beach country, just south of Monterey.

Lunch turned out to be, an omelet with lobster bisque sauce, with a few crawfish on the side for color. Backed with a handsome young man playing a grand piano, the fresh sourdough, and the wine, they almost didn't make out of there!

The Hotel.

They finally made it to the Mission Inn in San Luis Obispo. A very unique place recommended by Roger. He was right! Wow, what a place! Gaudy To The Max! {Author's note. Those of you have been there will know what I mean}.

A Room with two double beds was fine, and after dinner (sand dabs :)), they retired.

"Brandy, why don't you go ahead and shower. I have some up-packing and organizing to do." Brandy striped and got into the shower. It had been a long day, and the hot water felt good.

"Do you have a shower cap? I don't want to get my hair wet." Brandy replied, "Sure, look in my suitcase." Lucy noticed how large the shower was, and decided to join Brandy. Lucy said, "Would you like me to wash your back?" "Sure" Brandy replied. What a wonderful feeling, Brandy thought. The hot water on my breasts, and Lucy washing my back.

Lucy started to wash Brandy's chest and said, "That's what I like, little nipples and tight little pussies." Brandy impishly replied, "Do you know where to find one?" Still washing from behind, Lucy reaches down and rubs Brandy's pussy saying, "Right there." "Don't I wish." Brandy replied, as Lucy continued to rub her clitoris. Brandy gave some thought to going for an orgasm, but decided against it, and volunteered to wash Lucy.

As Brandy washed Lucy she said, "You know, it's kinda funny how you got the big nipples (1" long), Dotti got both the big nipples, and the long clitoris (also 1" long), and I didn't get either one!" "Yes, my dear sister, but you got the best part of all. The kindest loving heart anyone could ask for."

"O you. You're getting much too serious" brandy said, as she pushed Lucy away and left the shower. Lucy followed. They toweled each other off, and fell into the bed, still giggling like two teenagers.

Lucy kissed Brandy, and said, "I can't tell you how much I love Brandy. There is no one in the world with a sister like mine." "I love you too Lucy," and kissed her. "I know our baby runs were tough on you, and, as Dotti says, I want to make you feel good." Lucy starts kissing and sucking Brandy's nipples, and inserts first one, then two fingers in her pussy.

Brandy gives Lucy's fingers the squeeze (Ripple) with her pussy muscles. Lucy jerks up saying, "Wow! Where did you learn that?" "O, I don't know. One night I felt my muscles contracting during an orgasm, and started concentrating on making it happen." Still wide eyed, Lucy said, "Can you teach me how to do it?" "Well I'm not sure myself. At first, I tried focusing directly on the muscles in that area, and immediately peed, and almost caused a bowel movement. Then I just did it my mind. Whispering ripple, ripple, ripple, helped. Now all I have to do is just think ripple, ripple, ripple, and it happens. I really don't know what else to tell you. You'll just have to work on it. Here, let's try it."

Brandy pushed her on to her back and inserted two fingers in Lucy's pussy. Lucy began to grunt. "No, not that way. Just think about it. Just think about squeezing your pussy muscles." Lucy lay quiet, and pretty soon Brandy felt a little squeeze on her fingers. Brandy started to move her fingers in and out, and the squeezes got stronger. But still no ripple.

"You know, I do believe it makes your fingers feel better." Lucy pulled Brandy to her, took her nipple in her mouth, closed her eyes, and as she sucked, got serious about working to an orgasm. It didn't take long, and she had a very nice, albeit quiet little cum. As she held Brandy close, she said, "Now it's your turn."

Brandy pushed her away saying, "That's OK. I had a nice little cum in the shower." Brandy got up, put on her robe, and sat in a chair next to the bed. Lucy sat up with a puzzled look saying, "Is there anything wrong?" "There is something I need to discuss with you/. ............ I'm not sure where to begin." "Just say it. You know there's nothing you can't say to me. "Yes I know." Brandy shifted, looked down at the floor and said, "Well, I'm having trouble understanding all my sexual and maybe even romantic feelings." "Is there anything wrong with Dan?" "No. Not at all. He is as wonderful as ever, and my feelings for him have strengthened, if anything." "Then what is it." Lucy continued to probe.

"It's my feelings about women! As you know, I've had sex with three women, You, Dotti, and nurse Lyn. Somehow I have a different feeling for each of you. My feeling about you, I think are fine. It's love, with just a little physical mixed in, and I'm comfortable with it. "With Dotti, I'm also OK. We had a nice little talk before we left, and we're OK."

Lucy followed, "Then what's the problem?" "It's Lyn. When I'm around her, I'm drawn like a magnet. I want to touch her, and like her touching me. I'm puzzled, and a little scared, since I can't seem to sort out the love vs. Physical." "Do you think about her when she's not around?" "Yes, sometimes."

Lucy moved over and took Brandy's hands in hers. "When you think of Lyn, what is it you're feeling. Is it physical, you know sexual?" Brandy looked into Lucy's eyes and said "Sometimes, but other times it's about her holding me, kissing me, and her just looking at me. Sometimes I feel I'm in love with her, and that's what scares me. I love Dan so much, and have never felt that way about one in my life, until now. It's so confusing.!"

"Oh god Brandy. I wish I could feel about someone like that. Has it effected you feelings for Dan?" "No, I don't think so, but I'm afraid it will. " "I've never met anyone who's love was as strong as yours and Dan's. What you two did for me is very strong evidence of that." Brandy smiled and squeezed Lucy's hands.

Lucy continued, "Have you said anything to Lyn about this?" "NO, not yet." "Well, I think you should. It may help." Lucy hugged Brandy and said, "What do you say, let's go to bed. We've a long day tomorrow." "OK, and thanks Lucy. You're the best sister anyone could have."

Thursday, The Homecoming.

Late in the afternoon, they arrive home to find Dotti there, but Dan is still at work. Brandy calls Dan to let him know they're home, to find he has a real Estate person recommended by Bert, one of his employees. Dan adds, her name is Ronnie and Bert says she is the Real Estate Queen of our area. Dan gives Brandy her phone number.

While Lucy takes a nap, Brandy brings Dotti up to date regarding their trip, and about Pi. Dotti was very excited about meeting Pi, and unlike the past, was anxious to visit Mother Momeyer in Oakland.

"I understand you and Dad had a nice talk, and he feels you have done a good job of positioning your sexuality with regard to him and your other friends, and acquaintances." She couldn't help but sound a bit condescending, but Dotti understood and appreciated her Mom's caring and understanding.

"I also understand you and Dad had a little party while I was gone. How was it?" Dotti knew what her mother was asking. It wasn't about her having sex with her Dad, just that she was interested it how she was feeling about it. "Yes we did, after we had a nice talk about my feeling about it. It was very nice, and to answer your question, I have pretty much sorted out my feelings, and have separated the relationship with Dad, and the outside world."

Brandy asked, "Tell me how they differ." "Well, with Dad, it's a wonderful feeling of loving, but it's different that I felt about Ted. I'm not sure I can explain it. And, of course, there is a physical aspect with Dad. How, I feel like a women with him, not just his little girl. That does make a difference. Especially this time. Did he tell you how hard he came?" "No dear, I've not had a chance to discuss it with him, but I'm glad you can make him happy."

Brandy was looking to find some understanding of her own feelings, and continued probing Dotti. "How about your feelings about women? You know Lucy, me and of course Nurse Lyn?" "With you, it's love like Dad, Lucy is fun and kinda loving, and Nurse Lyn is pure sex. Just physical." Brandy felt pretty much the same way, except she still wasn't sure about Lyn. She gave Dotti a hug as Dotti begged of to go work on the computer. Brandy was glad for the break, as she had some thinking to do.

Thursday Afternoon, Lyn Calls.

Brandy went to their bedroom, closed the door, and laid down for a rest. She was about to nod off when the phone rang. It was Nurse Lyn. "Hi, I see you're back. Have a good trip?" Brandy told her about the trip, about Pi, and about Lucy's plans. Lyn asked, "How about you? How are you feeling?" Brandy knew she was really asking 'How do you feel about me', and said, "I'm afraid I'm a bit confused. I care about you a great deal. I know it's more than just physical, and I'm afraid it could interfere with my feelings for Dan, which I cannot allow."

Lyn came back with, "When I had my first attraction to another female, it took me some time to recognize I was bisexual. Once I understood, and accepted it, it was easy. I did have a good marriage until he was killed, and since then, I've not found a man to replace him. Brandy, have you ever considered that maybe you are bisexual, like me?"

Brandy took a minute and replied, "Yes I have, but I don't know what to do, how to feel, and I'm still concerned about Dan. I'm still very confused." Have you ever had any feelings about other women in your life?" Brandy said, "I've had a few close female friends, but no physical or sexual feelings, until now." "Do you want to see me again" Lyn asked. "Yes I want to, but I'm afraid."

"Brandy, I care a great deal for you and would not want you to do anything that would hurt you. From what you've told me about your wonderful husband Dan, maybe you could discuss it with him, and see if he can help." "I don't know. I don't want to hurt him, but I'll think about it." "OK, let me know if I can help. Also, have Lucy give me her new address and phone numbers for our records, when she gets settled." "Thank you Lyn. You're very sweet."

Thursday Afternoon, Brandy's Dream.

Brandy finally drifted off to sleep. She didn't know how she got there, but Brandy found herself laying on a huge white bed in an all white room. The walls and ceiling, the plush carpet, and all the furnishings were white. She was naked and was being kissed all over by a women with very pale white skin, nice breasts, long white hair, and with no face.

Somehow, with out a face or mouth, the woman was able to take Brandy's entire breast into her, and was sucking on it. She had never felt anything like it. It felt like the woman could have drawn her entire body inside her, if she wanted to. As she was inhaling Brandy's breast, she was rubbing Brandy's face with both hands. Gently massaging her eyes, nose, ears, and then mouth.

The woman moved up, and Brandy opened her mouth to accept her tongue, which went in and seemed to probe her entire mouth. The tongue began to grow and was slipping down her throat. It continued slipping into her, and she soon started feeling a nice sensation in her vagina, and her clitoris.

The women moved her body between Brandy's legs, and Brandy soon quit wondering about the tongue inside her body, as she felt something even stranger. Her legs were being spread very wide, and her vagina was opening to let the woman's entire lower body slip inside. The woman's lower body was undulating inside her giving her new feelings, she could never have imagined.

Somehow Brandy seemed to draw energy from her until she felt at one with her. They melted together to a point where Brandy could feel, taste, and smell every part of the woman's body. She began to explore, first feeling, then licking her shapeless face. Then the face slipped down, and disappeared into her body, through her vagina. Brandy closed her eyes, enjoying this new feeling inside her body.

Those feelings faded, and now Brandy was on top of the woman. She moved down to her breasts, first feeling, then sucking them. She continued on down to her hairless crotch, then fully penetrated her vagina, with her tongue.

The woman opened her legs, inviting Brandy into her. Brandy moved up and inserted her very large hard penis into the woman, who puts her arms and legs around Brandy, taking her all the way in. Brandy doesn't question where she got the penis. She just continues to pump into the woman, matching her rhythm.

As the orgasm approached, she pushed in harder, trying to find the bottom, and make sure she is filling it. Then it happens! Brandy could feel the fluid coming through the penis, in large pulses, bringing her to an unbelievable peak. The penis continued to fill the women all by it self.

Brandy collapsed and was trying to get her breath when the woman took her entire face into her, giving Brandy fresh life giving air, while very softly licking and kissing her eyes, nose and lips.

Brandy's penis was still inside the woman, being held there by the legs around her. She raised up to look at the woman's face. It was just coming into focus when she was awakened by a kiss on the cheek from Dan. "Hi dear. It's good to have you home. I missed you."

Brandy stares at Dan, taking a minute to get her bearings. Her mind wondered, (Welcome back? Where was I?) She quickly raised up, and looked around. (Where's the white room? Looking down. My penis? That wonderful woman, or was it just me?).

Finally, she realized it was just a dream, smiled and gave Dan a big hug. "Hi darling. It's good to be home, and I missed you too." Dan said "Where were you? Were you having a dream?" "I think so. It was kinda different. I'll have to tell you about it sometime." Brandy sat back for a bit, then said, "Have you ever been attracted physically, or you know sexually, to another man?"

It took Dan completely by surprise. "I ... I don't think so. Why do you ask?" "I don't know. Maybe it was the dream." Dan was concerned and asked, "Are you alright?" Brandy smiled, hugged him saying, "Yes, I'm just fine. Now let's go look after dinner."

When she arrived in the kitchen, both Dotti and Lucy were there talking. "Gee Mom, this Pi sounds awful interesting. Can she come and live with us. I would love to have a little sister." Lucy spoke up saying, "Hey, she could live with me and help with the baby." Brandy injected, "Well let's just wait and see. First Mother Momeyer has to get her to Oakland."

After Dinner, Lucy calls Ronnie and tells her what she is looking for. Ronnie needs complete dossier on Lucy, and faxes forms to Dan's home. They arrange to meet at Ronnie's club for lunch, the next day.

Friday, Lunch with Ronnie..

On her way to lunch, Lucy goes to the bank, sees Herb, verifies her account balances, picks up her checks, and account information. At the club, Lucy left her name and was seated.

It wasn't long before the headwaiter brought Ronnie to her table, introducing, and seated her. Before she sat down, Lucy was able to take full measure of her and was very surprised. Ronnie was very short (4' 11") and almost as wide! Ronnie was wearing a red pants suit with a top and white blouse that showed lots of cleavage. Her breasts were almost too large for the rest of her, giving her a top-heavy appearance. She was wearing lots of jewelry, and of course the eye glasses hanging around her neck, on a cord. But all in all, she did look very classy and very professional.

"Hello Lucy, I'm very pleased to meet you, and I thank your for the call." "Hello Ronnie, and I too am glad to meet you. I'm told you are the real estate queen for this area, and if there's anything that meets my requirements, you'll know about it."

Ronnie smiled, saying, "Well that's very nice of you. I have been working her for some years, and I've been very fortunate." Lucy handed her dossier to Ronnie saying, "I believe this is what you need. I didn't have the bank information until this morning. We can fill that in whenever you're ready. However, I assure you, I'm very comfortable financially." Ronnie said, "That's fine. Have you had a chance to look at the menu?" "No, not yet." Just then the waiter arrived, announced the daily specials, and they ordered.

Ronnie started to review the dossier. "Let's see if we can finish the forms." "Just tell me what you need.' Lucy gave Ronnie the answers, and she completed the forms. Ronnie smiled and said, "A hundred thousand in cash. I guess you are financially comfortable!" "Yes. I'll have to look into putting most of it into some sort of investment." Ronnie said, "I'd do it quick. There are going to be a lot of people after you, and you better get into a safe place."

"Now, tell me about yourself and why you are here," Ronnie inquired. Lucy told her about her past, her family, the baby situation with Roger, but not anything about Dan's being the father of the baby she was carrying. Ronnie asked, "Is there a man in your life?" "No." Lucy replied.

Ronnie excused herself to go to the restroom. Shortly, Lucy decided she should go also. As she enter the restroom, she saw Ronnie's legs dangling, too short to touch the floor, and was about to enter one of the stalls when she heard some soft sounds coming from Ronnie's stall. She listened trying to hear what she was doing. It soon became plain; Ronnie was masturbating! Lucy smiled thinking my, that's weird.

Back at the table Ronnie said, "I understand you want to rent something furnished, are willing to pay to $5,000 per month, and would like to be close to Dan and Brandy. Is that right?" "Yes, that's right." Ronnie said, "I may have just the home for you. I assume you would like to see it as soon as possible." "Oh yes. Very much." "Good, I'll look into it and give you a call."

Friday Evening.

Lucy spent the afternoon shopping, getting maps, and generally getting aquatinted with the area. She liked the gently rolling hills and felt very comfortable about living there.

Lucy was glad to see Dan and gave him a nice hug and kiss, when he arrived home after work. Dan rubbed her stomach and said, "How's our little person doing?" "He's just fine." "How do you know it's a boy?" "Us women just know these things. I can just feel it." Dan smiled and said, "Far be it from me to question the universe and it's wisdom. I want you to know, you are welcome to stay with us as long as you want." "Well, it may not be very long. I met Ronnie today and she says she thinks she may have just what I've been looking for. I'm expecting a call from her anytime."

After dinner, Dotti went with Lucy to her room to see her laptop. Dan went to his office to work, and Brandy finished cleaning up the kitchen. When Brandy went upstairs, Dan was waiting for her, and said, "It's been a busy week for you hasn't it?" "Yes, and I'm very tired."

Brandy went into the bathroom to dress for bed. She returned wearing just the top of her see through white baby dolls with the pink roses, not bothering with the bottoms. She lay down next to Dan, and pulled him over on top of her. "I want you to love me until I can't breathe. OK?" Dan looked down and said, "Well, I guess you should go away more often."

To be continued...


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