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Dressed To Kill
by Stiffy

Lisa was dressed to kill. She came downstairs wearing a short flared black skirt that was a good 4 to 5 inches above her knees. Since it was a hot evening she had a silver tube top tucked into the skirt. Her dark brown hair shined against the silver top. Very simple, yet more than hot in appearance. She has an apple ass and legs that go all the way up to it. I love Lisa's tits because they are not too big. I will appreciate that more when she is much older and her tits don't sag like some of these really stacked babes will. Lisa's nipples are so big and erect when she is excited you can hang car keys from them. I could have nearly done that in spite of her tube top tonight. I knew she was excited. I also knew she was scared. I also knew she was the type to not back down.

We had made a bet a short while back and the deal was she would do what ever I said for the evening and not chicken out. If she did chicken out, she had to take care of the yard for 2 months. It may seem silly, and it is in reality, but we are always betting on something and we both get a kick out of it. I have backed down before and Lisa is the undefeated champion so far. This is a title I knew she would not easily relinquish. Tonight I was determined to even the score.

First I had her drink 3 straight shots of Tequila. Her title remained intact. Then we went out on the town. I really had no idea what I would do and figured something would come to mind once we were out and about. As we drove along we came along side a car full of teenagers. I had Lisa pull her top down and flash her tits at the boys. This resulted in me turning off the street I was on rather abruptly since these idiots raised so much hell and honked there horns so much I knew we would attract too much attention if it kept up. Lisa was cracking up since this back fired on me. Convinced I had given the car full of teens the slip I drove through the seedy section of town and then it hit me.

Up ahead I spotted the adult bookstore. I knew I could get her to back down in that place. I had been in there before to buy X rated vids and knew the general layout. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed Lisa started to get a little nervous. "You're not serious," she said.

"Are you chickening out?" I asked smugly.

As we entered the bookstore all eyes not buried in books abruptly settled on Lisa. I could see her nipples poking through her tube top. There was a black guy sitting backwards on a magazine rack and he was pouring over a magazine. I told Lisa to go over to him and reach over him to get me the magazine directly above him on the top shelf. I knew this would give the guy a perfect view of Lisa's thong panties. Without much hesitation Lisa did as I directed. The guys eyes got as big as hubcaps as Lisa completed the task without much difficulty. "Dammit," I thought to myself, "I wish she wasn't so fucking tall". She brought back the magazine and handed it to me. "Not that one" I said, "the one next to it". She went back and I noticed a bulge developing in the black guys pants as Lisa reached back up above him. I knew he could see he panties clearly since the skirt flared out so much. She may as well have put his head under her skirt she was that close. When she brought me the magazine I told her to check out that guys bulge. She did and kind of rolled her eyes when she looked back at me.

I looked around and noticed numerous guys ogling Lisa. I went over and got a roll of quarters and told Lisa to follow me. "Unless you are going to chicken out" I said. I was a little surprised she followed and figured it had to be the tequila. The back room consisted of a long hallway with doors evenly spaced all the way down.

"What exactly is this" Lisa inquired. I explained they were private viewing rooms and she actually seemed to get a little interested. We stepped into an open room and as we did I noticed several eyes watching us. Most of the men out front had followed us. After we were in the room, I put a few quarters in the slot and the video started. Once the video started, it was much easier to see our enclosure. She asked about the roll of paper towels and I explained that guys would come in and jack off and use the paper towels to keep the place somewhat tidy. I pointed to the cum stains on the wall in front of us and told her the reason her shoes were sticking to the floor was because not all the guys used the paper towels.

"Eeeeww your kidding" she said.

"Well look" I said as I pointed to what appeared to be somewhat fresh cum on the wall in front of us, just below the viewing screen. "Check it out" I told her.

"No way" she said.

"Oh, does that mean your chicken" I asked.

"In your dreams buddy" she said as she reached a finger to the liquid and dabbed at it. "Eeeww, I think it is" she reported.

"Well either smell it, or taste it baby. You can't tell if its cum by just sticking your finger in it."

"No way" was her reply.

"So I guess that means you are chickening out then." I proclaimed.

She threw her head back and sighed. "You will stop at nothing will you." She said. I shrugged. She must have forgot about smelling the cum and instead touched her finger to her tongue. "Eeeeewww, its cum" she said in a disgusted tone. I knew she did not have enough on her finger to tell for sure, but I was still surprised to see she had actually put her finger to her tongue.

All this talk with the thin walls was being monitored as best as possible in the adjoining booths I was certain. Lisa had not noticed the side walls had strategically placed holes in them. But I did. Off to our right I looked down and saw a long black cock already sticking through the large hole. I figured it was no less than 7 inches, maybe more. Lisa still had not noticed the cock. "You are not going to chicken out huh?" I asked Lisa.

"I was the champ and I will be the champ when we leave here" she proudly proclaimed.

"Then jack that off" I said nodding my head at the black cock coming through the wall. I cracked up when she looked casually over and screamed.

I quickly cupped my hand over her mouth and told her to shush. "Shit, you want someone to think your getting raped in here". She started to giggle and I had to shush her again.

"You alright in there" a loud voice boomed.

"We're fine really" I quickly replied. I peeked out the door to see the guy from the counter sauntering back down the hallway. Lisa was giggling nervously and asked if I was serious about her jacking the cock off. "Fuck yes" I replied "Unless you are chickening out".

She turned and stared at the cock. It was still there, but it was not nearly as hard as it had been. Shit I found myself surprised it was even still there will all the commotion going on. "Go on" I pushed at her back. Still she stood and stared.

"Fuck, I can't" she said.

"Cool, then you're chickening out" I proclaimed, ready to claim victory.

"What if it cums?" she giggled.

"That is the idea" I said. She drew a deep breath and let it out while shaking her head from side to side. She leaned over to get a closer look at the cock. This guy on the other side of the wall had more patience than I did. I would have pulled my cock back long ago. Probably right after the scream.

"Hurry up baby, the line is forming" I told her as I pointed to the other wall. Jutting through the other side of the booth was a white cock almost as big as the black one. The white one was dripping pre cum. Lisa looked at the white one then the black one and then at me.

"You can't possibly be serious. You expect me to jack them both off?" she asked. I shrugged and nodded my head.

"Unless you are ready to admit defeat," I chuckled. She abruptly turned to the black cock and taking a deep breath reached for it. I thought I would cum in my pants as she gripped the big black cock and slowly slid her hand down the shaft. After she had grabbed it, she began seriously pumping it. I heard serious moans from the other side of the wall. "Don't forget the other cock " I said. She paused and reached over to the other side of the somewhat narrow room and clenched the white cock in her hand and gave it a few quick pumps. Then back to the black cock. Her hand was making a squishing smacking sound from the precum that had been pouring from the black cock. To anyone outside it was obvious someone was getting a hand job. I surprised myself by saying "kiss it."

For a while I was not sure Lisa had heard me. She kept jacking he cock in her hand and made no move toward it. Then I noticed her slowly begin to move her head closer to the black cock. Her hand was almost a blur. I knew she was thinking if she could get it over with quickly enough she would be done and not have any further demands placed on her. Then as if stealing a peck on a cheek, she closed the distance between her and the cock and kissed the head of the cock in her hand. She quickly returned to her former position. "Again" I said. And again she leaned forward and kissed the now dripping head of the black cock in her hand.

I reached down to her since she had kneeled beside the wall and was bracing herself against it to a degree so she could maintain leverage, and quickly pulled her tube top to her waist. I quickly popped more quarters into the video so I could maintain the light in the cubicle and reaching into my pocket pulled out my camera. Lisa's eyes got big as I leaned over to catch a shot of her jacking this big black cock off through the large hole in the wall. I popped one quick shot. "Fuck" I thought to myself. I am blind now. The flash made me see a big blue dot and little else. Fortunately it quickly faded and I made a mental note to close my eyes on the next shots.

"Kiss it for the camera babe" She did, and I captured her lips pressed up against the shiny dripping knob of the black cock. "Oh fuck baby, I heard from the other side of the wall, here it cums" All I had to say was "In your mouth baby or chicken out." Lisa's eyes looked like those of a deer caught in the headlights and she looked at me. I tilted my head to one side and shrugged my shoulders as if to ask her if she was giving up. A solid stream of cum jetted from the cock and it hit her directly on her cheek just below her eye. It was as if she knew she would lose as she immediately adjusted the aim of the cock and the next jet of cum went right in her opened mouth as she quickly closed the remaining distance between her mouth and the black cock. In her mouth went the cock as it pulsed out more cum. I was popping a steady stream of pictures and telling her to swallow it, all the while. I could hear moaning steadily and constant gulping from Lisa as she took shot after shot of cum in her mouth. It must have looked like a fireworks display from outside the room. I went through the rest of the film as she finished draining the black cock.

She had slumped to the cum covered floor and looked lovely with her tits exposed and her short skirt up around her hips. It was as if she was trying to catch her breath from all the swallowing she had just done. I casually tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to the rock hard white cock on the other side. "Next" I said smugly. Lisa rolled her head back and from side to side, as she got up on her knees. She knee walked across the cum sticky floor to the other wall and immediately engulfed the white cock in her mouth almost to the balls. The guy on the other side of the wall must have nearly had a coronary to feel her mouth engulf his cock the way she did.

As she pulled her head back she looked over at me and said she thought she would beat me to the punch. I fumbled with my camera and quickly loaded the next roll of film into it. Lisa was really going to town on this cock. She was sucking for all she was worth and jacking his cock into her mouth at the same time. The flash started popping rapidly on my camera. Lisa was kneeling up to the wall and it was an incredible sight. Her lovely tits and big hard nipples jutting were wobbling slightly as she pumped the cock into her mouth. I reached down between shots and pushed her skirt over her hips and then pushed her panties down to her knees as well. I reached between her slightly spread legs and running my hand down under her beautiful ass slid my finger deep into her sopping wet cunt. Fuck, it felt like she had turned a garden hose on up her cunt.

She was dripping. I soon heard the white guy start his serious moaning and began taking rapid pictures as Lisa held the cock deep in her mouth. I knew he was shooting in her mouth because I could hear her gulping and gurgling as she tried to keep up with the flow of cum being shot into her mouth. I got some great shots as some of the cum dripped out from around the cock in her mouth and fell to her tits. I was amazed that she managed to swallow as much as she did.

I knew the other booth now contained someone who had been watching the show through the peephole because I heard various exclamations while Lisa was sucking the white cock. "Holy shit" I heard and "Wow look at that pretty baby suck" and so on. No sooner had she finished than another slightly larger black cock cam jutting through the peep hole on the other side of the cubicle. Lisa had kind of slumped to her knees and was breathing heavily from her activity when I politely tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to the new black cock.

"I will get even," she said as she reluctantly reached over and grasped the black cock in her fist. The precum was pouring from the new black cock as Lisa pumped it rapidly. The smacking noises of her fist pistoning on the glistening black cock echoed through out the back room and when it looked like this guy was getting ready to shoot.

I calmly stated, "in the mouth babe". Lisa took a deep sigh as if she had hoped I would not say that again, and she moved her mouth toward the cock. "Don't put it in yet babe, just open your mouth wide and let me get some action shots of the cum shooting in." I said. "Unless you want to chicken out" I quickly added.

Realizing I was probably going to lose again at the rate Lisa was complying with my radical requests I watched as she came up to the black cock and opened her mouth wide right in front of it. She continued to pump it rapidly while holding her mouth wide open. I began popping pictures rapid fire. "Lick it babe" I said. She licked the cock as she continued to pump it toward her open mouth. "Make him shoot babe, and catch it all in your mouth" I instructed. She was really pumping fast and I wondered if the pictures would simply show a blur where her hand was. Suddenly a gooey white rope of cum spurted like a fire hose from the black cock and I found out later I got a prize winning picture of the geyser of cum shooting the last 4 inches or so directly into Lisa's open mouth.

I had no idea anyone could shoot that much cum but this guy most have shot a quart. "Keep your mouth open babe, don't lose any , don't swallow yet I want to get pictures" I was shouting commands like a movie director. The cum started to run down her lower lip and I shouted "keep it in your mouth, or chicken out". She slurped the gob of cum back up as if her life depended on it. I took several pictures from above her head looking down into her mouth with the end of the black cock held closely, and the river of cum filling her mouth. Finally the cock began to slow its discharge. All the while Lisa's hand had been like a jack hammer pumping hard on it. I took a couple more pictures of the softening black cock inches from her open and cum filled mouth, then told her to go ahead and swallow it. Her head kind of fell back farther as if she had hoped I would not say that. And her lips closed and she began to swallow. It took her several gulps to finish the job and more than one time I heard her gag but she managed.

Three new cocks later plus 3 repeats of earlier sucked cocks, and 4 rolls of film we left our booth. I found it humorous that as we walked out of the bookstore although all eyes were on Lisa, no one stepped up or said anything. It was like they all wanted to maintain their anonymity. Lisa however turned beet red as we walked out. She was really embarrassed knowing that she had sucked the cocks of all the guys we passed. They knew it and she knew it, but no one said a word. As we walked out the guy behind the counter was the only one who spoke when he said emphatically and with a sigh "please, please come again."

Getting back into the car I was dreading the knowledge that it looked like I would lose again. But I maintained hope that something would pop up yet before we got home that would gain me my first victory.

Unfortunately, nothing happened and no opportunities came up on our way home. I am still looking. If anyone has any ideas, let me know... I am desperate.

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